Belonging to Lust

Chapter 61: And How Do You Know These Girls?

The next day, Zaiyia headed into school along with the rest of the teenagers that lived in her area that weren’t being homeschooled. She moved through the body of students like a robot, her face blank of any emotion. Last night had been spent thinking about Heath and what she was going to do now. He’d rejected her, much like he did all the time, but this time it finally became enough. As she made him his breakfast that morning, she told herself that she wasn’t going to pursue him any longer. No, next time they come together to have sex…if there was even going to be a next time, it was going to be all on him. She had seriously had enough of all of his rejections, and didn’t think her heart could handle any more of it from the man she was stupid to fall in love with.

“Morning!” A voice greeted her, followed by an entire body that appeared next to her.

Startled, Zaiyia let out a gasp and placed her hand over her heart. Her brown eyes connected with a smiling Alan at her side who had materialized out of nowhere. “Jesus Christ, man! You scared the shit out of me.”

“Oh crap, I’m sorry about that, Zaiyia.” Alan genuinely apologized, his face now filled with remorse. “I seriously didn’t mean to do that. I saw you walking and assumed you were aware that I had been walking with you this whole time.”

Zaiyia waved his apology off and gave him a short forgiving smile. “No, Alan, that’s okay. It’s all good, no need to apologize.” She continued to walk again, making her way to her locker to grab her school books for the day.

Alan followed her, chatting along the way about things she didn’t care to listen until he mentioned Heath. “So…is that big guy you live with your dad, or something?”

“No, he’s my mother’s boyfriend.” Zaiyia answered him, her ears now perked on what he had to say as he simultaneously worked on her combination lock.

“Oh.” Alan nodded as he leaned against the locker to the right of hers and stuck his hands in his pockets. “He’s an angry kind of fellow isn’t he?”

Zaiyia snorted, a smile coming to her face at just how angry Heath had been that day when Alan came over to see her. Her fingers glided over the textbooks in her lockers as she recalled the specific books she would need for today’s lessons. “Yeah, he can be.”

“I now get what Tanner was talking about on the football field a couple of weeks ago. Your mom’s boyfriend had scared the piss out of him, man.” Alan chuckled to himself, shaking his head at the image of Tanner still shaking on the field in his football gear.

Zaiyia was shocked that his football buddy had even told him about that, and leaned her head back to peek at him from the other side of her locker door with an arched brow. “He told you about that?”

Alan nodded with a wink. “Of course. Tanner is a man-whore that likes to brag about all the girls he’s thrown himself at and succeeded in sleeping with.” He gave her a shrug as he smirked at her.” It doesn’t surprise me that he tried to hit on you too.”

“I see.” Zaiyia said as she pulled her backpack off of her back to switch out her textbooks.

Alan reached a hand out to help. “I could hold your bag open for you, if you want.”

Zaiyia smiled to herself, thinking that his offer was very kind of him as she offered him her bag. “Thank you.” She turned her attention to her books in her locker and began to pull a few out.

“Zaiyia, I um…I’ve been wanting to apologize to you for a long time about what happened to you in the girl’s locker room a while ago.” Alan said after a moment of silence passed between them. “I know it was a long time ago, but…still, I wanted to apologize.”

Halting in her concentration, she moved her attention to Alan. Leaning back out again, she gave him a hard stare that she hoped was warning him to watch the next words that came out of his mouth or else she’ll pop him right in the eye. However, she didn’t stare at him long because out of all the students that were currently watching them in the hallway, a red-headed girl was the only one glaring at her menacingly. Zaiyia didn’t wish to draw Alan’s attention to her, and so she quickly tried to memorize the girl’s face for future references before returning her attention back to Alan. “It’s okay, dude. Don’t stress over it. It’s old news anyway.”

“I can’t though!” Alan confessed with concern in his eyes. “I need you to know that I had NO idea that those girls were ever planning to do that to you. I had no idea whatsoever that they were gonna hurt you like they did, or else I would have done something about it earlier.”

