Belonging to Lust

Chapter 44: A Virgin

Zaiyia couldn’t believe it that Heath was kissing her AGAIN, that he was once again initiating another intimate session between the two of them! Of course, she wasn’t about to stop it from continuing on, not when there was a chance they could go much further than they had before. This time it was going to be different, this time she wasn’t going to give him even the smallest window of opportunity to reject her like he did last time. This time she was going to constrict him with her body, and smother him with her lips. She wasn’t going to let anything stop him from finishing what she had started long ago.

Not wasting another second, she swiftly wrapped her arms around his neck and desperately pressed her body along the length of his huge frame. She parted her lips beneath his, and allowed his thick tongue to greedily devour her mouth. Hers much small tongue was just as eager, and slid over his like a caress that had him shivering in her arms. Zaiyia rejoiced at the feeling of him against her again, but at the same time she was worried it would all be short-lived. Whether that was going to be the case or not, she felt that she might as well enjoy it before she ended up forcing another boy home to try and relieve her sexual appetite a second damn time.

Heath refused to break the kiss to give either of them any air, he wouldn’t even pull away when he leaned down a bit to wrap his arms underneath her butt so that he could lift her up higher against him. Moaning, Zaiyia got his message loud and clear and latched onto him by wrapping her legs around his waist. Heath let out a groan of appreciation as his hands cupped each of her cheeks tightly and squeezed the generous flesh through her underwear underneath her dress. Zaiyia let out a sigh against his lips as she ran her fingers through his short brown hair, causing another moan to spill from his lips. He was becoming consumed by this woman quickly, the voice of knowledge had been silenced long ago, but was still jumping and waving its arm to grab Heath’s attention from afar. For once, he didn’t want to listen to it. For once, he didn’t want to do the right responsible thing, and pull away from her. This time, he wanted to take it all, and he planned on doing just that.

By memory, Heath began to walk towards Zaiyia’s bed that awaited them not too far away. Sensing that he was close enough, he turned around, and without breaking the kiss, sat on the end of her bed with her straddling his lap. He was glad that Zaiyia’s blinds were down, and her curtains were shut, giving them the privacy they needed. It helped to give him the courage to keep going, knowing that they were well hidden from prying eyes. Sliding his hands up her back, Heath listened to Zaiyia’s sharp intake of breath at the feeling of the wide expanse of his palms and fingers moving over her small back, reminding her once again of their huge size difference. When he finally broke the kiss, he heard her let out the beginning of a whine before it turned into a soft gasp at the feeling of his lips trailing down the side of her neck. As he brushed her long braids over her shoulder, he found himself grateful that she chose to wear a dress and not the tight clothes she usually wore, and he loved how the color of her dress looked against her deep skin. He felt like the dress’s green shade paired with Zaiyia’s deep complexion made her look like an Earth Goddess that he couldn’t help, but feel honor to be allowed to touch.

Reaching behind her to unzip the dress, Heath quickly tugged the green material down to reveal Zaiyia’s smooth clear ebony skin in an olive green lace halter bra. His breathe was stolen from his lungs as he pushed the rest of braids over her shoulder so that he could see her chest better, but before he could take in every detail of her exposed upper body, Zaiyia had pulled the hem of his work shirt up and over his head, blinding him from gazing at her beautiful form. Heath was forced to assist her by lifting his arms up so that she could hurry up and toss it aside so that he could see her breasts again. The second his shirt hit her hardwood floor, he could feel his muscles suddenly tense up at the feeling of the tips of her nails trailing down from his chest to his abs, but that sensation alone still couldn’t tear his eyes away from her gorgeous skin, her perfectly shaped breasts beneath her halter bra and her flat stomach.

Reaching out, he too ran his fingertips down her chest, making her shiver in response, before he leaned over to kiss along her smooth neck again. At the same time, his hands came back around her body to unhook her halter bra. She let out a sigh as the constraint around her breast fell away and revealed her already hard nipples that seemed to strain for his attention. Heath only stared down at them for a second before the need to touch them became too overwhelming for him. Reaching out he ran one of his heavy hands over her chest in a possessive manner and then lowered his lips to kiss down her neck towards her breasts while continuing to grope them.

Zaiyia’s hands eagerly pressed into the muscles of his back before sliding down over his perspiring skin. The closer his lips got to her breasts, the further her back arched to offer him a taste as desperate whines spilled from her lips. She felt Heath wraps both of his arms around her butt to pull her lower region closer against his so she could feel how badly she affected him. At the same time that Zaiyia grounded down onto his massive hard-on with appreciation, Heath’s lips finally made contact with one of her small dark nipples, and greedily drew it into his mouth. Zaiyia threw back her head and let out a small cry that she managed to shorten when she bit down on her bottom lip. Her hands quickly crawled up his back to spear her fingers through his short hair to hold him to her breast. The sensations running through her body were too intense, and too addicting to allow him to pull away even for a second. No, he had to finish what he started. He had to finish this to the very end.

