Belonging to Lust

Chapter 28: Web of Lies

In no time, everyone that was involved in the fight, including witnesses, were seated outside the principal’s office. Since Alice and her five friends were the first to make it to front office, they were inside talking to the Principal about what had happened. Zaiyia and Chastity sat outside next to Mr. Edgar while under the close eyes of the security guards, who kept their roughness down to a minimum with Zaiyia since they were still under the watchful eyes of Chastity, the daughter of a well-known FBI Agent in town. They were all forced to sit there in each other’s company as all six of the other girls in the principal’s office, eagerly sped him a web of lies.

“Alright Sarah Morgan, it’s your turn to tell me what happened. I need you to be honest, and specific when you tell me your side of the events, it’s very important. We need to know what went on in that locker room and who started the fight.” Principal Quinn urged as he flipped to another fresh sheet of notepad paper after having filled the last page with Alice’s story.

“Wait, what?” Alice was taken aback by him questioning another student about the fight in the locker room when she had just finished telling him what had happened herself. “Excuse me, Mr. Quinn but I just told you what happened in the locker room. Why do you have to ask Sarah about what happened when we were both there and saw the EXACT same thing being done to me.”

Principal Quinn looked up at her before gesturing her to stop talking. “NO talking, Ms. White. I don’t want any of you ladies to speak amongst each other while I’m questioning Sarah. What happened in that locker room was an extremely serious situation, and I need to get to the bottom of it. Sit quietly until after we’re done here, and then afterwards I’ll answer your questions.”

Alice’s eyes snapped towards Sarah’s obedient orbs, and slowly she gave her a firm nod to repeat her story down to the very last period. Sarah gulped and nodded her head towards Alice, before turning her head back around to stare across the table at Principal Quinn who had just located the pen he had lost beneath the many papers on his desk. Alice took a seat next to the others girls and gave them a similar nod that they all understood right away. Mr. Quinn looked up at Sarah with a comforting smile. “Okay Ms. Morgan, tell me what happened in the locker room before the fight began.”

Sarah nodded as she focused on recalling Alice’s story so that she could repeat it. “W-Well, it’s pretty much just like Alice told you. We were all getting ready for gym class, minding our own business and talking about what Alice had been up to while she’d been out of school. We were so caught up in her story, because she’s so good at telling the best stories.” The naïve girl looked behind her to flash Alice a beaming supportive smile, when Mr. Quinn reached over to snap his fingers in front of her face.

“Excuse me, Ms. Morgan, you need to keep your eyes on me. Don’t look back at them, do you hear me?” He ordered her, watching her snap back around and frantically nod at him with an apologetic look on her face.

“Sorry, Mr. Quinn.” Sarah apologized, earning a nod from the principal to go on. “Anyway, we were so caught up in her story we must have lost track of time. The locker room was completely empty by the time she finished, which was very strange because it’s never that empty that early before class starts. Stupidly, we decided to shrug it off and head to class anyway. Bella headed for the door first, but she never made it. We heard her scream from somewhere in the locker room and immediately got scared. Grace is Bella’s best friend so she ran off to check up on her.”

“And that’s whe-“ A voice interrupted.

“Ms. Smith, what did I JUST say? Keep your mouth closed and your comments to yourself until Sarah is done talking, and maybe then you can tell your story.” Principal Quinn scolded her, refusing to allow them to have the chance to help each other out, if that was indeed what they were doing. For as long as he’s been the principal there had been no act of violence in his school, and he was incredibly proud of that. Everyone believed he was the ideal Principal that every school in the country should have, but today things have changed. Now, he was dealing with the first fight to ever take place under his jurisdiction, and he planned on correcting this mistake with the utmost determined dedication that he could by meticulously looking at unfortunate event through as many eyes as he could, starting with the 6 girls now sitting in his office. Personally, he didn’t trust any of the young adults walking through his halls, which was why he refused to just go by Alice’s story alone, despite knowing them since they were in middle school. He had to play his cards right, or else he could possibly tarnish his reputation, and he wasn’t about to do that by only going off by what she and her friends tell him. He had to know what happened, even if that meant he had to question every female student that attended that 5th period gym class. Locking his eyes back on Sarah, he gave her an urging nod to continue on with her story. “Continue, Ms. Morgan. What happened next?”

Sarah nervously began to fiddle with her fingers on her lap. “Uh, well Grace went after Bella to see if she was ok. We decided not to go with her because we thought maybe Bella had tripped over something and was just being overdramatic about the fall, but then we heard Grace shouting at someone for putting her hands on her best friend. The next voice we heard wasn’t hers, and it screamed…pardon my language Mr. Quinn, but the attacker yelled ‘fuck you.’ And that’s when Hannah and I became concerned.”

“Ms. Davis, you say?” Principal Quinn reiterated as his pen scrawled over his big notepad.

