Belonging to Lust

Chapter 75: Vick’s Vaporub

Saturday came finally rolling around, and all the school kids rejoiced at having a day off where they didn’t have to get up early and sits in classrooms all day learning a mix between useful and useless information, depending on what their future career choices were. Unluckily for Zaiyia, she woke up on that glorious day sick as hell. So sick in fact she wasn’t able to pry herself out of bed and make breakfast for Heath, and so she relaxed back in her comforters for the rest of the morning.

Heath knew something was going on with Zaiyia when he woke up and there was no food on the kitchen table for two. Frowning, he decided to investigate the mystery himself by going over and checking up on her just in case she needed some help. Unlocking the front door to the guest house, he poked his head in and called out her name. “Zaiyia!” He was met with nothing but silence until he heard coughing coming from upstairs. Letting himself in, he closed the door behind him and climbed up the stairs two at a time to her bedroom. “Zaiyia?” On her bed, he could see her slender body beneath the sheets hacking up a lung. When she was done, her brown eyes stared blankly up at the ceiling while he came to stand at the top of the stairs and examine her from afar. “Hey, are you feeling okay over there?”

Zaiyia shook her head in response, not bothering to verbally express the ailment she was suffering from. Not only was she feeling like crap before when she snuck back onto the property that early morning after spending most of the night with McCoy sisters, now she was physically feeling like crap. Mentally and physically feeling like crap was worse than just mentally going through it, it was two times the amount of crap!

Stepping into the room, Heath walked around her bed to stand over the side she laid on. His hands were stuffed in his jean pockets as he looked her up and down beneath brows furrowed with concern. “What’s wrong with you?”

Finally shifting her eyes to look at him, she replied in a monotone voice. “I’m not feeling well, duh.”

“Well, no shit.” Heath snorted before taking a seat on her side of the bed, his eyes never leaving hers now that he’s finally got her looking at him for the first time after several days. “I meant what symptoms do you have?”

Zaiyia gave him a tireless shrug. “I don’t know. I honestly don’t care.”

“Okay then.” Heath muttered before reaching out a big hand and placing it over her forehead. Her skin was so smooth beneath his rough touch…he had almost forgotten just how smooth. He tried to ignore her small inhale of breath when their skin encountered one another, and the sight of her eyes fluttering shut in submission to instead focus on the task at hand. “You don’t feel warm…in fact, you feel just fine to me.”

Zaiyia bet she felt fine to him. Hell, she bet she even looked fine despite being under the weather. The corner of her mouth curved in amusement at that mental comment as she opened her eyes to look up at him. Just like that she melted under his touch, and her tough resistant exterior was gone. “My stomach doesn’t feel good. I think I might puke or something, I’m not quite sure yet. Also, I can’t seem to stop hacking up my damn lungs. Not mention my nose is runny and is attempting to drown me in my own sleep if I’m not careful while at the same time it’s stuffed up like a goddamn turkey. It’s just not my day today.”

Heath chuckle at the description of her beautiful wide nose acting up. “Maybe not.” With a nod of his head, he gestured towards her bathroom door. “I’ll go check in your cabinet for some medicine that can help.”

The temporary smile on his face damn near stopped her heart. Zaiyia relished the small seconds of it and even smiled herself. Shifting around to prop herself on her elbow, she tilted her head back a little to look up at his handsome face. “I already checked in the bathroom. There wasn’t anything other than cotton balls and Q-Tips.”

“Is that so?” He questions her playfully before brainstorming a little bit. “Well then, I have no choice. I’ll go check the bathrooms in the main house.” With that he got up from her bed and headed down her stairs.

Zaiyia cherished every sound he made from the sound of his boots on the hardwood floor of the guest house to the sound of him opening and closing the front door. How is it he comes in and out of houses in the most sexiest of symphonies every written before, Zaiyia wondered to herself in sexual agony. She reflected over it until Heath finally returned carrying a bucket in one hand and a small jar in the other. Zaiyia almost didn’t recognize the jar until he got closer, and her eyes widen in excitement at the sight of Vick’s Vaporub. In that moment she pleaded with whatever god to make this gorgeous man spread this mixture all over her naked body like butter on a slice of toast. Desperate to make that scenario come true, she clutched her stomach and rolled from side to side in feign moans of agony. “Oh lord, take me now! The time is near, and the white light is ever so merciful as it beckons me closer!”