Heath moved his lips to her other nipple and took the harden areola into his mouth, taking his time on tasting her and giving her the pleasure that he dreamt of giving them both for so long. His big hands ran up, and down her smooth back as he let out a groan at the feeling of her fingertips massaging his scalp. Once he felt that he finally had his fill of her delicious nipples, having had tugged on them with his teeth and laved them with his tongue several times until they were sure to ache in the morning, Heath wrapped both arms around her back, pressing her tightly to him and got off of her bed. He heard her let out a gasp in his ear, but he quickly turned around and lied her back onto the end of her bed before gently pulling himself out of her hold.

Zaiyia could feel her heart break as she realized that he was chickening out again on her, and was about to walk away from her just like he did twice before. Her emotions immediately burst to the surface in the form of tears soon to be followed by sobs, until they were both silenced when she watch him lean over her to help pull her loose short dress down the rest of her body and off of her feet. Her wide glistening brown eyes stared up in surprise at his captivated green eyes. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe that he wasn’t trying to run from her. She quickly swallowed back her tears, and her need to sob as she pushed herself forward to the very edge of the bed to reach out and grab ahold of his black leather belt. She watched his lips part in anticipation of her actions as his chest rose, and fell from his labored breathing. Quickly, she unbuckled his belt, and swiftly got to work on the zipper, and then button of his jeans next within seconds. She looked up at him the moment she reached into his brief and grabbed ahold of the length of his shaft, watching his face it twist into pleasure at her touch.

Reaching out, Heath gathered her long braids into his hands and held them securely away from her face for what he hoped would come next. He looked down to watch her pull him out of his pants and then selfishly took him into her mouth without any virginic hesitation. His entire body responded with a deep shudder followed by a deep groan. The warm wetness of her mouth and that slick tongue of hers sliding up his base as she began to bob her head was unlike any other sensation he had ever felt with any other woman before. Any voices that had been lingering on within his head weren’t there anymore, and as reckless and immature as it may have seem, Heath let every one of his inhibitions go. The moan Zaiyia released broke him out of his thoughts as he felt it vibrate throughout his body and pull another groan from deep within his chest. Tilting his head back and closing his eyes, Heath allowed her to please him for as long as she wanted to, until he got close to his release. When he felt that moment near along with the familiar warmth forming in his belly, he tightened his hold in her hair to keep her still so that he could pull his length out of her mouth without choking her.

Zaiyia let out a whine of protest when he pulled his cock out of her mouth but it was cut short when he wrapped his arm around her, and dragged her with him further onto the bed until she lying in the center of it. Her hands ran over the muscles of his arm before he pulled back to discard the last remaining clothing off her body. She lowered her eyes to join his in watching her underwear travel down her legs much like her dress did before being tossed aside onto the floor. Heath looked down at her and kept his eyes there as he situated himself between her legs, his cock appearing too large to fit within her. Zaiyia had never done this before, and haven’t ever thought it would happen with someone with a huge package like Heath. Finding herself frightened when she saw him reach down to grab ahold of his base to probably guide himself into her, Zaiyia lurched up onto her elbows, and called out his name in a shaky voice. “H-Heath, wait! Wait a minute!”

His emerald eyes changed from an unbreakable desire to have her, to concern at her terrified expression. Embarrassingly, Zaiyia licked her lips before forcing herself to confess a secret that most people didn’t know about her. If nothing had him running yet, this most likely would. “I uh…I’m a…a virgin.”

Heath didn’t appear at all shocked, in fact he merely leaned over her to kiss the area between the valley of her breasts and then down to her stomach, stopping once to reply to her statement. “I know.”

Zaiyia’s jaw dropped at his own confession that he already knew she hadn’t had sex before. Her mouth open and closed in response, not knowing what to say. Her mind was still reeling when she finally found the right words to say, but when she opened her mouth a scream of pleasure came out instead that resulted in her hips jerking up for a second before Heath pinned them back down. Her brown eyes lowered with determination to find out what Heath had done to merit such a response from her. She was shocked to see that his head was in-between her legs and he was lowering his mouth back down again. Zaiyia fought to keep her hips still and her cries to a minimal, but it didn’t last longer than a minute before her moans and cries came spilling forth from her mouth.

Heath flicked his tongue over her clit for a minute before he clamped his lips over it and began to suck on the treasured nub in earnest. The screams that Zaiyia was letting out, the arch of her back that only showed off her soft round breasts even more, and her legs convulsing was quickly getting him off. He didn’t want to come until he was inside her, but he was also finding it hard to pull his mouth out from between her legs. Her flavor was the most intoxicating taste and aroma Heath had ever come across, which made him stubborn about not parting from it any time soon. He gave her clit as much attention it needed to swell, before he lowered his lips down a bit further to lap up her juices from within her entrance with hungry licks before forcing his tongue into her completely. He felt her body respond back when her muscles tightened around his thrusting tongue, prompting him let out a moan of weakness.

He felt her muscles spasm around his tongue as her screams became even sharper. “Heath, oh fuck Heath please! Don’t stop! Something…s-something is-” Before she could finish she let out another scream at the feeling of her first orgasm. The intense and powerful rush took her high onto Cloud 9 and then slowly back down again, her screams shifting into a long drown out moan that ended in soft whimpers.

Heath selfishly drank her cum until the very last drop before trailing open mouthed kisses up her sweat glistening body. He ended the last kiss against her parted lips while her eyes remained heavily shut in bliss.
♠ ♠ ♠