Belonging to Lust

Chapter 4: So Unfair

The attic. Zaiyia’s room was put up in the attic, and it was the most beautiful room she had ever seen. Zaiyia immediately broke away to start touching things, and looking around her room in appreciation. “Holy shit, up here is even better!”

Yovela smiled in satisfaction, before she caught a glimpse of the look on Heath’s face at Zaiyia for using profanity at only 16. She quickly corrected herself and scowled her young daughter. “Zaiyia, you watch your mouth young lady!”

Zaiyia turned around with a look of confusion and was about to question her mother’s odd scowling when she suddenly remembered her place. Covering her mouth with her hand, Zaiyia apologized. “Oh, I’m sorry mother. I didn’t mean to say a bad word, it’s just…Auntie Mona does it all the time back at home, and she doesn’t mind whenever I say it.”

Yovela feigned her shock at her sister Mona’s terrible guidance, but decided to overlook Zaiyia’s mistake this one time. “I’ll forgive you this once, Zaiyia, but keep in mind that those bad words your aunt Mona say in her house will not be tolerated here. Do we have an understanding?”

Zaiyia nodded with a look of false relief. “Oh yes, we do mother! I’m so sorry. It will never happen again. And thank you so much for my new room. I love it.”

Yovela pulls Heath over to her side and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Well, then you have Heath to thank. He’s been working on it all week during his free time. As you can see, he’s incredibly talented, just like his sister.”

Heath smiled bashfully and shrugged, as he wrapped an arm around Yovela’s small waist. “Aw well, you know. My sister did the decorating job while I did lighting, heating, replacements, constructing, fixing, and the plumping. It’s no big deal.”

Yovela let out a giggle and smacked her hand against his chest playfully. “Oh you! It’s obviously a big deal. You did an amazing job, and we both appreciate it so much, honey.”

“Y-Yeah, thank you, Heath.” Zaiyia struggled to say as she watched her mom cuddle up against him with a look jealousy on her face. She was starting to wish her ‘auntie Mona’ was real. It’d be so much better living with her than to see her mother cozy up to a man like Heath and eventually will throw away like last week’s Sunday paper. Yovela didn’t deserve him. Hell, she didn’t deserve more than half of the men she so cruelly used for her selfish needs! Zaiyia had seen so many men be destroyed by her mother, and not once did anything to prevent it from happening. For the first time in her life, Yovela has finally picked a man that Zaiyia felt the need to protect against her mother. It just so happens to be an added bonus that the man looked like a sexy stallion and that she was more attracted to him than she has ever been to any boy her age. Such a shame there had to be an age difference.

“Well, we’re gonna leave you alone to unpack and get comfortable until it’s time for dinner. It must have been a long journey for you, my little Gazania.” Yovela said while coming over to give Zaiyia another motherly hug.

Zaiyia let out an annoyed sigh, before mumbling to her mother only. “It always is, Yovela.”

Yovela flashed Zaiyia a deadly glare as a warning to not fuck with her in front of Heath, but Zaiyia already knew not to do anything stupid like that. Instead, she gave her mother a fake appreciative smile. “Yes, it has been a long journey mother. I think I might take a short nap before dinner.”

Yovela’s glare immediately changed into a smile as she pressed a kiss Zaiyia’s forehead. “That sounds like a good idea. We’ll leave you alone to get settled now. If you need anything we’ll be in right across from you.”

Yovela turned around and took Heath’s hand as they both headed down the stairs together. Zaiyia glared at her mother’s retreating back before rushing to her attic window. She climbed on the window seat and peered out the window to watch her mother and Heath slowly walk back to the main house. Zaiyia continued to glare at her mother’s back from her window for a few seconds before dreamingly gazing at Mr. Sexy. She couldn’t help but let her eyes wander down to his ass, and then back up to his still bare-naked back.

Zaiyia let out a defeated sigh as she shifted into a more comfortable position to let her mind wander. None of this felt right. Of course, all the other times Zaiyia lied to her old ‘daddies’ for her mother’s sake didn’t exactly feel right either, but there was something about Heath that made Zaiyia feel like she had to protect him from her mother. He had already done so much for Zaiyia before they even met in person, such as giving her a whole house completely to herself! Not a lot of people were that generous to Zaiyia, even some of her past ‘daddies’. Some of those men were disgusting perverts.

