Belonging to Lust

Chapter 76: Don't Forget

Heath instantly tensed up at the mention of him applying the Vaporub on her bare chest, his green eyes snapping open to stare anxiously at her in alarm. He wasn’t certain if she had said what he had thought she said for a minute there or if it was just his imagination running wild with hormones. Just in case, his eyes dropped down to her chest that was hidden behind the loose garment of her pajama top. He decided to play dumb about it. “W-What about your chest?”

“I’ll probably need some applied there too.” Zaiyia spoke, her voice sounding just as thick with lust as his despite how impaired she was, her beautiful brown eyes never leaving his face. “You know, so it’ll work its magic more effectively that way.”

Struck speechless on what to say, Heath’s mouth open and closed a few times as he fought to figure out how to respond to her inappropriate request. “I uh…I…”

Purposely, Zaiyia began to cough again in hopes of appearing even more destitute. She shifted to where she was lying back down on her bed after she had couched so badly to the point it had her sitting up and whispered to him in a ragged voice. “P-Please...?”

Heath defiantly shook his head to himself and to her. There was no way he…a grown man in this 30s, was gonna rub Vaporub on her…a 16-year-old girl’s chest. It wasn’t right, whether she was on her death bed or not, it didn’t matter. Hell, he could suddenly be a fully licensed doctor right now and he’d still wouldn’t be certain if he felt comfortable with doing this! To him, it seemed like a trap of some kind or maybe some trial of tests to prove his allegiance to following the law. “Zaiyia…I can’t. You can easily do this all by yourself, you know? You don’t need me to do it for you.”

But Zaiyia was already buttoning the first few buttons on her shirt eagerly and could feel his eyes now drawn to each one being pushed through the holes. “But it’ll feel so much better if someone else does it for me, Heath. It’ll feel so much better if…you do it instead.”

Can’t argue with that, Heath muttered to himself in thought as he continued to watch her shirt unfold button by button from Zaiyia’s maneuvering slender fingers. If he was in her shoes right now, his dark fantasy would also be of her slathering him in Vaporub too…except they’d both be completely naked.

Heath shook his head at the impure thought, but that wasn’t enough to keep it at bay. His green eyes continued to watch her work her buttons loose until she reached the very last one. That last button hanging on was what it took to finally get him to make an attempt to fight back against her plot. Oddly, his voice came out in a weak whimper instead of a defiant order. “Stop…”

His small demand, if you could call it that, was too pathetic to be heeded. Zaiyia, her eyes still on his, undid the last button. She didn’t toss the garment open to reveal the deep skin of her naked torso or her supple breast whom dark nipples were already hardened from when she first spotted the Vaporub in Heath’s hands. No, instead she whispered to him in a voice soft with lust that was being reined back, her beautiful brown eyes falling half-opened from…well, Heath wasn’t sure if it was due to illness or if it also had to do with her young body being sexually aroused by all this. “There, it should be loose enough for you now.”

Heath was frozen in place, every muscle in his body tensed up in suspense. He tried to swallow past the lump in his throat that was threatening to suffocate him if he didn’t do what he truly wanted to do. Clearly, he was already too effected by Zaiyia’s sickly request to reject her and walk away again, so might as well take this shot that was consensually being offered up to him. And yet a part of him leaned back against the force that was trying to push him over the edge and lead him to make another HUGE illegal mistake. Heath didn’t know what the hell to do at this moment. He was internally torn between doing the right thing or indulging in a drug his body’s been needing a taste of. Turning his head from her, Heath closed his eyes and continued to fight with himself to keep his hands off of her.

Zaiyia could see that there was currently a merciless battle waging on within Heath, and it frightened her because she had no idea which side had the upper hand; the side that wanted to touch her, or that annoying side that loved to break her heart. Taking matters into her own hands to ensure this man will choose her instead of the law, Zaiyia reached out to take his hand that was still had Vaporub on his fingers and guided it to her chest as her other hand parted her pajama top far enough for his fingers to meet the heated skin of the valley between her breasts. Her breasts were still shielded from his sight, but at least a few inches of skin were now exposed entice him further for now. “Heath…”

Sucking in a breath at the feeling of her soft hot skin beneath the palm of his hand, Heath green eyes snapped open and stare deeply into hers. His lips parted to let out a groan, but he bit it back before it could surface. She didn’t need to know how she affected him, if so she might try and seduce him like she had the two times before where they needed up in bed together…never mind that they had been arguing both those times as well.

