Belonging to Lust

Chapter 6: Are You Jealous?

By next week, Zaiyia had already been enrolled in the local high school as a freshman and had started her first day. She has been in and out of several different schools all her life, and knew it was pointless to make friends if her mother was just going to drag them to the next town and enroll her into a completely new school. Throughout Zaiyia’s life, she had to learn making friends was irrelevant.

Walking through the hallways, Zaiyia didn’t care about what anyone thought about her at first glance. All she cared about was getting to class and learning about whatever she had to learn so she could finally go home at the end of the day. She expected there would be some girls at her school that would go as far as to dislike her, but Zaiyia didn’t plan on giving a damn about them. As long as they didn’t come to her for a fight, then she wasn’t going to give them the time of day. IF a fight does end up happening some time down the road, Zaiyia will kick their ass like she had to do so many times in the past and surely teach them a lesson to back off before they get hurt again.

When it came to boys Zaiyia’s age, she had never seem to grow any interest in them. They were so immature or stupid and she did NOT have time for their senseless 10 minute relationships. Naturally, in this school she was going to have an admirer or two, but she knew there wasn’t going to be any mutual feelings. There never is. She felt so much more mature than the majority of the boys her age. It’s probably why she never dated any of them in the past. Sure, she’s made out, and blew a few guys in the past but that was only to improve her lack of skills in case she might need get on her knees to survive after her mother’s many departures. Other than that she’s never found a guy worthy enough to spend her first time with. With how picky she is, she’s probably going to be a virgin forever.

After school was over and Zaiyia had walked all the way home, she was rewarded after her long day by the sweaty sight of Heath in a white wife beater, hammering down some new fencing in the backyard. He was let off early from work and had decided to replace some old parts of the fence with some new and improved ones. Yovela wasn’t home but left a note saying she went shopping with some of her ‘friends’. Heath hadn’t ever met them before, but he trusted Yovela and wasn’t the least bit suspicious of who her ‘friends’ could be.

Zaiyia observed the sweat glistening off his skin and listened to his heavy breathing with delight.

God, I wonder what he sounds like in bed?

She felt her body shiver at the thought and decided that it would be best to stop now before she revvs herself up too much and end up doing something crazy and stupid, like jump on him. Twirling a thick braid around her fingers, Zaiyia stepped forward to greet him. “Hello, Mr. Sullivan. You look great today.”

Heath turned around to see Zaiyia already out of school. He flashed her a smile before wiping his brow and taking that opportunity to take a breather. He didn’t catch the flirtatious tone in her voice, and so he didn’t take her response as anything but a compliment and even chuckled. “Okaaaay, thank you I guess. You look nice too, definitely more appropriate than what you were wearing yesterday. So, how was your first day of school?”

Zaiyia shrugged as he took a seat on one of some of the decorative stones surrounding a garden area. “It was ok. Its school, you know. It’s always boring and stuff there. Education isn’t as fun as it used to be when all we had to do was dot-to-dots and coloring-in worksheets.”

Heath couldn’t agree more and nodded. “Did you make any new friends at least?”

Zaiyia shook her head, remembering how pointless the idea of making friends was, especially with how her life seems to be going. Still, she wasn’t supposed to tell him about all that. She was supposed to be a young girl that has lived with her aunt for most of her life before finally being reunited with her long lost mother. Heath wasn’t supposed to know the truth and he never will. “No, I’m not a very social person, but I did make a lot of admirers.”

Heath shook his head at the smug smile that spread across her face. She looked so proud to have a few boys crush on her, though Heath imagined she was used to it by now. Hell if he was back in high school he’d definitely have a huge crush on a girl like Zaiyia. Who couldn’t, with how pretty she is? “Why am I not surprised? You better be careful around those admirers of yours. You don’t want to get into any kind of trouble with them, ok?”

“Aww, are you jealous?” Zaiyia teased, forgetting to stay in her character, and instead flirt.

