Belonging to Lust

Chapter 77: HER Man

The next day on Sunday, Zaiyia was feeling much better than she had the day before. Memories of Heath applying Vaporub on her chest and left breast were slightly fuzzy when she reminisced over them in the car on the way back home from a shopping spree dedicated all to yours truly.

Her brown eyes wandered to her left where Heath sat quietly in the driver’s seat, his beautiful green eyes on the road ahead of them. The night before had been a crazy kind of day for them both in the end. But still, it was strange that Heath never mentioned what had happened last night not even once today. Zaiyia wondered if it was because she hadn’t acknowledged any recollection of it out loud to him first when she came down for lunch after sleeping most of her morning away. Had Heath been waiting for her to comment on it first before exploding into a heated lecture of right and wrong, pedophilia, and the law? If he was, she hadn’t given it to him yet.

To make today even weirder, Heath offered to take her out to buy her a new upgraded phone and some lunch. Naturally, Zaiyia wanted to tease his kind gesture by calling it a date like she always did back in the day, but that was the old her. The new her merely nodded in acceptance and wandered off to get dressed. In the privacy of her own room, however, she couldn’t help but wonder why he wanted to be around her the day after he had groped her breast so fondly and inappropriately. Normally, he’d stay the hell away from her as if she had a flesh-eating virus that he could contract, but today was oddly different. What made him want to spend time with her so soon after last night’s events?

A sensual smirk crossed her face as she slid on her shoes. Perhaps he was trying to show his appreciation to her for allowing him to touch her breast after so long. “Ha!” Zaiyia laughed to herself, though it sounded more hurt than amused. “If only.”

After she was ready, the couple had went to the mall to get her new phone, and soon after making that purchase, Zaiyia dragged Heath through all of the clothing stores to buy her some other new things. In her eyes, it was least the bastard could do for being a noble mature law-abiding adult all the damn time and breaking her heart in the process for it.

They went into this store and that, not leaving until he bought her at least one thing from each stop they made. Zaiyia waited for him to drag his feet and complain but he never did. Even when she used him to rate the outfits she modeled, Heath didn’t complain, nor did he help much either. Each time she stepped out and posed in a different outfit he’d stare at her in awe, a deep cloud of lust making his green eyes all smoky. Zaiyia gauged what outfit to pick out by the tension in his body, the smoldering look in his eyes, and how tightly he clasped his hands together to keep in control in public.

Eventually, they were leaving the mall and heading on back home. The ride was silent with each of them reminisce on last night’s provocative occurrence while a radio host chattered away in the background. They both resurfaced from their own steamy memories when Heath pulled up to his driveway and noticed a woman standing on his walkway, clearly waiting for his arrival. Zaiyia immediately became suspicious and narrowed her eyes at the older woman now walking towards them in leopard printed tight dress looking like a Stepford Housewife going clubbing with a group of 20-year old. “Who’s she?”

Her brown eyes turned to watch Heath turn off his truck and exit the vehicle. She shot his magnificent sexy muscular back a glare as he strolled up the lady and shook her hand. Filled with jealousy that he could touch another older woman when he refused to touch her all the damn time, Zaiyia launched herself out of the truck as calm as she could before walking up to stand at his side. The need to cross her arms over her chest and silently intimidate this woman with her presence to the point where she felt too uncomfortable to remain speaking to Heath was beyond tempting for Zaiyia to resist but resist she did. Heath turned his head to look at her and gestured towards her with an open hand. “This is Zaiyia Halifax, she’s living with me while her mother is exploring Europe with her girlfriends. Zaiyia, this is Mrs. Tara Wellington.”

“And you’re Heath Sullivan, our Mr. Handy Man in our quaint little cul-de-sac.” Mrs. Wellington giggled, trying to be cute though it came off a bit creepy because she was a grown woman who clearly wished she could have stayed young forever.

“That I am.” Heath agreed with a smile that was just naturally sexy. As with most women in his neighborhood, he overlooked her wandering eyes as they openly checked him out. “What brings you by, Mrs. Wellington?”

