Belonging to Lust

Chapter 53: Why Do You Do This To Me?

Heath let out a sigh as he reached up to rub the stress from his eyes. “Do I even wanna know what other trouble you got yourself into at school today?”

Zaiyia didn’t know why his comment made her smile, but it did. She gave him an uncertain shrug. “Maybe.” She decided to go on and tell him so he could get his anger out already and ground her, or whatever he planned on punishing her with for behaving stupidly. “I uh…I found Alice White walking along the tracks outside of school during lunch time.”

Dropping his hand onto his lap, Heath raised an eyebrow at the buildup of her story, wanting her to get to the point. “And? Then what happened?”

Biting her lip, Zaiyia began to feel nervous all over again, like a child well aware that she’s about to be in huge trouble by her parents when she finishes telling them an event that went bad. “Well, I…I kind of went up to her and…might have…punched her in the face?”

Heath was right back to yelling at her, his eyes bulging out of their socket in shock before he turned into the Incredible Hulk…except a much sexier version. “ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS, ZAIYIA!?” He threw himself back against his seat and forced him to look out towards his property in hopes of calming himself down before he spoke again. He couldn’t bring himself to look at her, not wishing to glare a hole right through her skull. “Jesus Christ, why would you do that, Zaiyia!? Do you have any idea the grave you’re digging yourself with all this bullshit teenage act?”

Zaiyia chose to ignore him to finish her tale. “Anyway, I basically warned her to leave me alone from then on out, and to prove my point I may have…kind of…slightly kicked her in the stomach when she was down to emphasize my point.

“Sonofabitch, Zaiyia!” Heath hissed, finally turning his head to give her that same penetrating glare he had directed elsewhere. “What the fuck is your problem!? Like seriously? Do you want to end up getting jumped again like before, or worse end up in a hospital practically knocking on death’s door? Because I don’t want that Zaiyia!” He pointed to his chest while still keeping her enthralled in his scolding of her. “Look, I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. But I can’t protect you if you keep instigating these fucking idiot kids to DO something to you! This is going far past my ability to step in and end it all myself. Unfortunately, I’m a grown man that isn’t allowed to put my hands on these girls and show them what it’s like to experience months in the hospital under insane amount of pain, but you can end all this! Not by fighting, but by not acting a fucking dumbass with a death wish. Not all of those kids are afraid, or will be afraid of you forever. You need to remember that. One day, they’ll get the upper hand and you’ll come out looking stupid. What you need to be doing is avoiding these girls, not provoking them to fight you.”

Zaiyia simply stared at him, listening to what he had to say. Despite how sexy he looked at the moment, he was right. She was acting like an immature 16 year old, not the mature woman she has become from years of raising herself in her mother’s absent. What had gotten into her? Did getting hit in the head in that locker room permanently scramble her brain to make her act like a violent dramatic teenager or was she always this way and is suddenly seeing herself for what she is? She blinked her eyes at Heath to see him relaxing back in his seat, his eyes on his garage door in front of them. “Why did you even tell me all of this? I mean, what exactly was your point in outing yourself like that to me?”

“I…I wanted to be honest with you.” Zaiyia whispered to him in a soft voice, the guilt weighing heavily on every word.

Despite her stupid antics with the other students in her school, Heath did appreciate that she was being honest with him. He could remember a time it was like pulling teeth to get Maverick and Anneliese to open up to him when they did something wrong in school. Nodding to himself, he glanced at her, evidence of his anger mostly gone. “Thank you then, for being honest. I know that was probably hard for you to do, but just know I appreciate your sincerity and letting me know what’s going on with you when I’m not there. I do care about you, Zaiyia, you and your safety, and it’s not because your mother left you in my care, but because I care for the person that you are, and who you’ll become in the future.”

Smiling at his confession that he actually cared for her outside of his own duties as her temporary guardian, Zaiyia felt her heart swell and lurch for this fascinating man that she was madly in love with. Not wanting to express to him verbally her own appreciation, she quickly scooted closer to him and quickly pressed her lips against his cheek as a sign of thanks, making sure to linger for her own selfish reasons. She snuck a peek at him to see his eyes slipping shut before she felt his entire body shudder again her lips. Purposely, she lingered a bit longer only to slowly pull her lips away from his cheek, feeling their contact become sever. She continued to stay where she was as she looked up into his face only to see it turns in her direction, as if he was intending on capturing her lips with his before she could pull away from him completely. A smile of excitement dared to curve the corner of his lips until she saw him tense up with that damn hesitation again. Her happiness was doused in seconds, but she could feel that the dying burning embers were still there when he leaned down to rub the tip of his nose against her cheek. The action was so sensual she almost believed it was his lips that were touching her instead, not his nose. She shivered with delight and softly closed her eyes, biting back a soft moan.

