Belonging to Lust

Chapter 3: Mr. Sexy Ass

“Are you sure this is the place, sir?” Zaiyia asked the cab driver that parked in front of a huge house nestled in a suburban cul-de-sac. The structure was two stories high with a two car garage and a big comfortable porch. The front yard had a beautiful yet simple garden surrounding the decorative stone platforms that were placed between the front porch and the walkway. The porch had hanging flower baskets and flowers growing in the outside window sill. It was all perfectly crafted, exquisitely placed, and tastefully designed. Zaiyia also couldn’t believe how beautiful the rest of the neighborhood was. The whole area was a white picketed fenced suburban neighborhood dream that was well-maintained, and highly looked after. The smallest house looked better than most of the places Zaiyia lived before.

“Yes ma’am, it is. Are you going to go knock on the door, or are you waiting for someone?” The cab driver asked impatiently, watching from his rearview mirror at the young lady staring in adoration at the house. He had feeling the young girl didn’t live there by her captivated behavior.

“Oh yeah, my bad. Here’s your money, and please keep the change sir. Thank you for the ride.” Zaiyia said as she gave him all the money she had on her, which wasn’t much. The cab driver quickly added up the amount she gave him and noticed she was a dollar, but thought better of saying anything about it. From the state of the hotel he picked her up from, the young lady definitely wasn’t carrying any more money on her. He lazily waved goodbye before driving off down the street.

Zaiyia grabbed her suitcase and walked up the clean walkway, up the porch steps and to the front door. She took a deep breathe before ringing the doorbell. She waited patiently for someone to answer while looking around the front porch. She was impressed to see the guy owned a porch swing bed with different colored pillows scattered on it as well as two other chairs and a table from the same furniture set.

That swing looks good enough to sleep on during a hot summer night, Zaiyia thought to herself before the front door suddenly swung open. Zaiyia turned her head to see who she thought would be her mother, but actually was her new ‘daddy’ standing in the doorway.

And just when I started to believe I couldn’t hate my mother even more.

Yovela’s new boyfriend was insanely hot, and was incredibly fit as well. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, so his muscles were all out on display and were glistening with his own labored sweat that only added to his sexiness. Zaiyia bit her lip as she looked him over with interest. She’s met a lot of men in her life, but never one that made her want to hit her mom with a car and throw her dead body over a bridge just to take her place. Oh my fucking god, Yovela I fucking hate you so fucking much right now, Zaiyia mentally complained to herself with protest.

The guy wiped his brow with an old handkerchief as he leaned against his doorway. “Hello ma’am, what can I do for you?”

You can take off the rest of your clothes, for starters.

Zaiyia dismissed her inappropriate mental demand of him and instead gave him a small friendly wave. “Hi, my name is Zaiyia Halifax. I’m here to see my mother, Yovela Halifax.”

The guy frowned at her, before quickly looking over his shoulder and then back to her. “Uh, I’m a little confused. I thought you were five years old.”

Zaiyia held back her disappointed sigh at one of her mother’s awful lies and flashed him a warm smile. “No, I’m 16 years old, sir.”

Her new ‘daddy’ shrugged it off and stepped back to let her in. “OK well, come on in. Your mother is in the guesthouse out back, I’ll take you to her.”

Zaiyia nodded and followed him in, trying not to get distracted by his lovely home and his back muscles moving as he walked. When they entered the kitchen, her new ‘daddy’ that she secretly dubbed Mr. Sexy Ass behind his back, pointed toward his pantry. “Are you hungry or thirsty for anything…?”

“Zaiyia.” She pronounced for him slowly, so he would be able to say her name with ease.

Mr. Sexy Ass nodded. “Zaiyia, that’s an interesting name. You sure don’t hear that every day. Anyway are you hungry or anything? Would you like a glass of water?”

Zaiyia nodded as she leaned over the counter. “Yes, a glass of water would be nice, thank you.”

Mr. Sexy Ass grabbed a class from one of his cupboards and proceeded to fill it up for her. Zaiyia watched him closely, wishing he would just turn around to slowly pour the water over his rippling abs as a way to turn her on even further, but instead he placed the glass on the table in front of her. “Here you go.”

