Belonging to Lust

Chapter 37: Spider

Heath had got off two hours early one afternoon, and decided to return home to cut the overgrowing grass in the backyard. Zaiyia was washing her laundry and was kind enough to fold his clothes that he left sitting in the dryer, and then placed them on his freshly made bed. The sun was beating down on him from above, but he didn’t mind since he’d taken his shirt off before he had begun. He pushed the machine around the long grass until the yard turned back to its short bladed appearance. It was when a shirtless Heath had finished and was putting away the lawn mower in the shed that he heard a woman’s scream. His head snapped up in alarm as he followed the sound to where he heard it last, and felt his heart dropped down to his stomach when he found himself staring at his own house. Zaiyia was the only person the house, as far as he was aware. Dropping everything, Heath took off in a run towards his backdoor, his heart now pounding in his ears as shoved the sliding glass door aside and grabbed the nearest butcher knife out of the knife block along the way. “ZAIYIA! ZAIYIA WHERE ARE YOU?!”

He sprinted down the hall and burst through his bedroom door to see the young girl standing on his bed with her back to the wall. Her eyes were wide with fright and she was lightly hyperventilating. When she noticed him standing in the doorway, the tears immediately started to fall as she frantically reached her arms out towards him. “Heath, don’t! Get on the bed! Get on the bed RIGHT NOW!”

Heath had no idea what was going on. There wasn’t any masked assailant anywhere in sight from what he could see, so why was she so worked up. “What’s going on here? Why did you scream?”

“I SAID GET ON THE BED!” Zaiyia yelled at him in desperation, finally convincing him to walk over and take a seat on his bed. Immediately she crawled over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck to hold him protectively against her.

Heath held onto her too as he tried to soothe her with his hand rubbing her back. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m here now. Can you tell me what’s going on? Did something happen to you?”

“T-there is a HUGE spider by your closet door, and don’t you dare say I’m exaggerating it’s size!” Zaiyia stammered out before she buried her face against his strong neck, not catching his eye roll.

With a sarcastic chuckle, Heath tried to pull back from her to go check out the scene, but Zaiyia tightened her hold around him. “No wait, don’t! You can’t go over there. If you do, you’ll be risking your life against that disgusting sonofabitch!”

He had almost thought she was joking with him, but the look on her face and her behavior told him otherwise. She was truly afraid for their lives right now, unlike him. Heath didn’t have a fear for spiders, so he couldn’t relate to her ordeal at the moment. Rolling his eyes to himself again, but also trying to keep his smile hidden from her, Heath rubbed his hands up and down her back to help ease her hysterical mind. “Zaiyia, I’m gonna have to go over there to kill it, you know? I’m pretty sure I’ll make it back before dinner’s ready.”

Horrified, Zaiyia stared up at him, clearly offended by his comment. “Oh hell no, you’re not! Not with me in here with you! If you miss the damn thing it might try and come for me next.”

Heath shrugged as he looked at her. “Well then what do you want me to do? I mean, you won’t let me kill it, unless you’re not here, BUT I’m pretty sure if I asked you to leave you won’t do that either.”

“Well duh, you can try carrying me out of the room, first.” Zaiyia suggested like it was obvious.

Heath sighed in defeat and got off the bed to stand in front of her. “Well, then let’s get going before the damn thing disappe-”

In a flash, Zaiyia launched off the bed and wrapped both her arms and legs around him. Heath was taken aback by not only how quick she jumped on him, but also because her body was clinging to him in what felt like an inappropriate position. This wasn’t right, he knew it, and yet when he opened his mouth to protest, Zaiyia started squealing in fright. “What are you waiting for, Heath!? Get a move on! Move it, move it, fucking move it!!”

Heath closed his mouth and decided to let his protest go for now as he tightened his hold on her and quickly got her out of his infested bedroom. The location in mind was the living room, but as soon as he got there and tried to lower her down onto the couch, Zaiyia tightened her hold on him with a whimper. “It’s okay, Zaiyia, you can let go of me now.”

She shook her head defiantly. “I don’t want to. It doesn’t feel any safer out here either.”

Heath rolled his eyes again and bit back a chuckle. “Okay, where exactly would you feel safe at then?”

“My room.” Zaiyia admitted, as she heard another one of his heavy sighs.

Heath turned towards the kitchen and carried her outside across the lawn to the guest house. Once inside he closed the front door and walked up the stairs to her bedroom, all the while keeping one strong protective arm wrapped her slender body and whispering words of comfort to her to help silence her fears. When he finally reached her bed, he didn’t bother to pull her away from him again, and instead he took a seat himself and continued to comfort her. “Alright, we’re in your room now. It’s going to be okay, that spider is far away from here.”

