Belonging to Lust

Chapter 58: Just Let It Be

“Jesus Christ, Heath! What the hell is your problem all of a sudden?” Zaiyia demanded to know, not believing that he just put his hands on Alan and practically scared the poor little boy off with his threats and his incredible physical stature. “He did nothing to deserve you shoving him around like that!”

“Hey!” Heath shouted, pointing a finger out the window as he came forward to tower over her tiny frame. “That fucking idiot is the reason you’re being bullied at school by those little bitches!”

Zaiyia rolled her eyes, and placed her hands on her hips. “Yeah, I’m well aware of that already, Heath! That doesn’t change the fact that what you did was wrong, and immature!”

“Oh please, says the girl that wants to take on the entire female body at her school all by her damn self because she’s too damn stubborn to accept help from anybody else!” Heath retaliated before the hurt look on her face made him clamp his mouth shut, and refocus on calming his anger down. Placing his hands on his hips too, Heath looked away and took a couple of deep breathes, occasionally running a hand through his short hair. “Look, I’m…I’m sorry. That was…out of line of me to say. I’m just….I’m just very fucking pissed off right now, and I’m just taking it out on you. I shouldn’t have said that, Zaiyia, I’m sorry.”

Forgiving him easily, Zaiyia gave him a soft smile before walking up to him to run her hands up his massive chest, enjoying the muscles there. In an instant, her smile went from forgiving to a more sensual one at his jealous display. “You know…you’re incredibly sexy when you’re jealous. I fucking love it! I love how you act like I’m all yours, and no one else’s.”

“Jealous?! Whoa, hey now, you got the wrong idea, Zaiyia!” Heath immediately reached up to pull her tiny hands off him, and stepped back to give them both some space. As much as he relished the feeling of her hands on him again, even if it’s through his clothes, he couldn’t allow her to think that her action will be overlooked just this once. He can’t touch her, she can’t touch him, end of story. No matter how many lies he had to spill to her, he can’t ever let them fall back into bed like they had before. “I am not jealous about some little kid trying to hook up with you! I simply despise that little shit for what happened to you because you are my responsibility until your mother returns, that’s all! There’s nothing more to it.”

Zaiyia hated this, and didn’t hide that fact his dismissal didn’t hurt her. How many times was this guy going to lie to her face, and to himself? He was attracted to her, point blank, plain and simple! She was getting sick of all of his responsible dutiful façade all the damn time, though she was aware of why he insisted on dancing to this same boring old tune every time. For once, she just wanted the man to overlook this one time and fuck her naked body right through the living room floor! But no, Heath would never do something like that. He was too focused on protecting himself from the law, and as much as Zaiyia tried to get that through her head it could never change the fact that she had needs, and that those needs could only be sated by only one person on this planet. Shaking her head in disgust and irritation, Zaiyia backed away and strode right back into the kitchen to grab her backpack. When she came back into the living room, she headed straight for the front door, not at all in the mood to talk to Heath anymore. She was done playing this game! She was done being in need! She needed to have her needs satisfied, or she’ll end up exploding like a nuclear bomb, wiping out their entire neighborhood and everyone in it for that matter.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going!?” Heath demanded to know. “Your bus isn’t going to be here for another 30 minutes!”

Zaiyia turned to face him for only a second to give him an evil vengeful smile that he wasn’t used to at all. “I think I’m gonna take Alan up on that offer after all!”

“ALAN!? That little prick?!” Heath scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest. “You’re too late to go riding off with your little boyfriend. I scared him off, remember?”

“From what I can see outside, he’s parted along the curb a couple of block down.” Zaiyia informed him with a smug look in her eyes the moment she spotted his vehicle through the gap in the curtain. “Look like you’re not as big and scary as you think.” She reached out for the doorknob, but her arm was pulled back by Heath’s grip on her.

His green eyes were blazed with a fire of hatred, and jealousy. “Why the fuck do you even want to go with that little shit so damn bad anyway, after all the troubles he’s caused you!?”

Zaiyia shot him a hateful glare of her own as she shouted up at him. “Because something tells me that little shit wouldn’t be so afraid to touch me unlike you! A girl has needs, and so if you won’t satisfy them then I know someone who will!” She yanked her arm back and grabbed the door knob, turned it with a flick of her wrist.

Heath slammed his fist against the door beside her head forcing it to slam shut again. She had jumped from fright but didn’t stop him when he leaned over her to growl in her ear. “You’re not going anywhere with him, do you understand me?”

Slowly, inch by inch, Zaiyia turned her head and then her body to face him. With him leaning over her the way he was to use his weight to keep the door shut, he was extremely close to her….close enough for her to see an opportunity to steal a kiss. Deciding to take it since he was already mad at her, and she needed to at least relieve a tiny bit of sexual frustration to ease the incessant throbbing between her legs, Zaiyia lurched forward and slammed her lips over his. Of course, she expected he would reject her, push her away and tell her to stop it which was the equivalent of him telling her to go jump off a bridge, at least in her mind.

