Belonging to Lust

Chapter 42: MY Zaiyia

Heath’s hands were tightly gripping the steering wheel to his truck as he drove through his neighborhood towards his house. He was arriving an hour early due to his boss noticing his dark demeanor throughout the majority of the day, and had decided to let him off in hopes he’d get himself together. Heath had made up an excuse to his boss that he was still worrying over Matt who was still recovering in the hospital, even though the doctors had informed him that he would live to see another day. True, it was a terrible lie to use, but in the end it worked, even though it made him feel guilty for using his co-worker’s accident as an alibi. But of course, Heath couldn’t share the truth about why he was upset with his boss despite the many years they’ve known each other. If anyone were to find out he was slowly dying from the fatal disease called sexual frustration cause by a 16 year old girl currently living in his house, they wouldn’t hesitate to call the police on him.

Zaiyia was literally driving him crazy, and they hardly ever talk anymore, much less see each other! Her scent consumed every room she walked through long before she was out of sight, and he was always left to get high off of the intoxicating aroma. He missed touching her, whether it was a lingering hug goodbye, or a tempting kiss to her forehead, he was starving for it. His temper seemed to have risen, and his patience had thinned out since they’d stop communicating to each other. Her kissing him had set off a fire in him that was too late to stamp out, and now he was paying for it by living out the rest of his days in the blackest and foulest of moods. Gritting his teeth in fury, Heath launched his fist out to smash into the dashboard in hopes that it would help release some of his anger, but it did nothing, but make his knuckles turn red. “God-fucking-damnit!”

Heath wanted to get rid of his anger once and for all, because if he didn’t he was afraid he was going to snap and do something he shouldn’t. He wasn’t sure what his actions would be, but he was certain it was going to be bad. If Heath didn’t think his day could get any worse, he was wrong.

When he was about to pull up into his driveway Heath spotted an unfamiliar car sitting in his spot. Slowing his car down, he identified the silver vehicle sitting in his driveway as a Toyota Camry and from what he could tell by the familiar colors on the jersey scrunched up against the back window it belonged to one of the member of the local high school football team. Who the hell parked their car in my driveway, Heath wondered to himself as confusion riddled his face before he suddenly remembered that Zaiyia had to have been the reason some teenage boy had his car parked in his driveway. There was no other reason since Heath hadn’t been involved in the local high school since his brother and sister graduated, so it was not like any of the students attending now would have any reason to come and see him unless it had something to do with the fight Zaiyia was in at school.

Alarm etched over his face as he pressed on the gas to lurch his truck into the spot next to the footballer’s car, and then jumped out. Jogging up the porch stairs two at a time, and then striding across the porch, Heath grabbed ahold of the front door’s knob only to find the door to be locked. Tightening his jaw in growing irritation, he reached into his pocket for his sets of keys and jammed the correct one into the lock, turned it and then shoved the front door wide open. His eyes darted left and right, but he saw no sign of life in his living room, still he continued to move on throughout the house listening for any sounds. His ears couldn’t pick up anything, and when he reached his kitchen he knew without a doubt that his house was completely empty. Heath shook his head in disbelief. “Who the fuck is on my goddamn property and where the fuck is h-” His eyes widened in realization as they lifted to stare out through the back window to the Guest House across his lawn where Zaiyia lived. Once again, Heath shook his head in disbelief as he stepped towards the door. “Oh no, she better fucking not have! Oh, I’m gonna kick her ass so bad Yovela is gonna hear her screaming from wherever the fuck she went.”

Sliding the backdoor of the kitchen open, Heath headed across the lawn like a charging rhino until he reached her front door where at the last minute he reined himself back to prevent himself from kicking it down. He couldn’t go in there like a madman when he could instead catch the two in the act of…well, he wasn’t sure exactly what yet. Taking a deep breathe, Heath carefully slid the original key to the house into the lock, slowly turned it and the doorknob at the same time, pushed the door open, and quietly stepped inside. The teenagers weren’t anywhere in sight downstairs, but he could hear muffled voices coming from upstairs. Narrowing his eyes in a fiery rage, Heath fought to keep himself quiet as he walked past the kitchen where two book bags sat on the counter, and towards the stairs leading up to Zaiyia’s room. Carefully he took one step at a time, listening to the muffled voices take shape into a male’s husky tone and Zaiyia’s girlish giggles. Dread formed into the pit of his stomach, and begged him to turned back around in fear of what might be going on upstairs, but Heath’s feet kept going until he reached high enough to peek through the balusters to see a sight he’d had hoped he’d never see.

Standing at the end of the bed was a tall and slightly built redheaded boy wearing nothing, but some grey briefs. He had a crooked smile on his face, and his thumbs were hooked into the elastic band of his briefs in a threatening manner that hinted that he was about to completely disrobe himself. “Are you sure you’re ready for this dick, Z?”

