Belonging to Lust

Chapter 78: Wellington's Garage

The entire time Zaiyia was in her neighbor Mr. Wellington’s garage helping Heath build some cabinets, he was calling all the shots. He did all the brainstorming and measuring that was necessary to make this project idea into a reality. He was familiar with all the steps it took to make these cabinets to store Mr. Wellington’s various tools, and so Zaiyia found it necessary to question him when he told her to get this or that, lift, hold, or drill. He taught her everything she needed to do in order to perform her job correctly and was incredibly patient with her despite her taking numerous tries with certain difficult tasks. He never yelled, scolded, called her names or threatened her in any way for not understanding what he meant the first time around. No, he was very tolerant with her mistakes and turmoil, and would always guide her with a firm touch either by placing his hand over hers on the drill to add his strength to hers to force a screw through a thick slab of wood or placing a hand on her hip from behind when he had to repeat his orders a few times. “No, more to the left, baby. Try and keep the drill straight when you’re using it.”

Zaiyia had to bite her bottom lip to keep from smiling, but then again, they both were wearing the necessary protective dust masks to keep the saw dust and other harmful materials in the air from getting into their lungs, so she didn’t have to conceal her smiles really all that much. Still, out of habit she did. As she focused on the keeping the nail straight when she began to drill it down, she couldn’t help but wonder to herself if Heath noticed how much he was touching throughout this entire process or how often he called her ‘baby’. It wasn’t as if it bothered her or nothing, in fact, she savored any sign of affection he’d throw her way. And those smiles he’d give her every time she’d successfully complete a task…my god, that was to die for.

Zaiyia continued to do the best that she could do to drill those pesky nails through the thick wood, but sometimes would purposely falter just so she could feel Heath’s body towering over her from behind while placing his hand overs hers and the other on her hip. It was heaven each time.

Occasionally, Mrs. Wellington would ‘checkup’ on their progress, at least that’s what she claimed she was doing. Zaiyia knew the truth because it was the same reason she sometimes would fight hard to prove her worth to Heath too while they were working. They both wanted to check his sexy ass out while he worked his muscles and sweated over manual labor.

Unlike her, Mrs. Wellington was allowed to follow him around and flirt with him openly with not only her eyes, but with light pressures of her hands on his bulging arms and the sashaying way she walked around him. It pissed Zaiyia off to no end, making her wish she could drill the woman to her living room couch, so she’d leave HER man alone to do his job.

However, the only comfort Zaiyia could find that kept her from acting out was the fact that Heath wasn’t giving Mrs. Wellington any serious attention at all. He was just being a friendly neighbor lending a helping hand. Still, Zaiyia grumbled beneath her breath every time the woman stepped into the garage. Like right now, she was leaning in close to Heath as he explained his quick sketch that blueprinted his plans next to Mr. Wellington’s plans. Openly glaring at her back, Zaiyia shook her head and grumbled beneath her breath to herself as she tried to appear busy. “Old ass bitch thinking my man be wanting a dip into that pile of ashes of hers she calls a pussy. Heifer, please! More like a goddamn urn, you ask me!”

Suddenly, Mrs. Welling threw back her head and let out a laugh that was meant to sound sexy and inviting but didn’t to Zaiyia. She placed a delicate hand on her throat before placing it once again on Heath’s bicep muscle that, along with the rest of his body, drew his shirt tight over him. “Oh, Mr. Sullivan, that’s so charming of you to suggest! You’re quite the thinker, aren’t you?”

“Thank you, Mrs. Wellington.” Heath genuinely replied, well aware that this woman was hitting on him. It wasn’t something he wasn’t used to, he was very conscious that he was good looking man. In times like this he remained polite and cordial, never alluding the women to think he’s shares a common interest in hooking up too…unless he did, of course. “I try my best.”

“It’s shows, my dear.” Mrs. Wellington leaned over to whisper with a giggle, her breasts pressing against his arm.

“This botched body bitch is asking for it now!” Zaiyia hissed to herself, tightening one hand on a nail gun and the other on a random hammer she absentmindedly picked up without her knowledge. Her mind began to contemplate over which one would do the most damage on her opponent. BUT OF COURSE, that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Heath wasn’t technically her property…even though in her mind’s eye he was…and even if they were still having sex together like before it’s not like they could out to the world publicly. Zaiyia was unfortunately underage, making their union from the very beginning against the law. Rolling her eyes at that stupid damn reminder, Zaiyia shook her head to herself as she reminded herself to keep a distance from Heath even when he was pressed up against her like he had been many times today in the last three hours they’ve been in the Wellington’s garage. They could never work. Hell, Mrs. Wellington had a better chance than her to have a real and proper relationship with him, not her. Zaiyia couldn’t help from cringing at the image of the two of them together. “Over my goddamn body.”

