Belonging to Lust

Chapter 49: Wood Chipper

The very next morning Zaiyia was back in the kitchen making Heath breakfast just like she always did every morning minus the weekend. She knew the current scene of her standing by the stove cooking Heath’s eggs would probably seem strange to someone else especially if they had witnessed the first fight the day before yesterday, the sex that came after it, and the second fight that erupted the next morning before she up and left the house for hours.

Shrugging to herself, Zaiyia decided not to dwell on the sudden change of events, and slid one easy over cooked egg in between the bacon and toast on Heath’s plate. She felt calmer when she left the house yesterday and found herself spending several hours watching a group of homeless people in scrapped houses living underneath a highway underpass, while reminiscing on her own dark past. She had been homeless before too, but the last two times were the worse. Twice she was almost raped. After all that, she knew that the next time she ended up homeless again could be real legitimate thing this time if she kept acting the way she was acting with Heath. He didn’t want to pursue a relationship with her for reasons that were justified, but…it still hurt her especially knowing how strongly she felt about him.

She was in love with Heath in a way she’s never felt before, but she couldn’t have him. The law wouldn’t allow it. What else could she do? She couldn’t force the man to want her back?

It took some time, but eventually Zaiyia managed to convince herself that Heath was right, that they couldn’t ever be together. His beliefs on what wrong and what’s right had to be forced on her, and even though she tried her damnest, her heart was the only one that refused to fall for it.

Letting out a sad sigh, Zaiyia placed Heath’s plate on the table alongside his orange juice just as the sound of Heath’s work boots thudded down the hallway towards her. She looked up as he turned the corner with a smile and inhaled deeply with appreciation, completely ignoring her. “Mmm breakfast smells especially delicious today.”

Zaiyia giggled to herself and placed a hand on her hip. “Well, good morning to you too.”

Heath grinned as he took a seat. “Sorry. Good morning, Zaiyia. How was your sleep?”

Zaiyia nodded as she took a seat across the table from him where her meal was waiting too. “It was pretty damn good. Definitely needed especially for today.”

Heath’s smile faltered when he realized how far she was sitting from him. He looked down at his plate and began to eat, knowing that her keeping her distance was best for the both of them. Still, he hated it. “Yeah, I bet.” His eyes raised to look at her, searching her face with concern. “So, are you ready to start your first day at school since the incident?”

Zaiyia gave him a confident smile as she recollected that her suspension had been lifted for her, but not her haters who ended up getting expelled for their part in starting the fight. “Yes, I am acutally.”

Heath’s stomach turned at the idea of her going back to that school. Placing his fork down, he leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed, trying to figure out a way to keep her home where it was safe, and far away from that school, even if it was for a day. “Are you sure?” He shrugged his massive shoulder nonchalantly to hide his need to protect her wellbeing. “Cause I mean if you’re not you can totally stay home, you know?”

“Careful.” Zaiyia warned him with a teasing smile. “Or I might start thinking you actually care about me or something.”

Heath let out a short awkward laugh as he scratched the back of his head. “Well I mean, yeah I do obviously care about your wellbeing. I am your guardian after all. It’s just I don’t feel 100% comfortable with the idea of you going back to school just yet, especially after what happen to you. It was infuriating to see the damage they had done to you and your face knowing that there was nothing I could do about it. Hell, I couldn’t even make it even by popping their dad’s in eye or taking a bat to them so they’d know how it feels. Zaiyia, what you went through was a truly scary and traumatizing situation that shouldn’t be taken likely. If you have ANY shred of doubt about going back to that place today than stay home where it’s safe.”

Zaiyia was staring at him with dreamy eyes, and a wide smile with her chin propped up on her hands. When she noticed he was done, she gestured with her hands for him to continue as she played dumb. “Oh no please, keep going. I don’t think I’m following you quite yet. You might want to help me out here because I had no idea you were this upset about what happened to me. No idea, at all.”

Heath sat forward so his elbows were on the table top, his breakfast long forgotten. “I was! I was so fucking pissed over it, still am in fact.” Letting out a growl, his hands form into fists as he recalls being there in the gymnasium with her. “Jesus Christ I wanted to knock those little cunts out myself!” Realizing that his temper was rising too high, Heath calmed himself down, unaware that Zaiyia was watching him closely across the table appearing deeply flattered and touch by his words. Taking a deep breathe, he unclenched his hands and laid them palm down on the table. “You know what, I shouldn’t be talking about this with you. The point I’m trying to make is that you should just stay home where it’s safe. Don’t go back there.”

Zaiyia was touched by his obvious concern for her wellbeing, but she wasn’t going to back down from this opportunity of going back to school. She’s been ready to face these girls for a while anyway. Looking him right in the eyes, she gave him a firm shake of her head. “No, I won’t stay home, Heath. I’m going back to school today. I’m not scared of those bitches and what they might have up their sleeves for me.”

Rolling his eyes in annoyance, Heath got up from his chair and searched for a pen and some paper. Upon finding them, he scribbled down his phone number and another one unfamiliar to her. Turning around he slid it across the table to her. “Look as much as I don’t like the idea of you going back there, I won’t stop you. But if you ever feel uncomfortable even for a SECOND, or get harassed by ANYONE I want you call me. The first one is my number, the second if in case you can’t reach me. Tell them it’s an emergency, and if you can, over-exaggerate the situation as extremely as you can. Todd is as deaf as he is ignorant.”

Zaiyia took the paper and looked it over before tilting her head up and raising an eyebrow at him matched with a sweet smile. “And what are you gonna do about it if I end up calling you?”

“Obviously, I’ll come over with the wood chipper.” Heath explained in further detail.

Confused, Zaiyia’s smile dropped into a frown. “A fucking wood chipper?”

Heath nodded like it made total sense. “Yeah, for me to toss those little cunts in. We can make a lot of money selling ground beef on the side of the road, you know? Of course, we can’t label it as human.”

Zaiyia was mesmerized by this man, and placed a delicate hand over her heart. “Oh Heath you’re so romantic! But seriously, I’ll be sure to give you a call if anything happens. I swear.”

Giving her a playful smirk, Heath turned back around to grab his lunch for work, but Zaiyia beat him to it. “Thank you for breakfast and lunch, Zaiyia. It was heaven as always.” Snaking his arm around her waist, Heath made sure to give her a warm appreciative hug, and nothing more.

“You’re most welcome.” Zaiyia sighed with a love-struck grin as she wrapped her arms around his back. She soaked in his strength, his size, and his warmth until she was torn from her reverie by him trying to pull away. Not wanting to let him go or leave it at such a simple boring hug, Zaiyia jumped up onto her tip toes and aimed for his jawline. She closed her eyes as soon as her lips hit its target and had to fight herself to keep her lips there and nowhere else.

Heath didn’t pull away right away like he should have because he was too busy fighting to keep his own hands from roaming over her slender frame whilst he was hugging her. Her lips felt like coming home, and so when he finally pulled away to feign surprise, he took his time doing so. Opening his mouth to scold her, Heath found himself speechless and was glad when Zaiyia spoke first.

Giggling and rolling her eyes playfully, Zaiyia rubbed his arm in comfort. “Calm down, Sullivan, it was just an innocent kiss. Its fine. No need to freak out, okay?”

The kiss felt anything but innocent, especially with how quickly and effectively it made his dick twitch before it inflated in his jeans. Not bothering to argue with her in fear she might catch sight of his erection, Heath gave her an agreeing nod and half-assed wave before hurrying out of the house for work.
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