Belonging to Lust

Chapter 51: Livid

Zaiyia proceeded to walks across the field where Alice White, her mortal enemy, quietly strolled on the tracks around the football field. She kept squeezing her hands into tight fists, and then releasing them, hoping that this technique would help quell some of her anger before she reached her target, or else she’d end up going to jail for murder. Zaiyia couldn’t help, but be torn between two different sides. One part of her wanted to run up behind Alice and beat the living crap out of her what she had done to both herself and Heath. The other part of her wanted to take the mature direction and try to have a civil conversation just between the two of them so that they may peacefully come to a middle ground of some sort.

When Zaiyia finally reached Alice, both sides kind of got what they wanted. Reaching out, Zaiyia lightly tapped on the back of Alice’s shoulder, who seemed so lost in her own thoughts she hadn’t heard anyone approaching. Jumping in surprise, Alice quickly spun herself.” Wha-”

She didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence because a fist came crashing into the side of her face and cutting her off. Alice let out a cry as she fell back onto the ground, clutching her throbbing cheek carefully. Zaiyia stood before her shaking her hand out, and watched her enemy roll around on the ground gasping in pain. When the pain had subsided enough for her to tolerate, Alice sat up and shot a glare at Zaiyia while still cupping her cheek. Her chest rose and fell with such anger she was practically gritting her teeth. “You fucking bullying….THUG!”

Zaiyia couldn’t help but smirk at her last choice of word, and stepped forward to crouch down beside her. “Me? A thug, you say?” The corners of her mouth dropped as she became serious. “Now, who the fuck are you calling a thug when you had all your little whores attack me with a whole bunch of weapons in that there locker room, hmm? According to my book, that makes you the thug, little missy.”

Alice didn’t have any real response to that. She knew denying it would just make her look stupid since Zaiyia and all the teachers already knew that she and her friends had started that locker room fight. Luckily for them she was able to at least manipulate the student body that she was the innocent of all this, not Zaiyia. Not knowing what else to say at her, Alice found herself jumping to the most unforgiveable tactic. She gave Zaiyia a sneer before opening her mouth without even thinking about what trouble her words might get her in. “Well, at least I’m not a n-” Alice was once again cut off, but this time it was because Zaiyia’s hands had shot out and wrapped around her neck. Her throat was being squeezed, prematurely ending her now incomplete sentence.

“Bitch, you better not go there if you ever want to breathe again.” Zaiyia hissed at her, empathizing her point by tightening her grip. Alice retaliated back by struggling against her. She first tries to claw Zaiyia’s hands off of her neck, but her hold was too tight. She then opt for kicking out at her since she had the room to do so, but Zaiyia was one step ahead of her and had straddle her legs down, using her body weight to keep them still. “Not a good feeling is it? Being held down unable to defend yourself fairly. Unlike you, I’m not about to bust your skull open though that’s exactly what your bony ass deserves.” Zaiyia pulled one of her hands away, giving Alice some air, but was forced to grip down on her wrist when she tried to lash out at her. “But what I’m gonna do is give you one final warning. I want your stupid ass to leave me the FUCK alone or they’ll be some serious trouble coming your way.”

Zaiyia finally loosened her hold on Alice, and let her go. She was appreciative that Alice had finally given up on trying to attack her back, but that still didn’t make everything she’s done to her in the past forgivable. As Zaiyia was getting up, she made sure to get one last hit for good measures by kicking Alice right against her side. Alice let out a cry as she flew onto her back on the ground, and then curled into a fetal position, wrapping an arm around her throbbing stomach. “Just so you know I ain’t playing around.”

Turning around, Zaiyia retreated back to the school, well aware that the attack that just happened to Alice would definitely show some bruising signs on her fair skin, and that she could be in deep trouble for this. Thinking about it a little more, Zaiyia went through worse damaged being done to her not only by Alice’s little friends but the security guards afterwards that hurried in and basically assaulted her, so she had one up on Alice in that sympathy department. Carelessly shrugging, Zaiyia decided to leave it all up to chance. If she gets suspended for hitting Alice, then so be it. If she gets expelled, then so be it. Just means more time to fantasize about Heath naked on her free time anyway so what’s the harm in that?