“You look thirsty, Mr. Sullivan. Would care to come inside for some ice tea? I made it myself.” Mrs. Wellington asked him in a sultry voice that didn’t match her innocent smile. She tossed the bait and was now waiting see if Heath would take the hook, so she could reel him into her house and well, let’s just say she wasn’t picky when it came to locations.

“Fuck this shit.” Zaiyia grumbled to herself, trying to forget about those too and get back to her drilling. This whole time Heath had been by her side while she worked, but this time she was on her own. She lifted the drill and picked up a screw to drill it down where it was supposed to go.

“Oh, no thank Mrs. Wellington. But…” Heath gestured with a nod of his head towards Zaiyia’s direction behind them. “If you could get my Zaiyia something to drink instead that’ll be wonderful.”

Mrs. Wellington bit back her look of annoyance with a strained smile. “Absolutely.”

Hearing him so concerned for her made Zaiyia made her heart felt warm. She was too busy smiling at the sweet request he made while completely overlooking Mrs. Wellington’s desire to get him alone with her that the drill in her hand accidently slipped off the screw and hit the back of her other hand that she kept way to close by. “FUCK!” With a cry, Zaiyia dropped the drill onto the floor and stumbled back from her work, her hand clutching the wrist of her now wounded hand. “SHIT, goddamnit!”

Mrs. Wellington let out feign gasp of shock at Zaiyia’s vulgar language. “Watch your mouth, y-”

“ZAIYIA!” Heath called to her, rushing to her side in seconds to take her wounded hand gently in his. “Let me see, baby.”

“It’s nothing!” Zaiyia tried to argue back, snatching her hand from his as she stepped back to put space between. Sadly, her foot tripped over something behind her and caused her to fall backwards. “SHIT!”

“Zaiyia!” Heath luckily caught her by her small waist in time before she could hit the ground and lifted her up against his wall of a chest. He kept his arms securely around her as he lifted his head to address Mrs. Wellington over his shoulder. “Miss, could you get us a first aid kit please? She’s hurt.”

Zaiyia lifted her head up and peeked through her lashes at the man who also had amazing reflexes. He caught her so fast she hadn’t realized she was falling until he grabbed her by the waist and she was bent back at an awkward angle. “Heath, I’m fine.”

Mrs. Wellington had been fanning herself with a brochure when Heath addressed her. By her flushed face, Zaiyia could tell the woman had been turned on by the sight of Heath being Superman by saving her. Hell, he had the body to actually star as one on the big screens anyway! “R-Right! I’ll be back

Heath ignored the older woman as she hurried out of the garage and back into her home to find something for Zaiyia’s wound. His focus was only on Zaiyia and the fact that she was hurt. Hurt on his watch. “Are you okay, baby?”

Zaiyia couldn’t help it, she smiled at his pet name for her and nods. “Yeah, I’m good. It’s just a scratch is all. Nothing to cry about.”

Still concerned, Heath lifted her hand to inspect her wound. He kept his arm around her securely for his own personal reasons. Green eyes quickly admired her deep flawless skin against his own light one before coming across the wound. She was right, it was just a scratch. A bleeding scratch, but still nothing as serious as a drill going clean through the center of your hand. A simple band aid would do the trick. Hearing footsteps nearby, Heath spotted Mrs. Wellington coming back. “It’s not that bad but she’ll need it disinfected and bandaged.”

“The poor dear.” Mrs. Wellington cooed, feigning concern as she placed the first aid kit on the table next to them and opened it up for his usage. “Use whatever you feel is necessary to take care of her.”

Heath didn’t need to be told that and got to work tending to her wound as if she had been seriously damaged. To him, any damage to her beautiful deep skin was serious no matter how it happened. Feeling guilty because he has been the one to put her in harm’s way by asking for her help, Heath worked carefully, and when her wound was dealt with properly, he reached up to cup her face in his hands and ask her again. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Zaiyia nodded, allowing him to do anything he wanted to her just so long as he didn’t stop touching her. “Just peachy.”

“Good.” He sighed with relief, but still his stomach felt tight with guilt. “You’re done for today, okay? I want you to head back home.”

“Bu-” Zaiyia countered, not wanting to leave him alone with that old hag that was clearly excited that she was being sent away.

“No buts, go home now!” Heath ordered her, watching her shoot him a glare before stalking out of the garage towards their home.