Belonging to Lust

Chapter 74: Buzzed

Zaiyia spent the rest of her Friday night at the party with Monique and her two older sisters. In that time, she had developed a surprisingly close bond with the three ladies, specifically Assata and Aishah due to them all suffering through the same similar struggles while growing up. Monique was born after the McCoys managed to get their lives together for their children’s sake and so she was the only one that only experienced a safe and easy life unlike her older sisters, but still Zaiyia thought she was just as awesome as the rest of them. How could she not, Monique had came to her aid in the hallway when no one else was there.

Alan and his friends continued to hang around Zaiyia and her newfound friends. She didn’t mind it so much because she and the girls chatted mainly amongst themselves. However, she did find it annoying that every guy at the party felt the need to come up to Alan to receive his permission to be able to dance with her as if he already owned her. Still, Zaiyia didn’t say anything about it. She just wanted to have a good time, and so when Alan allowed it she got to dance with other guys. She felt Alan watching her like Chasity once did, like an overprotective owner. The only difference was in the way they stared. Chasity kept an eye on her to protect her while Alan observed her like she was his property. Zaiyia chose to ignore him anyway and focused on having a memorable time. She was desperate to embrace any tiny form of happiness that came along her way at this party, and if she found it in the company of another man than she’d enjoy it. Normally, she didn’t like it when guys tried to control her, but these days she had zero fucks to give about much of anything anymore.

As she began to dance with more and more guys, she began to wonder to herself if she could find some form of sexual attraction to any one of them. Curious, she didn’t try to hold back when she danced in their arms or grinded her body against theirs. She was eager to feel a spark or whatever it was that would tell her that she might just have found the right guys to help her move on from Heath Sullivan. ANY guy closer to her age would do at this point, all she needed to find was an attraction to him. Unfortunately, as time passed on and partners came and went, Zaiyia was grief-stricken to find herself empty-handed. There was no guy in this entire party that she felt a sexual response to, absolutely NONE. How is that possible, she wondered to herself, how can I find no damn body to fall in love with instead?

Lost in dismay, Zaiyia headed back to Monique just as her sisters had stopped dancing with their partners. Monique saw the obvious look of despair on Zaiyia’s face, but before she could ask her what was wrong up, another guy came up to ask Alan for Zaiyia’s hand to dance. She watched as Zaiyia swiftly chugged down the last of her drink before taking the guy’s hand without Alan’s consent.

After a while of drinking and dancing with random guys, Zaiyia was certain that she was buzzed. When Alan decided to sweep her off of her feet in a dance she also noticed that he too was tipsy himself. She let him dance with her just as the song started off in a slow deep rhythm that called partners to cling and grind against each other slowly, savoring the feel of each other’s body…and that’s what Alan was currently doing to her body. Zaiyia focused on the feeling of being buzzed and ignored the sensation of his once flaccid cock now pressing hard against her. To help herself get use to the poking rod she tried as hard as she could to pretend he was Heath instead to make it bearable, even going as far as to close her eyes so she wouldn’t have to visibly see Alan’s face. A soft smile almost stretched her full lips when it began to work.

Alan was certain that Zaiyia was enjoying his body pressed against hers with that smile on her face, and so with a wicked smirk he leaned down to nuzzle his face against her neck. He felt her shiver in pleasure against him and decided to do it again. She felt so hot in his arms and smelled deliciously tempting to taste, like sweet candy. He nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck a few times before whispering in her ear. “You smell so sexy.” His hands that were placed on her hips began to slowly roam other areas of her body. They went so slow in fact he was certain she wasn’t aware of where they were or where they were heading. “Everything about you is downright sexy. Never seen a girl as good as you…”

Zaiyia was certain before the end of the night she’d end up hating the word ‘sexy’ and will permanently banish it from her own personal vocabulary forever. She hated this. She hated pretending that he was someone else that he wasn’t. She hated pretending that she didn’t mind his hands roaming her body. Shivering in disgust again, she opened her eyes and faced the reality that was currently groping her body and was now grabbing her ass with both hands. This time she couldn’t hide the disgust from her face. Everyone else on the dancefloor were dancing in the same manner and were having a wonderful time, but her.

Luckily for her, her newfound friends came to the rescue. Before Alan could call her sexy for the billionth time that night, Assata appeared with a smile. “May I cut in?”

