Belonging to Lust

Chapter 57: You Little Shit

The next morning, Heath was scheduled into work later than usual, which was fine with him because that meant he could sleep in and for once see Zaiyia off for school. It was a nice change at first with him cooking breakfast and her being served…that was until they took a bite. To her, his food seemed pretty normal to be expected. To him, his cooking was garbage compared to what she could dish out in the kitchen. They laughed over their plates, before a knock on the front door interrupted them. “I’ll get it.” Heath assured her as he got up from his chair. He walked over to the front door with a smile still stuck on his face from all that laughing, and opened the door to reveal a young man with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. Heath’s smile dropped as he eyed the beautiful flowers before rising to stare the kid down. “Can I help you, kid?”

The young man nervously nodded. “Yes sir, you can. Um.” He stood on his tip toes to peek over Heath’s broad shoulders, but he was still too short to look past it to spot the reason he was there. His mouth thinning in defeat, his eyes return to Heath’s intimidating ones. “I-Is Zaiyia awake?”

Heath’s eyes narrowed into a glare at this kid who had the balls to knock on HIS door to ask to see HIS Zaiyia. He watched the kid shrink beneath his glare, and break out in a sweat, his legs visibly shaking from underneath him, threatening to drop him to the floor. Not wanting to waste his time beating another boy’s behind for having an interest in Zaiyia, Heath merely leaned over and growled like a grizzly bear ready to maul its prey. “Beat it! Now!”

Zaiyia had left the kitchen to see who was at the door as well. The fact that Heath hadn’t come back inside yet told her that the visitor wasn’t just some random salesperson. Naturally, of course, Heath’s frame filled the doorway, and made it difficult to see who the person could be past him, so Zaiyia had to duck this way and that get a peek through the small areas of light his body wasn’t blocking out. Shock filled her when she saw Alan, as in Alice’s Alan standing on her doorstep! Reaching out, she placed a hand on Heath’s arm and pulled at it so he’d get the hint to back off so she could talk to who was most likely HER visitor. “Heath, move aside. I got this.”

Heath ignored her, and merely slammed his front door shut right in Alan’s face. When he turned around he could tell that Zaiyia wasn’t happy with what he did, but he could care less. He wasn’t all too happy about the situation either. He jerked his thumb in the direction of the door, and began interrogating her immediately. “Who the fuck is that little jerk, Zaiyia, and why the fuck is he on my property?!”

Zaiyia narrowed her eyes at him, and crossed her arms over her chest. “His name is Alan, and yes, before you ask, he’s the very same Alan that started all this fucking bullying I’m forced to deal with at school. Why is he here, I can’t tell you that because you just slammed the door in his face before I could ask!”

“THAT ALAN!?” Heath fought to lower his voice, and hissed at her instead, not believing for one minute that she could possibly be okay with this scenario. “The very same Alan that LIKES you likes you?!”

Zaiyia gave him a nod, not caring to acknowledge that information simply because the feeling wasn’t mutual. “The very same.”

“Oh, fuck this! You are forbidden from opening that door!” Heath seethed before pointing a stern finger back towards the kitchen. “You are going back into that kitchen right now, young lady, and finishing up that breakfast, pronto!”

As sexy as he looked mad, Zaiyia merely looked at him, amused that he would think he could boss her around, and she’d just listen to him like an obedient little girl. She gave him a smile, before shaking her head and walking around him to the front door without a word. She swung the door back open again to a stunned Alan before Heath could stop her, and smiled at her visitor. “Morning, you.”

“M-Morning, Zaiyia.” Alan smiled in relief at seeing her again, and not that huge guy that went by the name of Heath. He gave her wave before offering her the bouquet of flowers he bought for her. “These are for you.”

“Oh, you little shit!” Heath spat, not trying to keep his voice low at all, or be a mature adult about this. He couldn’t be even if he tried. He was livid beyond belief that she disobeyed him, and is now talking sweetly to this kid who has done nothing, but cause her trouble at school since Day 1. Clenching his fists tightly, he began to pace the floor like a prowling lion, not planning on leaving them alone to talk for one second no matter how annoying, or intrusive he was being. This was his property which meant he could listen into their conversations all he wanted.

Alan flinched in response to Heath’s insult, but Zaiyia continued on with a smile as if he didn’t exist anymore, and took the flowers that were being offered to her. “Thank you for these, Alan. They’re beautiful.” She studied the colorful flowers for a minute before looking back up at him. “So, what brings you to my house this morning?”