Zaiyia didn’t like the way this woman was checking out HER man though he wasn’t HER man exclusively yet but clearly, he was HER man after everything they’ve done so far to each other despite it being illegal so yeah, he was HER man in a sense! Zaiyia no longer resisted the urge to cross her arms over her chest in clear dislike for the woman’s presence and went even further to irritate her by stepping even closer to Heath’s side, not caring what trouble it could cause between her and Heath. Much to her surprise he didn’t try and push her away…in fact he didn’t seem to mind it at all. To shock her even further, he loosely draped one heavy arm over her shoulder willingly without a word. Zaiyia had to bite back her complete shock from showing on her face that he was FINALLY touching her for once! Then again, the mere sight of the two of them together like this would simply appear like a guardian being parentally affection to his care, nothing at all suspicious about that. Still, Zaiyia was feeling on top of the world as she flashed Mrs. Wellington a smug smile. “Is there anything we can help you with?”

Mrs. Wellington spared a short indifferent glance at the young slender exotic beauty at Heath’s side. She didn’t care for the confidence that oozed from the child or how close she was standing by Heath who clearly didn’t seem to mind in the least. To Mrs. Wellington, it was annoying solely because she wished she could stand so close to Mr. Sullivan despite the fact she’s been married for 10 years to her husband. After so long many years married to Mr. Wellington, she was now bored of him and yearned for excitement again. The closest fun to her that she could find was the handy man living in the cul-de-sac with her.

Choosing to ignore the dark skin young woman, Mrs. Wellington chose to focus on the hunk of man before her and flashed him a flirtatious smile. If she hadn’t been wearing her expensive sunglasses she’d bat her eyelashes at him, that always got the men going. “Mr. Sullivan, would you be willing to help build my husband some cabinets for him? He almost killed himself after falling from the ladder yesterday, we had to take him to hospital.”

Heath’s smile fell at that tragic news. Mr. Wellington was nice honorable man who worked hard to retire into the wealthy man that he was today. “Seriously? Do you know if he’s gonna be okay?”

Behind her dark sunglasses, Mrs. Wellington rolled her eyes as she sighed with worry. “He’s okay as any person suffering from Munchausen's syndrome could be.”

“Then, yes of course! I’d love to help him in any way I can.” Heath assured her, feeling genuinely sorry his good neighbor’s terrible accident. As far as he knew there hadn’t been any ambulance blaring through his neighborhood all yesterday, so Mr. Wellington must have gone quietly to the hospital instead. He wasn’t one for making a fuss about anything no matter how serious the situation was.

“Great! We better get started!” Reaching out, Mrs. Wellington grabbed ahold of Heath’s arm, relishing in the hard muscles lying beneath his slightly sun kissed skin. She tugs him towards her house where her garage door stood wide open and waiting. She eagerly wanted to get him alone now that her retired husband was out of the house and away.

Heath had managed to take one step before stilling, his mind going to Zaiyia. He glances over at Zaiyia who was too busy glaring murderously at the older woman that nearly fell back when he abruptly stopped walking. He wasn’t about to abandoned her by herself…nor did he want to be left alone with Mrs. Wellington. He was well aware of her intentions and Zaiyia being there would prevent them from unraveling into play. “Come along, Zaiyia.”

Both Zaiyia and Mrs. Wellington were shocked by his command. The older woman being the one struck speechless for a minute. “Her?”

“Yeah, Zaiyia has become my little helper with things like this.” Heath lied, flashing his neighbor another sexy smile that made her old knobby knees shake with delight. “I’m gonna need her.”

Despite him making her hot all over, Mrs. Wellington was still unpleased by this obstacle to her plans. “But…I-I could be of some help if you need it, Mr. Sullivan. No need to pull her away from her video games and barbie dolls to work such laborious tasks meant for adults.”

“Oh, but Zaiyia here has actual experience with these things.” Heath added to his lie, reaching out with his other hand to take hers and pull her along his side. Instead of letting go he kept ahold of her hand, not wanting to let go of it just yet. “Since coming to live here with me she’s learned quite a lot.”

Not having an argument against that, Mrs. Wellington had no choice but to accept his demand and lead both Heath and Zaiyia to her husband’s garage where his work remained unfinished since yesterday morning. As annoyed as she was, Mrs. Wellington honestly didn’t know a wrench from a hammer compared to Zaiyia’s ‘vast knowledge’ of tools. There was no way she could compete with the 16-year-old girl at this point. “This way then.” She led them to the sawed slabs of woods lying around the floor and gestured around the place. “Use whatever you’d like, it’s all at your disposals.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Wellington, and please, accept my apologies and well wishes for Ted when you see him.” Heath offered politely, still concerned about his kind neighbor’s welfare.

“Of course. Call me if you need anything else.” Mrs. Wellington replied a little tightly, before going back inside her home in defeat but stubbornly not ready to call it quits on getting Heath Sullivan in her house alone.