Belonging to Lust

Chapter 32: It's My Fight Now

“What happened?” Heath asked Principal Quinn, his brows furrowing in irritation.

Zaiyia let out a whine of complaint as she slowly shook her head. “I-I don’t wanna hear this, right now. I don’t want to fucking hear any more of this shit again.”

Heath looked down at her, and was suddenly becoming worried by the frightened tone of her voice, and her evading demeanor. What could be worse than her getting jumped by a bunch of mindless idiots in a locker room, Heath wondered to himself. He was almost afraid to finds out, but he knew he had to. “Zaiyia, what the hell else happened to you?!”

Principal Quinn was afraid that if Heath didn’t get his answers soon he was going to become erratic all over again. “From what I’ve been told by the only other witnesses, Miss Chastity and Mr. Edgar, their gym teacher, Zaiyia was…brutally attacked by two of our volunteering security guards whom are also a part of our local law enforcement.”

Heath’s fists tightened as his concern snapped into one of fury that he was struggling to keep a tight rein on or else he’d get arrested for sure. “Excuse me, did you say brutally attacked? What the fuck does that mean brutally attacked!? What exactly did they do to her?”

Principal Quinn nervously licked his lips. “Th-They used an excessive amount of force to detain Zaiyia, who, from what I’ve been told at that point, wasn’t being violent, or aggressive in anyway shape or form. Mr. Edgar had gotten everything under control before the officers showed up, and… attacked her anyway. They…threw her to the ground and nearly broke her arms when they were handcuffing her. Chastity said Zaiyia was telling them to her let her go, but she wasn’t trying to cause them hard until the second officer put his knees on her back, and used his particularly heavier weight to make sure she couldn’t get back up. Zaiyia was having trouble breathing and fought to slip out from beneath his knees but she couldn’t. One of the officers had went on ahead and grabbed his taser, I’m assuming to use it on her, but it was taken from him before he could.”

“Those motherfuckers!” To say Heath was mad was an understatement. The man was furious to the point where Principal Quinn was certain that he was now out for blood. Heath shot up out of his seat and headed straight for the gymnasium door. “Where the fuck are those pieces of shit, huh? Tell me which hallway they’re patrolling, or else I’ll tear down this whole fucking school brick by brick to find them myself!”

“Mr. Sullivan, please calm down!” Principal Quinn called after him as he too jumped from his chair.

Zaiyia tried to reach out for Heath, but she couldn’t handle the pain it took to lift her arm. “Heath…”

“Not until I find those dead sons of bitches!” Heath countered back with a shout as he clenched his fists.

“The two officers that brutalized Zaiyia are gone! I ordered them off my campus the second I heard about it.” Principal Quinn revealed, forcing Heath to stop several feet away from the double doors.

Gritting his teeth, Heath had no choice, but to retreat back to his chair, even though he’d rather be out hunting down the two officers that decided for themselves that it would be a good day to die by putting their hands on his Zaiyia. “Then how bout you call them back in here so they can know what it’s like to struggle to air, huh?”

“Because I have an entirely different approach instead.” Reaching into jacket pocket, Principal Quinn pulled out a card and handed it to Heath. “Look, other than the two witnesses, there isn’t much evidence to go on, unless of course Zaiyia develops some bruises or cuts from the scuffle. The location they attacked her in was in the girl’s locker room, and that doesn’t have security cameras inside for obvious reasons, but if you want these bastards behind bars you might want to call this number. It belongs to Chastity’s father who’s an FBI Agent. She said he could solve just about anything, and would help you if you only mentioned that she was a witness to the attack.”

Heath exhaled sharply, before he snatched the card from Principal’s Quinn’s hand and gave him a nod. “Thank you.”

“It’s the least I could do for what happened.” Principal Quinn shrugged. “I’m going to get started questioning the others female students that were in Zaiyia’s class to see if they know anything about what was going on. If you’d like you can take Zaiyia home now, or maybe to the doctors to get her checked up just to be sure.”

