Belonging to Lust

Chapter 45: We Shouldn't Have Done That

Lifting his gaze, Heath caught sight of a condom that Tanner probably planned on using on his Zaiyia sitting on her nightstand by her bed. Heath smirked in victory at the thought that he would be the one using that on her instead of him. Reaching a long arm out, he grabbed ahold of the plastic square and sat up in-between her legs. He gave Zaiyia some time to catch her breathe while he ripped opened the package and then rolled the condom over his member with a soft groan. He looked up at Zaiyia to see her seductively watching him with her small hands kneading her breasts for his entertainment, and teasingly biting her plump lower lip.

Seeing that sight alone was enough to urge him onward; grabbing ahold of his member again, Heath coated his tip with the juices that were glistening around her entrance. The slickness made him wish that he could just go without the condom, and enjoy the erotic rawness of her walls, but he knew he couldn’t take a risk like that. He could feel her tense up the second he nudged her entrance with the tip of his cock, and sought to comfort her so she wouldn’t consider backing out now before he had the chance to be the first to have her. Looking down at her, Heath reached out to place his hands on the flat plane of her belly to catch her attention. “Hey, just relax, okay? It’s gonna be alright, you know this as well as I do.”

Zaiyia gave him a quick nod before closing her eyes, and taking several deep breathes to help calm her nerves down. Heath watched her closely, and waited for her body to finally loosen its tensed muscle up, but it refused to do so. Leaning down to hover over her, Heath decided to offer his help in unwinding her muscles up by gently pressing his lips against hers. When she lightly kissed him back, he carefully parted his lips and slipped his tongue into her mouth at the exact same time his cock slowly pushed its way through her entrance. The tightness beckoned him to immediately start thrusting within her body and ride it like he’d dreamed of doing to her night after night when he was finding it particularly hard to sleep, but the girl that he cared about in his arms prevented him from doing that simply because she was Zaiyia. Heath felt her let out a gasp against his lips, and dig her nails into the skin of his back, but he kept pushing into her as gently as he could. He knew Zaiyia, and so he knew she’d take the pain like a champ. She wasn’t a weak little girl, she was strong and right now she was his in every way he wanted her to be.

Heath tried to bite back on his moan, and focus all of his attention on her lips against his, and their tongues savagely mating, but it was difficult. He accidently let out a groan of pleasure that he managed to cut off at the last second by biting down on his bottom lip. He lowered his head down towards the crook of her neck, but Zaiyia captured his face between her small delicate hands before he could get to his destination and lifted his face so she could see him. She could tell that he was fighting back the pleasure by his furrowed browns, and his clenched teeth, and with a soft smile she spoke to him in a low sexy voice that gave him goosebumps. “It’s okay, Heath, it’s okay. You can move now. The pain is already gone.”

Relief washed over his face as he slowly pulled his hips back before pushing himself back into her tight muscles, letting out a string of moans. He kept his pace extremely slow so he wouldn’t cause her any more forms of discomfort from then on, and got lost in the soft moans that she made against his lips. Her delicate hands slid down from his cheek to hold onto his broad shoulders her fingers digging into the rock-like muscles there. Leaning down a little more, Heath rested his forehead against hers, and watched her through heavy lidded eyes. She tried looking back at him too, but her beautiful orbs would often slip shut whenever he pushed into the warm tight wet cavern between her legs. Heath couldn’t help, but let out a soft curse as his eyes finally slipped shut themselves, and his hands slipped under her head to cradle her closer to him. “Fuck…”

Zaiyia smiled, recognizing the tone in his voice as pleasure, and not at all that annoying familiar regret he always seems to have when it came to her. He was enjoying the feeling of being inside her, but he wasn’t the only one that was enjoying it. She too, was losing herself with having him inside her. He stretched her walls with his thickness, and his length and was somehow able to dive so deep within her she felt certain that their bodies were made for each other. “T-Tell me, does it mmm yessss…d-does it feel good f-for you, too? D-Do you like ahhh…l-like it?”

Heath didn’t know if it was a good idea to admit to her that she felt truly mesmerizing to him, in terms of also her personality, her body, and her existence in general. He hadn’t planned on talking much throughout their joining at all, but now she was asking him a question that he felt was pretty obvious to answer if she’d only look at him and listen. Biting down on his bottom lip, he simply gave her her answer in the form of an eager nod, before descending his lips back down onto hers to distract her.

Zaiyia immediately darted her tongue into his mouth to meets his at the same time she lifted both of her legs to wrap around his hips. With her feet, she pushed against his lower back to urge him to go fast, and even went as far as to lift her hips to receive his cock much deeply than before. She broke the kiss to plead against his lips. “Go faster, baby, please PLEASE go faster. I want it faster. Harder. Deeper!”

Heath’s entire body shook in reaction to her sexy pleas, and her endearment to him. He didn’t have to be asked twice, and immediately began picking up his speed. His thrusts seemed to drive him even deeper into her, and her inner muscles would often tightened around his length in earnest. When he found and hit her g-spot, she threw her head back against her pillow, and let out a scream of orgasmic pleasure. At the same exact time she tightened around him with a vice grip that pulled a grunt out of him. “J-Jesus Christ, Zaiyia.”

