Belonging to Lust

Chapter 29: Tyrant

Finally, it was Zaiyia and Chastity’s turn to speak with Principal Quinn in his office. Alice and her posse were all sitting along one wall in silence as Zaiyia walked in with the other two security guards that had attacked her in the locker room. Mr. Edgar followed close behind with Chastity in tow. Each of the six girls glared up at Zaiyia with burning hatred as she walked by them, but no matter how intensely they tried to intimate her with just their glares it wouldn’t work. Zaiyia merely stared back at them unfazed until she was pushed down into a chair in front of Principal Quinn’s desk. Chastity and Mr. Edgar stood back by the doorway and watched, waiting for their turn to speak.

Principal Quinn was shocked when he looked up from his notepad to see a disheveled Zaiyia sitting across from him glaring darkly from behind her long black braids. Compared to Alice and her posse sitting nearby along the wall of his office, Zaiyia appeared to be in the worst shape. It was a strange thing to see since all six of the girls accused her of being the one who attacked them. “Ms. Halifax, is that you? My goodness, what happened to you?”

Chastity stepped forward so that she was standing beside the Principal’s desk and waited until she had everyone’s undivided attention before she pointed to the two guards standing on either side of Zaiyia. “THEY are what’s happened to her, and for the sake of your reputation, Mr. Quinn, I would suggest you fire these two tyrants!”

Mr. Quinn was taken aback as he looked between Chastity and the guards who began to argue with the young girl, but didn’t get far. “ENOUGH, I want to hear what she has to say! Ms. Bennett, what in the world are you talking about? What happened to her?”

Chastity went right back to pointing at the two guards as the need for justice filled her veins. “These two racist security guards brutally attacked Zaiyia in the locker room for absolutely no reason!”

The guards looked between Principal Quinn and Chastity anxiously until Zaiyia spoke up out of the blue. “Shit, I second that. These motherfuckers are assholes walking around here with their stupid ass badges, and their little dick syndromes.”

Reaching out, one of them clamped their beefy hand down tightly on her shoulder in the form of a threat while the other hissed down at her. “Shut your mouth, girl!”

“HEY!” Mr. Quinn shouted at them to grab their attention away from the young girl they were being accused of assaulting. “Is she telling the truth? Did you assault this young girl in my school?”

One of the guards opened this mouth to explain everything. “No, of course not! We were following protocol, that’s all. W-“

“That’s a load of crap and you know it!” Chastity spat at him before turning to Principal Quinn. “They’re trying to lie to you, Mr. Quinn, don’t believe them! I have a witness that can verify everything.”

Mr. Edgar stepped forward from the shadows. “She’s right, Quinn. I saw it with my own two eyes. I had finally got the situation under control when those two walked in and immediately tackled Zaiyia like she was a madwoman with a gun! They almost pulled the poor girl’s arms right out of her sockets when they took her down, and then tried suffocated the child by putting all their 250 lbs. weight on the center of her back, and then attempted to tase her while she was struggling to breathe!”

Principal Quinn was shocked that not only did Chastity have a witnessed that was a teacher, but also that the teacher just so happened to be his good friend Jim Edgar. He and a small group of the staff members would go out for drinks on Friday after school, or have cookouts during the hot summers when the students were out on their summer break. Over time he learned that Jim was a good and honest man, and became one of the few teachers that helped him get into the groove of how thing were done in this school when he first got the job. There was no way Jim would make up a story about a student being assaulted by one of their security guard, it wasn’t like him.

Finally coming up with a decision, Principal Quinn turned his gaze towards the two security guards that were being accused and pointed his fingers towards his office door as he clenched his other hand into a tight fist. “You two get the hell off my campus, you both are FIRED! You will not walk through my halls acting out in such a manner to MY students! Get out, now! I don’t ever want to see your faces around here ever again!”

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” One of the guards argued back in shock, not believing that their words were being taken over his.

“We didn’t do anything wrong! They’re making this shit up!” The other guard defended, his eyes filled with fear at the thought of losing his job.

“Yeah she’s probably making that stuff up!” Alice and her friends began to chime in in support.

Mr. Edgar turned to the girls and shut them all up with a threat. “Continue talking and you all will be expelled for the rest of the year!” Just like that the girls shut up.

