Belonging to Lust

Chapter 43: The Truth

After having been left alone by a terrified half-naked Tanner, Heath and Zaiyia glared across the room at each other with equal red hot anger. They couldn’t believe what the other had done. Heath had put his hands on Tanner as if he had been forcing himself on Zaiyia, and was about to beat the boy down to his last breathe, while Zaiyia had invited Tanner into Heath’s home without his permission with the plans to have sex with him on his own property! The air between the couple violently crackled like electricity as they both scowled at each other with such an intensity they wouldn’t have been surprised if the windows surrounding them exploded. Judging by the rise and fall of their chests, clenched fists and gritted teeth, it was only a matter of time before one of them erupted first. After staring at each other for what felt like hours, Zaiyia could no longer sit on her bed silently. Jumping to her feet, she took a step towards him as her eyes blazed fire full of hatred. “What the hell is your fucking problem!? You can’t just go around putting your fucking hands on people like that! You can be thrown in jail for that kind of shit!”

Heath took a stern step forward himself as he pointed towards the stairs Tanner had went down. “Hey, that little shit came onto MY property without my knowledge, and I handled him accordingly. How he got into my house, however, is another fucking story! So are you gonna tell me who that little fuckface is, or do I have to beat it out of you too!?”

Zaiyia was taken aback by his response about physically putting his hands on her in an abusive way. Clearly offended, she narrowed her eyes at him as she placed her hands defiantly on her hips. “Oh please, you wouldn’t fucking dare touch me!”

Heath chuckled darkly as his mind took a quick turn from a violent meaning to an intimate one. “Try me, sweetheart, I’ve been wanting to put my hands on your for a long time already, so I don’t imagine it’ll be too hard to resist now.”

Not catching his erotic meaning, Zaiyia let out a growl, and crossed her arms over her chest in defeat. “Fine! He’s a part of the stupid football team, that’s all.”

“That’s it? That’s all he is to you, just a fucking footballer?” Heath questioned her in disbelief.

“Yes, that’s all he fucking is!” Zaiyia exclaimed with a stomp of her foot. “Why the hell is that so hard to believe?”

Heath gestured to her bed with a powerful sweep of his hand. “BECAUSE YOU WERE ABOUT TO FUCK HIM! Why the fuck would you sleep with someone that’s just a fucking footballer to you? That may be other girls, Zaiyia, but that isn’t you, and you can’t convince me otherwise. You don’t just sleep around with just anybody, hell you don’t sleep around period!”

“Oh yeah, and how the fuck would you know that? You’ve been ignoring me for days now. For all you know he might not be the first!” Zaiyia shouted at him in frustration.

“I know because if there had been any boys coming in and out of this room I’d be rotting in prison right now for I don’t know how many consecutive life sentences!” Heath heatedly expressed to her as he took another step towards her.

“Why the fuck does this shit even matter to you? Who gives a flying fuck who I sleep with?” Zaiyia screamed at him.

“I DO! And I don’t want it going on on MY fucking property!” Heath shouted as he pointed to his massive chest.

“Then I’ll fucking go somewhere else to fuck em!” Zaiyia countered, throwing her hands up, hoping that would solve the problem once and for all and get Heath the hell out of her room.

“Over my dead body you fucking will!” Heath threatened as he took another step forward. “You’re not fucking any of those assholes while I’m still breathing!”

“AGAIN why does it matter to you who I fuck!?” Zaiyia reiterated, not understanding Heath’s sudden obsession with her love life.

“Because it does!” Heath asserted, not wanting to reveal the truth, but knowing that he might not be able to keep it from her for long if they continued to argue like this.

Zaiyia took that moment to try to take a break from screaming, and shouting to reduce the volume of her voice. She clenched her fists to her sides as she closed her eyes for a minute to collect herself before reopening them again to stare up at him. “Why, Heath?”