“Oh my god, yes! Yes! More, give me more!” Zaiyia begged him as she wrapped one arm around his neck and speared her other hand through his hair to cup the back of his head. Heath let out a groan as he buried his face against her neck, and began to thrust into her even harder, and faster. He could feel her clench even tighter around him, trying to coax him to cum earlier than he wanted to, but he wasn’t done with her yet.

Zaiyia let out another scream as another blinding orgasm rushed over her body, but it became muffled when he greedily captured the rest of it into his mouth. He slowed his hips until she rode out her orgasm to it’s very last drop, before picking his speed back up again. During round 3, he planned to have the both of them cumming. Heath reluctantly pulled his lips away from hers a few inches to whisper down to her. “How was that?”

“H-Heath…” Zaiyia responded in a raspy tone from screaming too loud, but the rest of what she was about to say was cut off by his descending mouth before she could say anything else.

Snapping his hips forward faster and deeper than before, Heath had Zaiyia once again screaming out in pleasure in no time as she came a third time. Her tightness increased tenfolds around him, and finally he allowed himself his own release. His orgasm was unlike any he ever had before, and was so powerful and intense it literally blinded him for a few second before ripping a roar from his body that he tried muffling into the pillow Zaiyia’s head laid upon. “FUCK! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!” He felt himself spill into the protective condom, and eagerly road out the last of his orgasm, before pulling out of her delicate body and rolling over onto the spot next to her.

Panting heavily, the couple lied on their backs covered in sweat. Zaiyia was first to open her eyes, and when she did she couldn’t help but smile to herself at what just happened. Finally, she had gotten what she wanted. Finally, they had sex together! She didn’t regret a single second of it, even the small pain that came with losing her virginity. She hadn’t planned on staying a virgin forever, and had hoped to one day give it to a man she cared about which in the end she technically did. What she didn’t plan was falling head over heel in love with the man right afterwards.

Zaiyia’s smile faded as she flinched in surprise by her absentminded confession. She stared up at her ceiling as it dawned on her that there was no lie to her shocking revelation, she truly was in love with Heath Sullivan. Squeezing her eyes shut in self-loathing, Zaiyia ran her hands over her face and focused on calming herself down or else she’d attract his attention. The last thing she needed was to have a panic attack over her realization that she had developed strong feelings for the man that was not only her provider, but also technically the man that was dating her mother. She had to keep herself calm so she could concentrate on her crazy love infatuation she had for him, and figure it out with a clear head. When her breathing returned to normal, however, she could see only one question floating in the air in her mind. When the hell did she start falling in love with Heath Sullivan?

Was it the moment he entered her and took her virginity, or the first time she kissed him? Or maybe…it was the first time they met when she came to live here with him and her mother…Zaiyia’s eyes widened at that thought. True, she had found him extremely attractive when he opened the front door without a shirt on and was glistening in his own sweat from manual labor, but surely she would have known if she had fallen in love with him in those mere minutes alone with him, right?

Zaiyia couldn’t be sure, and because she couldn’t be sure, she was now filled with a deep sadness that seemed to sit heavily on her chest, making it hard to breathe. Tears rushed to her eyes, but she forced them back. Out of curiosity, she wondered how Heath was doing, and turned her head to the side to check on him. With his eyes still closed, Heath’s breathing was finally calming down, but he stayed where he was on her bed. She found herself grateful that he hadn’t left her side yet, and to make sure he wouldn’t, she sat up to crawl to the end of her bed to grab ahold of a throw blanket that had been kicked to the foot of her bed at some point. Dragging it back with her, she unfolded it and draped it over his naked body. Letting out a groan, Heath’s eyes fluttered opened a tiny bit before closing again. Slipping under the soft fuzzy blanket too, she scooted closer to his side cautiously, in fear of how he would react to her closeness. Relief washed over her when he reached his muscled arm out at the last minute to purposely drape it over her smaller frame to pull her along the rest of the way until she was pressed against his side.

Zaiyia desperately wanted to confess to him then and there that she was in love with him, but instead she looked over his features for a while until her fingers began to tingle with the need to touch him again. Raising her hand, she caressed her fingers over the expanse of his muscled chest before journeying up to his neck and then to his jawline. Heath remained both silent and still, appearing like he was asleep, but the parting of his lips and his drowsy words cut into that assumption. “We shouldn’t have done that.”

Feeling the edges of her heart shrivel up with pain, Zaiyia blinked back another round of tears and plastered an ignorant smile on her face. Overlooking the hurt pounding in her chest, Zaiyia leaned over to kiss the chest of the man she loved and confidently whispered to him. “I’m glad we did though.”

She could tell he was already asleep long before she said it, but that didn’t matter to her. Even if he had heard her, it wouldn’t have changed his stubborn mind about the situation. He’d end up fighting her just like he would the next day when he finally woke up and found out about what they did. Lying her head back down onto his shoulder, Zaiyia draped her arm over his massive chest, and placed her hand right over his heart. Slowly closing her eyes, she too ended up falling into a deep satisfying sleep where she dreamed of a place where she could freely love the man who had claimed her virginity, and where he loved her back just as deeply if not more.