Zaiyia and Alan jumped back, not having seen her coming. Before Alan open his mouth and attempt to reject her, Zaiyia pulled out of his hold completely and flashed her an innocent smile. “Why of course you can! Don’t mind me, yall have a good time.” And just that fast she hurried off of the dance floor to Monique and Aishah who hurried to stan on each side of her to help prevent anyone else from asking her to dance. Zaiyia was officially indebted to them all, especially Assata who was making sure Alan focused on dancing with her and not on where Zaiyia went.

Monique and Aishah quickly led Zaiyia all the way upstairs to make sure they were completely out of sight from Alan and his friends. Zaiyia was the first to burst through the double door of Cameron’s father expensive home office in a desperate hurry to shake off the disgust she had held in thus far. “OH MY GOD! That was so fucking gross, I can’t fucking believe myself right now!”

Turning the dial on the light dimmer down a bit in the room, Monique watched Zaiyia collapse into an long expensive lounge chair before taking a seat in front of the colossal main desk. “Yeah, we can tell you were suffering down there in his arms.”

“But the real question is…” Aishah started out as she closed the double door behind her and walked over to relax in the majestic office chair behind the desk. “Is why the fuck you’re even doing this shit in the first place.” She leaned over in her seat and clasped her hands together as she addressed Zaiyia. “Sweetie I’ve only known you for like two hours or so and it’s as clear as day to me that your ass don’t wanna get involved with that pig skin tossing motherfucker. So, what’s the big deal?”

“It’s because…” Zaiyia whined immaturely, draping her arm over her eyes dramatically.

“We gonna need a better answer than that, Halifax.” Monique demanded as she curiously sifted through the items on Cameron’s father’s desk.

She was buzzed, and it was probably the alcohol currently racing through her veins that chased off her need to protect the illegal activities she and Heath had transpired in in the past. Yeah, that had to be it because there was no way she’d tell anyone THIS much information. Then again, if these ladies were anything like she suspected, they wouldn’t care as much about an underaged relationship like innocent Chasity would. “I’m…” Zaiyia let out a frustrated sigh and removed her arm from her eyes to let it drop at her side. “I’m in love with this guy who refuses to be in a relationship with me because I’m too young for him and he’s too old for me…and right now, I’m working on moving on from that shit, and falling out of love with the stupid motherfucker as soon as I possibly can.”

The cat was finally out of the bag, and much to Zaiyia’s expectation and relief, the McCoys completely glazed over the topic of a pedophile relationship as if it wasn’t as serious as it actually was. Aishah frowned in confusion as she leaned back in the main office chair and relaxed. “Okay so why rub up on a motherfucker you don’t even like?! I mean, that makes no damn sense.”

“Ugh! It’s because I DON’T like anyone!” Zaiyia exclaimed, staring up at the ceiling looking very much like she was a patient in a therapist’s office. “Trust me, I’ve been trying to find someone else, ANYONE ELSE, that I can be attracted to but there’s no one out there for me…no one out there but him.”

“Seriously!?” Monique rhetorically asked as she placed the luxurious golden name plate back on the desk after running her finger over its smooth surface in though. “Damn, that must fucking suck like hell!”

“Well then how about you stop wasting your times on any guy, period!” Aishah suggested, pulling out an expensive $5,000 21k solid gold ballpoint pen from within a velvet box in one of the desk drawers. She examined it carefully before rolling it across the table to Monique who stuffed it into her purse without a thought. “Instead in the meantime, you can enjoy the single life until the right motherfucker comes around and snatches your ass up.”

Zaiyia didn’t care that the two sisters were searching for expensive items to steal in the office and shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe...I mean, if the motherfucker even exists out here.”

Monique lifted her eyes from the $442.00 letter opener and sheath she was admiring to glance shortly at Zaiyia after a long moment of silence. “So, are we heading back down to the party or are we done for the night?”

“Nah.” Zaiyia answered her, sounding a million miles away. “I just want to go back home far away from that little boy down there.”

Aishah gave her a mischievous grin and placed her chin on her hand. “So, does that mean you’re gonna need help sneaking up out of this house without your boytoy finding out then?”

Zaiyia turned her head to give her matching grin and nod. “Oh yeah.”

Monique giggled as she placed the letter opener in her bag and stood up from the chair. “Sweet. Imma text Assata and tell her to meet us outside.” She pulled out her phone and began to alert her sister while Zaiyia and Aishah got up to gather around her. Soon, all four young ladies were sneaking out of the back of the mansion and hopping the fence to freedom.