In the end, it didn’t really matter what she felt about her mother’s bullshit. Zaiyia knew she wasn’t going to do anything to stop Yovela. She never did before, and she wasn’t going to now.


Zaiyia had fallen asleep downstairs in her small living room when she was woken up by a knock on her front door. Letting out a soft groan, Zaiyia stumbled off her couch and peeked in the one of the side door windows. Heath was standing on the other side of the front of the door with his hands in his pocket, waiting for her to answer. Zaiyia eyes widen as she stepped away from the door to check her appearance in the closest mirror. After making sure she looked presentable, Zaiyia opened the door with a welcoming smile.

“Hello, Heath. Did you need something?” Zaiyia asked sweetly.

Heath smiled down at her before pointing back at his house. “It’s dinner time, if you’re hungry.”

Zaiyia nodded and swung her long braids behind her back. “Starving, actually.”

Heath nodded and stepped aside to swing his arm in the direction of his house. “After you.”

Zaiyia thanked him and closed her front door behind her as they walked the short distance to his house. His yard was so beautiful and well kept, that Zaiyia couldn’t keep herself but smile at the waving flowers, and the rushing sound of the leaves in the tree whenever a light breeze came. When they came up the steps to the patio, Yovela was outside waiting for them.

“I see the princess is awake. Did you enjoy your nap, honey?” Yovela asked as she opened her arms to her daughter for another loving embrace.

Zaiyia held back her aggravating sigh, and mirrored her mother’s loving smile as she wrapped her arms around her mother too. “Yes, thank you. I love my room and house so much and again I really appreciate the time Heath took to fix it up for me.”

Yovela tapped her daughter on the nose with her finger. “Ah ah ah, that’s Mr. Sullivan to you, my Gazania.”

Zaiyia looked over to Heath who had long ago walked past them to set up their plates with food. She sadly noted that he was also wearing a T-shirt to hide his naked torso from her greedy sight, but luckily for her the material hugged his body enough for her to see a bit of his muscles every move. “Thank you again, Mr. Sullivan.”

“Its fine, Zaiyia, don’t mention it. Now let’s eat.” Heath said without looking at her. He was starving too and just wanted to get some food in his belly. He was the kind of guy that eats just about anything but refuses to let himself look that way.

The dinner was spent with Yovela making up stories about her ‘past’ and what growing up with her mother and ‘sister’ was like. She would occasionally look to Zaiyia to confirm some of the lies she said, as well as to inform her about how her ‘family’ was back in their hometown. While they talked and ate, Zaiyia would steal glances at Heath, who was also listening to Yovela tell their story. She studied his features in her short glances and soaked everything she could about him He had short brown hair, a summer tan glow on his skin and a sexy five o’clock shadow along his jaw. She must have been staring too long because the next thing you know their eyes connected. His were green.

“Zaiyia, is there something wrong?” Yovela asked her daughter, wondering why she was staring at her boyfriend like that.

Zaiyia’s red lips parted as she looked towards her mom and shook her head quickly, a little embarrassed. “No, I’m ok. It’s just…he looks like someone I’ve seen somewhere before, that’s all.”

Yovela shook her head before stretching her hand out to place it on top of Heath’s. “No honey, you must be mistaken. Heath has lived in this town all his life. In fact, he probably helped restored most of the town since he’s a construction worker. A talented one at that.”

Heath shrugged it off and continue to eat his dinner, not moving his hand away from his girlfriends. Zaiyia stared at their hands with jealousy, wishing she could smack her mother’s hand off of his. After dinner was over, Zaiyia offered to help Heath with the dishes and he accepted. She washed and he placed them in the dishwasher. Occasionally, their hands would touch and it would make Zaiyia shiver in delight and make her wish her mother would fall down a flight of stairs and break her neck so she could steal Heath away. Heath had a smirk on his face every time Zaiyia would shy away whenever their hands touched, but wiped it away so she wouldn’t ever see it. They didn’t say anything as they completed the task and then wished each other a good night sleep. Zaiyia returned to her house hating the world.

Life can be so unfair.
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