Belonging to Lust

Chapter 47: Hercules

Heath waits to hear the sound of the shower go on in the bathroom nearby before letting out the breathe head been holding back since Zaiyia left him. He was alone to his thoughts to figure out what he was supposed to do now that he had committed the crime of pedophilia. There was no way he could take back what he had done, it was already set in stone and no merciful jackhammer could break it, no matter how powerful. It could be worse, he supposed, there could have been witnesses. Someone could have seen them together. Luckily, no one would have been able to since they were on the second floor and the curtains were closed. Heath shook that paranoid thought out of his mind so he wouldn’t drive himself insane because of it, and opt to focus on what his next step should be. The only thing he could think of left for him to do at this point was to prevent this mistake from ever happening again.

The sound of water making contact on the shower floor called for Heath’s attention, making it difficult for him to plan out the changes he would have to make to keep this scenario from repeating itself. He began to struggle for control of his mind when images of Zaiyia standing naked under the spray of water manifested in his head. Letting out a groan of frustration, Heath grabbed a handful of his short hair and fought to regain control again. When he felt a bit more in control, he was weakened enough to confess to himself that it was true that he liked Zaiyia, and found her to be incredibly beautiful for a teenager, but she was just that, a 16 years old girl. She was underage. Never mind how insanely good the sex was last night, and how quickly Zaiyia learned the skill to please a man much better than any experienced woman his age ever could’ve, including her own mother. Heath cringed at the reminder that he had slept with both Yovela and her only child before mentally brushing it off, and returning to his previous thought. Despite the fact that having sex with her was the most amazing experience of his life, that didn’t mean they could just say fuck the law, and try to make something work between the two of them like a relationship! Clenching his fist defiantly, Heath gave a strong nod in agreement to that statement before a random flash of a naked Zaiyia beneath him from last night flooded his mind, making his dick flinch. His fist clenched from the memories, and his heart began to race at the same time his flaccid penis became a thick hard-on. Letting out a growl, Heath looked down at his lap and pulled the sheet back off his lap to reveal the thick painful member throbbing in desperation to be relieved again. The temptation was currently taking a shower, but he couldn’t allow it to happen. He just told himself it was all a mistake and yet here he was with a hard-on caused by HER, and with the same exact HER on his mind! How could he had gone from not wanting to let it happen again, to wanting one last dive with her?


Zaiyia stepped out of the bathroom in her robe, but didn’t get far past the doorway. Her eyes were glued on Heath’s back, where he sat on her bed tying his shoes in one of her chairs. He had gotten fully dressed. Zaiyia couldn’t fathom what that meant, but her heart must have had an idea because it fell into the pit of her stomach. She stood there watching in silence, not knowing what to do, or say, just watching him.

When Heath sensed her presence, he simply looked over his shoulder and then stood up from her chair to face her a look of uncertainty on his face. She looked like goddess standing there in her oversize robe that slid off her bare shoulders to show off her tantalizing deep skin, and her long braids bunches up into a bun that glittered with golden hair cuffs. My god, she’s a temptation even in a bathrobe, he complained to himself in thought. “Zaiyia…I…” He closed his mouth to give himself a minute to recollect himself, and remind himself on what he was supposed to say to her. “Zaiyia, I’ve thought things through and came to a decision. What happened between us here was a mistake.”

Zaiyia visibly flinched as her eyes widened with hurt. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe he was still denying them even after last night, ESPECIALLY after last night. “A mi-mistake?”

Heath looked away from her, not being able to bear seeing her hurt. He gave her solid nod of confirmation. “Yes, a mistake. What’s going to happen from here on out is that we’re going to both pretend this stuff never happened between us, and move on with our lives as normally as we can.”

Zaiyia continued to gape at him, struggling to form a sentence.

Raising his eyes to hers, he arched an eyebrow in question at her silent form, ignoring his own irritation at seeing her upset so that he could continue to be the adult he had to be for both of their sakes. “Do you understand me?”

Coming out of her own sad pitiful reverie, Zaiyia angrily shook her head at him, hiding her emotions from him. “No, no I don’t fucking understand!” She crossed her arms over her chest in irritation and glared up at him. She refused to accept defeat much like some weak little women would.

