Belonging to Lust

Chapter 36: Hot Tub

Zaiyia stepped into the Jacuzzi with a soft moan of delight at the welcoming warmth of the water soothing her body. She took a seat across from Heath in hopes that he would look at her with male interest, like man would to a woman he was severely attracted, rather than a guardian who’s supposed to care for her. Unbeknownst to her, Heath was doing exactly that, until of course she looked up and startled his gaze away to the bubbling water surrounding them. “So…why was your day so bad?” Zaiyia asked him in hopes of getting rid of the awkward silence that had suddenly found it’s way between them. She wasn’t sure where Heath’s mind was at the moment, because of how withdrawn he had suddenly become the second she stepped back outside of her guest house to join him in his hot tub. Was it her bikini, was it too revealing? Was he uncomfortable around her dressed in such a way? Technically this would be the first time he had ever seen her in something as revealing as a bikini.

Heath didn’t look up from staring down at the warm bubbling water, but he did answer her question anyway. “Oh right, it was a lot of shit. Uh, two of my co-workers ended up getting into an altercation on the clock. It was one of the new guys and Gregory, who’s been constructing buildings for 18 years. He believes it was that specific new guy that didn’t nail down the boards down all the way and nearly caused us to fall through the floor and end up in the hospital.”

Zaiyia nearly launched herself forward in fright to check if he had wounds, but stopped herself halfway. Heath’s eyes shot up in surprise at her quick action, and stared down at her with confusion. Retreating back down to her seat, Zaiyia gave him an embarrassed smile. “Sorry, I uh...a-are you okay?”

Heath nodded his head, but kept his eyes on her. “No, I’m fine. A little bit sore, but that’s about it.” He suddenly leaned forward over in his seat, and narrowed his eyes as he searched her face intently for something. “How’ve you been feeling today? Have you decided to change your mind about seeing a doctor?”

Zaiyia shook her head as she started to wonder if he was uncomfortable being around her because of the damage done to her face. Was he disgusted with her? Heath was pretty adamant about her seeing a doctor after they left her school, but she had kept refusing. Eventually, she managed to convince him to accept her answer. He did at the time, but now she could still see that he wanted her to change her mind. “No, I’ve been just fine. I don’t need to see any doctors.”

Heath’s eyes narrowed even more in suspicion as he leaned back in his seat. “Well still, I’d like to check on your wounds before you head to bed tonight.”

She nodded, a smile coming to her face at the thought of him touching her again. “Yes, sir.”

“By the way, I called Chastity’s dad, the FBI Agent, he’d said the officers were fired but you can still press charges on them.” Heath watched her face for any form of a reaction.

Zaiyia stiffened, and looked down in the water. “That’s…good, I guess.”

“Zaiyia, do you want to press charges?” Heat asked her softly.

She bit her lips with uncertainty as she thought about it. Did she want to press charges, or was them losing their jobs good enough for her? She wasn’t a police officer and hadn’t ever experienced the things that they go through on a daily basis, this was true. BUT that still didn’t mean they should be going around acting out in violence out of racism, or because they’re scared for their lives when they come across an unarmed teenager. If they were truly that scared for their lives than maybe they shouldn’t go walking around with badges. Their fear was obviously getting innocent people killed for no good reason. Zaiyia didn’t expect to ever be offered the option of court. She wasn’t even sure if that was something she wanted to do. “I…I think I’m okay with them just getting fired. I don’t think I want to take it that far.”

Heath let out frustrated sigh as he shook his head in disapproval. Zaiyia was surprised by his sudden anger towards her decision and wondered what HE thought she should do in this situation. “Okay, what would you do if you were in my situati-”

“I would want them to rot in jail! I’d want them to spend the rest of their lives being somebody else’s bitch for what they did to you. See how they fucking like it being manhandled like that.” Heath interrupted, every word dripping with hatred for the two security guards.

Zaiyia’s eyes widened in surprise before she let out a shaky laugh that she hoped would loosen the tension in the air from his fury. “Look, I honestly don’t want this to be a bigger spectacle than it already is. If this gets on the news….I don’t know what I’d do with all those cameras being crammed down my throat. I don’t want that to happen. I honestly get scared every time I try to think of it.”

Heath’s anger dissipated somewhat. “Maybe your identity won’t have to be revealed to the public. Chastity’s dad might be able to help you with that.”

“If it’s going to happen, I’d rather it all be low key, and not include me getting on a witness stand to point fingers at them. I’ll write down what happened for the court, or record myself on video…I just can’t have that kind of…attention. I won’t be able to handle it.” Zaiyia admitted. She didn’t mention that she also wanted to keep her identity a secret just in case her mother, Yovela, was watching from hundred miles away. In the beginning, all Zaiyia and Heath wanted was for her mother to come back home to them, but now that Zaiyia was getting closer to Heath, she didn’t want the older woman to return anytime soon. She wanted Heath all to herself, and she totally did with her mother out of the picture. If there was a chance that Yovela saw her daughter on the news in a story about police brutality, Zaiyia was sure she’d find a way back to her daughter.

