Belonging to Lust

Chapter 35: Going Soft?

Despite having been jumped the day before by Alice and her groupie, Zaiyia got up the very next morning to make Heath breakfast. She was still feeling sore that morning, but she didn’t let that stop her, and Heath couldn’t help but admire her determination as he walked into the kitchen with a smile on his face. He was becoming more obsessed with Zaiyia’s cooking and it was becoming evident, but the deliciously prepared meal wasn’t what made him smile. It was simply just seeing her again.

“Good morning, Zaiyia. Looks like your bruises are already fading.” Heath said as he leaned forward to study them better.

Zaiyia abruptly froze in place when he reached out to gently caress a finger over the one bruise on her temple. “Uh…y-yeah, it is.”

Heath nodded, before convincing himself to step back and give her some space. “You didn’t have to get up this morning and make me breakfast, especially considering the events of yesterday.”

Zaiyia managed a careless shrug. “It’s okay, I wanted to. You did say I can do whatever I want while I’m suspended, you know.”

“Yeah yeah yeah.” Heath gave her a smirk over his shoulder as he headed back around the kitchen table to take a seat. “Come sit and eat with me.”

“Aye aye captain.” Zaiyia called to him from the stove as she piled up her plate, and attempted to take the seat right across from Heath’s chair where she usually sat.

“Ey, nut oher ere. Oer ere.” Heath kicked out the seat next to him an inch to show her where, and then gestured to it with his fork.

Zaiyia rolled her eyes at him trying to talk with his mouth full, and walked over to the chair to sit close to him. “Happy now?”

Heath winked at her as he took a gulp of his orange juice to wash down the food. “So, how many more movies did you stay up and watch after I left? See any cool monsters?”

“Not really.” Zaiyia shrugged as she chewed her toast and thought up a few good make believe for a sci-fi movie since she technically didn’t stay up like she hinted that she did. She wasn’t sure why, but she didn’t want him knowing that she went to bed soon after he did. “There was this monstrous jellyfish that almost flooded California, and another one with killer bees. That’s about it.”

Heath laughed at the jellyfish one. “A giant jellyfish, huh? Now, that’s rich.” He finished the rest of his breakfast in seconds before he stood up to try, and put his plate away, but Zaiyia beat him to it. He watched her placed his plate in the sink before grabbing his already made lunch out of the fridge and holding it out to him. “Another meal to look forward to? I tell you, Zaiyia, you keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll make someone the happiest man in the world someday.”

Zaiyia shrugged with disinterest. She didn’t really care about making another man happy when the only happiness she cared about was the man standing right in front of her. The same man she’s been dying to kiss for what felt like a bazillion years already. “I’m good with just making you happy.”

Heath grinned as he gazed down at her beautiful face, his eyes tracing every feature. “Lucky me, then.”

Zaiyia bit her lip as the thought crossed her mind to steal a kiss from him right then and there. She knew it would be a HUGE deal if she went ahead and just did it, and that it would most likely end in him rejecting, and her humiliated. Perhaps…she should kiss him somewhere else? Her eyes searched his face before landing on his cheek. It was a safer place to kiss compared to his lips, and if she was going to kiss him anywhere it would have to be there. Leaning up on her tip toes, Zaiyia reached up to plant a kiss along his jawline, completely missing his cheek entirely because of her petite size. She stood back and watched his expression go from shock, and then disappearing into a blank expression. A quick smirk came up out of nowhere on his lips before he leaned down to kiss her on the side of her head, closing his eyes for a few mere seconds while doing so. “See you later tonight, Zaiyia. Stay safe.”

She could only nod in response because she was in awe that he hadn’t scolded her for kissing him like she expected him to. Was he finally getting comfortable around her? If so, then this was an incredible thing! All she would have to do now is wait it out some more, get him even more comfortable around her, and then BAM she can finally start tonguing the guy’s throat! Hopefully by that time, he’ll put up less of a fight. Zaiyia happily twirled about in place long after he backed up out of the driveway, and then began a start on her day. She spent most of it cleaning, and dancing around the house like the African American version of Snow White. All she really needed then was a group of feral animals as a cleaning crew, and she’d be set.