Zaiyia thanked him and downed the glass of water. In comparison to the plumbing in the hotel, that small glass contained the freshest water she ever tasted. “Mmm, that’s some yummy water.”

Mr. Sexy Ass lets out a chuckled before taking her glass and placing it in the sink. “Let’s go see your mother.”

He opened the sliding back door and led her to his patio with its plush furniture. Zaiyia let out a gasp at how beautiful the whole backyard look. Whoever picked the flowers to grow in the back knew exactly what they were doing. The arrays of colors tied everything together, and if that didn’t blow her mind, seeing the guesthouse surely did the trick. The small structure was absolutely charming and warmed Zaiyia’s heart at first sight…until she saw who stepped out of the house.

Yovela looked beautiful as always, and that made Zaiyia hate her more. Yovela turned around and took one look at Zaiyia, before she let out a loud gasp and covered her mouth in complete and utter shock. Zaiyia took a step back in surprise too, not understanding why her mother was reacting this way to her arrival. Oh shit, did I do something wrong, Zaiyia wondered to herself, did I fuck up the plan or something?

Yovela wiped a stray tear from her cheek before hurrying on over to the two of them. Zaiyia continued to stare at her mother in confusion. When Yovela was close enough she wrapped her arms around her daughter and yanked her to her chest, petting her long braids gently. “It’s ok baby, its mommy. Mommy is here now.”

Zaiyia didn’t exactly know what Yovela was going on about, but she had an idea that it was the result of ANOTHER one of her mother’s scandalous lies. Just in case she was wrong, Zaiyia closed her eyes and hoped that this wasn’t another lie told by her mother, so she wouldn’t have to play along. Her mother could be a lot to work with sometimes.

Whatever it was, Zaiyia decided to go with it and wrapped her arms around her mother’s waist in a hug. After a few minutes, Yovela pulled away to cup Zaiyia’s face in her hands and look her over with tears in her eyes. “It’s ok now, Zaiyia. It’s me, your mother. We’re together now, you see? We can be a proper family now, thanks to Heath. It is everything we should have been before, but my sister wouldn’t let it.”

Heath watched from a few feet away with his hands in his front pockets. He didn’t want to interrupt their reunion, since Yovela hadn’t seen her daughter since she was 5. Yovela’s relatives made sure to keep Zaiyia apart from her, which had been a huge struggle for Yovela. Heath could only hope that Yovela can be happy now that she and her daughter are together again.

Heath tilted his head as he studied their almost identical features. From what he saw of Zaiyia, she did look a lot like her mother. Yovela was undoubtedly a beautiful woman, but when it came down to her daughter, Zaiyia, she couldn’t really compete. Zaiyia was incredibly gorgeous at such a young age of 16. Other than that they were both appeared pretty similar. They both had long black braids, full lips, dark complexions and deep brown eyes. Zaiyia was the shortest, but that was probably because she was still growing, and Yovela had shorted hair.

“Heath, honey, could you carry my daughter’s suitcase please?” Yovela called to him in her lovely voice.

Heath gives her a nod as Yovela lead her daughter to the guest house. As soon as Zaiyia saw the inside of the small building, she couldn’t hide her rising excitement. “Oh my god, this is place is incredible!”

Yovela let out a soft giggle as she pulled Zaiyia closer to her side so she can rest her head on her child’s. “It is, isn’t it? I knew you would love this place the minute you got here.”

“Love it? I’ve fallen completely in love with it, Yo- Mother.” Zaiyia gushed, correcting herself last minute to keep in character while Heath was present.

“Heath’s sister redecorates the guesthouse every month. She’s incredibly talented and highly driven.” Yovela shared, flashing an adoring smile behind her back to her boyfriend.

“I can tell. This looks like a lot of work.” Zaiyia agreed, wishing she could live in the guesthouse forever.

“It is.” Heath told her from where he stood leaning against the wall beside the front door. Zaiyia couldn’t help but look him over once again with admiring eyes.

“Why don’t we show you to your room, my little Gazania?” Yovela suggested, draping an arm over her daughter’s shoulder and leading her towards the staircase in the kitchen.
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