Belonging to Lust

Chapter 59: Hate What You Do To Me...

Zaiyia wanted to let out a cheer in celebration and host the biggest party known to mankind right here in very this house for finally being able get the Heath Sullivan to touch her again. It was definitely a long time coming, and was truly a challenge to make happen on her own, but hey, she was here, and right now she’ll settle for her celebration privately in the form of an explosive orgasm. Zaiyia immediately latched her hungry lips on his neck the minute he had lifted her up into his arms, and carried her down the hall to his bedroom. She enjoyed the taste of his skin on her taste buds, and would occasionally nibble on the lightly tanned skin that had been exposed to the sun from hard labor, her hands greedily roaming over his broad muscular shoulders through his t-shirt.

Letting out a deep groan at the feeling of her lips on him, Heath took a turn and entered his bedroom, kicking the door shut behind him on his way to his bed. He carried a shirtless Zaiyia over to his bed with ease before turning around to sit himself down onto it with her still in his arms. Slowly leaning himself back, he laid down on the bed with her held pressed again his chest so she wouldn’t slip away. In the farthest corner of his mind, he couldn’t believe that he was doing this again. He was also finding it hard to believe that he was allowing her to sit herself up to fully straddle him much like he allowed her mother to do to him once upon a time. If those thoughts hadn’t been in the farthest reaches of his mind, he might have been able to convince himself to stop her…but they were in the farthest reaches, therefore they had no power over him. His green eyes were glued to Zaiyia straddling his much bigger frame with her slender one, before she descended back down to reconnect their lips together, her long black braids cascading over them like a curtain of shiny black ropes. Heath closed his eyes as he fell under the spell of her drugging kisses and instantly began to follow along. One of his hand dived into her long braids to clutch them in his fist while his other hand scoured over her curvy hips, up to her tiny waist, and then to her back before repeating the motion again.

Deepening the kiss, Zaiyia took them right back to making out again. His breathing was coming in and out faster just like hers, and his lips were just as famished as hers for more. She reached down to cup his face with one hand while the other was laid palm down on the bed beside his arm. Her hips gradually began to grind down on his, making the erection in his pants get even harder than before and pulling several moans from Heath’s lips. Letting out a moan in anticipation for his dick to enter her body again, Zaiyia her hands slid over his body to meet up at the hem of his shirt where she began to eagerly push the unwanted material up his body, revealing his hard abs and incredible pecs. She let out a disappointed whine when the shirt met resistant.

Heath immediately broke the kiss when he heard her whine and lifted himself up enough for them both to take the damned thing off. Once he was freed he laid back down on the bed with a sigh that was until he nearly choked on his own air when her fingers danced over his abs and made them tense up a bit. Letting out a shakier sigh, Heath wrapped both arms around her waist before rolling them over so now he was on top of her. He loved the sound of her sexy giggle and how it filled his very gloomy room that hadn’t heard a woman’s voice in a long time. Letting out a soft painful groan from the feeling of his erection pushing out against his pants, despite how wrong this whole situation was, Heath lifted himself to his elbows so as not to crush her and weaved his hands in her braids, leaning down to press deep kisses on her luscious lips. “I hate you so much, Zaiyia…” He mumbled as he quickly kissed her again before her shocked mouth could start cussing him out, and then pulled away once more to whisper. “I hate what you do to me...”

Shivering in pleasure, Zaiyia couldn’t help but tilt her head back to give him better access to her neck when his lips trailed down from her mouth, to her chin and then down her neck. Her fingers dived into his hair to keep him close to her as she whispered to him breathlessly. “Oh yeah? And what do I do to you, baby? Come on, tell me.”

“This is what you do to me!” Heath growled into her neck as he thrusted his hips forward to emphasize his point by pressing is hard on against her thigh. She let out a sharp gasp as he whispered against her skin. “You make me harder than I’ve ever been before…”

Zaiyia couldn’t help but let out a giggle at his confession on just how much she affected him, before it turned into a moan from the feeling of his lips trailing down towards her hard dark nipples again. She let out a cry when his mouth latched onto one, making her back arch off the bed and her fingers tighten into his hair. She struggled to lick her lips as his tongue laved over the pebbled peaks, making her whole body shiver again as she stammered. “Well, I-I love what I-I do to you. I love h-how I can affect you the same w-way you affect me.” She heard him let out a groan as he released her nipple to the cool air and kissed across the valley between her breasts to pop the other one into his warm attentive mouth. She cried out, trying to get ahold of her breathing so she could continue again, this time to encourage him on. “Mmm, baby this feels s-so good….you make m-me feel so damn good.”

