Belonging to Lust

Chapter 54: A Goddess

Zaiyia and Heath ate dinner together like usual. They spoke to each other like the temptation that took place in his truck a few minutes ago never happened, and merely enjoyed their meal over conversations of the weather, his work day, and her education. Once her plate was empty of food, Zaiyia got up from the table and put it into the sink. She turned around to face him and jerked her thumb towards the backdoor where her house was sitting in the backyard. “So, I’m gonna go back to my room, and get some homework out of the way, okay?”

Heath nodded from where he sat leaning in his chair ripping the meat off his chicken bone with his teeth, his stomach completely content with being in food heaven. “Sure, that’s fine. Maybe afterwards we can watch a movie at your place, unless of course you don’t feel like doing that tonight.”

She shot him a grin as she rinsed off the plates in the sink, and put them away in the dishwasher. “I can’t wait.” Wiping her hands on a dish towel, she walked over to his chair while he was eating and wrapped her arms around his neck, catching him by surprise, especially when she lean down to press a kiss to his cheek. She felt him tense up beneath her lips and jerk a bit as he coughed on his own food. She couldn’t help but let out a giggles as she hurriedly pulled away and headed for the backdoor. “See you later!”

Heath finally let out a groan he was holding back the minute she left, and lowered his eyes down to his lap where his pants had constricted around his semi - erection. He couldn’t believe himself right now. Not giving it another thought, Heath quickly finished off the last of his plate before he got up from the kitchen table and headed back into his bathroom to jerk off in private. Impatiently he locked the door and unzipped his jeans to fish his dick out. Once he had himself in his hand, he began to pump himself. If memory served, his hand was nowhere near as good as being inside Zaiyia, and when found his orgasm and came in his hands, he didn’t feel the usual out of body experience where it felt like he had rose to heaven only to gently float back down to earth. Leaning his head back against the wall of his bathroom, he closed his eyes and tried to recall his moments with Zaiyia and how she had affected him so expertly despite only being a virgin. He didn’t have time to get far in his daydream because the sound of the doorbell going off interrupted his thoughts. Groaning out of annoyance this time, Heath quickly cleaned himself up before leaving his bedroom to answer the front door.

“Hey, big brother! How’ve you been?” Anneliese greeted him with a tubberware in one hand while on the arms of her husband Colin and her three kids, Josiah, Florence and Vivienne standing in front of them. They all looked like they had come from Sunday’s church dressed in suits and dresses.

Not fighting back the grin at seeing his nieces and nephew, Heath immediately stepped back to welcome the family inside. “I’ve been better. Come on in, you guys….and why are you dressed like that?”

Colin allowed his family to enter the house first before stepping inside and closing the door behind him. “Oh, just visiting my grandparents up North. We were on our way to the movies and thought we’d stop by and see you.”

“Well, I’m glad you did. I haven’t seen these little Rugrats in a while now.” Heath crouched down the moment he said Rugrats to get to the younglings level as they scrambled over to attack him for calling them that. He couldn’t help but laugh at their weak little strength at making him pay for insulting them, but they were laughing too so it was okay. Of the three kids, Josiah was the only one that wasn’t a redhead, he had in fact inherited his dad’s hair and looks, but had obtained his mother’s eyes. Florence and Vivienne looked exactly like Anneliese when she was younger.

Anneliese headed off towards his kitchen, calling over her shoulder. “I assumed you two already had dinner so I bought you two some dessert instead of cooking you up something.”

“Is that the only reason why you came here?” Heath called out at her suspiciously with Josiah on his back and Florence and Vivienne on each of his arms.

Colin gave him a knowing look. “Oh, you know your sister. She wanted to show off to us what she created in your guest house.”

“Jesus Christ, what is wrong with that women?” Heath mumbled, joking around with his brother-in-law.

Colin shrugged. “I have no idea. She’s stuck on this interior decorator kick, it’s weird. I just humor her these days to make her happy.”

Heath sighed and rolled his eyes. “Oh alright, let’s go to see the guest house, you guys.” The kids cheered but wouldn’t let go of him, and so Heath was forced to stand up and walk with them on his arms and back. Colin and Anneliese knew he didn’t mind the extra weight and so they followed close behind towards the guest house. Heath fished his keys out and opened the front door, revealing a newly decorated downstairs. He could feel the kids loosen their hold on him, wishing to get off, and so leaned back and then forward to let the kids go and admire their mother’s talent.


From upstairs, Zaiyia had heard voices outside and had watched Heath coming over with his little sister Anneliese, a man in a suit and three little kids. She couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of the kids hanging on him, and was secretly impressed that he wasn’t struggling even a little with the extra weight. Giving the silly scene a shake of her head, Zaiyia got off her window seat and back onto her bed to complete the last of her homework. Downstairs the flood of children’s laughter and the three adult’s voices echoed throughout the house, but she chose to ignore it to focus on her education. It was only until she felt a pair of eyes on her, did she finally look up from her paper. Following the sensation, her eyes trailed up to see a little girl staring at her from between the baluster of the stairs. Parting her lips to greet her, Zaiyia was silenced by another even tinier face appearing next to the other little girl. Lifting a hand, Zaiyia gave her two visitors a friendly wave. The girls didn’t wave back, instead they climbed up the stairs and walked into Zaiyia’s room without permission. Zaiyia sat up on her bed and closed her school books to give them her undivided attention.

“Are you a Goddess?” Florence asked, her red hair done up into ringlets.

Zaiyia was completely taken aback by her compliment at first, and couldn’t help but be flatter by it. She let out a laugh, placing a hand on her chest. “Aww, that’s sweet of you to say, kid, but uh…what makes you think that I’m a goddess?”

“Because yous wook wike ones.” Vivienne points out with a finger towards her gold headdress.

“Oh, is that so?” Zaiyia asked her with a smile.

“Daddy taught us what the ancient goddesses of Egypt looked like, and you look like them.” Florence explained.

With a smug smile on her face, Zaiyia gave them a shrug. “Well you know, I don’t usually like to toot my own horn, but…”

Before she could finish, Heath came up the stairs, searching for his nieces who had wandered off. Zaiyia and the girls all looked in his direction as he entered her room, but his eyes flew to Zaiyia and stayed there. Vivienne giggled and began to waddle towards him, her chubby arms out. “Unker Heat!”

Heath fights to pull his gaze off of Zaiyia to focus on his little niece as he bends over to sweep her up into his arm, holding her protectively to his chest. “There’s my little cherub! What you doing up here? We look back for one minute and then you were gone.”

Florence boldly pointed back at Zaiyia. “We were visiting the Goddess that lives in your attic, Uncle Heath.”

Heath followed her finger to Zaiyia, feeling his heart lurch at the sight of her before giving his niece a look of confusion. “Visiting the Goddess in my attic, you say?”

Florence nodded to him and smiled. “Yeah, she’s right over there on the bed.” She turned to point at Zaiyia again who was draped over her bed looking like an actual goddess, completely feeling herself at the moment.

“Is it so hard to believe, Heath, that I could be a Goddess?” Zaiyia giggled at him from the bed.
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