Lying on her bed propped up on her elbows, Zaiyia watched him with a slight smile on her face. She, thankfully, was still dressed in a green sleeveless dress. “Sure, big boy. Show me what you got packing in them there underwears of yours.”

Heath refused to give the teenage boy time to drop his briefs to the floor, and immediately went lunging up the last few steps like his life depended on it. The sound caught the two teenagers off guard and caused them to jump up from their separate spot. Zaiyia lurched forward in shock at seeing Heath home early, and clearly her redheaded guest was too as he backed away from the bed in panic. Heath didn’t bother checking in on Zaiyia yet, not when all of his attention was on the boy she was planning on having sex underneath his roof. “Who the FUCK are you, and why the FUCK are you standing in my house in your goddamn underwear, boy!” He didn’t wait for the boy to give him and answer instead he pointed a finger at Zaiyia who was stilling staring at him with wide eyes from where she sat on her bed, and who he still refused to look at. “Did you come here to fuck her, huh? Did you come here into MY home to fuck MY Zaiyia, is that why you’re here?!”

The redhead looked between Heath, and Zaiyia with wide frightful eyes. “I-I…sh-she…w-we-”

“FUCKING TALK, BOY!” Heath impatiently roared at him as he took a step forward with every intention of beating the kid until he was nothing but ground beef beneath his work boots, but Zaiyia flew off the bed to stand between them and held her hands out towards him to stop him from doing so.

“DON’T! Heath, it’s not Tanner’s fault! I-” Zaiyia tried to desperately explain, but was cut off when he aimed dark narrowed eyes so menacing it literally rendered her speechless.

Heath pointed a threatening finger at her, and told her in a dangerous and lethal tone. “YOU shut your mouth and stay the fuck out of this!” And just like that she obediently stumbled back onto her bed in silence and fear. Heath turned his attention back to a trembling Tanner. “Now answer my fucking question! Did you come here to fuck MY Zaiyia, yes or no!?”

Tanner completely forgot how to talk, and instead stumbled over his words as he began to back up once again. Losing what was left of his patience, Heath strode over to him, grabbed him by the throat with his hand, and pinned him against the wall so hard Tanner’s head made a loud bang when it connected to the wall. Tanner let out a choked gasp, but Heath ignored him struggling for air as he maliciously toyed with him. “What did you say? I couldn’t fucking hear you over the sound of you choking on your last BREATH!”

Finding her voice once again, Zaiyia cried out for him to stop. “Heath, stop it! Let him go! You’re gonna kill him!” When it didn’t look like Heath was going to loosen his hold, Zaiyia jumped off the bed and ran over to them a second time this time with intention on making him stop. She wrapped both of her arms around the big bulging muscled arm that was connected to the hand squeezing Tanner’s windpipe, and used all her body weight to try and yank it off of him. “I SAID LET HIM GO!”

Heath let out a growl of defeat before he tossed the young boy off to the side like a ragdoll, and then turned around to shove Zaiyia off of him and back onto the bed. Glaring back down at Tanner who was clutching his neck, and violently coughing, Heath stepped towards him to purposely tower over him, and instill even more fear by using the shadow of his much bigger and heavier build. “You think you can just come into my fucking home, touch my Zaiyia, and then go back to your family all with a still beating pulse?”

Tanner was too afraid to look up when he noticed a big dark shadow casting itself over him. He had a pretty good idea where that shadow came from, and was currently cursing himself for ever thinking of involving himself with Zaiyia Halifax. “N-No, sir.”

“Good.” Reaching down, Heath grabbed a fistful of Tanner’s red hair and yanked his head back so he would look at him with fearful eyes filling up with tears. “Listen to me closely, Tanner, because I truly do hate repeating myself. You see that girl on the bed over there?” Heath turned Tanner’s head in the direction of where his finger was pointing to TO reveal a remorseful Zaiyia watching them from her bed. “You, and every other boy in that fucking school better stay the hell away from her, or else you’ll be seeing me again, you hear me?”

Tanner could barely manage a nod what with Heath’s tight hold on his head, but his captor could tell he understood. “And do you see this house?” Heath helped to turned Tanner’s head around so he’d be able to take note of his surroundings more clearly. “I don’t ever wanna see you, or any other little shit in town in my either of houses, or on my property ever again. Are we clear?”

Once again, Tanner managed a weak nod. Heath smiled down at him with a cruel curve of his lips. “Very good.” Letting the young boy go, Heath gave him a brutal kick onto his backside with his steel toe work boots that would definitely leave a bruise. Tanner let out an embarrassing scream that sounded quite girlish. “Now get the fuck off of my property, and spread the word to all your little friends.”

Tanner didn’t hesitate to jump up to his feet and darted around the room the collect his things. In seconds, he was out the door, and reversing his car out of the driveway then speeding down the road with the intention of getting as far away from that house as he possibly could.

Finally after what felt like months Heath and Zaiyia were alone together, and neither one of them were going to be able run away from each other this time around.
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