“Why do you do this to me?…” Heath whispered breathlessly against the soft skin of her cheek, deeply inhaling her tempting perfume, and taking in her gorgeous form, and her deep rich melanin skin. He could practically taste her skin what with how close he was to her, and was even tempted to steal a sample with his tongue too. His hands itched to touch her, his body heat rising with the need to feel her bare skin beneath his own. To sum it all up, he pretty much wanted her again. He wanted to be between her legs, he wanted to be inside of her body. He wanted to make another foolish mistake again and thrust into her until they were both spent and fully satisfied.

“B-Because I care about you, Heath.” Zaiyia whispered back, her body igniting on fire as her hand reached up to slide up his chest, feeling the defined muscles of his body. “…and I want to express it to you.” Her hand journeyed further up to slide along the strong column of the side of his neck. “Since you won’t let me kiss you.”

With his eyes still closed, Heath tried to swallow the lump forming in his throat, but it didn’t help the fact that he wanted her so badly he wanted to cry. Leaning down at bit, he nuzzles his face against her cheek, allowing a deep groan that sounded a bit desperate to leave his lips. “Zaiyia…”

Reaching up to cup his cheek in her hand, Zaiyia too, closed her eyes, and let out a soft moan as her lips part with desire. She could feel that familiar ache radiate for him between her legs. Tilting her head against his, she whispered hotly. “K-Kiss me, Heath. Please…”

Heath squeezed his already closed eyes tighter as he fought between yes or no. As much as he wanted to have sex with her again, it was wrong. He was 34 years old and she was 16. It was wrong. Heath mentally continued to follow that way of thinking until he given the strength to pull himself away from her and turn away. Panting from running from his biggest sexual temptation, Heath glared out his window at his perfectly cut lawn, and focused on calming his breathe.

Zaiyia, on the other hand, slumped back in her seat in defeat, before quickly opening her car door and hopping out. She couldn’t stand being near him in the same car, not when she was too incredibly horny she was literally trembling from it. She took a couple of deep breathes as she heard him step out of his truck too. When she felt a bit better, she rounded the truck and headed for the house, not sparing a glance at him for his own safety. Her ears picked up on his heavy footsteps falling behind hers. She used her house key to unlock the door, and stepped inside. Heath closed and locked the door behind him. The journey from the driveway to the kitchen gave Zaiyia enough time to calm down from his rejection. She was right back to her normal self just that least on the outside. “So, what do you want for dinner?”

Heath followed suit. He gave her a shrug, unsure himself. “I don’t know. Whatever you want to make I guess.”

Zaiyia gives him a nod of understanding and walked towards the fridge. “You got it.”

Still feeling the horny beast inside him urging him to pounce on her and take her up against the kitchen counters, Heath backed out of the kitchen and head down the hall to his bedroom for a necessary cold shower. He took his time letting the water do its work on banishing the sex demons away. He hated that this was his life now. It seemed like he spent all of his free time outside of work trying to resist having sex with his adventurous girlfriend’s 16 year old daughter. What kind of life was that?

In the kitchen, Zaiyia just finished making a quick dinner when she noticed Heath had yet to return from wherever he ran off to. After setting the table, she searched the house for him, and upon entering his bedroom, heard his shower running. Just as soon as she realized he was most likely naked on the other side of the door, the shower head turned off. Eyes widening in alarm, Zaiyia quickly scurried back out of the room and waited 5 minutes before knocking on his bedroom door.

“It’s open.” Heath called to her from where he stood in his pajama bottoms, drying his bare chest.

Zaiyia opened the door but shied right back behind it when she saw that he was shirtless. “Uh, d-dinner is ready.”

Heath walked over to his door and pulled it open, now wearing a t-shirt. “Great, let’s go eat.” He waited for her to turn around to head down the hall before following close behind her, his eyes following the sway of her thick behind.
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