Then again, his already labored breathing was probably giving her the proof she needed to know that he was already falling under her spell. Needing to say something…needing to tell her to stop this nonsense, Heath’s mind was silenced before it could come up with another angry repetitive rant to hurt her with when Zaiyia began to finally move his hand. His green eyes follow it as it slid up from between the valley of her breasts to her neck, one dainty hand barely able to wrap around his wrist and the other resting over the back of his lightly but urging. As his hand reached the base of her neck, he stared in an enchanted gaze at its limpness, no longer under his control. Zaiyia teased him further by reacting with tilting her head back and closing her eyes with a soft moan. “S-Shit…”

Heath exhaled loudly as if he had been holding back a breath for as long as he could until he couldn’t anymore. Zaiyia literally had him breathless, and she reveled in it. Once she enjoyed the feeling of his hand’s heavy weight around her delicate neck, Zaiyia lowered his hand back down her body again except this time she began drifting him off towards the left to her breast. Her lips parted in anticipation as she began to close the gap between it and his hand, her nipples already painfully hard at the prospect of it too. The left side of pajama top began to give way due to the force of Heath’s hand and soon her left breast was finally revealed to the cool air of her bedroom and his green eyes. The deep sound of a masculine moan coming from Heath almost startled Zaiyia for he had been so quiet up until now just being an observer to what she was doing. To hide back a smile of triumph, she bit her lower lip until Heath pulled a gasp from her lips when he decided to take control back over his own hand again by gliding his palm over her left nipple. The pleasure was like a shock through her system that made her arch her back off her bed. She let out a strangled moan, not knowing her nipple could get any harder than it already was. “O-Oh, god…”

“Jesus Christ!” Heath muttered to himself as his green eyes fell shut too from the pleasure. He greedily savored the feeling of her breast in the palm of his hand again without her guidance anymore. He kneaded the supple flesh, admired its perfect weight and roundness. If his eyes were open he’d study the contrast of her black nipple against her deep flawless skin tone as if he were touching the body of a powerful Goddess. All the while, Zaiyia laid panting heavily along with him, soft moans spilling forth from her full poty lips that were always naturally begging to be ravaged with kisses…his kisses.

Heath had no idea how long he’d been touching her, how long they both been getting off to the feeling of him touching her breast before logic thrusted an arm into the deep ocean of lust he was drowning in and pulled him back up to the surface. It was like a bucket of ice cold water had been dumped on him, and before he knew it his common sense were back and ready to pull them apart all over again. “Sonofabitch!” Heath cursed as his green eyes snapped open once again, taking in the sight of Zaiyia tantalizing body lying on her bed beneath his skillful hand. She too seemed to be coming back to her senses. The sight of her like this made him wonder if he had died and gone to heaven because he hadn’t seen a sight this beautiful since the last he had her in his bed. Not believing he just now recalled such an inappropriate memory to the forefront of his mind, Heath instantly hated himself for it as he yanked his hand away from her skin as if on fire and jumped off of her bed so fast you’d think he just teleported from it. He couldn’t look at her as he turned away and began to pace, his hands rubbing over his tired face.

Zaiyia didn’t bother to react at all to his abrupt absence, and neither did she look at him either. There was no need to ask Heath what was wrong, she knew exactly what he would say. He was regretting everything like he always did after he touched her. This time though, she wasn’t going to fight him back on this. This time, she was going to let him go. Her brown eyes stared up at the ceiling or drifted around her room. She looked at everything surrounding her but at him. It would hurt too much if she looked at him. It would break her walls down and kill her soul if she dared to even glance at him no matter how shortly it may be. Zaiyia continued to simply lay there, waiting on him to go off on her again.

On his end, planning to scold her for once again seducing him and reminding her their relationship was wrong in the eyes of the law, Heath spun around with an earful to say, but all his words lodged themselves back down his throat at the sight of her frail sickly body lying there too helpless to fight back against him. She had no strength to do so. Heath wasn’t used to that, to her being weak and not being able to stand up and face him. She was a fighter, but right now she couldn’t battle him even if she wanted to.

The fire of Heath’s anger dissipated rapidly. He couldn’t kick her when she was down, he just couldn’t. Opening his mouth, then closing it, only to open it again, Heath finally let out a defeated sigh. He didn’t know what to say. Not being able to bring himself to just walk away from her all sick and frail like this but also not being to bring himself to yell at her either, Heath slowly walked over to her and sat back down beside her. This time when he reached out to touch her, it was to cover her tempting breast from his sight with her pajama top and then button it back up. “Zaiyia, this…” Shouldn’t have happened? “It was…” Wrong?

Zaiyia was drifting off the sleep, not having the strength to even stick around to conversate with him civilly much less argue with him. She opened her brown eyes halfway to look up at him, taking in his sexy form with a soft smile. “Don’t forget…”

Lifting his eyes to her face, Heath watched Zaiyia close her eyes. He lingered there staring down at her face until he realized she had fallen asleep. “Don’t forget…” He repeated to himself, knowing what she meant by that. She wasn’t asking him to remember the laws he shouldn’t break, or his responsibility to her as her guardian. No, she was telling him not to forget what just occurred between them, the powerful chemistry that kept them coming together like magnetic all the time. Unfortunately for him, he would remember it. Hell, he was certain when he’s an old man suffering from dementia he’ll remember every moment spent with her. With a sigh, Heath boldly reached up to caress her cheek with his hand since she was unconscious. “I won’t, baby. I promise I won’t.”

With that soft response, he leaned over to give her an amorous kiss on the forehead and left her be.