Belonging to Lust

Chapter 68: Girl's Room

Zaiyia threw her head back and let out a moan at the sensation of a warm set of lips suckling on one of her nipples. She knew that mouth…and that it had to be Heath finally coming to her, finally surrendering to their passion. Though she was wide awake now, she struggled against the pleasure to at least pretend she was asleep. What she preferred to do instead, however was reach out and yank him onto her bed so she could jump his bones all night long! When she felt his lips withdrew from her breast, she wanted to let out a whine of protest, but reined it back to prevent him from guessing whether she was awake or not. Her areola puckered in the cool isolated air until she felt the warmth of his breath expel over them, making her lips curve into an anticipating smile.

She continued to let him feast back and forth between one nipple then the other while using his hand to knead the breast he wasn’t suckling on. Her toes curled several times as she fought the urge to writhe around on the bed like some wanton whore. It was torture not being able to touch him and she swore it was beginning to break her out into a cold sweat. Gritting her teeth, and squeezing her eyes shut, she tried to savor as much of the tribute he was paying to her breasts for as long as she could despite the fact it was tormenting her until…she honestly couldn’t take it anymore. Her full lips parted on a mix of a gasp and moan of his name. “Heath…”

No longer giving a damn of the inevitable rejection coming her way, Zaiyia reached up to dive her slender fingers into his short brown hair to cup the back of his head. She held him to her breast while her other hand reached out to run over his broad shoulder to explore the hard-muscular planes of his back through his shirt. She continued to let him sample her breasts at his own leisure. “Oh, yes, baby…feels so good when your mouth is on me like this. Missed this so much…”

Heath didn’t reply, just continued to take another hard nipple into the warmth of his mouth.

Very soon, Zaiyia became eager for more, specifically their naked bodies locked together in primal mating of two hungry animals yearning for each other. Her eyes remained closed as she pulled her hand out of his hair and reached down to pull down on one side of her pajama shorts, and her underwear down her legs. She didn’t get far however when she felt Heath’s lips and hand withdrew from her chest, leaving her cold and abandoned. Wondering what he was doing and praying that he hadn’t left, she lifted her head off of her pillow and opened her eyes to see… “HOLY SHIT!”

Zaiyia eyes widened in horror at the sight of Alan sitting by her side, his usual pink lips now red and shining from…from…just the thought alone made her shudder in disgust! “ALAN! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE IN MY FUCKING BEDROOM MOLESTING ME LIKE THIS!?” Before Zaiyia could scramble away from him out of revulsion, a blood curdling scream by the stairs leading up to her room damn near busted her eardrums. Jumping nearly a full inch off her bed, Zaiyia watched as Alan stood up and stepped aside to reveal…Alice?! Her eyes enlarged tenfold at the sight of the young crazed woman in her bedroom appearing quite disheveled, and her hair sticking up in random places in a static looking mess. “WHAT THE FUCK!? NOW WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR ASS DOING UP IN MY ROOM TOO!?”

Propping herself up against her headboard and looking between the two intruders in her room, Zaiyia had half a mind to kick both of their behinds off of her property…that was until Alice let out another heartbroken blood curdling scream and came charging right for her with a huge kitchen knife in her hand that she lifted mid-run to pose over her head. “WHAT TH-” Zaiyia managed to scream in horror before the distance was closed between her and Alice and the knife came striking down at her from above.

“FUCK! JESUS, FUCK!” Zaiyia cried out as she shot up in bed, panting for air and reaching out desperately for…well, something. Her brown eyes wide with panic darted around the room to find herself alone, not one item out of place to prove that she had uninvited guests sneak in while she was asleep. Glancing at her alarm clock as she caught her breath, she saw that she woke up 5 minutes before it was supposed to go off. Rolling her eyes, she dropped herself back down onto her bed and stared up at the ceiling. Her skin felt a bit sweaty and…her nipples were tingling? Why were they tingling? Was the dream really that vivid? Zaiyia thought back to every detail of that dream and was once again grossed out by the reminder that it was Alan that had been gorging from her chest and not Heath, not to mention confused as to why both Alice and Alan were in her bedroom to begin with. Considering the look on Alice’s face she was not only on the brink of losing her mind, but had appeared shatter, and broken beyond repair. Could that be because her ex-man,, Alan, was molesting her in her sleep? It had to have been. She didn’t start screaming until afterwards so…