Shockingly enough, he didn’t do any of those things. He didn’t pull away from her, instead he parted his lips to deepen the kiss, making it rough and brutal due to how angry he was. Zaiyia didn’t mind, in fact she reveled in whatever he could give her. If angry kisses was all that she was gonna get then she would cherish it. When she parted her lips, his thick tongue dived into her mouth, tasting her and inviting her to taste him as well. A soft moan drowned in between the mating of their lips as her hands came up to cup his stubble cheeks, appreciating the rough poke of each hair on the palms of her hands. Heath reached up, as he continued to devour her lips, for the strap of her backpack, and upon finding it, he yanked it off of her and dropped it to the floor. Reaching out he grabbed ahold her hip and yanked her to him so her body was up against his, and then, with his hands sliding down to cup her butt, he crouched down so she could jump up and wrap her legs around him.

Zaiyia let out a gasp in the kiss as she wrapped her arms and legs around him, clinging to him like a koala would to a tree. She felt Heath move and figured he would be taking her to his bedroom where they’d make love hopefully again and again and again, but that’s hot where they were headed. When he turned around and lowered himself down she realized he had been taking her over to the couch instead. She smiled into the kiss but didn’t want to break it incase he might change his mind about seeing this through. Unhooking her arms around his neck, she slid her hands down the long hard planes of his chest through his shirt to tease herself of what was to hopefully come. She was forced to pull her hands away when Heath work her coat off with one hand and then dropped it aside while his other hand roamed over her thick behind through her pants before pulling her hips forward so she’d feel how hard he already was for her. Zaiyia couldn’t help herself from breaking the kiss this time as she let out gasp of anticipation. She arched her back in response, and pushed her breast up against his chest.

Moaning at her response, Heath took that opportunity to trail his lips down her chin, along her jawline, and then down her soft neck. One of his hands lifted up to her hair where he gently worked off the hair tie that gathered her braids up into a huge bun that could easily be dismantled. Her braids fell cascading down her back, hitting his arm along the way, and giving him goosebumps of delight. He licked and sucked on the area where her neck met her shoulder, earning several moans and shudders, before pulling away to pull her lips back into another kiss, but this one seeming more like a battle between lips and tongues.

Zaiyia let out a moan as her tongue glided over his. Eagerly wanting to hear his sounds of pleasure, she reached down between them so she could massage his cock through his pants. He tensed up at first before emitting moans between their lips. With a groan, he broke the kiss. “Z-Zaiyia, wa...”

Not wanting him to finish what she strongly believed was a rejection, Zaiyia cut him off before he could finish. She leaned over to whisper breathlessly again his lips. “No, baby, don’t! Please, don’t stop this, please! You want this just as much as I do. Please, just let it be.”

Heath couldn’t stop himself from moaning when she touched his cock the way she did. He leaned his back against the couch and felt her lean closer into him, pressing short kisses against his lips while encouraging him to continue this activity. “B-But we…we can’t…”

“Just one more time, baby, please, one more time. Give it to me one more time.” Zaiyia pitifully pleaded between kisses. She was desperate, so desperate in fact, she could tell she was starting to get emotional over the possibility he might reject her completely. She needed this, and couldn’t just let him end it without a fight.

“N-No, we c-can’t.” Heath repeated before lifting his head to look up at Zaiyia through heavy lidded eyes. He was fighting back mentally, but physically he was still weak and deep under her spell. He knew he could win this, however, if only he didn’t give up. “Zaiyi-”

Zaiyia didn’t give him time to finish. Quickly, she did the only thing she could think of that didn’t require her to get off of him. Reaching down, she pulled her top off over her head to reveal her bra to him. His eyes dropped to her chest and almost appeared dazed, as if it he was becoming hypnotized or something. Zaiyia figured it was working and took it a step forward by reaching behind her to unhook her bra. “Please, baby, don’t stop this.” She cooed as pulled the loosen bra off completely and tosses it next to them on the couch. The look on his face told her she got him right where she wanted him, and also made her nipples harden beneath his emerald gaze. Reaching out, she picked up one of his hands and placed the palm of his hand underneath the curve of her perky breast so he could still see her effected nipple. Shivering in pleasure already, Zaiyia tried to refocus herself so she too wouldn’t be lost yet before she could win. She wanted him to watch her nipples harden for him so he could be turned on by how easily his touch could affect her just as well. “Touch me, baby. I need to feel your hands all over my body again…”

Letting out a weak moan the second he saw her bare breasts, Heath tried to remain strong, but it was a losing battle already. He let out a curse as his power to resist drained into nothing. “Fuck!” Leaning forward and wrapping her arms around his waist, Heath got up off the couch and carried her towards the hallway that led to his bedroom.
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