Speaking of Heath, Zaiyia was surprised to find him parked outside the front of the school among the other parents. He was leaning against the car looking so damn sexy in his dirty white t-shirt that hugged his body. His muscular arms were out on display and crossed over his chest as he shot a glare at every little student that passed his car. Heath never really bothered to pick her up from school before, which led Zaiyia to believe that he was being overprotective considering this was her first day back to school after she got jumped in the girl’s locker room. The man had no idea who else was involved or at least knew about the fight, and so he was just simply glaring at every damn body that passed his truck. She couldn’t help but smile at seeing him again, and it didn’t look like she was the only one. She could clearly see several mothers of the students in her school checking him out from a distance with and without their husband’s for company. Zaiyia was even shocked to see some of the female students actually staring at him in with equal sexual interest as these older women. Rolling her eyes at the thought of that, Zaiyia hurried down to him, making sure that all the girls were still watching when she threw herself into his tall strong body.

“Hey, you!” Luckily, Heath saw her just in time and caught her in his arms. He held her close to him for a minute before pulling away to look her body over, pulling her arms this way and that, and tilting her face in different angles to inspect her for damage of any sort. “Now let’s see here….”

Zaiyia giggles at him as he attentively analyzed her. “Okay, what exactly are you trying to do, Heath?”

“I’m making sure you’re okay. It’s your first day back to this stupid place, and I wanna make sure you are being delivered to me the same way you left.” Heath spun her around to check her back and frowned down at what he found. He stared at the small piece of taped paper on her back that had the word ‘WHORE’ written in big bold black letters, before gently ripping it off of her back.

Zaiyia spun around when she felt him pull something off her back and gave him a look of confusion. “Wait, what was that?” Her eyes trained on his hand to see a piece of paper with a big bold insult written all over it. She instantly became livid.

Across the parking lot gathered near the school was a group of girls that had been watching them closely, snickering. When they saw Zaiyia discover the paper they had taped behind her back in the halls they burst out laughing, not even trying to keep their volume down. Zaiyia and Heath’s head both lifted in unison at the sound and glared at the group of girls. It took a second of seeing their smiling faces for Zaiyia to slip into a blackout rage. She stepped forward with every intention of murdering them all, but Heath grabbed her by her arm and effortlessly pulled her back before she could get far. Tilting her head up to order Heath to let her go, Zaiyia was surprised to see that he too was glaring murder at her group of hater. “Get into the car right now, Zaiyia…and hold onto something.”

Confused, Zaiyia watched Heath walk past her around the truck to slip into the driver’s seat. Wanting to know what he’s on about, Zaiyia opened the passenger door and hopped on in, closing it behind her. “Hold on, what do you mean by hold onto something? What for?”

Heath pointed a menacing finger in the direction of the girls that had been giving her a hard time, his other hand turning white on the steering wheel as he gripped it tightly. “I’m gonna ram those little bitches right through their fucking science class for fucking messing with you for the last time!”

Hiding the fact that she was unbelievably turned on by his anger with a playful laugh, she quickly realized by the stern look on his face that he wasn’t kidding in the slightest. For the first time ever, Zaiyia became afraid of this man and what he could do. Quickly reaching out a hand, she placed it comfortingly on his upper thigh, feeling his body tense beneath her fingers. “No, Heath, don’t! I don’t want you worrying about any of this shit, okay? It’s my fight and my fight alone.”

Heath turned his glare on her now, not liking the fact that his body completely stilled beneath her touch and that she wanted to handle all this drama following her on her own. He gritted his teeth as he thought it over. He didn’t want to leave any of this up to her anymore. He wanted to stand by her side and protect her from all of it…but he couldn’t, and he had a feeling she knew why. Zaiyia was only 16 years old and yet the feelings she could invoke in him were the type that only a woman legally closer to his age should invoke, not an underage child. He shouldn’t want to literally run a bunch of teenage girls down simply because they hurt a 16 year old he’s supposed to be watching. She biologically wasn’t his kid, so he couldn’t use that as an excuse for murdering them. Could he simply tell them over time he began to love her like his own? Would that work? Letting out an irritated sigh, Heath knew that that idea wouldn’t stick. The people that knew him could tell anyone he’s a hard cookie that doesn’t let anyone in easily…except for Yovela, and now of course her daughter. Growling in defeat, Heath turned the keys in the ignition and backed out of the school’s parking lot. He didn’t say a word to her until they were several streets away. “Are you gonna ever tell me what the fucks their problem is with you, because I still don’t get how one boy could be the cause of all this!?”

Zaiyia shrugged in her seat as she glanced at him. “Dude, they’re just a bunch of dumbass kids, that is all you need to know.”

Not liking her lack of an answer, Heath tightened his hold on his steering wheel and growled again, mumbling beneath his breath. “Sonofabitch.”

Letting out a soft sigh herself, Zaiyia’s brow furrowed in concern as to whether or not she should also risk telling Heath about the almost fight that happened in the cafeteria earlier…
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