Belonging to Lust

Chapter 30: I'm Her Guardian

Standing up from behind his desk, Principal Quinn looked at all suspects and witnesses cramped into his office with a look of dread. “Okay, now that I have all of your accounts on the fight that happened in the girl’s locker room during 5th period, I’m going to have to start calling in your parents so that they know exactly what’s be-”

Instantly, all the students became fearful at the idea of their parents finding out what they were involved in, but Zaiyia was the only one who interrupted the Principal before he could finish what he was saying. For the first time since the fight had started in the locker room, all she could think about was Heath and that he couldn’t EVER find out about what she was involved in, or else she’d be homeless again on the streets. “Wait what? You’re gonna tell our parents about all this!? You can’t do that!”

Mr. Quinn didn’t care how any of them felt about their parents finding out they were involved in a fight. He was the Principal of this school and was being paid to do this job accordingly, which is exactly what he planned on doing. “Ms. Halifax, this is a serious situation and must be handled appropriately to prevent any further altercations from ever taking place in my school again. I’m sorry, but your parents will be informed about all of this upon their arrival.”

Zaiyia defiantly shook her head, whipping her thick braids around as she jumped out of her chair, desperation laced in her voice. “But you CAN’T do that!!”

“Why not? Are you afraid your daddy will stop fucking you as punishment for starting a fight with us?!” Jade shouted from where she sat with her friends, but before she can continue to pick on Zaiyia some more like she intended to do, she was instantly shut up by Zaiyia launching herself across the room to grab ahold of her. The two security guards that were available had manage to get to Zaiyia before she could do any damage and dragged her back to her seat. Zaiyia didn’t fight back as they handcuffed her to the chair again since these officers weren’t trying to assault her like the other two officers were, in fact, they were gentler.

One of the security guards walked over to Jade, and leaned down to shove his face right into hers as he shouted. “Keep your mouth shut, Miller, unless you are being spoken to by Mr. Quinn or me, is that understood?!”

Jade gritted her teeth and obediently nodded, not willing to jeopardize her wrestling career any further than she already has by speaking up again. Principal Quinn had his hands on his hips as he scolded Zaiyia’s impulsiveness. “What did I tell you before, Ms. Halifax? Now look what they have to do!”

“Whatever.” Zaiyia rolled her eyes because she no longer cared about anything that had to do with behaving herself anymore. She had more important things on her mind, consisting of Heath finding out that she got into a fight at school. There was no way Mr. Quinn was going to leave Heath out of this since he was her only guardian which meant there was no way to prevent what was always coming for her in the end. She was gonna be out on the street again, struggling to scramble up some money on her own or falling into a group of kind hobos that probably lived under a bridge in cardboard boxes. Zaiyia fought to hide back her angry tears and made sure to keep her head down so no one would see them.

“Alright everyone, grab your chairs and follow me. We’re all going to have this meeting in the gymnasium. Officers, I would appreciate it if you kept a close eyes on Ms. Halifax until her parents get here.”


By the time the parents started filing in, the gymnasium was set and ready to receive its guests. Principal Quinn had to sum up to each parent over the phone that their child was involved in a fight at school, and that they were needed to discuss it. He met and shook hands with each parent by the gymnasium entrance before they walked passed him to scold their child for getting into a fight in school. From where she sat handcuffed to her chair with the security guards on both of her sides, Zaiyia’s heart leapt every time the door would open. She was on the verge of tears each time a parent walked in and would have to calm herself back down whenever it was someone other than Heath. Her fingers were digging into the arm of the chair as she fought to keep herself calm and collected, but then of course, Heath had to show up.

Having followed a student that escorted him to the gym, Heath fast walked right past a welcoming Principal Quinn in search for Zaiyia, completely ignoring his outstretched hand. At this point, all he cared about was Zaiyia’s wellbeing, and nothing else. All the mothers that had been listening to their daughter’s side of the story alongside their husbands were now watching the tall heavy built stud muffin walk across the gym floor in just a white tank top underneath an unbuttoned plaid top, stained jeans and heavy worn boots with obvious sexual interest. The single mothers all began to whisper amongst each other who the man was while the married ones watched him in envious silence of the lucky lady that had snatched him up.