The last few hours before Heath was to return home, Zaiyia spent in a lazy state on her bed, thinking of a plan of seducing him. Now that the Disney Princess high she received earlier from not just Heath’s kiss alone, but also from his lack of a negative reaction to her kissing him as well, had eventually passed, she was beginning to think her plan was the stupidest plan she had ever made. There was no way Heath was ever going to kiss her, or let her kiss him willingly. He was well aware of pedophilia and what the consequences of that crime was. Why the hell would he risk it all for her?

For the first time in forever, Zaiyia wished that she was older, that she could’ve switched places with her mother before the woman had decided to up and disappear on them. Zaiyia got off the bed to wander to her window seat and curl up on it as she looked down across the back yard. Her mind drifted off of her and her mother to her mother’s relationship with Heath, and how happy he seemed to be with her. Was he in love with Yovela? Was he planning on spending the rest of his life with her still? If in some other dimension where he had fallen in love with Zaiyia instead, would he possibly want to spend the rest of his life with her too? Would he even take that risk, despite the consequences that would come along with it or would he live with the desire of wanting her but never act on it?


Heath got home that evening after a particularly hard day of work, and was in need of a good soak in his hot tub. He was 20 minutes late, and so he found his dinner sitting in the microwave, and then proceeded to gobble it right up. He figured Zaiyia was probably sleeping in her room in the guest house, and so after he cleaned up his plate and placed it in the sink, he opened up the backdoor and headed on over. Heath didn’t get close to the guest house door when he noticed something out of the corner in his eyes that had him freezing in his steps. He turned his head to see Zaiyia lying on the ground on her back near the stone flower beds, her eyes completely closed. Heath assumed the worst as his stomach dropped and he took off towards her while shouting out her name. “ZAIYIA! ZAIYIA!”

Zaiyia bolted up from the sound of her name being called, and looked up to see Heath running towards her in terror. “Heath? What’s wrong?! What happened?!”

Heath bent over to catch his breath when he saw that she was ok, and let out a frustrated curse as he quickly calmed his jittery nerves down. “Godamnit! Sonofabitch.” When he had finally collected himself as best as he could he straightened himself up and placed his hand on his hips while he glared down at her. “Why the fuck are you out here lying on the ground like that!? Jesus Christ woman, I thought you were hurt or something!”

“Are you kidding me?” Zaiyia gave him a weird look as she gestured with her arm across his garden. “Have you NOT seen your garden?”

Heath chuckled as he looked around at the flowers and understood what she meant. The gardens were a beautiful and comfortable place. “Okay whatever, I see your point. While you lay in the grass and get in ‘tune’ with the earth, I’m going to go take a dip in the hot tub. It’s been a particularly rough day at work.”

Zaiyia’s eyes widen in excitement. Heath…in swimming trunks?! She could NOT, would NOT, pass up the chance of asking if she could join him, even if he ended up rejecting her in the end. “Can I come with you?”

Heath stopped right in his track, his back still to her. The idea of Zaiyia in a bikini joining him in his hot tub had bad idea written all over it, there was no denying it. Yet…he felt more inclined to take that risk today for some reason, which was odd because he’d been doing just fine resisting the urges to partake in something as inappropriate as jumping into a hot tub with an underage girl many times before. Was he going soft? Did the fear of her being attacked at school the day before cause him to want to show his feelings for her more evidently, the same damn feelings that he’d been fighting to hide beneath his calm demeanor, or was he becoming more like his brother Maverick who wouldn’t give a damn about the law and the repercussions of breaking them? Taking a deep breathe, Heath looked over his shoulder at the beautiful young girl sitting in his garden like an exotic princess. “Sure, why not. We both need some relaxation after all we’ve been through for the last two days.”

“Yes!” Zaiyia jumped to her feet and ran into the guest house while Heath got the hot tub running. By the time he was already soaking in the warm water with his eyes closed and his sore muscles loosening, Zaiyia strolled out of the guest house towards the hot tub in nothing but a two piece bikini and her braids pulled up in a bun. Heath opened is eyes just in time to see her walking towards him with her hips swaying and nearly had a heart attack at the breathing sight of her curvaceous body and her deep flawless skin against the setting sun. Heath had never seen anyone with a body like hers, and the same went for her mother too. He was used to seeing women with the slightest amount of curves, whether they were on an old playboy magazine’s his dad gave him or on the women that were mostly attracted to him.

Heath wasn’t ashamed anymore to say that Zaiyia Halifax had the sexiest body he had ever seen in his life, and probably even in the unforeseeable future. In that moment, he wished to heaven and back that he could be 16 again.
♠ ♠ ♠