Belonging to Lust

Chapter 56: Same Boring Ass Guidelines

After finishing the weird film called Sharknado, the couple settled for one more film, but this time they made it a romantic comedy. They had no idea what it was about nor did they care, they just wanted something to fill their time together so they didn’t have to leave one another earlier on then they wanted to. While Zaiya’s mind was on the film, Heath’s mind was stuck on her and only her. He kept glancing at her cuddled up against his side and wondering to himself if this kind of comfortability that they have for each other was considered highly inappropriate. Did father’s cuddle with their daughters during movies? Heath wasn’t sure since his parents died before he could see for himself, but he figured that cuddling couldn’t be all that bad between a child and their parent. He couldn’t really see the inappropriateness of it.

For Zaiyia, this romantic comedy film was horrible. In fact, it was so horrendous, Zaiyia couldn’t keep her mouth shut throughout the entire movie and would either make comments to the characters, or predict every single scene that was about come up. “Oh my gaaaaaawd, this shit sucks!” She turned her head to tilt her face up at him and raise an eyebrow. “Have you never noticed how pretty much all the films that fall under this genre follow the same boring ass guidelines so damn obviously that they all pretty much seem the same to each other?”

With his eyes still on the screen, Heath shook his head in response. “Not, not really. I don’t usually watch these kinds of movies so I wouldn’t know.”

The couple try to continue to watch the film, but they became so unbelievably bored with it they both fell asleep because of it. They slept for only a few minutes, perhaps 20-30 minutes maximum, before Zaiyia opened her eyes back up first to see the ending credits drifting down the TV screen. She stared in confusion at the credits because she had been certain she only closed her eyes for 2 minutes, but obviously it had been longer. Letting the subject go, she tilted her head up to check on Heath and found him dead asleep too and somehow making the action look incredibly sexy and tempting! Now how was that possible?

Smiling at him and wishing to touch him now that he can’t stop her, she reached up and lightly caress his stubble cheek. She loved touching him, she loved tasting him, she just simply loved him, and yet…they could never be. It was like how the Disney Princess movies go at first. Her smile fell as she continued to look him over in yearning. She didn’t want to wait anymore for her happy ending, she wanted her Disney Prince now! She was certain it had to Heath, no one else would simply do! Frowning to herself and feeling crushed because she knew society would never allow something so forbidden yet beautiful to thrive. And anyway, it was probably time to wake up her responsible and super sexy guardian anyway. “Heath...” When he showed no sign of moving, she snuck in an endearment she was sure he wouldn’t have accepted when he was awake and thrown back in her face. “Baby, it’s time to wake up. The movie is over.”

Heath’s eyes moved beneath his lids for a minute before he slowly opened them and groaned. He shifted a bit and lifted his arms up to stretch out his limbs, letting out another much deeper groan. Once again he reopened his eyes to see Zaiyia’s stunning eyes watching him. He stared right back at her, not caring if that was also something that would be deemed inappropriate of him to do. “What time is it?”

Zaiyia scoffed and rolled her eyes at the thought of the party being over. “It’s probably late, like always which means you’re about to bounce on out of here and leave me to my lonesome.”

Heath nodded in agreement that that is indeed what he would do if it was in fact that late. “Naturally.”

Rolling her eyes again, Zaiyia glanced over his shoulder at the clock to see it was indeed late. She shot a glare at the innocent device that was just doing its job, and returned her gaze to his. “Well, it’s late, and I mean bedtime late.”

“Sonofabitch.” Groaning in annoyance, Heath leaned forward against Zaiyia and used his heavier weight to push her down on the couch so he could lay halfway on her. He dived his hands beneath her body so he could wrap an arm around her small waist and hold onto her. “I don’t want to go to work tomorrow.”

If Heath would only look up he’d see the same smile Stan Marsh from South Park always has when Wendy Testaburger was nearby on Zaiyia’s face. Right now, in this position, there was so much she wanted to do to him, but she settle with finding a spot on his back that wouldn’t be so alarming for her to reach out and touch. She bit her full bottom lip with satisfaction as the warmth of his body seeped through his shirt and met her own forming from the palm of her hand. It wasn’t anything like exchanging bodily fluids, but tonight it’ll have to do. “Then what do you wanna do?”

