Belonging to Lust

Chapter 5: Don't You Dare

Zaiyia had just gotten out of the bathroom dressed in her nightgown for her first night in the guest house, when she saw her mother sitting on the seat beside the foot of her bed. Zaiyia’s smile dropped as she halted in her step. Heath wasn’t anywhere in sight, which meant they could drop their acting now.

Yovela wasn’t smiling as she looked Zaiyia over. She could tell Zaiyia was genuinely in love with their new home, and she didn’t want it getting further into her child’s head that this place was where they would finally settle down. So, Yovela decided to come over to shatter Zaiyia’s happiness and give her a taste of their reality.

“Don’t get too comfortable, girl.” Yovela warned in a cold tone.

Zaiyia knew exactly what her mother was talking about, but she refused to let it get to her. Can’t this woman ever let me have one day to be happy without her trying to be negative about everything, Zaiyia thought to herself in frustration as she took a calm seat on her bed.

“Heath seems like a great guy, and this place is amazing.” Zaiyia said before mentally scoffing at her lame argument. She rolled her eyes and sighed at her stupid response.

Yovela was looking over her freshly done nails before updating Zaiyia on what she’s been up to since she’s been with Heath. “I’ve been seeing two other guys from a bar downtown behind his back.”

Zaiyia’s eyes snapped her mother’s direction with a look of horror. Zaiyia stood up and faced her Yovela, pointing a stern finger at her. “Don’t you dare screw this up for me, Yovela! Jesus Christ, can’t you let me enjoy this for a while before you go fucking destroying everything!”

Yovela glared dagger at her daughter, while wishing she had installed respect into her child when she was younger. She knew Zaiyia could be respectful towards others and she has before, but whenever Yovela did something like this it always bugged Zaiyia…but never this intensely.

Yovela stood up to face her daughter. “You need to watch that fucking mouth of yours before I smack it off your face, you know I will!”

Zaiyia continued to glare at her mother but obediently shut her mouth. Defiantly, she crossed her arms over her chest with a frustrated look on her face. Yovela glared right back, and crossed her arms at the exact same time. Neither of them said anything for a few tensed minutes.

Yovela let out a sigh before asking. “How long is awhile to you, exactly?”

Zaiyia sighed as well before giving it a thought. “Two years at the least.”

Yovela didn’t respond to her answer, and instead stepped forward to press a kiss to Zaiyia’s forehead. “Goodnight, Gazania.”

Zaiyia frowned at her mother as she walked down the attic steps and out of the guesthouse. Zaiyia wanted to open her mouth and beg her mother to not do anything to ruin this perfect life they could possibly have, but she knew it was no good. Yovela wouldn’t listen to her. She didn’t listen to anyone, which is why they always travel like the wind, never settling.


The next morning, Zaiyia entered the main house from the back door for some breakfast. Yovela and Heath were already eating theirs and had a plate set aside for Zaiyia whenever she decided to get up and join them. The couple were leaning close and whispering to each other when Zaiyia had stepped into the kitchen. Immediately the both of them separated from each other and proceed to eat their eggs and bacon as if they hadn’t been talking at all. Zaiyia noticed their odd behavior and came to the conclusion that they must have been talking about her behind her back. Why else would they be acting as if they hadn’t spoken a few seconds before she walked through the back door?

Zaiyia stepped forward so she was standing right across from them and placed her hands on her hips with a suspicious look on her face. “What’s up with you two this morning?”

Yovela was the first to speak up and it was only to change to subject. “You should be starting school soon, Zaiyia. You don’t want to fall behind on your education, do you?”

Zaiyia shrugged it off, not caring about heading into another new school to start the fall and winter year. She decided not to press her mother and Heath about what they were talking about so secretly. Instead she headed for the fridge where her lukewarm breakfast was wrapped in some aluminum foil. Zaiyia took her plate out and discarded the foil in the trashcan before taking a seat across from the others.

Yovela finished chewing the last of her breakfast before deciding to throw Heath under the bus. “Also, Heath thinks you should go out and buy some new school clothes.”

Heath shot Yovela a playful glare as she burst out laughing behind her hands. “I’m sorry I had to!”

Zaiyia looked between the both of them before her eyes landed on Heath. She raised an eyebrow at him as she leaned back in her chair with a playful smile on her face. “Oh, you do now? Why is that, Mr. Sullivan?”

Heath looks back at her with a sexy smile on his face. His green eyes locked onto hers and stayed that way as he also leaned back in his chair. Yovela looked between the two of them, snickering. Since she had already finished her breakfast, Yovela decided to abandon ship and leave the kitchen. Placing a gentle hand on Heath’s shoulder, Yovela leaned in to whisper in his ear. “You’re on your own, buddy. Good luck.”

Heath rolled his eyes and picked up their plates as Yovela ran out of the kitchen laughing. He disposed the dishes into the sink before turning around to lean against the counter. He faced Zaiyia with his arms crossed over his powerful chest. Zaiyia was already out of her seat and was standing in front of him.

“So, what’s wrong with my clothes, Mr. Sullivan?” Zaiyia asked again, tilting her head with an obvious fake scowl on her face.

Heath chuckled. “Well, for starters those shorts are too small and not appropriate for school. Secondly, your mom tells me your aunt sent you over here with tops that expose your bare stomach, shorts that show your behind, and dresses that show off your chest. You’re not going to dress that way living under my house, or guesthouse.”

Zaiyia looked down at her super tight shorts, then back up at Heath with a look of doubt. “Are you sure they’re that short, Mr. Sullivan?”

Heath nodded. “Yes, absolutely.”

Zaiyia slowly nodded before during around and giving him a full view of her tiny shorts and her round behind pushing against the material. “Are you certain, Mr. Sullivan?”

Heath completely fell for her trick and looked down at her behind hanging out of her shorts. The entire time Zaiyia had been in the kitchen, she had been facing them. Now that he saw her from behind, he could definitely see that he was correct about her clothing. Those shorts were way sinfully short and very inappropriate for her to be wearing at such a young age.

“Shit!” Heath managed to say as he instantly looked away, his cheeks flushing a bit pink in embarrassment.

Zaiyia bit her lip to suppress her giggles as she turned around with an innocent look of an inexperience child that could do no wrong. “If that’s the case, Mr. Sullivan, you’re going to have to start buying my clothes for me. I doubt my mother has any money to spend on new clothes, and I know I don’t either.”

Heath already knew that was to be the case, and didn’t mind buying Zaiyia new clothes. She definitely had an interesting style that he never seen before. She was very much into some kind of tribal inspired style, and he knew just the place they could go to find it.