Belonging to Lust

Chapter 50: Officially Back

Zaiyia wasn’t officially back in school a full two minutes after being suspended for god knows how long when the new sets of rumors smacked her right in the face when she walks into the building. Like before, she merely brushed them off, completely unbothered by the harmless tales, and continued on about her day. During her last class before lunch, the students around her were constantly obsessing over a particularly juicy rumor out of all bunches made about her while she was gone that were being spread around school. It just so happened to be the only rumor out of all the many others floating around that easily got through her tough exterior, and ignited the flames of fury within her. Everyone believed it too, everyone believed that Zaiyia was the one that stomped all into the girl’s locker room that fateful day and had started the fight with little ol’ innocent Princess Alice, and in the end, ended up getting her ass handed to her by the other idiots that were involved!

She didn’t know whether or not she should laugh in every single one of their faces, or let the fury that was begging to erupt inside her out on all of them. In the end she felt it was best that she ignored all the rumors she was hearing pretaining to her, and focus on her school work instead. At first everything was going fine, and Zaiyia was feeling pretty confident that she’d be able to get through the day fine. That was until some chick dressed in a yellow plaid outfit looking like she stepped out of film Clueless snickered at her as she walked by her desk. That action alone started Zaiyia’s downfall because before she knew it, the three boys huddled together in the row next to her desk that were also a part of the track team were glancing towards her and snickering to themselves. Zaiya glared at them before the nerd sitting next to her decided to burst out laughing at a note he was given by the other nerd sitting next to him. Zaiyia’s head snapped in his direction and before he knew she had reached over the snatch the small piece of paper from his hands. The nerd jolted in surprise before readjusting his glasses as he glared at her. “Hey, now wait just a minute, that’s mine!”

Zaiyia flipped him the finger, not bothering to threaten his life. Un-crinkling the paper, she read: Dude that’s the chick that tried starting a fight on poor Alice and got her butt whopped by Alice’s friends! Can you believe it? P.S Shame, she’s pretty hot too. Such a shame.

Frowning at the last part, Zaiyia turned her head to stare at the two nerds with a perfectly arched brow. “Really? Yall really believe this shit, huh? That that stupid ass anorexic bitch is the innocent in all this and I’m just the angry black woman, right?” When she didn’t receive an answer but guilty looks instead she simply gave them a look of disappointment and shook her head. “Damn, and I thought you two motherfuckers were smart, not a couple of dumbass followers like our useless football team running around comparing their sad little baby dicks with each other’s.”

“What? No, wait!” One of the nerds cried out, clearly offended. “We’re smart! Way smarter than them!”

“Yeah, we’re nothing like those jerks!” The other one defended just as passionately. “It’s just…well, everyone else is saying you got jumped and everything, what else are we supposed to think?”

Zaiyia gave them a forgiving smile and reached over to playfully pinch the closest nerd’s cheek. “I’ll show you what to think. Just you wait. You two are really gonna enjoy the show.”


By the time class had ended and lunch time began, Zaiyia was a raging bull out for blood. She had to sit through the entire class with her name in EVERYONE’s mouth, fingers being pointed at her, and endless snickering being aimed at her. She was forced to bite her tongue until the bell rang, and finally it had. Her only destination in mind was the cafeteria where her enemies were currently residing over their meals. Walking through the double door, Zaiyia didn’t take a minute to reconsider what she was about to do, she didn’t need to. After all, Heath told her to fuck them up for him, and in due time that is exactly what she plans on doing then, but until then…

Taking off her backpack, Zaiyia held it to her chest until she got close enough to the table where her group of haters were residing. Naturally, Alice White, Bella Steward, Grace Smith, Hannah Davis, Sarah Morgan and Jade Miller weren’t there since they all got expelled for that locker fight they started, but their other followers were there having decided on their own to continue on with the Dumbass Six’s dirty work for them. Aiming at the one girl with her back to her sitting at the very edge of the table, Zaiyia launch her backpack forward where it violently connected with the young girl’s back with such as force she was launched forward with a cry into her lunch tray. The seven girls at the table were caught by surprise while the five boyfriends visiting their table had launched to their feet in fright, asking the young girl named Janie what just happened.

The rest of the cafeteria became curious about the fight that was about to go down, and one by one heads began turning in their direction, but Zaiyia didn’t care. Raising her fists, Zaiyia caught their attention when she opened her mouth to provoke them. “C’mon you fucking whores, let’s do this shit, right here, right fucking now in front of everybody!”

