Belonging to Lust

Chapter 67: Epitome of Perfection

Zaiyia could tell that Heath was feeling pretty stressed because of Anneliese’s disapproval of him giving her a choice to stay in her dangerous school leaving her at risk for bullying instead of sticking her into a new safe school where she could start over. It was clear his sister thought Heath wasn’t taking care of her properly, at least in that area, and Heath was burdened by the fact that she was right. Only Zaiyia and Heath knew the true reason why she was allowed to make the choice to stay in her current high school. Feeling the need to defend him because he was only doing what she wanted, Zaiyia leaned over in her chair to place her hand comfortingly on his forearm and turned her eyes to Annelise. “It’s all going to be okay, Anneliese, I promise. You have to remember I am Yovela’s daughter, and that means I can definitely handle myself.”

Annelise let out a unyielding sigh and mumbled beneath her breath to herself. “Still.”

“Alright, alright, enough about you and your teenage drama shit. How about we talk about something better?” Maverick suggested with a playful smirk on his face. “Like me.”

Zaiyia smiled in relief at the sudden change of subject. She knew that if Anneliese had her way she’d continue to talk it over until everyone relented and decided to take her damn advice. Zaiyia didn’t know why she knew that about her since they didn’t know each other all that well, but she just did. “Yeah, why don’t we do that instead.” As Maverick began to ramble on about his life, etc., Zaiyia glanced beside her to check on a stressed Heath to find his green eyes staring right back into hers. Her smile dropped as she became caged in emerald orbs that showed the sexual desire stirring within him by her hand on his arm, despite his blank face not admitting to anything.

As if on que, her own loins began to awaken themselves in response, and just like his own chest, hers began to rise and fall with deep breathes. If his siblings would only glance their way they’d glimpse the sight of two people, male and female, that were heavily aroused and restraining themselves from pouncing on each other like a couple of irresponsible selfish teenagers that were controlled solely by their hormones. Luckily, Zaiyia broke the spell first upon reminding herself that she was going to stay away from him this second…no, third time around. No more was she gonna jump on him like a horny schoolgirl or try to seduce him into giving in, all that was behind her now. Realizing that her sweaty palm was still on his forearm, Zaiyia pulled her hand away quickly, and straightened back up in her chair, her brown eyes landing on the twins deep in discussion.

When she broke the hold she had over him with her touch on his arm, Heath still continued to stare at her longingly, yearning for what he couldn’t have. He found himself missing her touch like one would miss an amputated limb they’d grown to rely on for years and had taken for granted. He wanted her hand back on his, that’s all. No, that wasn’t just it. He also wanted her body against his, preferably naked, and her lips parted and ready to be devoured by him. Heath mentally cursed himself for wishing for such an illegal thing and reluctantly tore his eyes from her slender form to look across the campfire at his siblings now arguing. He allowed the dispute to continue until it began to annoy him, and then cut them both off with a threat to staple their mouths shut with his stapler if they didn’t shut up. The conversation shimmered down afterwards before Anneliese had to depart for home. Everyone kissed her goodbye and expected Maverick to go with her, but he lingered.

“So, big brother! How would you feel about having me sleep over for tonight?” Maverick asked with a look of mischievous excitement in his eyes.

For the first time in Heath’s life, he wasn’t going to argue with his brother. Instead, he welcomed the idea because that mean he could use sleeping in the guest house’s living room as an excuse to be closer to Zaiyia. “Sure, take my room.” With that, Heath got up to show Maverick to his room and pack a few of his things while he was there. By the time he came back outside, he saw that Zaiyia had doused the flames on the portable campfire and disappeared. He assumed she returned to her guest house and was right when he walked in to see her pouring herself a glass of water. He stood in the open doorway, staring at her much like he had before when she touched him. “Hey…”

“Hey…” Zaiyia lifted her eyes to him, but only for a second. Still, in that short glimpse he saw the same desire he currently felt for her roaring in her own eyes. She took a sip of water from her cup, stalling, and then took a another. She wanted so badly to reach out and touch, but she prevented herself from doing so, not knowing that he was fighting back the same need. “Um…good night, I guess.”

