Belonging to Lust

Chapter 38: Their First Kiss

The weekend had finally came and was almost at it’s end on this Sunday afternoon. Zaiyia and Heath continued to bond and get even closer to each other, but it never went as far as she wanted it to go in terms of intimacy. Every moment she spent in his presence felt like some kind of erotic tease show. It was like going to a strip club and watching a dancer you’d foolishly had fallen in love with seduce other customers with their seductive moves. In a nutshell, it sucked like hell.

Zaiyia was currently sitting outside on the back patio behind the main house by herself, deep in thought over Heath. She wanted to be with that man like no other before him. Never in her life had she been so stuck on someone before. Naturally, her mother had dated many attractive men before, but…Heath was somehow different than the rest of him, because he had her over in the sidelines acting all kinds of crazy over him. It was pretty obvious even to herself that she had a crush on him when she first moved in, but now things were different. Her feelings felt much stronger towards him, like she cared but more than before. Was she in love with him, could that be what those feelings were? She had never been in love before so she didn’t have anything to compare her feeling for Heath to to find out if it was love. She supposed she could look up the information on the internet if she really wanted to know, but at that moment she’d rather go find Heath and see what he was up to instead.

Pushing back the patio chair she was sitting in, Zaiyia re-entered the main house in search for the man she wasn’t sure if she was in love with or not, but he was nowhere in sight. Through the living room window she could see that his truck was still sitting in the driveway, which meant he had to be on the property somewhere. Opening the garage door to search there, her next breathe was quickly stolen from her lungs by the seductive sight that was sitting on a bench right in front of her.

Heath was sitting on his workout bench in the garage lifting some weights with his shirt off. The whole scene was screaming for her to go tackle his gorgeous behind down onto the floor and sexually assault the hell out of him before the cops could get to her, but she didn’t do that. Instead, she quietly pushed the door farther open, and silently stepped into the garage. Heath was letting out grunts among his panting as he repeatedly lifted the heavy dumbbell up and down, the muscles in his arms becoming more defined beneath his skin from being put to work.

Heath’s eyes were surveying the neighborhood outside his open garage door, and all the people that were gardening, washing their cars or keeping an eye out on their kids playing with others little ones their age. His mind was supposed to be on counting out his reps but he couldn’t keep himself focus because his mind kept drifting off to the young gorgeous 16 year old living under his roof with him. The more often he was around her, the more his mind became all too consumed with her. He knew it was going to become a problem in the near future if he had to continue to be her guardian, but he also didn’t like the idea of dropping her off on her aunt or any other relative. It wouldn’t sit right with him, and he’d only grow to end up missing the young beauty in the end.

Heath stopped thinking about it for a second as he switched arms and worked on those neglected muscles instead. He continued working out that arm a while longer before deciding to take a short break. The dumbbells were carelessly dropped onto the ground as he grabbed the water bottle sitting beside his feet and proceeded to unscrew the cap and dumb the liquid over his head where it trickled down his rock hard abs. Watching from the background, Zaiyia could have sworn she almost had an orgasm at the sight of water sliding down his bare back. When he was done, Heath capped the half empty bottle and put it back by his feet before wiping his face off with a hand towel followed by his wet hair.

Zaiyia was so mesmerized by the sight before her she could feel her entire body to respond to it like it was coming alive. The desire to touch what wasn’t hers was too overwhelming for her to resist, and so she was compelled to walk over to him until she was standing a safe distant behind him. Her mouth was dry, but her voice didn’t allow it to show as it came out smooth and unaffected. “Need a massage?”

Having been spooked, Heath’s head snapped in her direction and was surprised to see her randomly standing behind him, but he relaxed quickly enough within her presence. He let out a chuckle at how easily startled he had become as he continued to wipe his damp bare chest down. “God, Zaiyia! You scared the crap out of me, you know that right?”

Zaiyia bit her lips as her body seemed to want to gravitate even closer to Heath’s bare naked back. She was hot all over, and he was just a temptation sitting in front of her and ready to be sampled. Her voice started to sound more dazed, as if she were too distracted by something to speak normally. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just…bored and wanted to see what you were up to.”

“Nothing, just working out. I’ll take you up on that massage though, if the offer is still up.” Heath told her with a smirk, before turning his head around to stare out at the neighborhood once again. “Lord knows I need one.”

Internally gushing with happiness that he accepted her offer, Zaiyia tried to rein herself back from wrapping her arms around him just in case he’d take offense to her boldness and verbally embarrass her over it. “Of course, the offer still stands. Just relax and…let me take care of you.”

Zaiyia placed her hands on his shoulder and began to massage the tensed muscles away. Heath closed his eyes and relaxed as he instantly fell in love with the feel of her hands on his body. The sensation she was giving him was almost too good to be true, and was doing an amazing job at shrinking the voice in his head that was shouting at him to get away from her before it was too late. Her fingers pressed against the muscles and slid over his damp skin with ease, but what was supposed to be a massage soon changed in something else, and his mind too lost in a trance to realize it. Her hands caressed over his bare flesh from his back, to his broad shoulders, and then down his chest, taking everything in by touch.