Everyone at the table, including the boyfriends, all stared at her with their faces drained of blood, and fearful eyes as big as the moon. When Zaiyia moved closer to one side of the lunch table all the girls on that side, out of fear, jumped up out from their seats and ran all the way over to the opposite side of the table, one or two of them going as far as to climb over it. They shrank behind the five boys for protection and peeked around them out of fear.

Zaiyia didn’t have time for this, and threw her arms up as a challenge and yelled at them while turning in a circle. “Well? Cat got your motherfucking tongue? Aren’t you weak ass hoes gonna jump off or what? Yall like to talk shit about beating my fucking ass silly so why don’t you show the whole school that you can do it again no problem? Show em how it all went down, am I right?”

At this point, the group of seven girls and five boys slowly began backing up the closer she got. Their eyes went from her raging form to the other students watching around them, silently begging for any of them to step in and help them. Zaiyia could see the weakness in them from across the table, and dropped her arms down with a short laugh. “That’s what I motherfucking thought. You all are just a bunch of punk ass pussies that like to talk shit, but got nothing to fucking show for it when reality comes knocking on your goddamn door.”

Leaning over, she placed her palms onto the tabletop the twelve kids ate on every day and lowered her voice to a bone-shaking threatening tone. “Now, this is the part where I warn you to back the fuck off and leave me the fuck alone, or else I’ll fuck you up so bad your own parents won’t recognize your dead ass on the slab in the morgue. But sadly, I’ve already done that before, and guess what? Yall didn’t listen to me even then and yall ain’t gonna listen to me now. So instead, I’m just gonna go ahead and beat every single last one of you raggedy ass bitches up.”

A few of the girls let out a gasp, but Zaiyia held a finger up silencing them so she could finish. “But…don’t you worry. When our fight happens it’s gonna be a fair one, unlike you assholes that like to play dirty did with me. Be thankful I’m feeling generous today after all the bullshit you weak asses keep trying to pull.”

The girls didn’t reply, and simply stood there shaking behind the boys that were staring at her like she was Jason Voorhees in the flesh. Not needing an answer from them, Zaiyia flashed them a sweet innocent smile before using her arm to sweep their lunch trays off their table, spilling their food all over the cafeteria floor. She let out a laugh as she looked at the mess on the floor she made before glancing up at them. “That’s more appropriate, wouldn’t you say? Eating your lunch off the floor like the dogs you actually are, right in front of everybody. Go on, finish your meal. Let everyone see you eat off this grimy ass floor like a bunch of animals, cause that’s all you guys will ever be, fucking animals that need to be put down.”

Picking up her backpack, Zaiyia gave them all the finger as she walked out of the quiet cafeteria and down the nearest hallway. A part of her couldn’t believe she said those things in front of the majority of the school without the cafeteria ladies hearing her, but the other part of her didn’t care, it was just relieving to have finally got that off her chest. But still, what if this comes back at her in the form of a visit to the Principal’s office, or maybe another suspension?

Before she could think about it any further, she found that she must have stopped walking while deep in thought and was now standing by the glass door that led outside. Looking through the glass she saw something she thought she’d never at least for the next six months to a years. Ol’ little innocent Princess Alice White walking along the race tracks by herself, clearly lost in her own thoughts. “What the…” Zaiyia leaned closer into the glass to help confirm that she was seeing what she thought she was seeing. “What in the motherfucking hell is that little bitch still doing in school? I thought she got fucking expelled…”

She barely remember the phone call with Principal Quinn because Heath was outside helping the old lady that lived in their cul-de-sac carry her potting soil out of her car and lean them against the side of the stairs of her front porch. He carried the bags over his shoulder, shirtless, and from what Zaiyia could see the old lady was just as affected as Zaiyia from the magnificent view.

Shaking Heath’s massive muscular frame out of her mind, Zaiyia focused on the scene in front of her. Alice White, the very person that had started all of this from the beginning, walking along the tracks by her lonesome self, no protection in sight.

An evil smile curved the corner of Zaiyia’s lips and before reasoning could find its way to her, she shoved open the glass door and strode over towards the track. Finally it was a time for a long overdue face to face chat with Alice white. As far as Zaiyia was concern, the girl was already dead.
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