“Yeah. Good night.” He whispered back, watching her walk towards the stairs and climb up to her room. When she was out of sight he let out the breath he had been holding back and crossed the threshold. He changed his clothes without a care and got the couch ready for bed. Soon after he was lying down across it in the dark, listening to Zaiyia’s every movement upstairs until she too went silent. Heath gritted his teeth, his hands curling into fists. He needed to touch that woman, more than he needed to take his next breath! But he couldn’t, and knowing that, he tried to turn over and dismiss the impure thoughts by sleeping…only he couldn’t find sleep. It was no where in sight. After the fifth time trying, Heath let out a groan and accepted defeat by flipping onto his back and staring up at the dark ceiling half illuminated by the street lamps outside.

His mind immediately drifted to Zaiyia upstairs and refused to stray from the image. More than anything right now he just wanted to go up there and see her, if only just for a minute. True, there was a risk he could get caught staring at her if she woke up and saw him there, but his mind had already thought of the perfect lie. He’d simply inform her that he needed to use the bathroom, and that’s why he was up in her room. Problem solved. “Shit.” Heath cursed to himself in defeat as he ran his hand through his short hair for the billionth time. He couldn’t believe he was seriously going to go up there and do this, and that’s exactly what he witnessed himself doing. He got up from the couch and walked over to the stairs.

Not bothering to listen in and see if she was truly asleep, he carefully took two steps at time, sneaking up to the second floor where she slept. The stairs barely creaked beneath him, and before he knew it he was high enough to peek through the balusters and caught a glimpse of Zaiyia passed out beneath her sheets in a deep slumber. Climbing up the last few steps, he rounded the newel and entered her bedroom. Steeping across the room towards her bed, he walked around it until he stood on the side she slept so soundlessly on. He gazed down at her again, the moonlight from her window seeping through her thin curtains to reveal her beautiful sleeping form.

Just standing there looking at her sleeping was affecting him, already his chest was rising and falling just like when she touched him outside by the campfire. His fingers were itching to touch her as boldly as she did to him, to pull down the comforter aside so he could see her better. The image alone made his entire body shudder and forced the two opposing sides of his mind to argue over the pros and cons of committing such a heinous crime.

While those sides quarreled, Heath made the first move unbeknownst to them and reached down to take ahold of the edge of her comforter, and slowly pull it back off of her until her torso covered with a loose-fitting shirt that was see-through was revealed to his green eyes. His breath caught at the sight of her perfectly round dark nipples barely hidden beneath the material. He swallowed hard as he stared down at her breasts, his dick stiffening in his bottoms. His mouth was beginning to dry, as if the need to suckle on her nipples was the only way to quench them. Heath actually like the sound of that.

Losing all judgment of what was right and wrong, Heath bravely reached out and lightly brushed his fingers over the tip of her breasts like a breeze, watching in fascination as the areolas became more pronounced in response. His body tensed up in an instant as he fought back an anticipated moan. He wanted more, needed more!

Stupidly, he boldly reached down to pull up the light material up over her breasts, so he could touch them and watch them respond beneath the pad of his fingers, and not with anything else in between them. My god, she’s so fucking beautiful, Heath thought to himself as he lowered his head to get a better look at her bare chest, she’s the epitome of perfection.

Licking his quivering lips eagerly, no longer thinking rationally, Heath lowered his head draw her nipple into the warmth of his mind as gently as he could so as not to wake her. Though his erection wouldn’t mind if she did.

In Zaiyia’s deep sleep, she let out a soft gasp that caused Heath to lift his head and look her over.

She was still asleep, and upon confirming this, Heath lowered his mouth back down to her other nipple. He listened to her softly moan that time but didn’t care to pull away. He couldn’t even if she wanted him to. He was too far gone. Closing his eyes, he lightly suckled, relishing in the taste of her on his taste buds again. It was like coming home…it was almost nostalgic.

Zaiyia continued to moan softly, Heath’s touch being so damn light and feathery it couldn’t rouse her from her sleep. In fact, what she was feeling in her slumber she was certain she was feeling in the dream she was having.

Heath reluctantly pulled his mouth from her breast and licked his lips hungrily as his eyes drifted to watch his thumb brush over her other nipple in circular motions. His green eyes lifted when she moaned again, and he pulled back from touching her for only a minute before continuing. She let out a mewls when the pad of his thumb touched her nipple again.

Unfortunately, Heath couldn’t go any further, and much to his dismay, pulled his hand back from her. He stared at her for such a long time until it felt like an hour passed before leaning down and flicking his tongue over each of her dark hard nipples. Sighing softly to himself, he gently pulled her shirt down, and then her comforter. Swirling his tongue in his mouth to relive her flavor, Heath backed out of the room to return to his sad lonely couch downstairs.