Zaiyia’s eyelids had fallen shut of their accord long ago, as her lips parted with pleasure. She was in another world, a world where touching Heath wasn’t a taboo and was even welcomed by him. A world where he was weak and moaning beneath her hands with want. If either of them had their eyes opened they would’ve been able to see how much they were affected by each other. The responses that Zaiyia imagined Heath was making to her touches were actually happening. And he was just as lost as she was, and no amount of loud voices in his head was going to be able to save him now that he too far gone.

Heath’s breathing jumped from relaxed to labor the more she started touching him, but he wasn’t about to pull away anytime soon. When she rested her cheek against the back of his head and purposely brushed a few of her braids over his shoulder to bounce against his chest, he welcomed the feel of them. As her hands came over his pecks, his eagerly came up to tentatively meet hers. Gently, he touched the tips of her fingers with his, and it was that simple action alone that melted away any doubt Zaiyia’s might have had left to continue on.

Lowering her head, Zaiyia lightly brushed her lips over his stubble cheek to torment him and tease herself of what was to come. She got what she wanted and more when he suddenly responded by turning his head in her direction and brushing his lips over hers. In that one simple motion, Zaiyia no longer cared about anything else but claiming what she’s been wanting since the moment the front door opened and revealed a shirtless Heath for the first time. Parting her lips again with confidence, Zaiyia bravely leaned over to capture his lips with hers to initiate their first kiss, and in doing so, released the hungry lion that’s been cage deep within him for far too long. Heath reached up to grab a handful of her braids on the back of her head to keep her still as he responded to her kiss by brutally assaulting her lips with his. He let out a starving groan that expressed all of his repressed desire for her that he kept hidden deep within himself and greedily took his fill of the intoxicating flavor of her mouth.

Reaching around, Heath grabbed ahold of her waist and swooped her down onto his lap, never once breaking the kiss. Zaiyia let out a gasp of surprise but it was quickly cut short by his lips. He cupped her head and smashed her lips against his, while she did the same as they fed from one another for sustenance. Zaiyia pressed her breasts against his chest as their tongues danced together. She wanted him to touch her, to touch her breasts, the curve of her behind and where she ached for him between her legs. She was desperate for this to happen, deranged for it even. She needed it as badly as she needed her next breath, but when she broke the kiss to whisper his name like a moan of pleasure against his lips, the entire scene halted to a devastating stop. “Heath…”

Green eyes opened at the sound of Zaiyia saying his name, and as fast as lightning, Heath came back out of his trance. Staring down in his arms, the 16 year old he’d been lusting after for months was now sprawled against him like a wanton whore with eyes full of lust and sexual promises. His eyes widened in horror at what he had allowed to happened, and his mind stumbled to correct it. Shakenly lowering her to the floor, Heath stepped away from her like he hadn’t been sucking faces with her just a second ago. He ran both hands through his damp hair as he began to anxiously pace the garage floor without sparing her a single glance. “Oh no, oh no. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!”

Zaiyia sat up and watched him with a concern look on her face. She knew what was wrong with him, and had already expected it would happen when she kissed him, unfortunately, she didn’t prepare herself for the outcome like she should have. Carefully she stood up with her lips plumped from his passionate kisses, and internally fought to keep her mind off of the fact that she was now being rejected by the man that she could possibly be in love with. Cautiously stepping forward with her hand reaching out to toward him, Zaiyia opened her mouth to shower him with words of comfort, but she was silence before she could begin when he held one finger up. He still wouldn’t look at her as he slowly lowered his arm and lifted his eyes to stare at a spot over her shoulder instead. “No! Don’t do that. Don’t…don’t ever do anything like that again, you hear me?”

The tears instantly started falling as she quickly lowered her eyes to the floor to hide them from him. She didn’t want him to see her at her weakest. She felt utterly humiliated in that moment, but above all, rejection hurt the worst. Without a word, Heath turned and left the garage, slamming the door behind him. Zaiyia jumped in fright and her sobs instantly began to tumble out. She allowed herself to fall onto the same bench Heath sat on and let the tears fall silently. She hated crying, but it was something every human being did at least one time in their lives so it was excusable…at least for the next 20 minutes. When those minutes passed she expected to have herself pulled back together, and ready to face the world once again with her head held high…but that didn’t happen. 20 minutes passed, then 30, then an hour. She stayed in the garage long after the last tear had been shed to stare out at the kids still playing in the streets.

The garage had been open the entire time she and Heath had been kissing, and yet from what she observed, no one witnessed it. If Heath hadn’t walked out the way he did, he’d be relieved to know this, but he did, and so Zaiyia wasn’t planning on telling him to help ease his conscience. In fact, she didn’t really want to be around him anymore, at least the immature teenage girl within her didn’t want to be. The mature part of Zaiyia had an idea of what Heath was going through at the moment. He kissed a minor, which was by law, illegal, so naturally he was feeling some kind of way about it but still…that didn’t mean he had to speak to her in that kind of tone, as if he were disgusted by what they had just done.

Was he disgusted? Or just ashamed? Zaiyia didn’t really know, and she wasn’t all that eager to find out anytime soon either. Instead, she’d preferred to stay in the garage until he went to bed.
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