“I don’t want to live here anymore.” Zaiyia mumbled against his shoulder. Heath could tell she was just being overdramatic, so he wasn’t the least bit offended by her statement. She took a few minutes to calm her nerves enough to pull herself a few inches away from him so that she could look him in the eyes. “Look I think the smartest move we can make right now is to burn the property down to the ground.”

Heath couldn’t help, but chuckle as he reached up to swipe one remaining tear from her cheek with his thumb. “Yeah, we’re not going to do that. What I can do is go back to the house and kill the damn thing for you. How does that sound?” He looked down at her to see her gazing up at him. “Of course, in order for me to get this over with you’ll have to let me go first.”

Zaiyia hesitated, her eyes glued to his face. The sun shining through her window and curtains illuminated her room and made him look all the more inviting to touch. Lightly, and cautiously, she lifted one of her hands from his shoulder and gently placed her fingers on the lower portion of his cheek where his stubbles poked the pads of her fingers. “I…I don’t want to let you go yet.”

Heath’s smile faded as the air around them grew thick with the forbidden lust that they both felt for each other. His greens eyes were glued to her cool brown orbs. He could feel himself falling into her and becoming ensnared in her hypnotizing trap. On their own accord, Heath could feel his hands wandering up and down her back in a sensual manner. The movement was undoubtable inappropriate. “Then…who’s gonna kill it?”

The corners of her red lips lifted up in an amused smile. “I have a lot of confidence in the fire that we’ll make together will help end its life.”

Heath mirrored her smile. “And I said we’re not doing that, remember?”

Zaiyia rolled her eyes in defeat before burying her face in his neck again as she simultaneously wrapped her arms back around his neck. Heath closed his eyes as he held her close. He wanted to stay here like this for hours with her but…it was all wrong. He shouldn’t have a 16 year old girl that he was supposed to look out for practically wrapped himself like this, despite the fact that it felt so right to have her pressed against him. His hands that were running up and down her back before were now slowly performing the same motions on her sides. He could feel the curves of her waist and her hips, and unfortunately it was only fueling that flame that was burning inside him. Heath could tell that he was sporting an erection already, and that he couldn’t allow her to discover it. He tried his damnest to visualize the old lady down the street in lingerie. It was a grotesque sight, but it was necessary in this case. It took a while but the lingerie-clad old lady managed to do the trick enough for him to soften back down again. Opening his eyes in relief, Heath caught sight of ANOTHER eight-legged damnation skittering across Zaiyia’s rug towards them. As his eyes widened at the size of the thing, all he could think about at that moment was if it could possibly be the same exact spider that was by his closet in his bedroom. Did the damn thing follow them all the way to the guest house?

As suspicious as the thought was, Heath didn’t have time to investigate it. All that was on his mind was Zaiyia’s welfare and that he had to kill the big spider before it caused her to either jump out her bedroom window, or run off the find some matches in the kitchen, and the gas can he had in his shed. His eyes glared down at the spider as if he had some personal vendetta against it because it scared the hell out of his Zaiyia who almost gave him a heart attack in turn. “Zaiyia, I need you to listen to me.” He gently pulled her off of him, while keeping his sight aimed directly at the spider so it wouldn’t disappear on him. “Sit right here, and do NOT turn around.”

Zaiyia’s eyes widen with terror before they began to refill with tears again. She managed a shaky nod as he eased her tight hold off of his arms and stood up. She listened to him walk away, stop, then stomped down on her hardwood floor. Jumping in panic, Zaiyia focused her eyes to her window. She had always been terrified of spiders. She wanted to turn around and make sure that Heath was still alive, but her body was shaking too much to do much else. While she obediently stared off into the distance, Heath had went off to the bathroom to grab some toilet paper, and returned to wipe the remnants of the creature off of her floor. When all signs of its blood and guts were gone, he retreated back to the bathroom to flush the evidence away. He could see from where he stood that Zaiyia was shaking with fear, and so he returned to sit next to her. “Zaiyia.” She wouldn’t look at him at first, so he impatiently reached behind her to cup her cheek and turned her attention to him. “Zaiyia, are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah.” Zaiyia nodded shakily before looking at him with tears in her eyes as well as something else he couldn’t decipher. “T-Thank you…I mean that, thank you so much.”

Heath gave her a smile before he leaned over to press his lips against her forehead. “No thanks are necessary.” He leaned his forehead against hers and let out a sigh of relief that her turmoil was now over. Zaiyia chose to close her eyes to savor his close presence for as long as she could before he pulled himself away. “Besides I just prevented you from giving me another heart attack.”
♠ ♠ ♠