Belonging to Lust

Chapter 40: Underage

Zaiyia had returned home nine hours later expecting to get chewed out by Heath for leaving without his knowledge or permission, but when she walked up the driveway, she knew he wasn’t home yet. Up in her guest house, she gave herself twenty minutes to relax by watching the sun go down until it was time to make Heath’s dinner. Down in the kitchen, she got the hint that Heath was going to be a late the first time her eyes drifted to the digital clock on the stove while she was cooking, and so she robotically cleaned the house in silence while she waited for him.

When two hours passed, however, Zaiyia began to start worrying over what could be taking Heath so long to come home. She couldn’t fathom what the reason could be. All she knew was that him being two hours behind from coming home was exceeding the usual 30 minutes to an hour that he usually would be if he were running late. After she put Heath’s food away, her concerned prompted her to wait for him in the kitchen instead of retreating back to her guest house. She watched the minutes tick by on the stove clock as she attempted to call him several times, but could only reach his voicemail. She was beginning to wonder if she had screwed things up for good with Heath and had quite literally scared him a couple states away when she heard the front door finally open and close, signaling his arrival.

Lifting her head in surprise from her hands, her eyes shot towards the kitchen doorway where she waited for Heath to walk through with an explanation for his lateness, but he never came. The thud of his boots had been silenced, which only led her to believe that he had either taken off his boots at the door, or he was in the living room. Zaiyia quickly got up from the kitchen table and walked into the living room. It was completely dark, and the air alone was crackling with Heath’s tension. Not wanting to turn the light on and upset him even further, Zaiyia allowed her eyes to adjust to what little light was spilling into the living room from the kitchen before stepping further into the room towards the couch. In no time, she was able to make out Heath’s powerfully built frame sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. It didn’t take a genius to see that something was wrong, and so Zaiyia was quickly at his side with a comforting hand on his back and the other on his bicep. He didn’t acknowledge her presence at all, forcing her to whisper to him in a soothing but urgent tone. “Heath, what’s wrong? Are you okay? Did something happen?”

Heath remained silent for a long time, making the young girl at his side restless for answers.

Zaiyia was desperate at this point, and raised her voice as a result of it. “Heath, please talk to me! What’s going on? What’s got you so upset?”

Slowly, Heath lifted his head and let out a shaky breathe. He then dropped his head back down, but not far enough to where she couldn’t see his face anymore. Her eyes scanned his facial features, but she couldn’t tell if he had been crying or not due to the lack of light. “There was a…an accident at work.” Heath paused for a minute. “Matt saved mine and Bob’s life, but uh couldn’t escape in time. He’s in the hospital under critical condition.”

Her eyes widen in horror as tears flooded her eyes. All she understood was that some guy saved Heath’s life, and that alone was enough to bring her to the verge of having a breakdown at the thought of almost losing him. She didn’t care how the accident happened or who was involved, all she cared about was that it ALMOST took his life while she was at home making his dinner. Her eyes darted all over his body before it stopped on his jeans. “Oh my god!” Zaiyia cried before covering her quivering mouth to muffle her cries at the sight of what looked like dried blood on his clothes. “Heath I…”

Heath slowly nodded in confirmation, knowing that she spotted the blood on him. “I think that was one of the scariest moments of my life, and for the first five minutes of it I had no idea it was. We’ve done these things before, and there was never any problems, but all of a sudden this time…” He hesitated with a weak chuckle. He let his sentence remain unfinished as he started a new one. “For some reason after all that happened, I was still looking at Matt thinking he’d would just get up from the stretcher and announce that he was fine, and that he was just giving us a scare. I even went as far as to wish on it, but nothing happened. He stayed there covered in his own blood as they loaded him into the stretcher.”

Overcome with emotion, Zaiyia reached over to cup the other side of his neck as she pleaded with him in a shaky voice. “Heath, are you hurt? Did you get cut during the accident? Please, I need you to tell me if you’re ok, I need to know! The blood is it y-”

Turning his head towards her a bit, Heath gave her a shake of his head despite how close their faces were to each other’s. “No, I-I’m fine. It’s Matt’s blood, not mine.” One of his hands crawled up his chest to capture her delicate hand in his.

“Are you gonna be okay, baby?” Zaiyia asked him, as she leaned up to press an alleviated kiss against the side of his head before resting her forehead right on top of it.

“I’m okay…I-I honestly didn’t think I would be when I left the sight of the accident, or when I got in my car and drove here, and even when I walked through the front door, but…for some reason I feel much calmer now. Safer, even.”

Zaiyia shifted to lean her forehead against his bicep and allowed some of the tears from hers eyes that she had been holding back to fall down her cheeks. Mentally, she sent a prayer up to any mystical being responsible for allowing Heath to come back home to her, since she didn’t believe in God. She exhaled softly as she pressed appreciative kisses against his bare skin. When she finally pulled her lips away, she lifted her head and gave him a soothing smile. “Oh course, you feel safer here, honey. It’s your home.”