Heath finally let out a smile now that he was almost close to getting his way. “I’ll get ahold of him as soon as I can and see what he can do.”

“Thank you.” Zaiyia smiled, and after two minutes they both climbed out and head towards the guest house. Heath wanted to check her wounds, and after grabbing some towel to prevent themselves from dripping all over the kitchen floor, he had her take a seat on the tall kitchen chair for him to inspect her. He leaned in close and checked out her wounds in the bright kitchen light. It only took him seconds to make sure they were healing properly, and by then his eyes were quickly drifting over the perfect planes that were her features. She was beautiful to him, actually THE most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Heath had never seen any woman’s beauty that could outmatch Zaiyia’s, which he found very strange. Were teenage girls usually this breathtaking, or was it just her? He was so lost within her elegance he wasn’t aware that he was being carefully watched. Zaiyia had been staring at him the moment she took a seat and couldn’t avert her eyes away even if she wanted to. The man had to be made from the Gods himself, because he possessed every perfect feature a man could have. She enjoyed being this close to him, and to his lips. Zaiyia knew that he was already hypnotized by her beauty. She wasn’t the kind of person that would praise her own good looks every minute of every day, but today she’d make an exception to feel cocky about it. Zaiya badly wanted to kiss him, and the thought alone was making her lips quiver in desperation.

Suddenly brought back to reality, Heath shook his head and took half a step back to give them both a bit of space, but not too much distance to where he couldn’t reach out and touch her if he wanted to. He awkwardly cleared his throat and tried to play off that he hadn’t been staring at her like some pervert. “Well, it looks like you’re looking good so far. I guess if you now choose not to go and get checked by a doctor, I couldn’t argue with you. You’re healing just fine without one.”

Zaiyia smiled up at him as she raised an eyebrow. “SO, when can I go back to school then?”

Heath rolled his eyes and grumbled out his response. “Never.” Her laugh was like music to his ears, and it made him laugh too. “Well what do you expect me to say? I’d honestly would have burned the entire damn school down for what happen to you if I could still walk away a free man at the end of the day.”

Zaiyia could feel her cheeks grow warm, and she averted her eyes to the counter in thought. She knew eventually she would have to go back to school, and when she did those girls would be waiting for her. Before she kept her bullying a secret from Heath, but now that he knew about it and was on her side, she felt that she could tell him about it. “Those girls are pretty determined, I’ll give them that. The second I enter those doors again they’ll be coming for me again.”

Heath’s eyes snapped in her direction and narrowed in suspicion. “How would you know that?”

“Trust me, I just do.” Zaiyia promised him, giving him a weak smile.

Heath didn’t like the idea of Zaiyia coming home from school with bruises and cuts again, or getting another phone call from her school informing him that she had been hurt. In that moment he felt his anger bubbling to the surface and he was ready to bust a hole in the nearest wall, but when he looked back over her wounds, he couldn’t bring himself to act that way in front of her. Instead, he reached out to cup the back of her head and tilted her head up so that he could place a kiss on her forehead. He lingered longer than he should have, but he didn’t want to care about that right now. She needed him, and he was willing to give her everything if she’d only ask. When he pulled away he whispered a soft farewell. “Goodnight, Zaiyia.”

“No, wait.” It hurt her to be this close to him and not be able to reach out to touch him like she wanted to. Throwing caution to the wind, she leaned forward to press a soft kiss to his chin before hopping off the tall kitchen chair. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her cheek against his hard warm chest. “Hold me, please. Just for a minute.”

Heath was speechless, and couldn’t figure out the right words to say. As he struggled deep within himself, his arms automatically wrapped around Zaiyia’s petite waist with a tight possessive hold as if she was already his. He allowed his head to rest atop of hers and closed his eyes. He wanted to feel her in this moment, even if she was wrapped in a towel much like himself. They still had their swimsuits on, but had a towel wrapped around over it. Heath didn’t think he’d be able to control himself if he had to stand so closely to her in nothing but a bikini, and was greatly appreciative of the towel that concealed her. But still she was in his arms and was currently clouding his judgement. Heath desperately had to try and talk his hands out of lowering down to her generous behind for a selfish grab. At the same time, he tried to ignore how right she felt against him until he slowly pulled himself away from her. Zaiyia didn’t try to fight him when he stepped back, but the look on her face said that she wanted to. Instead she did the right thing and respect his wishes.

No words were needed as he stepped back towards the door with his eyes still on hers. When he opened the door, he finally broke their unbreakable gaze and disappeared into the coming night.
♠ ♠ ♠