Belonging to Lust

Chapter 63: The Fighting Begins

The following day, Zaiyia was surprised to find herself waking up late. Her eyes had widen on her alarm clock before she jumped out of bed, and raced off to the main house. Heath didn’t have his breakfast made yet. How is the man supposed to take on a job as laborious as his on an empty stomach, she cried mentally to herself right before she burst in through the back door. “HEATH!” Her heart immediately lodged in her throat as she stopped in mid-stride. He was already gone, she knew it. The entire house was dark, and as silent as the dead. Yeah, he definitely wasn’t there anymore.

For the billionth time since she fell in love with him, her heart broke in her chest. Tears rushed to the surface, but she ordered them back as she too stepped back out of the kitchen. She silently closed the door, and stood there for a few seconds, trying to get ahold of herself. It was a losing battle with Heath every damn time.

Having no other choice, she rested her forehead against the glass and let out a broken sob. Her hand came up to cover her mouth as she gave herself a minute to let all of her despair out. He didn’t leave a note or nothing…he just left. STILL, he was trying to keep a distance from her. Something about that acknowledgement cut into Zaiyia’s heart so deep her shoulders shook. Taking a deep breath, she began to regain control over herself again which was much easier now that she got to release some of her pain out. Turning around she headed back to the guest house in search for her phone. Upon finding it, she called Alan’s phone. He answered after a few rings. “Hello?”

“Come pick me up, Tom Brady.” Zaiyia ordered him, the tears now gone from her eyes…they were now just empty glass brown orbs on her face. “I woke up late this morning, and seemed to have missed my bus.”

It took a minute, but Alan eventually recognized her voice. “…Zaiyia?” Her request also took a minute to catch up with him before it had him making a U-turn in the school hallway, and making his way out the front door. “Seriously? Okay, I’ll pick you up in….let’s say 20 minutes?”

“You got it. I’ll be waiting.” Zaiyia told him before ending the call to get dressed for school. By the time Alan came around, she was sitting on her front porch waiting for him. Together they drove to school, but not before he stopped to pick her up some fast food for breakfast. As sweet and thoughtful as that was for him to do for her, Zaiyia still couldn’t find the young man attractive which was weird, because he actually was a very handsome looking guy. If Alan wasn’t the most attractive guy in school he had to at least be second place hands down! Despite that fact, she couldn’t see herself being anything more with him.

Alan interrupted her thoughts as he glanced at her shortly before returning his eyes to the road. “Hey, I was wondering if you were free tonight? I was thinking we can go to the movies, you know, watch something cool.”

“Shit.” Zaiyia mouthed to herself as she looked out her window, before turning to give him a sheepish smile. “Sorry, I can’t tonight. Tonight is a big stupid family dinner gathering that I’m forced to attend to.”

“Oh, okay.” Alan nodded to himself as he drove. “That’s cool. Maybe next time?”

“Yeah, next time.” Zaiyia murmurs softly as she turned her eyes back to her window to stare out.


The minute Alan had parked his car in front of the school, and turned off the engine, his phone rang. He dug into his coat pocket, pressed the call button before holding it up to his ears. “Hello? Oh hey, man, how you doing? I’m doing great! Wait, what are you up to?” His eyes lit up with excitement. “Seriously? That sounds like ten times more fun than attending class today. Got room for two more? Yeah? Awesome. Yean, I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Cool, see you then.” He ended the call and put his phone back in his coat pocket before looking over at her. “Hey, wanna go play hooky with me, and some of my friends? It’ll be fun.”

Zaiyia gave him a smile, but shook her head as she opened her door. “No thank you. I’ll stick to our boring old educational classes.” She got up out of the car, and leaned down to look at him one more time. “Thanks for the ride, Alan. I owe you one.” She closed the door before he could say anything back, and headed off to the entrance of the school. Behind her, she listened to the sound of Alan starting his car back up and then reversing out of the parking lot to go play hooky with his friends. Hurrying into the building, she went straight for her locker, and found it after making a turn. Because she was late, she had to make her textbook exchanges quick, and was doing just that when she noticed that she wasn’t alone. Out of the corner of her eye to her left, a female student that attended her history class that went by the name of Camilla was opening her locker too a few lockers down. Now that normally wouldn’t have set her on edge if it hadn’t been for another student, Betty, on her right opening her locker a few lockers down at the exact same time. Zaiyia was instantly frozen with suspicious by how they both were the same number of lockers away from her, and would occasionally glance at her from the corner of their eyes when they thought she wasn’t looking. When she dared to glance in their direction they’d shoot a glare her way. It was like something out of a movie.