“FUCK ME!” Zaiyia exclaimed in panic before realizing that it was only her alarm going off. Forgetting to have turned it on 5 minutes ago after she woke up, Zaiyia reached up and slapped the thing off with a curse. “Sonofabitch…”


After a particularly quiet breakfast, Heath had gone off to work and Zaiyia had went to her room to get dressed for school. Her intention was to take the bus to school, but the moment she stepped out the front door and saw Alan’s car parked in the driveway, she decided against it. At first, the sight of seeing Alan made her stomach turn, especially after that dream she had, but Zaiyia reminded herself it was all but a nightmare. As usual, Alan was happy to see her and bought them breakfast along the way to school which Zaiyia greatly appreciated. When they had arrived in school he even followed her to her locker, memorizing himself where it was and held her bag for her while she gathered her textbooks for the day. After walking her to her first class, they finally parted ways.

In her second class, Zaiyia had asked permission to use the restroom and was granted so. When she walked into the nearest girl’s room it was already occupied by two other young ladies prepping themselves up in the mirrors and talking about the upcoming football game, but Zaiyia wasn’t the least bit alarmed because they too appeared the least bit interested in her presence. Plus, if they turned out to be, she was certain she could take them out easily if need be. Stepping into one of the empty stalls, Zaiyia did her business before flushing and stepping right back out to wash her hands in one of the now empty sinks.

Unfortunately, before she could dry her clean hands completely, an all too familiar baton came swinging for her head from behind and forced her to duck out of the way or suffer a concussion as a result. “Shit!” The mirror above the sink she used shatter into tiny shard all over the bathroom floor and sinks, distracting her attacker long enough for her to move far enough out of the way from them, her back hitting the tile walls of the bathroom. It took her only a second of studying her blonde attackers to get a name. “Elizabeth Knight and Laura Heard…we officially meet.”

Elizabeth and Laura both turned around to face her like a couple of ‘intimidating bad-asses’ with the very same baton that had took out Zaiyia’s knee in her last fight held tightly in Laura’s hand. They opened their mouths to address Zaiyia but was cut off by her before they could get a peep out.

“No no, let me guess.” Zaiyia interrupted, holding a finger up while the corner of her lips curve into an amused smile. “This is for the ever-elusive Alice, am I right? The bitch who can’t fight her own battles.”

Elizabeth shot her a murderous glare and spat. “You fucking whore!”

“BITCH!” Laura yelled at the same time as she and her friend advanced on Zaiyia, the baton raised over her head, ready to strike.

Zaiyia knew she had to act fast, and so she ducked down towards her right, keeping low on Laura’s side, and slowed her down with a punch right to her stomach, knocking the air out from her. Laura hunched over, dropping the baton from her hand as she wrapped her arms around herself and fought to get her breath back. Zaiyia didn’t wait for Elizabeth to come for her, instead she got the jump on her. She charged at the other blonde, reaching out to grab ahold of her shirt at the same time hers was grabbed. The two grappled with each other while Laura got ahold of herself. When she finally managed to straighten herself back up, Zaiyia already had her friend, Elizabeth, shoved up against the nearest wall with her arm lodge up beneath her neck, cutting off some of her air.

“ELIZABETH!” Laura screamed before reaching down to pick up her baton to swing it at Zaiyia’s back, but luckily, she never got the chance. Out of nowhere she was tackled on her side by someone charging out of one of the 5 stalls and knocked into one of the sinks. Laura let out a scream of pain from her hip bone connecting to the hard cold sink, and immediately dropped the baton.

Hearing the commotion behind her and not knowing what was going on, Zaiyia quickly shot her knee into Elizabeth’s stomach and let her go to watch her slide down the wall, clutching her stomach. Spinning around with expectation that there was more trouble headed her way, Zaiyia was shocked still to see Chasity, the girl that had stood up for her to the Principal and Teachers after the Locker Room incident, standing over Laura, demanding information out of her. In her hand was the baton. “Answer me, Laura Heard! Where did you get this police baton!?”

Laura merely shot her a glare in response before spitting in her direction. Struggling to her feet again, she surged forward to aid Elizabeth back onto her feet, whispering. “Let’s get out of here!” Before the two friends scrambled out of the bathroom as fast as they could.

Zaiyia decided to let them go. If they had managed to hit her with that baton throughout the fight however, she would have beaten them down into a pile of ground beef. They got lucky.