“I don’t believe either one of you!” Mr. Quinn turned his gaze to the other two officers that hadn’t been accused of anything. “Do you two believe them!?”

The two other security guards were watching the scene in both shock and regret. They had known for years that their co-workers were racist but they never thought they would actually ACT on it, much less on a young innocent girl. They were disgusted with the two men they worked with, and also ashamed of themselves for never informing anyone of their racist behavior before this. The looks on both of their faces gave Principal Quinn his answer. “That’s what I thought.” He glare back at the two accused officers. “Now, you two better be off my campus in the next six seconds or I’ll be on phone with your superior.”

The two guards knew they had messed up big time, and had risked their career over their own biased hatred of other races that weren’t apart of their own. Clenching their fists in anger, the two gave Principal Quinn a firm nod before retreating out of his office and eventually out of his building. The door gently closed on their way out, but their absence didn’t help relieve the tension in the room. Everyone watched as Principal Quinn carefully straightened his suit and returned to take his seat behind his desk. This time when his eyes connected with Zaiyia’s she was staring right back at him in surprise. She couldn’t believe he stood up for her against those officers, and somewhere deep inside she was touched by his performance. Principal Quinn gave her a soft reassuring smile before he leaned over the desk with his hands clasped together. “Now, Ms. Halifax, now that they are out of the way, I still need to get your input on what happened in that locker room. Don’t worry about those guards anymore, that situation will be handled in a moment I promise, but right now I still need to figure out what happened with the fighting.”

Zaiyia sighed. “Y-Yeah sure, whatever. Can you uncuff me first? These damn things are hurting my wrists.”

Principal Quinn glanced at the other two security guards that were still present for a second before raising an eyebrow at her. “That all depends if you’ll behave yourself.”

She shot him a glare him, clearly offended.” Excuse me? Did you not just hear that I got my ass beat by your two racist ass security guards that YOU hired to protect your students!?”

Principal Quinn winced a bit at that reminder. “Yes, I did Ms. Halifax, I did hire them unaware of their intolerant beliefs, but I also know you were involved in that fight that happened in the locker room. Whether you started it or not, I don’t know for certain, but what I do know is that those six girls did not do that damage to themselves, and if it turns out you are the instigator…”

Zaiyia rolled her eyes. She couldn’t believe this, how was it that she looked worse than these six girls and yet she’s the one that needs to behave herself? Taking a deep breath, Zaiyia decided to brush it aside for now because her wrists were in more pain than listening to him stereotyping her. “Fine, yes, whatever! I’ll behave.”

Principal Quinn smiled in triumph before nodding for the guards to release, which they did without hesitation. “Now, tell me what happened in the locker room. Start from the very beginning.”

Zaiyia took a deep breathe before she recalled the events that took place in the girl’s locker room at the beginning of 5th period. Principal Quinn listened carefully as her story sounded oddly similar to the other six girls sitting along the wall in silence, except for one small detail. Zaiyia’s story claimed that SHE was the one who was attacked by Alice and her friends in the locker, not the other way around. Principal Quinn was taken aback by this information because it painted the six students a completely different way than everyone else have expected of them. He lifted one hand to cut Zaiyia off before she could get any further into her story. “Hold on for a second, you’re saying these six students jumped you? What reason would they have to harm you?”

Crossing her arms, Zaiyia sat back in her chair. “Because those idiots think I stole Alan away from Alice when in reality I could give a flying fuck about the guy!”

“LIAR!” Alice cried out before one of the guards shushed her and pointed a threatening finger in her direction. She reluctantly closed her mouth.

Once Zaiyia had finished the rest of her story, Chastity was next, and her story seemed to follow the last section of Zaiyia’s story down to the last word. The last two that were questioned were the two security guards, and they also recounted their co-workers violent behavior on young Zaiyia before profusely apologizing to both her and the Principal for not doing the right thing by stopping them. Zaiyia flipped them off and was scolded for it while Principal Quinn informed them that they will have a discussion about what happened later. Now that Principal Quinn had all 10 accounts of the fight that happened in the locker room, it was time to take the next step in calling their parents.
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