Belonging to Lust

Chapter 79: Revise A New Plan

Later on, in the evening while Heath was finishing up Mr. Wellington’s project during his stay at the hospital, Zaiyia got a call from Alan while chilling in her room. Her mind had been tormenting her with the images of Mrs. Wellington touching her man, and so when she saw her enemy’s ex-boyfriend calling her, she answered the phone as a form of vengeance again Heath. “What’s up?”

“Hey, babe, how you doing?” Alan asked her from where he was downstairs at his parent’s house making himself a sandwich while his parents watched a movie in the other room. He didn’t give Zaiyia time to tell him how she was faring when he cut her off in excitement. “Anyway, there’s another party going on tonight at Cameron’s house. Wanna ditch and go?”

Zaiyia thought on it. It was better going to a party that would easily distract her than sticking around here not knowing if Heath was giving in to his old hag of a neighbor or not. The decision was ultimately an easy one. “Yeah, sure, I’m down.”

“Sweet.” Alan replied with enthusiasm. “I’ll pick you up in ten minutes?”

“Uh, hell no.” Zaiyia objected, seeming to be the only one that recalled the last time he set foot on Heath’s property. “You might wanna park a few blocks down instead. You wanna go to this party alive, right?”

“Oh…right.” Alan said in a low voice that almost hid the fear he felt at the reminder of her overprotective guardian.

“Look, I’ll keep you posted okay?” Zaiyia promised him as she sat up in bed. “I gotta go make up a lie really fast to get out of here.”

“Cool, see you soon.” Alan said his goodbye before hanging up.

Zaiyia tossed her phone next to her on her bed and began to contemplate on a convincing lie that Heath would believe. He wasn’t just going to allow her to go to a party or walk off the property for no good reason. No, she was gonna have to come up with something authentic that he won’t be suspicious about and try to unravel while she’s gone. A few moments passed and all she had was using Chasity as part of her fabrication. Picking up her phone again, Zaiyia tried to call Chasity to ask her for a favor, but the call went straight to voicemail each time. Frowning to herself in concern, her mind began to wonder as to why she wasn’t answering when she suddenly recalled her mentioning that her dad was gonna take her with him on a weekend getaway. “Shit.”

Biting her lower lip in deep thought, Zaiyia tried to revise a new plan again before deciding to go through with the first one. “Fuck it, it’s not like Heath is gonna go over to her house and wanna question her damn daddy about a school project or whatevers.”

Scooting herself off the bed, Zaiyia hurried over to the main house to make Heath some dinner. He entered the house finally when she was halfway finished. She assured him if he took a shower dinner would be over by the time he was done. Heath agreed and went down the hall to do just that. Zaiyia got back to dinner and by the time he was done she was filling his plate with an abundance amount of food. Heath was a big eater, and he loved her cooking. He could eat three platefuls of her meals and somehow still maintain such a fit sexy body.

The moment Heath took a seat he began to dig in, shoving food down his throat. Zaiyia couldn’t help herself from smiling at him as she waited to hatch her plan. “Hey, Heath, could I ask you for a favor?”

Heath didn’t look up from his plate for he was too enthralled with her mash potatoes, gravy and chicken. “Mmm.”

Zaiyia took that as a sign to continue. “I forgot that I have a small project due tomorrow and well, my partner is Chasity Bennett. She lives in another neighborhood, and even though it’s getting dark so early now I was wondering if I could go over there real quick and get it done before tomorrow. Would that be okay? I promise it’ll be quick. I know exactly what I need to do to complete it. I’ll be back before you know it.”

Silence was her only response as Heath finished his dinner while thinking her request over. The plate was completely cleaned before he leaned back in his chair and clasped both hands behind his head, the muscles of his arms bulging as he stretched. “A school project huh? How far away is her place?”

“Not too far.” Zaiyia assures him, only halfway done with her plate. “I swear I can walk there, finish the project and walk back before you know it. It’ll be that fast.”

Heath stared at her with green eyes that made her insides melt for him. He exhaled deeply through his nose before straightening up. “Sure, you can go…after my second helping and dessert, I’ll give you a ride there.”

Zaiyia did a double take, her jaw almost dropping open. She hadn’t expected this. “Say what?”

“I’ll drive you there after I’m done eating.” Heath reiterated, getting up to refill his plate.

“You don’t have to do that though.” Zaiyia assured him, turning in her seat to follow him with her eyes. “I mean I can make it fast on my own two feet just fine. There’s no need to trouble yourself.”

“It’s no trouble.” Heath corrected her, returning to the table with a second helping piled high on his plate. He eagerly sat himself down to eat. “I’m not gonna let you walk the streets at night, no matter how safe the neighborhood’s reputation is.”

Not having any argument in her arsenal to use, Zaiyia reluctantly agreed to his terms. “Alright then.”

After finishing her dinner, she placed his second dessert next to the one he was scarfing down and politely excused herself. Returning to the guest house, she hurried upstairs and picked up her phone. She plopped herself into one of her comfy chairs near her bed and called Alan. “Are you out there yet?”

“Yeah, I am.” Alan confirmed. “What’s going on in there? You’re taking forever.”

“Change of plans. My guardian wants to drive me there.” Zaiyia replied. “I’ll meet you at Chasity’s place. It’s that one gate community that has legit security guards patrolling the grounds.”

“Oh, the hardcore looking ones?” Alan questioned, shivering at the thought of standing toes to toes with those tough guys.

“Yup.” Zaiyia confirmed. “Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting for you outside the gate.”

“That’s a relief.” Alan sighed. “Alright, I’ll head there right now and park around the corner so that guy you live with doesn’t see me.”

“Good idea.” Zaiyia complimented him before hanging up. She began to walk around her room stuffing books and school supplies in her backpack, so she’d look the part of a student. Once she was done, she headed downstairs, her heart pounding in her chest from the thrill of it all, only that pounding stopped when she saw Heath standing in her kitchen. She slowed her steps at the sight of this sexy magnificent muscle of a man, and visually took him in quietly, muttering to herself. “Well goddamn.”

Eventually Heath cut the moment short by looking up and smiling at her. “Ready to go?”

“Yeah, I’m ready.” Zaiyia walked down the rest of the steps and stood before him. “You ready?”

Heath chuckled at her weird question. “Why wouldn’t be? It’s just a ride to drop you off at your friend’s place, right?”

Zaiyia stilled but forced herself to smile. “Of course, of course. Nothing too hard about that.”

“Good, now let’s go.” Heath reached out to place a hand on her lower back and led her to the front door of her guest house. His touch may have seemed innocent, but for them both it ignited a need for each other neither one couldn’t seem to extinguish for good no matter how hard they try.