Belonging to Lust

Chapter 34: A Boy Likes You?

“Well, you know, for getting you involved in my teenage drama that you specifically ordered me not to do.” Zaiyia said, reminding Heath about the rule he made when she moved in.

Heath rolled his eyes, and chuckled to himself as he recalled his list of rules. “Really? You’re worried about that now after what you’ve been through?” He shook his head before reaching around to cup the back of her head so he could pull her forehead forward to meet his lips halfway. His kiss was endearing as he gently pulled away to give her a silly smile. “I don’t want to hear you apologize for shit anymore, you hear me? You did nothing wrong back there.”

Zaiyia’s body shivered in pleasure at the feeling of his lips on her skin, and she had to bite her bottom lip to keep herself distracted from throwing herself at the man. “Apparently, I did.”

Heath raised an eyebrow at her as he reluctantly pulled his hand away from her waterfall of thick braids. “Oh really? I’ll be the judge of that. Why don’t you tell me exactly how this bullshit gotten started in the first place then.”

Zaiyia sighed overdramatically, and rolled her eyes. “Oh please, don’t make me tell you about all that crap, it is so fucking STUPID Heath, I kid you not! It’ll give you a brain aneurysm after you listen to this sad pathetic high school musical idiocy tale that is now my life.”

“I don’t care, tell me anyway. I promise I’ll try not to die from the stupidity of it all.” Heath sarcastically promised her with an amused smile.

Zaiyia laughed. “Okay fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you though!” Rolling her eyes one more time, she began her story. “The ringleader of that group of fucking idiots is Alice White, and on my first day of school she was dating this guy named Alan Knowles from the football team. From what I’ve heard they were like the high school version of a Hollywood starlet couple before I walked through the doors.”

“And after YOU walked through the door…” Heath went on, hoping she wouldn’t keep him in suspense for long.

She sighed overdramatically again. “Alan started liking me, or whatever the hell boys feel for girls their age. In fact, he liked me so much he went as far as to break up his long term relationship with Alice in hopes of hopping into my pants. Naturally, she’s feeling some type of way about me, and is now seeking some kind of revenge.”

“A boy likes you?” Heath asked her, clearly taken aback as his eyes narrowed in surprise. “You never mentioned that before.”

“Because it’s nothing! So what if the asshole likes me.” Zaiyia shrugged it off as if Alan didn’t matter, but Heath couldn’t be sure if she was telling the truth about that, or hiding it from him.

Heath hated that the familiar feeling in his stomach that was jealousy, especially because it was over a 16 years old girl that he should want a strictly platonic relationship with rather than a romantic one. Unfortunately, he didn’t. Heath clenched his fist absentmindedly. “So this…Alan…how old is he?”

Zaiyia looked up at the ceiling in thought. “I’m guessing around my age.”

Heath bit back a curse, and instead nodded his head. He looked away to mutter to himself in an irritable voice. “Of course he is. Of course he’s your damn age. What other age would he be?” He let out a stressful sigh as he ran his hands through his hair. “So what are we talking about here, really? Do you like that douchebag or something? Is that what’s going on here?”

Zaiyia burst into a fit of laughter that helped to ease the unsettleness in his stomach. “Of course not! Jesus, I can’t believe you asked me that as a serious question. I mean seriously, the guy is too intellectually young for me, you see what I’m saying? I would prefer to have a man rather than waste my time with a little boy that probably doesn’t know his dick from his elbow.”

Heath found himself smiling in relief at her confession. “Well uh, despite how fucking stupid this story is, you should have told me about this from the beginning.”

“Yeah, but you told me you didn’t want to have to deal with no teenage drama from me if I was going to live here under your roof, remember?” Zaiyia pointed out to him once again.

Shaking his head, Heath cursed himself for making that stupid agreement in the first place. It would have saved them this headache. “Shit, I know, I know. I did fucking say that.”

Zaiyia slowly nodded before compelling herself to ask him the one question she wasn’t sure she was ready to hear the answer to. “So…are you going to…” She let out a shaky sigh and took a deep breathe to help calm her nerves. She didn’t want to start crying until she knew for certain what he planned on doing. “Are you going to need me to move my things out before it gets dark, or can I have tomorrow morning to pack up my things?”