Heath chuckled at her overdramatic display as he walked around her bed. “Oh, calm down, would you? Knock it off with the theatrical act, it’s not convincing in the slightest.” Reaching out his hand, he offered the jar for her to take. “Here, this should make you feel better soon. Just rub it on yourself.”

Quickly, Zaiyia was falling back into her old ways, and it honestly felt nice again, like coming home to a warm cozy familiar place. She immediately stopped playing around for a second and served him an adorable pout while she whined to him. “But I don’t want to!” She sighed overdramatically and draped her arm over her eyes as she threw her head back. “Maybe you should just leave me here to die alone instead!”

This time she managed to pull a genuine laugh from Heath. “Hey, I just told you to knock off the drama queen act, didn’t I? Look, here.” He uncapped the jar, dipped two fingers into the product and smeared the Vaporub right underneath her wide nose. “It’s that easy, I promise.”

Zaiyia let out a melodic laugh that brought to life Heath’s dead insides as she smacked his hand away. “Motherfucker! Stop trying to clog up my nose with that shit. What you trying to do, kill me?”

Heath opened his mouth with a witty comeback when Zaiyia fell into a coughing spell, postponing their little harmless fight. He watches her helpless, at the moment, as she rolled onto her side halfway in. Taking the opportunity, he reached out to gently pat her back and whisper soothingly to her. “Hey, it’s gonna be okay. You’ll be right as rain in no time after you take some medicine. Here…unbutton your shirt so I can spread some of this on your back for you.”

Being sick was never this enjoyable, Zaiyia rejoiced to herself before recalling that she was wearing nothing under her button up shirt. If she just took it off without warning him, would he be pissed and walk away? She couldn’t let that happen! Not when they were finally this close together again. “I uh…I’m not wearing anything under this shirt though.”

The two fell into a long moment of silence. Zaiyia was waiting for him to say something or make a move. Heath was mentally waging a battle within himself to either say ‘never mind’ and pull back, or to continue on to help her feel better again. The first choice was winning until Zaiyia fell once again into another coughing spell. The sound of her hacking away pulled at his heartstring, weakening him instantly. Heath let out a sigh and mentally ordered himself to be quick about what he was about to do. “Sit up for me, Zaiyia.”

Zaiyia obeyed him without a word, still in the throes of her coughing spell. She knew he wanted her to figure out a way to remove her shirt without disposing of it completely, and so she opt to peel it up her body a safe distance. Sadly, she was coughing too much to do it on her own. She felt Heath’s extra weight leave her bed and then sensed his close presence as he reached out to help her pull the material up. “T-Thanks…”

“Don’t mention it.” Heath muttered, not sounding at all pleased with what he was doing. He forced himself to take a deep breath before reaching out to sweep her long braids off to one shoulder. With three fingers now smeared with the concoction, he placed them onto her warm smooth flawless back with an inaudible breathless sigh. Her back was void of any form of imperfection. Hell, he couldn’t even see the hair follicles due to the deep richness of her melanin skin. As he spread the clear cream over her back, he imagined himself diving into that bed with her and soaking in all her warmth and scent.

Zaiyia closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side in pleasure. She had to bite her lip to keep a soft moan from spilling out and scaring him away. It was difficult, but she managed. The feeling of his fingers on her, coated in Vaporub or not, was once of the greatest sensations a human being could ever feel, she was certain of it. Nothing in the world could compare. Mentally, she has needed this to happen. Mentally, she needed this to never end. She was so afraid it would that tears formed behind her closed eyelids, unbeknownst to her. “Mmm, this feels nice.”

“Don’t say that.” Heath warned her, but his voice sounded too heavy, too low, and thick with lust to sound serious at all. He tried not to linger as he applied the cream, but it was difficult. He caught himself doing it constantly, slowly trailing the pads of his fingertips over her smooth skin as if he was cherishing every plane and curve of it. Long after he was finally finished, he managed to pull his hands away from her once and for all…or so he thought. “There.” Quickly, he lowered her shirt back down and sat down on her bed in front of her, his eyes closed as he tried to fight for his self-control.

Zaiyia sat there cross-legged, staring at him in a daze. If she was of a fairer complexion she’d be blushing red like a strawberry right now, but all her cheeks were currently doing was burning a heat fueled with desire for him. She watched him with hungry eyes lost in the throngs of a greed that’s been denied for too damn long. So long in fact it had her speaking without thinking. “What about my chest..?”