When he was finished with her other nipple, he released that one back into the cool air and trailed his lips down her flat stomach, towards her pants. His hands were already there working her restraints loose so he could tug both of her underwear and pants down her legs at the same time. He listened to her let out an impatient whine along with his name as he sat up to work off her shoes before pushing her underwear and pants off of her flawless legs. He whispered down to her while he worked to try to reassure her. “I know…I know…”

Sitting herself up impatiently, Zaiyia leaned forward to kiss and lick on his lower stomach above his pants, as her hands reached out to work on unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. She felt his fingers in her hair as he moan and shuddered beneath her lips. She devoured his skin with open mouth kisses before peeking a glance up at Heath, catching him watching her eager lips glide over him as one his hands moved to cup the back of her head. He let out a moan the second their eyes connected. Her hands tugged his jeans down to the floor and was reaching out for his briefs next when Heath stepped back from her and whispered out an order. “No, no wait.” He nodded towards the bed behind her. “Lay back down on the bed.”

Zaiyia spared one last longing look at his erection that was clearly outlined through his briefs. She wanted to swallow him down so damn bad, but more than that she wanted his cock thrusting into her body again. She lifted her eyes to him and obediently nodded before scurrying back onto the bed and laying herself back down patiently, but internally impatiently. Her eyes remained on him as he stepped towards his nightstand in search of a condom. She watched in torment as he ripped the packet open and pushed his brief down to reveal her longtime lover. Biting her lip to hold back a whimper, her eyes followed the condom rolling onto his hard cock, making Heath react with soft sighs and shuddering. Not being able to take it anyone that a piece of rubber was giving him the pleasure she wanted to, she let out a whine before barking out an order herself. “Will you hurry the hell up!? Stop touching yourself like that in front of me, goddamnit, it’s not fair!”

“Alright alright, woman!” Heath playfully barked back, his voice breaking off into an amused chuckle. He abandoned the nightstand to slide back onto his bed and over her body. “Impatient much?” Zaiyia didn’t answer, instead she lifted her arm around his neck and tightening her hold to lift her upper body up to meet his. Getting the hint that she didn’t want to do this missionary style, Heath wrapped an arm around her and sat up again, pulling her with him. His other hand cupped her behind and helped lift her up over his lap.

Ziayia’s hand shot out to grab his dick, making him moan, and guide it to her entrance. Carefully, he lowered her down onto him, holding back a shout at how incredible it felt to have her tight hot wetness clamp around him once again. Zaiyia didn’t mind releasing a scream though that could easily be heard anywhere in the house. She threw her head back as her legs snaked around his hips and her arms around his neck. Trying to hold back the amount of moans spilling from his lips, Heath’s arms wrapped around her waist and held on tight as she slowly began to ride him. She wasn’t experienced in this sexual position, Heath knew that, and so he had to guide her hips with his hands until she got the groove of it herself.

When Zaiyia felt confident that she knew what she was doing, she reached up to cup his face in her hands and kiss him, pulling him into one of their soul-sucking make out sessions. Heath’s arms wrapped around her small body again with one hand holding the back of her neck to keep her lips against his. They were covered in sweat as they both race together to get to their destination, and when they both felt it coming, Zaiyia increased her bouncing while Heath tightened his hold on the back of her neck and lifted himself up a little to thrust up into her, pounding into her body relentlessly. Zaiyia’s moans turned into sharp cries after cries as she pulled away from his lips to wail out. “I-I’M CUMMING! OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING, BABY!”

Heath loved watching the pleasure that was beginning to scrunch up her beautiful face into another beautiful face filled with pleasure. He began to thrust even faster and harder, his eyes on her as he encourages her to let go. “Do it, Zaiyia. Fucking cum all over me! That’s it…”

“H-HEATH!” Zaiyia threw her head back and came at his command, a loud scream of ecstasy spilling from her lips as she came around him. “FUCK SHIT FUCK, BABY YES! YES! OH YES!”

He watched her ride out her orgasm, but when he felt her begin to sag against his he pulled her body tighter to his. She was spent, but he kept ongoing, thrusting into her to try and force her body to give him another one. The first was too good to only be witness once. “C-Come on, Zaiyia, you can do this! Give me another one.”

“I-I can’t…” Zaiyia stammered hoarsely from all the screaming as bounced on him like a limp rag doll.

“Yes, you can, baby.” Heath softly urged her on right before he could feel the forever tightening of her walls around him. “Yeah, just like that, baby, just like t-that!” As she came around him a second time, he came into the condom. He rode out the waves after waves of ecstasy until there was nothing else to chase. Carefully, he lowered them both back down onto the bed where they lied next to each other catching their breaths. This world that they got lost in within themselves was outside of reality, but as they began to get ahold of their panting, and the sweat on their body evaporated from their flesh, reality came hurtling right back to them.

And Heath was the first one it hit.