Heath frowned and shook his head as he looked into her eyes for the first time since he’d walk through the front door. It was beginning to dawn on him why he wasn’t in an emotional frenzied state at the moment. “No, it’s not just that. It’s more than that actually…I think, I think it’s you.” Reaching over, he gently cupped her soft cheek in his hand. “You’re the reason I’m feeling safe when I should be uneasy. You’re the reason I feel warm, alive, and even grateful right now that I’m still alive and breathing. My co-worker just got in a fucked up accident that could possibly cost him his life, and instead of feeling guilty that it wasn’t me instead of him, I feel like I can let that all go for now because it’ll all work out in the end. It’s a strange way to feel after everything that’s happen, I know. I’ve been into accidents before and have never felt like I should be focused on the more positives aspects instead. I mean, I feel like it should be wrong to feel like this, but at the same time it truly doesn’t.”

Zaiyia lifted both of her hands to cup his face, comforting him with her soothing caresses. She didn’t care if she was reason he felt safe around her, again all she cared about was that he was home with her and not sitting in a hospital bed possibly dying. “All I care about is that your alive, Heath! I’m sorry if this makes me sound like a cold heartless bitch, but I don’t care about anything else but you right now.”

Heath stared into her brown orbs intensely for what felt like hours before he made the first move. It was what they both have been waiting for. Leaning down, he captured her full lips beneath his and allowed himself to let go of all the warning signs that were going off in his mind over what he was doing. For now, he just wanted to take whatever she was willing to give to him, if only for a few minutes.

Eagerly, Zaiyia let out a desperate moan before passionately kissing him back with a frenzied determination that he met equally. In seconds her scent, her flavor and her body pulled him so far deep into a drug induced realm it fed into every single one of his fantasy about her. Zaiyia pushed her body up against his and wrapping her arms hungrily around his neck as their lips mated. With a low groan, Heath quickly pulled her body up even more against his so that she could straddle him. His hands then slipped underneath her shirt to explore the bare skin of her back, causing her whole body to erupt into shivers.

Zaiyia broke the kiss to let out a sharp gasp of pleasure. “Oh fuck, Heath.” But she was quickly muffled by Heath grabbing a handful of her braids to pull her lips back onto his. Zaiyia unwrapped her arms around his neck to cup his face as their tongues met again and slid over each other’s. Heath’s hands slipped down to her waist where they met the end of her shirt, and without giving it a second thought, he had launched her shirt up and off her body. Before he could stare at her bare chest, Zaiyia was tugging up his shirt herself. Heath appealed to her and tossed it aside so that he could finally see her. Grabbing ahold of the side of her neck, Heath gently pulled her back enough so that he could see her in the moonlight, and was caught speechless at what he saw. Her breasts were an incredible sight, not too big but not too small. They were the size perfect. He watched as her dark nipples hardened underneath his admiring gaze. With a soft groan, he leaned over take one of the straining areola into his mouth. Zaiyia cried out and speared her fingers though his hair to hold him there as his warm tongue glided over her nipple before she felt the pressure of him suckling. “Mmm baby yes.” She whispered in the dark as his hands slid up her back and fiercely held her to him so that he could smother himself against her breast.

Heath let out a muffled moan as he shifted to take her other nipple into his mouth, and felt Zaiyia feed it to him by arching her back. He ran his hands over the curves of her body through her clothes as her hands wondered over the many muscles of his body. Heath was finally awoken from this reverie when her felt her fingers fumble with the buckle of his belt, the sound snapping him back to reality. Placing both hands on her waist, he yanked her back from him with eyes wide with horror and regret.

Zaiyia felt her heart drop in her stomach at his familiar horrified expression. It was the same one he gave her in the garage after they first kissed. “No…no no no no no don’t you fucking dare, Sullivan! Don’t you do this to me again!”

Heath ignored her and lifted her off of his lap and onto the cushion next to him before jumping to his feel and quickly walking away with his head in his hands. “Goddamnit!”

“HEATH, STOP! Come back here!” Zaiyia shouted at him from behind and was surprised when he turned around and responded to her. Sadly, it wasn’t the response she was looking for.

“NO! ENOUGH!” He shouted at her, before lowering his voice. “We can’t do this. We can’t.”

“Yes, we can! Just come back here and we ca-” Zaiyia desperately started, trying to save what they had going together, before he stopped it, but she was viciously caught off by him.

“Sonofabitch, Zaiyia, you’re UNDERAGE! Do you not know what the fuck that means?!” Heath yelled at her, agony shining from his eyes. He was just as fed up as she was with all this back and forth, but Zaiyia couldn’t see that when she was too busy battling her own sexual frustrations.

Zaiyia hesitated as tears filled her eyes. She wanted to remain defiant by not giving him the obedient answer he wanted to hear, but she found herself doing it anyway by nodding weakly in submission. “Y-Yes…I do.”

“There you go then. That answer should suffice. Keep telling yourself that…and I’ll do the same.” Heath whispered to her before he turned around, and walked down the hallway to his bedroom.
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