Heath merely scoffed and shook his head in response before he turned around, and began to pace by the stairs. He was fuming as he ran his hands through his hair, and wished for nothing more than to leave Zaiyia’s house, but he knew that that wasn’t what he truly wanted. Deep inside he was ready to tell her the truth, that he had an attraction to her that was so strong he wouldn’t be surprised if it was able to reverse the rotation of the earth. Heath hated this strong attachment to Zaiyia especially because she was only a 16 year old girl. Why couldn’t I feel this way about a woman closer to my age, instead of a teenager, Heath wondered to himself as he ran his hands back through his hair in frustration again. He continued to pace the floor until he was able to figure out what’s the best thing to do next.

Zaiyia could clearly see that Heath was stressed out to the point of breaking by the visible tension in his shoulders. She didn’t know why, but her own explosive anger was quickly melting off of her shoulder down into a puddle of water at her feet. Her frustrations with him were fading, and being replaced with sympathy along with the heavy weight of mental exhaustion from their fight thus far. She didn’t want to scream and shout at him anymore. Hell, she didn’t want to hide her feelings for him anymore either. She couldn’t help what she felt for him no matter how hard she tried…if she had tried at all, that is. What could be worst than telling him anyway? The worse cast scenario would probably be that she ends up being homeless again, but it’s not like something she hadn’t experienced before. As much as she didn’t want to be without him, and back on the streets, she was also too tired to hold her feelings back any longer. Letting out a sigh, Zaiyia walked towards him until she was a few inches from him. “Look, do you really want to know why I brought Tanner here in the first place, and I mean the truth of it, no lies.”

Heath slowed his steps down in response, but he still wouldn’t look at her. He couldn’t look at her. He was afraid to. She could easily change him into another person that he wouldn’t even recognize himself. He had shouted, screamed, threatened and violently choked a kid, and it was all for her. What else was she capable of making him do?

Zaiyia took his silence as a yes. “I…” She let out one last sigh before closing her eyes so she wouldn’t have to see his offensive reaction. “I-I’ve been wanting you for a long time, Heath. Not a harmless innocent wanting of a naïve little girl, but more like a sexual, obsessive, and just an all-consuming kind of wanting. You sexually frustrated me to the point of insanity by simply being around me, and after a while all of that built up bullshit it caused me to act out on my feelings, ergo the kiss in the garage. After you walked away from me, I realized I had only made it worse by doing that.”

Heath had been staring at her with intense green eyes the moment she confessed she’d been sexually wanting him, but she had kept her eyes closed which turned out to be a good thing for him because he was able to freely allow his own emotions to show without having to hide them behind a blank expression. He listened closely as she continued on. “I wanted you even more than before, it was almost too much to bear. I tried to make it through the day as best as I could, but when you came home and kissed me…goddamnit you made it so much fucking harder for me! You fucking sealed my fate that night with that one damn kiss.”

Zaiyia slowly opened her eyes, but she kept them glued on a spot on the wall to the right of him. “I couldn’t keep going the way I was going anymore, I had to do something to get rid of this desperation for you and I couldn’t wait for you because you had made it clear you’d never go that far with me much less kiss me ever again. Tanner was the only one willing at the time, and I….I took my opportunity to relieve the temptation, and brought him home.” Ending it there for a moment, Zaiyia brushed her braids back from her face and took a deep breathe. “There you have it. That’s the reason why you found Tanner and I about to have sex in my room. It had nothing to do with pissing you off by breaking one of your rules, or being in love with Tanner and wanting to make babies with him or anything crazy like that. This was strictly because of how insane your stupid ass makes me feel.”

Heath was silent, and Zaiyia was still too afraid to look him in the eye to gage his reaction. She had a feeling she knew exactly how he was feeling at the moment, and she did not need to see the confirmation.

She gave him another minute before continuing on. “So, I uh understand that this is a lot to take in. In fact, if you feel that the next best step would be for me to leave then…I’ll go…without a fight. I’d much prefer to find my own way home to my aunt’s house, rather than having you escort me there, if you don’t mind. I…I just hope in time you’ll be able to forgive me, Heath, because honestly I didn’t mean for anything of this to happen. I jus-”

Zaiyia was cut off when she was swiftly turned around in place, and yanked up against Heath’s body. Her eyes widened as she looked up into his intensely vibrant eyes for a split second, but before she could get a word out he was cupping her face in his hands, and slamming his lips down onto hers.
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