Heath’s eyes snapped to hers in surprise, wondering if she was actually flirting with him. She couldn’t be, she’s only 16 years old, Heath told himself, she’s just playing innocent little games, is all. He decided to brush it off as he let out a humorous chuckle. “Jealous? Now, why on earth would I be jealous, little missy.”

Zaiyia giggled and swung her braids behind her back as she stepped forward to stand on her tippy toes up to him. “Because I’m pretty.”

Zaiyia laughed at the look on Heath’s face and decided to stop messing with him. She turned around and headed to the guesthouse to get a head start on her homework before dinner was ready.


It was late at night when Yovela climbed the guesthouse stairs to find her daughter Zaiyia sifting through her new clothes trying to decide on what to wear the next day. She couldn’t help but shake her head amusingly as Zaiyia held up each article of clothing up against her body as her eyes looked into the mirror in thought.

“What are you doing, my little Gazania?” Yovela asked as she climbed up the rest of the stairs to step into her daughter’s bedroom.

Zaiyia jumped at the sound of her mother’s voice and looked over at her standing by her stairwell. “Jesus, don’t scare me like that! I was just trying to figure out what I want to wear tomorrow. Heath paid for so many clothes and I’m in love with them all. For someone who only met me a week ago, he knows my taste in clothing pretty well.”

Yovela nodded in agreement. Heath was a very fast learner when it came to learning about people’s interest. It scared Yovela in the beginning because she was worried he’d be able to discover her plan, but she had luck on her side. Now if only her luck could get rid of her plaguing restlessness for a new horizon.

Yovela watched her daughter finally make a decision on what to wear before coming over to her and pulling her into a heartwarming hug. Zaiyia’s eyes instantly widen with dread as she let her mother hold onto her, and rest her cheek upon her head. Yovela has never showed affection for her daughter unless it was to try and show one of her many suitors that she was loving mother. Right now, Heath was somewhere in the main house, while Yovela and Zaiyia were in the guesthouse. Oh my god, what is she up to, Zaiyia thought to herself with apprehension.

Zaiyia allowed Yovela a few seconds before pulling away to search her mother’s face for answers. She got nothing.

“Yovela, where are you going? Why are you leaving me again?” Zaiyia whispered, her voice beginning to shake. It was finally time. Yovela was going to abandon her daughter again and disappear without a trace. Zaiyia would have to fend for herself if her current ‘daddy’ kicks her off of his property. Zaiyia has had many ‘daddies’ from different walks of life. Some of them were the sweetest that she’s ever had, until her mother disappeared on them. Then they would become a monster, trying to force her to do things to pay for her way in their house. It was always up to Zaiyia whether she would reduce herself to horrific tasks to have food and shelter, OR survive on the streets by herself. Who’s to say Heath would be generous enough to let her stay without any favors?

Yovela let out a laugh. “Leaving you? Honey, look at what I’m wearing? I’m dress for either a bar or a club, not to go on a long trip to god knows where.”

Zaiyia was already overwhelmed with dread to believe her mother, even though she wasn’t dressed in any of the articles of clothing she usually wore when she disappeared. “I don’t believe you. Where are you going, Yovela?”

Yovela sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. “I just told you, Zaiyia. I’m going to either a bar, or a club. I haven’t really decided on which one. If you don’t want to believe me, then that’s on you, sweetie.”

Zaiyia still didn’t believe her, and the expression of doubt on her face was irritating Yovela. “Look, I promise I’m not leaving you.”

“Swear on Grandpapi and Grandmami’s graves.” Zaiyia demanded.


“Swear on it!” Zaiyia exclaimed.

Yovela rolled her eyes. “Alright fine. I swear on my parent’s and your grandparent’s grave! If that still doesn’t satisfy you then here, you can have this just to make sure. I’m sure this will convince you.”

And it did. Yovela gave Zaiyia the last gift that was every given to her by her incarcerated parents. Yovela would sooner sell Zaiyia to a group of human traffickers than ever part with the gold medallion. Zaiyia finally was convinced. Her mother wasn’t about to leave her, not without the medallion.
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