“Stay here…” Heath answered before biting back the last part of his sentence. He shouldn’t say it, he knew he shouldn’t, but there it went tumbling from his lips like he never thought before he spoke. “…with you?”

Zaiyia was so elated form those last two words she couldn’t help but giggle out loud. “Well, I don’t want to go to school either so…” An idea popped into her head. “Hey, how about this? You can stay home from work, and I’ll stay home from school! Pretty awesome idea, right?”

“Genius? Right.” Heath snorted in response, his body shaking on hers as he chuckles quietly. “And what would we do if we played hooky for the day, hmm?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Zaiyia shrugged as she stared up at the ceiling and ran through her mind for options. “We can go to the zoo…a museum…or an aquarium…or if you don’t want to be seen out in public with me we can totally stay here, and catch a movie marathon. Hell, we can even do yard work in the backyard if that’s what you want to do.”

“Yard work!? Seriously?” Heath laughed with his eyes still closed. “Well damn, in that case we’re playing hooky tomorrow!”

“And I’m totally here for that, what a coincidence!” Zaiyia cheered, not catching his sarcasm as she threw her fists up in celebration. Finally, a full day alone with her man, though he’s not really her man but of course she’s always wising he was her man and behind his back calls him her man, which in conclusion means he must be her man…kind of.

“I was being sarcastic!” Finally opening his eyes, Heath lifted his head to give her a disapproving look, but couldn’t get rid of the smiling curl at the corners of his mouth. “Now Zaiyia, you should know better by now that playing hooky is a big no-no in my book. You’re in school to go to school and get yourself an education, nothing more, nothing less.”

Zaiyia rolled her eyes. “Whatever, Mr. I’m No Damn Fun Anymore.”

Ignoring her comment, Heath finally lifted himself up off of her to stand in front of the couch on his own two feet. He once again stretched his body out, giving Zaiyia an upward view of his muscles flexing that she was very grateful for. When he looked back down at her, she was propped up on her elbows with her black braids swept past her shoulder, exposing the smooth deep flawless skin of her shoulders to his view all the while she stared up into his green eyes. His heart race as he could remember a time where he pressed his lips against those very shoulders before leading down to her perfect breasts. His green eyes lowered as if by command, and took in the pale gold silk-satin fabric that shielded her breasts but also molded to them to a point where he could tell her nipples had harden beneath his gaze. His mouth suddenly went dry at the memory of drawing those dark nubs deep into his mouth, and enjoying the taste they emitted.

“Heath…” Zaiyia’s soft voice called to him out of his fantasy. The sight of his jean stretching around his hard on had already in under a second soaked her panties to the point where she would be forced to discard them for a new pair. Her body was clearly telling her that she should try to take advantage of him even if it meant she had to rape him, but alas she knew better than to do that.

Turning his head away while he can still escape her clutches, Heath’s eyes darted around the room as he got himself together. He breathed in and out until he felt more composed, but if he had to take more time just to wait for his erection to go down completely they’d be there all night and he’d definitely end up calling it quits by throwing himself upon Zaiyia again. Returning his eyes back to her, and ignoring his throbbing erection, Heath offered her his hand to help her off the couch. “Here. It’s time for us to hit the…to go to bed.”

Internally pouting at his deflection, Zaiyia placed her hands in his, now wishing she could go back through time and jump his sexy behind on the couch instead like she wanted too. “Thanks.”

Heath pulled her up onto her feet in front of him, but tried not to look at her too long…of course, that didn’t work out all that successfully. “I’ll uh…I’ll see you tomorrow then. Goodnight, Zaiyia.”

Zaiyia smiled up at him. “Goodnight, Heath.” As she walked around him, she boldly leaned over and planted a longing kiss that only a lover would give onto his bicep. Heath let out a painful groan, not even trying to hide the fact that she was obviously effecting him, but she didn’t need help in becoming aware of that anyway. She licked her lips and once they were free, quickly turned off the TV before heading for the stairs that led up to her bedroom.

Gritting his teeth in sexual frustration, Heath dragged himself back into his house for a long cold shower.
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