Belonging to Lust

Chapter 7: Abandonment

By next week, Yovela had packed up a few of her belongings and had disappeared without a trace.

Heath had woke up that morning alone, but didn’t think nothing of it. It was only when he discovered that she wasn’t anywhere in the house and hadn’t left a note anywhere in plain sight that he began to worry. She always a note left for him telling him where she had gone. He brushed the odd feeling of dread when the idea that she probably was at the guesthouse with her daughter, popped into his head. Heath quickly rounded up some clothes and headed across the backyard to the guesthouse.

Zaiyia had got up early to get ready for school when she heard a knock on the front door downstairs. She headed down the stairs and peeked through the curtain to see Heath standing there with his hands on his hips, looking over his shoulder. Zaiyia bit her lip and again rushed to the nearest mirror to make sure she looked presentable before finally opening the door with a welcoming smile. “Good morning, Mr. Sullivan. What can I do for you?”

Heath looked down at her small slender stature as his lips curved into a short smile. Zaiyia looked pretty today, as she did every day. She definitely had some of her mother’s beauty. “Hey, good morning. I just came over to see if your mother was over here. I woke up and couldn’t find her anywhere, and she didn’t leave a note. She has a habit of leaving notes to tell people where she’s going and not to worry. I assumed she was inside with you.”

Zaiyia’s heart dropped into her stomach and her knees begged to buckle beneath her weight. She couldn’t believe it, and neither could she let Heath see any of the intense emotions that were scratching to get to the surface. Instead she swallowed it back, and gently tilted her head to the side in confusion. “N-No, mother isn’t inside with me. I haven’t seen her since last night.”

Heath let out a long drawn out sigh as he looked over his shoulder again to study the main house. “Uh…okay, um, thanks anyway.”

Heath stepped back to head back to the house to search once again. He couldn’t shake the odd feeling that something wasn’t right. Zaiyia could tell he was bothered and for the first time, found herself aiding her ‘daddy’ instead of standing by.

“Mr. Sullivan!” She called.

Heath turned around to glance behind him at Zaiyia.

“Can I help you look for her?”

Heath gave her a thankful smile before nodding. Zaiyia made a dash upstairs to change her clothes and grab her backpack before rejoining Heath in the main house to look around. After ten minutes, Heath caught sight of the time and hurried to find Zaiyia. She was in the living room looking under the couch when he walked in. The first thing he saw was her behind sticking up in the air right in front of him. He nearly stumbled over his own two feet before he caught himself staring much too long. He gave himself a mental scolding before reminding himself that she was only 16 years old and that he shouldn’t be looking at her like that.

Heath loudly cleared his throat, startling Zaiyia back onto her feet. “Did you find anything, Mr. Sullivan?”

Heath shook his head. “No, I haven’t, but I did see the time and you have about five minutes before your bus gets here.”

Zaiyia was confused. Did she hear him right? “What?”

Heath clarified what he said. “You need to go to school.”

“But…my mother, I can’t go to school now.” Zaiyia wasn’t finished searching for any of the specific signs that her mother might have indeed did the unforgivable. Heath wouldn’t be able find it because he didn’t know the real Yovela like she did. He had no clue where to look and what he was supposed to look for. Zaiyia did, but she couldn’t let him know. She wasn’t supposed to know her mother better than he did, even if she wasn’t there with them.

“No young lady, you are going to school! Do you understand?” Heath repeated himself more sternly, lifting a finger to silence her defiant words. Zaiyia didn’t like how he was acting, all of a sudden. He was behaving like he was her father, which they both knew he wasn’t. She didn’t like this side of him, and found it absolutely repulsive that it turned her on a bit.

Heath scratched his head as his eyes danced around the room before landing on hers. “Look, this could all be nothing. I’m sure your mother will be back later today. She’s usually home before I get off work, so you can keep an eye out of her until I return, ok? Don’t worry, I’m sure she wouldn’t just disappear after finally being reunited with her child after so long.”

Zaiyia had to pinch herself from rolling her eyes at his response. Little did he know, her mother had a thing for abandoning her only child behind with a complete stranger for months on end. From what Zaiyia believed, her mother wasn’t coming back later tonight, or the next day. No, Yovela was probably miles away by now.

Of course, she wasn’t going to say that to Heath. She didn’t think she could stomach seeing the heartbreak in his eyes caused by her selfish mother. Instead, Zaiyia gave Heath a nod and headed out the door to wait for her bus. After school, she planned on searching the house thoroughly before Heath returned to confirm what she already knew.

Yovela abandoned them.


Zaiyia returned home from school to find the house was completely empty. The vacancy was one of the most common signs that Yovela had gotten up and split on them. One of the most important signs was a special gift Yovela received from her parents before they were thrown behind bars. The same medallion her mother gave her last night…

Zaiyia’s hands flung to her neck, only to feel the cool metal of her silver heart shape necklace. “Shit!”

She took off in a run for the guest house and up to her bedroom. She didn’t care how much of a mess she was making tossing random things around her room, all she cared about what finding that medallion. She checked her jewelry box, the floor, the nightstand and even inside her pillow cases. When it became clear that the medallion wasn’t in her room, Zaiyia begrudgingly began to pick up after herself. She didn’t want to believe it. She refused to believe it. Instead, she decided to check the main house just in case. Once she was done cleaning her room, Zaiyia took off downstairs and across the backyard to the main house. She searched every nook and cranny carefully before finally forcing herself to swallow the horse pill of abandonment.

Yovela left. For how long, no one ever knew.

Zaiyia picked herself off the bedroom floor and headed back to the guesthouse, up the stairs and into her room. Once she was there, she grabbed ahold of her backpack and chucked it over her bed and against the wall. “Fucking bitch!”
She was so angry that all she saw was red and she took that anger out on her pillows. She let out all her frustration with her mother with her fists, hitting the soft cushions with fast adrenaline punches. When her curses became watery sobs, Zaiyia stopped fighting. Her anger was extinguished by her tears. She fell onto the bed on her side to focus on keeping the tears at bay before rolling onto her back.

Zaiyia HATED this part. No, she DESPISED this part. At this point, Zaiyia had only two options. The same two options that she’s been dealt with since Yovela started disappearing on her when she was young. She could pack up as much that she could carry on her, and live out in the streets until her mother decided to show up again, OR she could try and convince Heath to allow her to stay in the guest house in exchange for favors, and/or chores. Zaiyia hoped Heath wouldn’t ask the impossible from her that some of her previous daddies had asked. Then again, she has never been attracted to the kind of men her mother laid with…until now…

Maybe sucking his dick for food and shelter won’t be so bad.
♠ ♠ ♠