Heath was aware that Zaiyia understood exactly what he was talking about, and was just being stubborn about getting her way. Scoffing at her response, he rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his massive chest. “Zaiyia stop playing stupid with me, you understood every damn word I said. Don’t start acting all stubborn again.”

Enraged, Zaiyia strode over to him, not breaking eye contact with him even when she lifted her hand to jab her finger at his chest and argued with him. “And I told you no, I don’t fucking understand a goddamn thing you fucking said, you wanna know why? It’s because all I’m hearing from you is fucking bullshit, Heath!”

Heath’s hand shot out to grab ahold of the hand that was poking at him and glared down at her as they began to shout at each other. “HEY, it’s not fucking bullshit when it’s risking my life, my family’s life, and my job! I am NOT going to jail for fucking around with a minor!”

Beyond pissed and in need of causing him physical pain, Zaiyia tried to give him a good shove to his chest but he wouldn’t budge. Throwing her head back, she screamed up at him in a fiery rage. “WELL GUESS WHAT YOU ALREADY FUCKED A MINOR, AND YOUR PUSSY ASS CAN’T TAKE IT BACK NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU PRAY TO YOUR STUPID GOD!” Seeing him speechless, Zaiyia yanked her hand out of his loosened hold and strode over to her closet, grabbed some of her clothes and ran back into the safe confinement of her bathroom without another word.

Heath watched her go before calling out to her after she slammed the bathroom door behind her. “ZAIYIA!” She didn’t answer him much like he expected she wouldn’t. He knew it would be pointless to stand on the other side of the door and try to reason with her that what he was doing was best for the both of them, and that she would thank him in the long run for it. Taking a step toward to the bathroom, he stopped himself short before he could get close enough. The guilt surrounding him wouldn’t let him go to her, and kept him standing in place. This was all his fault, he shouldn’t have given in to her so easily and ruined their lives by sleeping with her. He probably should allow her some privacy to calm herself down, and maybe after she’ll see that he’s right.

Clenching his fist to keep them at his side, he turned towards the stairs and silently left her house. Walking back to his house, Heath decided he needed to relax in his shower and wash away last night’s memories. Taking his clothes off and turning the faucets to the perfect temperature, Heath stood beneath the shower with his eyes closed, once again trying to convince himself that he was doing the right thing by the both of them. His body didn’t agree with his mind, and felt that he should go to her. His heart…well, his heart felt-


Heath was broke out of his thoughts from the sound of…his front door slamming? “What the fuck?” Listening for any other sounds following that that might signal there was an intruder in his house, he heard nothing. That was strange, he was dead certain he heard someone slamming his front door on their way in…or was it on their way out? Only one person came to mind that could have slammed his front door on their way out, and it had his eyes widening in panic. “Shit, Zaiyia!”

Heath jumped out of the shower, forgetting to turn off the water as he snatched a towel off the rack and ran out into his bedroom. “Fuck!” He cursed as he nearly slipped down the hallway after having secured the towel around his mid-section. He doesn’t think twice about his actions when he yanks open the front door and finally ends his chase on the front porch. He doesn’t notice the mailwoman that had one foot froze on the last step of his stairs, gaping at him in both shock, and admiration of his massive muscles and his well-endowed gift outlined through his tiny towel. Heath’s eyes dart from left and right, searching for Zaiyia among the many kids playing in his cul-de-sac, and spotted her having passed them long ago with her backpack bouncing behind her back. Cupping his hands around his mouth, he shouted out her name, earning even more admiring stares from dozens of housewives and mothers gardening their flowerbeds or just admiring the wonderful weather that day. “ZAIYIA!”

From a distant, he could see her give him the finger in response without turning back. “Goddamnit!” Heath cursed beneath his breath as he spun around and ran back into his house. The mailwoman clumsily coughed at having held her breath for long, and was feeling lightheaded because of it. She carefully helped herself to a seat on his bottom steps and took her mail hat off to fan her fiery raging hormones down. “Jesus Christ, that man is like a living Hercules!”

“You’re telling me!” A voice heard her mumble to herself. Lifting her head in surprise, the mailwoman was grateful to see an old woman, and not the man’s wife standing nearby, watching where Heath had once stood with a contented smile on her face. “Finally after so many years, I can die a happy old woman!”
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