Belonging to Lust

Chapter 55: Sharknado?

Heath had bite back his remark when Zaiyia compared herself to being the Goddess his nieces seem to believe she was. He had gotten close to agreeing that she had to be one because she sure as hell looked like a Goddess to him. She sounded like one whenever she spoke, and even felt like one beneath his hands whenever he reached out to touch her. Hell, she even had sex like Heath would imagine a Goddess would if he ever slept with one before. Lowering himself down, Heath placed Vivienne back on her feet and looked at Florence. “Alright you two, enough visiting the Goddess in my attic. Your mother is looking for you downstairs, so hop to it.”

Zaiyia waved back to the girls as they made their farewells and headed back towards the stairs. She watched Heath usher the girls down the stairs before following them down. Not expecting him to leave too, Zaiyia sat herself up and quickly called out his name before he could. “Heath!”

Heath heard her, and retraced his steps back up the stairs, entering her room a little as he leaned his arm against the stair’s square newel post. “Yeah?”

Quickly thinking of a question to keep him there longer, Zaiyia brushed her braids back over both of her shoulder. “Who were those little girls?”

“Oh, they’re my nieces. Anneliese’s daughters.” Heath clarified with a short nod and a smile.

“Aw, they are?” Zaiyia cooed with a grin. “They were so cute and adorable, all calling me Goddess and shit. I just wanted to squeeze them tight until their little heads popped off or something.”

Heath chuckled. “Yeah well, don’t do that, or else Anneliese will skin me alive.”

Zaiyia lifted both of her hands in peace. “Hey, I won’t. I’m just saying they’re cute as fuck.”

Heath nodded in agreement before silence stretched between them. Zaiyia couldn’t think of anything else to say to keep him there, but luckily for her, Heath wasn’t wishing to leave anytime soon either “So uh…how’s your homework going?”

Zaiyia was relieved he asked her that. She glanced down at her books, trying to recall how exactly her homework is doing. Shrugging, Zaiyia return her eyes back up to his. “I would say it’s almost done.”

“HEY, ZAIYIA! ARE YOU UP THERE?!” A familiar voice called from downstairs.

“Is that your sister?” Zaiyia giggled at him.

Heath leaned back a bit to glance down the stairs to confirm what he already knew. “Yup, that’ll be Anneliese.”

Zaiyia gestured towards the stairs with a hand. “May I? Join you guys downstairs, I mean.”

Looking over her light gold satin night gown slowly and sensually, Heath nodded his head towards her dresser. “If you put on your robe on first, yes. If not, then no.”

“Whatever you say, captain.” Zaiyia nodded before getting up from her bed and donning her robe that was hanging on one of the three hooks on her bathroom door. She tied the robe before walking over to the stairs. Before she passed him, she linked her fingers through his hand that hung limply off the nettle post, and leaned up on her tiptoes to press a kiss to the bottom of his chin. She felt him tense up for a split second before she pulled away to give him an appreciative smile. Letting go of his hand, she walked around him and down the stairs.

Having to take a moment to do some deep breathing to calm the horny beast within him, Heath followed suit down the stairs. When he got to the bottom, he saw his sister Anneliese introducing Zaiyia to her family. “This is my husband Colin, and our three kids Josiah, Florence and Vivienne. Everyone, this is Zaiyia Halifax, Yovela’s daughter.”

Zaiyia shook everyone’s hand with a friendly smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you all.”

Colin took a peek at his wrist watch while everyone got familiar with each other, and realized that they were running late for the movies. “Uh oh, we better get a move on or we’ll miss the new SpongeBob movie.”

The kids cried out in despair as they all simultaneously ran for the front door. Anneliese didn’t like the idea of her kids running all over the property and was about to yell at them when her husband Colin raised his hand in assurance that he’s got them. Anneliese was grateful and quickly turned around to hug and kiss her brother goodbye. “Goodnight, Heath. Thanks for letting us drop by.” Waving one last goodbye to Zaiyia, Anneliese closed the door behind her and left.

“They’re such a beautiful family.” Zaiyia gushed with a smile on her face that quickly turned into a pout. “Damn, I’m jealous.”

Heath couldn’t help but nod in agreement. He never thought of having a family of his own before until his sister started having one. Seeing them all together always bothered him because it made him wish for more out of his life though for reasons unknown to him he hadn’t ever tried to seek out for himself. “I’m right there with you.”

Zaiyia was surprised a little by his response. Turning to face him, she placed her hands on her hips and raised a suspicious eyebrow at him. “Oh yeah? Then why haven’t you gone out and found yourself the perfect woman to make a baby with?”

If she only knew it was more complicated than that. Placing his hands in his pocket with a sigh, Heath gave her a shrug with his broad shoulders and looked down at her. “I don’t really know.”

“Well, you’re missing out on having some beautiful babies.” Zaiyia warned him with a smile before walking over to him and wrapping her arms around his waist. She tilted her head to look up into his face with a soft adoring smile. “And Jesus Christ, Heath, you’d make some damn beautiful babies…”

Heath lowered his arms down to loosely wrap around her shoulders as he rolls his eyes in response. “Yeah, whatever. Go and finish the rest of your homework so we can watch that movie already.”

Zaiyia giggled up at him before nuzzling her face against his chest and pulling away. She reluctantly went upstairs to finish the last of her homework and Heath watched her go. As wrong as it was, Heath didn’t at all mind her harmless hugs, kisses and cuddles. Actually, he rather liked it. He wasn’t sure if that made him even more of pedophile or not, but he didn’t feel like thinking on those kinds of negative thoughts tonight. He wanted to enjoy the rest of his evening and worry about all that doom stuff later on.

In 10 minutes, Zaiyia was done with homework and was rushing back downstairs with a blanket wrapped around her. When she didn’t see him in her living room, she figured the movie night was happening in the main house. Flying out the door, Zaiyia made her way to the main house and stepped through its back door and into the kitchen. She found Heath sitting in his living room flipping through the channels. “Did you find a movie yet?”

Heath shook his head in disappointment. “It’s all just a bunch of shitty movies.” Still, he stopped on the sci-fi channeled where they were having a monster movie marathon.

Zaiyia pulled the blanket off of her, wearing that nightgown she wasn’t allowed to wear in front of his family during their visit. She plopped down onto the couch next to him and arranged the blanket over the both of them.

“Thank you.” Heath replied before leaning back against the couch and stretching his arm out behind her, his eyes on the screen.

“You’re welcome.” She mumbled back as she cuddles up against his side when the title of the film flashed over the screen. Sharknado? What in the world is a Sharknado, Zaiyia wondered to herself.
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