Heath nodded again as he looked over Zaiyia’s petite body for any more damage that he might have missed. “Yeah, I’ll take her to the doctors.”

Principal Quinn stepped around Heath to crouch down in front of Zaiyia’s chair, who was staring down at her lap. “Zaiyia, I can’t tell you how sorry I am about what happened to you.”

Zaiyia’s eyes lifted up to glare at him. “Don’t bother worrying yourself about what happened to me. As far I’m concerned, it’s officially my fight now. My move is next.”

Principal Quinn stood up with a disapproving frown on his face, but before he could ask her what she meant, Heath had brushed by him to crouch down in front of her. He took her small delicate hands in his and he shook his head at her. “No, baby it’s not just your fight anymore.”

As much as Zaiyia was living for him calling her his ‘baby’ and ‘honey at the moment, this was the wrong time to savor it. “Please, just take me home now. I don’t want to be here anymore.” Looking down at Heath with an expressive of pain and desperation Zaiyia slipped back out of her seat and into his broad chest.

“Okay baby, if that’s what you want. Here we go, hold onto me now.” Heath delicately helped Zaiyia up onto her feet, but kept his arm around her waist. “Good job, Zaiyia. You’re doing well so far. If you need any more of my help just lean into me okay, I’ll take it from there?”

Turning his head towards Principal Quinn, Heath gave him a nod. “Keep investigating, and inform me on EVERYTHING that you find out.”

Principal Quinn gave him a firm nod before striding towards the gymnasium door, but was stopped by Zaiyia before he could reach it. “Wait a minute!”

He stopped in his track to turn around to see a fragile Zaiyia trying to step forward out of Heath’s arms without him aiding her. “It’s okay, Heath. I can stand on my own.”

“Are you sure?” Heath questioned uncertainly, not liking the idea of her putting herself through any more pain than she already has by simply walking. “I don’t mind holding you, if that’s what you need.”

“No, trust me on this, I can do it.” Zaiyia assured him, waiting for him to reluctantly let go of her waist before she addressed Principal Quinn. “You better keep a close eye on those bitches when my ass comes back to school.”

Principal Quinn sighed at the familiar tone of vengeance laced in her voice. “And why is that, Ms. Halifax?”

“Isn’t it obvious? It’s because I’m gonna fuck them up for doing this to me.” Zaiyia clarified, not afraid that she could be getting herself into extra trouble for threatening to fight the very girls who jumped her in the locker room to the Principal.

Principal Quinn opened his mouth to warn her not to, but was cut off before he could form his words into a sentence together. “If you’re about to tell me no, Mr. Quinn, then you better shut your mouth, right now. I have been enduring constant bullying and harassment from them since Day 1 without retaliating ONCE!” Zaiyia wasn’t about to mention that one time in the girl’s bathroom when she scared the shit out of Grace and Bella, because it wouldn’t support her current argument. “And look what happened.”

“Zaiyia, you should have went to an adult with this instead of letting this harassment carry on to what just took place in the locker room today.” Principal Quinn argument back, sweeping his hand towards the very room she was attacked in.

“And then what!? You really think you can stop them, you really think you can stop anyone from doing what they really want to do!?” Zaiyia exclaimed. “They would have jumped my ass either way, because your power of position starts in this building, and ends once you’re out those fucking doors. That is all you can control! Let me tell you something from my past experiences, those dumbass idiots are going to come for me again, but you best believe in the next round I’m taking all their bitch asses down by myself!”

Heath watched in awe as Zaiyia pushed past Principal Quinn to walk out of the gymnasium. He was so taken aback by her fearless strength it secretly turned him on to see her stand up on her own two feet like some kind of Warrior Queen. Jumping back into the present, Heath hurried up and followed her soon after giving Principal Quinn a firm pat on the shoulder that had the poor man stumbling forward. “Get to work. Now.”
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