Oh yeah, they were a part of her very own fan club of haters, that was for sure…which only meant one thing. There was trouble coming. Zaiyia bit back a smile of excitement as she turned her attention back to her locker. She didn’t want to give them any indication that she was onto them, and that there was nothing they needed to at all be concerned about that. Appearing as if she was minding her own business, and was completely oblivious of their plan, Zaiyia switched out her textbooks. She could literally feel them watching her as she shut her locker door. At the same time, they closed their own lockers. There was nothing, but silence between the three of them. This was it. This is where the fighting begins.

Zaiyia turned towards Betty’s side of the hallway with her backpack slung over one shoulder, and began to walk forward. Behind her, Camilla followed. With obvious fear in her eyes, Betty stepped back from her own locker, and stood in the Zaiyia’s path, her entire body visibly trembling. Zaiyia lifted her eyes to Betty’s blue eyes, well aware that she was meant to stop her from getting to her next class by attacking her first. The idea was laughable to Zaiyia. Betty didn’t look like she could kill a fly, much less hit her. At least she knew she could tear her down easy, but she couldn’t say much on Camilla yet since she hadn’t checked her out because she was behind her. One at time, Zaiyia reminded herself as she got close enough to Betty who was now breaking a sweat, and hyperventilating. Betty’s hands twitched at her side as she tried to form them into fist that would knock Zaiyia down…only she beat her to it. “Hello, Betty.” Zaiyia greeted her warmly before swinging her fist right into Betty’s eye.

Betty let out a scream as she dropped into a heap on the floor, rocking back and forth as she clutched her throbbing watering eye. “SHE HIT ME! OH MY GOD, SHE HIT ME IN THE FACE! MY EYE!”

Before Zaiyia could turn around to take care of Camilla it was already too late. With a baton in her hand that she had hidden behind her back, Camilla came up behind Zaiyia, and hit her as hard as she could on the back of her knees. Zaiyia let out a cry that echoed the hallways as she fell down onto her knees in pain. Her fists clenched in anger as she grit her teeth to keep from any more sounds from spilling forth. She wouldn’t give them anymore satisfaction of hearing her in pain. She listened to Camilla let out a laugh of triumph from taking her down already, even though she hit like a little girl. A voice called out from the end of the hall. “That was for Alice!”

“Yeah!” Camilla agreed from where she now stood by Madeleine. She pointed the baton threateningly towards Zaiyia who was glaring at them through her long black braids decorated with small gold cuffs. “Or we’ll be the ones kicking your ass again!”

Letting her knees rest instead of charging at them, Zaiyia couldn’t help but smile proudly that they had FINALLY got the jump on her since the locker room fight. She was impressed, and amused at the same time. Maybe more amused. Zaiyia couldn’t help but burst into a fit of laughter at how STUPID this WHOLE thing was. All this over a boy!? How pathetic was that? From where they stood above her, Camilla and Madeleine were struck with confusion by her reaction, and shared a look of worry amongst themselves. Even Betty, from where she still lied on the floor, was wondering why Zaiyia was laughing. Zaiyia lifted her head up quickly, swooping her long braids over her head, and onto her back. She grinned up at them, but her eyes were murderously black with a thirst for vengeance. “Holy shit! You three dumbass bitches just made the biggest mistake of your life…and you’re gonna pay….and it’s gonna fucking hurt.”

Camilla stepped forward with the intention of flinging another threat when the echo of a door opening and closing bounced through the halls. Madeline grabbed ahold of her wrist, and whispered sharply to her. “We need to get out of here! Someone is coming. NOW!”

Zaiyia watched with that grin as the two ran for their friend Betty, and struggled to get her up onto her feet again. When they finally did, they hurried down the opposite hallway of the person currently coming their way before they could be seen at the scene of the crime. The baton went along with them. Letting out a long sigh, Zaiyia slowly lowered herself to the floor to take a full rest. She didn’t give a damn who was coming down the hall, Principal, teacher or student.

What did it matter? Right now, she was just alone with her thoughts.

Her vengeful thoughts.

Her murderous thoughts.

Zaiyia closed her eyes, feeling the tears resurface as her heart ached deep within her chest. “Heath...”