Sticking his hands in his pocket, Alan tried very hard to pretend Heath wasn’t prowling behind her like a hungry monster ready to eat him, and flashed her a cute smile. “Well, I thought I’d offer you a ride to school this morning, but then had the idea that we could stop by a café for some breakfast before heading to school which sounded better to me…w-wouldn’t you say so too?”

Heath shook his head from where he was pacing as if his opinion at all mattered. “Nope, not fucking happening!” He told himself before shouting loud enough for him to hear. “SHE ALREADY HAD BREAKFAST, YOU LITTE PRICK! NOW, GET THE FUCK OFF OF MY PROPERTY!”

Zaiyia tried to stay mad at Heath, but it was kind of hard when she was being forced to suppress her laughter, because his little comments were amusing. Hell, him being jealous was amusing, and greatly fed her confidence, and so she continued on to reel Alan in, because she was enjoying it so much. FINALLY, Heath was giving her a reaction. Zaiyia gave a jumpy Alan a shake of her head, and waved a dismissive hand behind her. “Please, just ignored him. He’s just naturally grumpy.”


Alan anxiously looked between Zaiyia and the pacing tall shadow behind her. He didn’t know who to listen to because that Heath guy sounded undeniably dangerous, and yet he was certain that Zaiyia would protect him if the guy came at him…right? “I-In that case, m-maybe we can go and g-get some coffee, or something instead?”

“SHE DOESN’T DRINK COFFEE!” Heath shouted without thinking. He had no idea if that fact was true, but he grabbed the first comment out of the air, and went with it. “AND EVEN IF SHE DID, SHE’S TOO YOING TO BE DRINKING THAT SHIT!”

Now finally getting annoyed with being interrupted, Zaiyia rolled her eyes and addressed Heath over her shoulder. “Heath, would you knock it off and let me talk? Thank you!”

Heath let out a growl in response, and tightened his fist impossibly tighter. He had to focus on getting control over his anger, or else he was gonna pop and end up beating a child to death on his property.

Zaiyia returned her attention to Alan. She was done using him to make Heath jealous, and finally got down to business. “Look, Alan, to be honest I don’t think that’s a good idea. What with everything that’s been going on at school and everything.” She watched his demeanor fall completely, and felt kind of bad for having to reject his offer. “I mean, yeah, Alice has pretty much signed her life away with me anyway, but I don’t need to add anymore of her cunt friends to my death list, if you get my drift.”

Alan’s eyes dropped to the floor as he nodded in understanding. He wasn’t stupid to what’s been going on with his exe and Zaiyia, he just wasn’t sure if it was something he needed to step into and address yet. He still felt he should leave it all up to the women…even if he was the reason it got started. “Y-Yeah…I apologize for all the trouble that’s come your way since Alice and I split. It wasn’t fair.”

Zaiyia shrugged it off. “It’s whatever, man. It’s cool.”

Lifting his eyes to hers again, Alan’s face shifted to one of genuine concern as he looked her over. “I’ve been meaning to ask, how have you been feeling since they jumped you in the locker room? I heard they messed you up pretty bad.”

Freezing as the memories came flooding back, Zaiyia narrowed her eyes at him. “Excuse me?

Having just about enough of this, especially when Alan mentioned that traumatic experience they both had to go through because of him, Heath finally stepped in to take charge. He didn’t want Zaiyia to be reminded about that tragedy again, and so to prevent any further damage he reached out grab her by her arm, and gently pull her back so he could tag himself into the ring. It only took one shove to have Alan launching off of his porch, and landing on his walkway to finally shut him up, but Heath didn’t stop there. He stepped out of the house, and stood on his porch like a conquering King on his throne, and pointing a warning finger at the poor kid who was scrambling back away from him out of terror. “YOU BETTER SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH, OR I’LL DO IT FOR YOU!” He then pointed in the direction of Alan’s hot rod parked in his driveway. “NOW GET THE FUCK OFF OF MY PROPERTY, OR I’LL BREAK EVERY BONE IN YOUR BODY!”

Alan didn’t respond back, because he was too scared that he was gonna get beaten to death whether he had said ‘yes, sir’ or had challenged him instead. He scrambled up to his feet, and stumbled over to his car with every intention of leaving.

Heath didn’t wait to watch him go, instead he returned back inside his house and slammed the door behind him.
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