Sarah nodded. “Yes sir, Hannah Davis. She and I decided to go check it out. In gym, Mr. Edgar usually makes today a free day so all the students have to pick whichever sports they want to play to keep them from sitting around all day and being lazy. Anyway, Grace and Bella were planning on playing tennis so they only had their rackets to defend themselves against their attacker. Hannah and I were going to play hockey and so we had our hockey sticks. When we rushed to see what was going on, we saw Zaiyia standing over them with a bat and was raising it up to beat poor Bella and Grace up, who were huddled together in a corner. Honestly, Mr. Quinn we didn’t know what was the right thing to do in a situation like that, so we just did the first thing that came to our minds. We hit the back of her knees with our hockey sticks as gently as we could so she wouldn’t receive any critical wounds from us or be able to hurt our friends.”

“When you and Ms. Davis walked up behind Zaiyia, did you see the damaged she had done to your friends?” Principal Quinn interrupted her, as his glasses slid down the bridge of his nose.

Sarah nodded. “Yes, we did! Grace had blood pouring out of her nose while she was trying to shield poor Bella who was clutching onto her head. She told us later that Zaiyia had whacked her on the side of her head with a bat.”

Principal Quinn nodded as he continued to scribble away. “I see. Please, go on Ms. Morgan.”

Nodding, Sarah tried to think back to where she left off. “Yes, sir…um…oh right, we knocked Zaiyia onto the floor. I was going to help her back up onto her feet and apologize for having forced her onto the ground like that, but before I could say anything she kicked my legs out from under me and then hit me in the nose with her hand. I could only remember feeling pain and seeing so much of my blood. Hannah tried to come save me but Zaiyia kicked out at her knees too and made her fall onto the floor. She then crawled over poor Hannah and began to viciously punch her in the face. It was horrible to watch, Mr. Quinn. There was nothing in that young girl’s eyes but murderous intent for not just Hannah and me, but the rest of us too.”

“I can see how that could be a terrifying situation, Ms. Morgan, and I plan on rectifying it when I have each one of your stories.” Principal Quinn assure her with a supportive smile.

Wait, that doesn’t include that savage girl’s story does it!?” Bella cried out from where she sat holding an ice pack to her head.

Principal Quinn placed a finger over his lips at her, before answering her question. “Yes, Ms. Stewart, that includes Zaiyia as well. Now, no more speaking out of turn. Go on, Ms. Morgan, finish your story.”

“Well, from what little I could see, Jade was the second to last to come to the rescue. She tried to stop Zaiyia from hitting Hannah some more, but she couldn’t overpower her so she had to use her full strength. I think that was her only option, Mr. Quinn and so with her baseball bat, she trapped Zaiyia with it and pressed it against her chest so that she was held up against Jade’s chest. Zaiyia couldn’t fight us anymore, and so I came over to aid Hannah. Alice finally showed up and was shocked to see that Zaiyia was behind all these attacks. She began to cry and plead for Zaiyia to stop hurting people. Zaiyia yelled at us that she would never stop, not until she was sure that she could have Alice’s ex-boyfriend Alan all to herself once and for all.” Sarah finished, her eyes glued to the wooden desk. Principal Quinn was taken aback by all that information, as his eyes flicked over to Jade Miller who was sitting beside the other 4 girls. Jade was a one of a kind student, in fact, she was one of the few female students that volunteered for the wrestling team. She had succeeded and was known around the whole school for being the strongest female student around. How could she not be able to overpower Zaiyia without using her ‘full’ strength when Zaiyia was tiny in comparison? It didn’t make sense to him since he was also pretty certain that Jade could pin him down like a feather without breaking a sweat, so why couldn’t she do that with Zaiyia? Jade was a highly trained female wrestler and could have had Zaiyia down on the floor in mere seconds. Why use a bat to do something that she could’ve done simply enough with her own two hands?

“What about Chastity? She had stepped into the locker room around that time, didn’t she?” Principal Quinn asked her, continuing to dig for more information.

Sarah looked up at him. “Oh yeah, she did. I will be the first to admit it probably didn’t look like a good sight. In fact, it probably looked like a racial fight, but I swear to you it wasn’t. Chastity saw what looked to be a fight going on, and ran to tell Mr. Edgar, I presumed, so Jade let Zaiyia go thinking she was finally going to give up. Zaiyia turned around and was even more irate than before. She attacked Jade, and went straight for Alice next. By the time Mr. Edgar walked in, she was trying to choke Alice to death. Thank god, he stopped her just in time before she could finish the job.”

Principal Quinn slowly nodded as he put his pen down. “And then the security guards came in and escorted you ladies to my office. Am I right?”

Flashing him an innocent smile, Sarah gave him a solid nod. “Yes sir, that’s exactly what happened.”

“Hmm. Well thank you very much for your help, Ms. Morgan. Please take a seat over there with the others for now.” Mr. Quinn informed her before looking over at the five other girls. “Ms. Smith, please have a seat over here.”
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