Heath was taken aback as his eyes snapped to her with an incredulous look. “Wait what? What the hell are you talking about? I’m lost.”

“Aren’t you going to kick me out for breaking your rules?” Zaiyia tentatively asked him, slowly becoming lost herself.

“NO! Where the hell did you get an idea like that?” Heath passionately demanded to know as he reached over to grab both of her small delicate hands in his much larger ones. “How can I let you go so easily, Zaiyia, when you’ve already grown on me?” Zaiyia could have sworn she was falling in love with Heath right then in and there in that moment when he said that. It touched her heart and warmed it with a yearning that she hopes would one day be met. “But! That still doesn’t mean you have my permission to go on and start having parties here and shit. We’re cool right now, but we’re not THAT cool!”

Zaiyia giggled and shook her head. “Of course, not! I would never do that to you.”

“Good, so while you’re on suspension and stuck here at home, I’ll be making a call to Chastity’s father about those motherfuckers that put their hands on you, okay?” Heath informed her.

Zaiyia shudder in fear as their faces flashed before her eyes. She forced herself to push the image back towards the empty corners of her mind so she wouldn’t have to think about it any time soon. “Well, what am I gonna do while you’re at work then?”

Heath shrugged. “Whatever you want to do, just so long as you stay here. I don’t want anyone coming in or out…unless it’s my brother or sister. Then again, you can’t really stop those two from coming and going even if you want to, especially Anneliese.”

Zaiyia giggled at the reminder of his sister’s random drop-ins. “Okay, I promise I’ll stay put and make sure no one, but your siblings come in and out.”

Heath rolled his eyes as he recalled his siblings annoying surprise visits. “Anyway, I’m going to order us some pizza tonight. As much as I like your cooking, I’m not about to force you to feed my empty belly today, or kill yours with my own culinary skills.” He smiled when she burst out laughing again because she looked so unbelievable happy, and beautiful all at the same time. “Why don’t you pick us a movie to watch over dinner? Just please don’t make it too sappy, at least for my sake.”

“You’ll watch whatever I want you to watch, damnit!” Zaiyia retaliated with a laugh as she threw one of her small pillows at him when he stood up from her bed. He caught it and gently tossed it onto the nearest chair with a smirk. “Wait, where do you want to watch it?”

“Wherever you want.” Heath called up to her from halfway down the stairs.

“DOWNSTAIRS THEN!” Zaiyia shouted to him as she got started on gathering up some extra pillows, and blankets for them. Instead of looking for a movie, she ended up getting caught up some kind of scary monster movie marathon on the sci-fi channel. Heath joined her when the pizza arrived, freshly showered and looking as good as sin as he took a seat next to her, placing the box in between them. They bonded, and laughed over the different random creation of monsters that were presented to them on the television. When it became late, and the pizza box was long ago empty and discarded, Heath decided to stay a bit longer instead of calling it quit at his usual bedtime. It wasn’t like him not to stay on schedule, but tonight he had a very good reason not to. Snuggled against his side under a blanket was Zaiyia. She had her head resting against his chest, and her slender arm was draped over his torso. His arm had somehow found it’s way from being stretched out over the couch, to around her shoulder. Heath hadn’t been focused on a single movie since she had kicked the pizza box aside, and invaded his space. He simply sat there looking like he was staring off into space when really he was soaking up how she felt against him, and how welcoming her body warmth felt seeping into his bigger frame. He occasionally inhaled her addictive scent, and listened to her make random comments to the characters to not go in this room, and that, and not to trust him or her, and don’t do this or that, etc.

When an hour quickly passed, Heath forced himself to call it quits once and for all. Zaiyia pouted in response. Heath shushed her and sought out to banish her pout with a lingering kiss to her forehead. “Good night Zaiyia. If you need anything just call my phone, I’ll come to you.”

Zaiyia bit her lips in need for this man. She so wished she had the strength to pick him up and throw him onto her couch by using all the pent up sexual frustration she had been feeling tonight from his strong hard body pressing against hers. She listened to him lock the front door on his way out before continuing on with the movie without him. Sadly, she couldn’t seem to pay much attention to it because she couldn’t stop thinking about Heath. Little did she know as she got up to go to bed, that he was thinking about her too.
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