Belonging to Lust

Chapter 27: Police Brutality

From her fetal position on the floor, Zaiyia’s hand slowly reached out to grab ahold of one of the bats Alice and her friends had abandoned on the locker room floor after they attacked her. From what her memory served, Zaiyia could remember 5 other girls in the room excluding Alice. Bella got hit on the head with Zaiyia’s bat, while Sarah and Grace both suffered from nosebleeds or possibly a fractured nose. Hanna got punched in the face until Jade came up from behind her and started choking her with a bat. Zaiyia figured if anyone was a real challenge for her getting to Alice, it would be Jade.

Zaiyia’s eyes searched through her long braids for Jade the Butch, and found her standing close by and unprepared for what was about to happen. Letting a few seconds pass, Zaiyia suddenly jumped up onto both of her feet, and gave Alice, Bella, Sarah, Hanna and Grace a scare as they all simultaneously jumped back screaming. Luckily for them, they weren’t Zaiyia’s main focus at the moment. Jade let out a masculine growl before making a swift grab for her with both hands. Zaiyia easily ducked down to avoid them and jabbed one end of her bat as far as she could into Jade’s gut, forcing the giant woman to bend over with a painful howl. Zaiyia smiled down at her with a look of vengeance before placing the center of the long bat right behind Jade’s neck. Alice’s friends cowered in fear as they watched Zaiyia grab both ends of the bat only to pull back so that Jade’s head was pushed forward and forced to connect right into Zaiyia’s bent knee.

The girls all let out another girlish scream as their only upper hand was knocked out just that quickly. Zaiyia shoved Jade’s limp body aside as Chastity took that opportunity to start running back through the locker room door to warn the Gym Teacher about the fight going on between the group of girls. Zaiyia took that short window of opportunity to toss her bat aside and charge like a bull right for Alice, who only managed to step back a few steps before the back of her head connected with the linoleum floor, and her windpipe was being closed. Alice’s friends started screaming all at once as Zaiyia started choking their friend, yet not one of them had the guts to intercept in fear of what would happen to them.

The Gym Teacher suddenly shot around the corner alone with a twisted look of horror all over his face. The girls were relieved to see a teacher coming to their rescue, and all pointed their fingers towards Zaiyia. “HELP HER MR. EDGAR, SHE’S TRYING TO KILL ALICE!”

Mr. Edgar charged forward to grab hold of Zaiyia’s wrists from behind. “Let her go, Ms. Halifax, right now! I SAID LET HER GO, DO WHAT I SAY DAMNIT!”

Zaiyia quickly loosened her grip on Alice’s neck, and allowed Mr. Edgar to pull her off of him at the exact moment Chastity appeared with the small team of security guards that were only called forth for emergencies. The most recent emergency turned out to be a messed up prank about a school shooter on campus grounds. The security guards took one look at the scene and immediately jumped to the conclusions that Zaiyia was the obvious threat simply because she ‘looked’ dangerous to them. The four guards split up towards opposite ends of the room to either safely handle the innocent group of girls or choose to take down the violent assailant, Zaiyia.

Mr. Edgar turned Zaiyia around in his arms to grab ahold of her shoulders firmly with both hands to give her a good stern shake. “What the hell do you think you’re doing to that poor girl, Halifax!?”

“Getting revenge over the bullshit she’s been putting me through since I got here!” Zaiyia defended herself until one of the security guards had finally reached her over and grabbed a hold of one of her arms into a steel-like grip so that he could viciously rip her out of Mr. Edgar’s hold.

“Hey what the fuck are you guys doing!? Stop fucking yanking me around like a fucking criminal and let me go!” Zaiyia shouted, only to be ignored and ruthlessly pushed to the ground with her arms yanked behind her back with an unnecessary amount of force that nearly wrenched right out of their sockets. She couldn’t believe what was going on. These men came walking into the locker room, took one look at the situation and decided that SHE was the one that caused all of this? Her, the one with the bruise forming on the side of her face, busted lip and possible black eye? The officers had come in too late so they hadn’t see anything violent going on, just everybody standing around, and yet they decided to pick the one they were taught to see as a threat no matter what was going on.

“SHUT UP, AND STOP MOVING! I SAID STOP MOVING!” One of the security guard roared down at her as if he had to fight to be heard above her muffled cries of pain while he handcuffed her wrists. He looked over his shoulder to give his partner a confirming nod and then gestured for him to come forward. The other guard stepped forward and crouched down over her to shove his knee directly into Zaiyia’s upper back, causing her breathing to suffer with her practically being crushed into the floor as he proceeded to put his entire body weight on top of her. The men weren’t trying to restrain her anymore. They were trying to kill her.