It finally came to Zaiyia that she had never took the opportunity to ask Alan about the incident. She had been around him for a while, and yet the idea never crossed her mind. Stuffing her textbooks in her backpack that he held up for her, she closed her locker and leaned against it with her arms crossed over her chest. She eyed him suspiciously, wondering how much he REALLY knew about the matter. “Did you know those girls that attacked me? Were they friends of yours, or something?”

Alan had nodded to her first question with shame, but instantly shook his head at the second one. His eyes were wide with fear that she may believe that he may have had a closer relationship with those girls than he actually did. “No no no, I wasn’t friends with them…exactly.” He sighed to himself before looking own at the floor in shame. “But yeah…I-I do know them.”

Playing dumb, Zaiyia continued with her interrogation. “And how do you know these girls?”

Sighing a bit more desperately, Alan lifted his eyes and scanned their surroundings anxiously. For the first time he noticed all the students that were currently looking their way from where they either stood hanging around, or passing them by to get to their class. The nosiness of everyone began to irritate him. Why are they so suddenly curious about my business anyway, he wondered to himself as he turned to face them. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ALL LOOOKING AT, HUH? MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS!” The few closest to them jumped in surprised, but the majority of them listened and moved on about their day. A lot of them still continued to stare however, but they at least tried to make it seem inconspicuous. Turning back to look down at Zaiyia, Alan flashed her a friendly smile, hoping in the time he had been scaring others away she had completely forgotten about Alice’s friends. “So uh, what class do you have right now?”

Zaiyia wasn’t stupid, unlike all the other girls Alan affiliated himself with. “Alan, don’t change the subject. How. Do. You. Know. Those. Girls?”

Under her stern stare, Alan finally crumbled and admitted the truth as he ran his fingers through his short hair. “Fine! They’re my exe-girlfriend’s friends, okay?”

“No, not okay. What I wanna know now is why the fuck would they want to hurt me?” Zaiyia drilled him, not letting go of this conversation. “I didn’t do shit to nobody, hell I didn’t even have time to! I was the new girl, I’m talking clean motherfucking slate and everything, and yet they fucking had beef with me from the start? This don’t sound right to me, how about you?”

Alan gave her small shrug, looking away as he tried to lie his way out of it. “I-I don’t know.”

Zaiyia immediately jumped the gun since he wanted to play dumb and pretend he hadn’t been the reason the whole school was out for her head. “What happened to your last relationship, Alan? How did that one fall apart?”

Sighing sharply, Alan once again ran his fingers through his hair, his eyes averting hers. “Look, I don’t wanna talk about this right now, okay? Can we just move on and forget about this?”

“…I’ll let you drive me home after school.” Zaiyia offered, her eyes staring hard at him as she tried to bait him back in so she could get some answers from his own lips for once. “We can even spend lunch together later too, if you want.”

“Shit.” Alan mumbled to himself in defeat, letting her win so he could spend even more quality time with her. He looked her right in the eye and gave her a nod that he would cooperate. “Alice and I…we…we grew apart. I wanted to explore….” He trailed off as his eyes took her curvy slender petite frame up and down at his own leisure, completely forgetting that she was right in front of him watching the whole time while he did it. “…new things.”

Zaiyia resisted the urge to roll her eyes, and gave him the answer to his previous question from earlier. “My classroom is room 25A.”

Alan’s eyes returned to her, and he gave her a victorious smile. He moved to stand beside her and offered his arm for her to take. “Shall we then?”

Biting back a sigh, Zaiyia was well aware that the best thing she could right now was to tell him to scram once and for all…but, as of late she didn’t exactly care about making the right decisions. Her heart has been in constant pain with every rejection Heath sent her way. She was tied of being stuck in an endless heartache cycle, and wanted to feel something else, something new. The pain that would surely come for being around Alan would be a welcoming punishment than the heartbreak she had to deal with on a daily basis. It would be a different kind of pain, and if she was lucky it would be a helpful distraction from wanting to sleep with Heath again.

Reaching her hand out, she slipped it through his and allowed him to walk her publicly to her first class.
♠ ♠ ♠