“Zaiyia!” Heath shouted out loud in the gymnasium, his voice bouncing off the walls and attracting other curious family to him. He waited to hear her voice call him back to him when he suddenly spotted her sitting in a plastic chair with her head down, her long hair shielding her face completely from his sight. When she finally caught sight of him between her thick braids, her betraying tears began to fall from her eyes in fear of his disappointment in her for what she had done. Heath’s step instantly quickened into a jog when he saw her shoulders begin to shake due to her crying, and when he was close enough he crouched down in front of her chair, he was able to see the damage that had been done to her face that her braids couldn’t hide from him anymore. Heath was so shaken up inside he didn’t even acknowledge the two men standing at her side as he took in her lightly busted bottom lip and the huge dark purple bruise that covered her temple and all the way down to her cheekbone. The two guards came over to introduce themselves to the horrified man and explain to him what had happened after seeing at how visibly horrified he was by her appearance, but Heath wasn’t anywhere in the mood to be nice. He was extremely furious at everyone that wasn’t Zaiyia, and so he jumped up to his feet and shoved the two officers violently back away from her before pointing a finger to her damaged face. “WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN TO HER! Who fucking put their hands on my Zaiyia, huh? Was it fucking you? Or him? Who the fuck was it?”

Before the officers could explain anything, Heath was right back on his knees in front of Zaiyia as if he hadn’t just been shouting at them, and was speaking to her in such a soft and gentle tone as he carefully reached up to cup her face in one of his hands, this thumb caressing her cheek. “Zaiyia, Zaiyia, its Heath. Look at me baby, it’s going to be okay. I’m here now, I’m here. You don’t have to be scared anymore.”

Zaiyia couldn’t hold back her emotions any longer, especially when he spoke to her in such a sweet and caring way. She instantly erupted like a volcano and struggled to keep her crying low enough so that it wouldn’t be heard by everyone in the gymnasium, but she failed miserably. Heath’s heart broke as he gently tried to quiet her down. “Shh, baby it’s gonna be okay. I won’t let anybody else touch you like this ever again, you hear me? Never again!” He leaned his forehead against hers and gritted his teeth as he growled to himself. “I’ll fucking kill them if they try.”

Zaiyia shook her head in response as her tears clouded her vision and slid down his palms and through his fingers. She just wanted him to hold her and take her away from all this. She didn’t want to sit there handcuffed to a chair any longer, and began to try to wrestle with her restraints. Heath caught the shine of silver on her wrist by her movements and was shocked to see that she was handcuffed to her chair. How had he never noticed that before, he wondered to himself as his head whipped around to see that all the other girls weren’t handcuffed to their seats, just Zaiyia? Glaring up at the two security guards, he started shouting at them. “WHY THE HELL IS SHE HANDCUFFED!?”

Principal Quinn hurried over to the scene to calm the gentleman down before things got out of hand. “Excuse me sir, is Ms. Halifax your child?”

Heath clenched his teeth as he tried to soothe Zaiyia’s tears by running his hands up and down her arms. “No, but I’m her guardian. Her mother’s boyfriend, if you will.”

Principal Quinn frowned. “Do you have a number so I could contact her mother, or father?”

Heath stood up to face the tiny thin man who was clearly frightened of him and his huge stature. “Her father is a deadbeat sonofabitch and her mother’s out of town. There’s only me, now tell me why the fuck she is handcuffed to a chair and none of these other girls aren’t!”

Principal Quinn brought his hands up to calm him down as the officer behind Heath stepped forward just in case he was planning on getting physical. “I need you to calm down, sir so I can explain to you exactly why. After the fight, one of these students made a disrespectful comment towards her that pushed her over the edge. She tried to att-”

Heath turned around and walked around to the side of Zaiyia’s chair where he stood to firmly point at them. “Take them off of her, NOW!”

Principal Quinn hesitated. “Uh Sir, I don’t think th-”

Heath ignored him and went straight to one of the officers to stand toe to toe with him instead. “YOU! Give me your goddamn keys.”

The guard was shaking in his shoes because Heath was bigger and strong than him simply by appearance alone. Feeling intimidated and inadequate underneath the shadow of his towering frame, the security guard carefully snuck his hand behind his back where his taser gun was hooked onto his police belt. His fingers trailed over the cool plastic at the same exact time Heath figured out what he was up to, and simply gave him an evil smile in return. “Oh it’s gonna take much more than a taser to keep me from taking those keys from you. I promise you that.”
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