“GET THE FU-FUCK OFF OF ME! I C-CAN’T FUCKING BR-BREATHE! I-I CAN’T BREATHE!” Zaiyia screamed in terror while the other girls were safely escorted out of the locker room and to the principal’s office. She frantically kicked her legs around to try and escape the tight spot between the hard floor pressing against her chest and the knee that had the entire 200lb weight of the officer pressing down onto her back. Mr. Edgar watched in horror as the two securities guards disgustingly abused their powers as law enforcement officials by performing unnecessary police brutality on this tiny young girl as if she had fought them back with the strength of the Incredible Hulk. They were treating Zaiyia as if she had just murdered half of the school with an AK-47 and was finally taken down with her weapon still on her.

The security had taken down students before, but NEVER with this kind of brutality, not even when one of the class clowns prank called the school’s office to inform them that one of the students was planning on shooting up the school that following week. This was a GIRL they were handling, an unarmed cooperative woman of color that was currently struggling to take in her next breath.

Mr. Edgar felt his stomach turn with the savagery of the situation, especially when one of the security guards reached into his police belt to pull out a TASER! Chastity must have been thinking the same way because she came running forward out of nowhere to defend the Zaiyia by snatching the weapon out of the guards hand and chucking it across the room where it slide into a locker. “DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE?!”

The guard that had his knee in Zaiyia’s back stood up to face Chastity with his face all red with rage. Zaiyia let out a sharp gasp as the weight was finally lifted off of her, and began to greedily suck in the oxygen around her. “Young lady, you’re interfering with police work, and I can have you arrested for doing that!”

“I’d like to see you try, asshole. My father is in the fucking FBI! Now, stop treating her like some lowlife criminal when she’s done absolutely nothing wrong, but defended herself against those stupid idiot girls, just like you and every one of us would have done in her situation!” Chastity ordered them, stomping her feet and all like a spoiled princess that always got her way.

The guards looked at each other before rolling their eyes at the young girl. “Whatever kid, just know that one day, when you’re walking down the street to buy yourself a little ol’ candy bar at the gas station store and end up getting raped by one of them, you’ll find yourself looking back at this very moment and regret that you stopped us from doing what needed to be done.”

Chastity took a step back in horror at what he just said, as the other guard stood up, dragging a weak and exhausted Zaiyia up and onto her own struggling feet. “Trust what he says little girl, it’s what best for everyone, you know? We can’t have them in our streets, touching up on our women or daughters in this country any longer. No, they should be hanging from trees like Christmas ornaments, every single one of them.”

“Y-You people are sick.” Mr. Edgar exclaimed in horror, finally finding his voice in all of this. “Y-You two are sick racist people!”

Chastity couldn’t agree more, but she wasn’t going to let them see any sign of weakness from her. “You are what’s wrong with this country. YOU and EVERYONE like YOU! You are the ones that should be lynched and hanging from trees as you so put it. Not them.”

The officers were taken aback by Chastity’s allegiance to Zaiyia, but opt not to say anything more than what they’ve already said. “Like we said before, whatever.”

With that, the officers forcibly dragged Zaiyia out of the locker room and to the principal’s office, grumbling racist remarks about her beneath their breath. Chastity looked over at Mr. Edgar to find him smiling at her with pride. “What? What are you smiling about?”

“Your parents would be so proud of you. That was an incredibly noble and humane thing you said just now, and you spoke it so fearlessly without even a hint of hesitation or doubt.” Mr. Edgar recalled with admiration.

Chastity smiled back at him and shrugged. “Thank you, but I’m only one out of a million of bystanders that would usually just stand back and watch what just happened here. I think it helps that my father is in the FBI, or else I wouldn’t talk like I’m practically untouchable when it comes to dangerous situations like this.”

Mr. Edgar nodded. “Either way, I don’t want you to forget what happened here. Those men…maybe even that entire precinct are gonna try to bribe you, or threaten you to lie about what they did to her. I know how this works, I use to be a history teacher before this.”

Chastity scoffed at the idea of being imitated by the local law enforcements in her town and smiled quite confidently. “Oh trust me, Mr. Edgar, they can’t threaten or bribe me and expect me to keep my big mouth shut. Oh no, I’m gonna sing like a canary. I don’t regret what I did or said today, and I would gladly do it again if given the chance. By the end of next week I plan on having their badges, and believe me when I say, my daddy doesn’t deny me anything.”
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