Belonging to Lust

Chapter 83: A Scary Movie

The rest of week after that fight in the gymnasium thankfully went fine, other than the usual rumors and name-calling returning just as swiftly as it disappeared. It was as if the shit talking never really went away in the first place. Zaiyia didn’t mind it, however, since she’s gotten use to ignoring them all.

When Friday came around, instead of heading to a party with Alan and his boys at Cameron’s mansion, Zaiyia decided to hang back and recline at home. That relaxation didn’t last long before her cellphone start ringing again, making her sigh and roll her eyes before checking the caller ID. Chasity’s name was a welcoming sight despite the fact that she currently thought Zaiyia was mentally disturb for relishing the bullying and fighting at school instead of alerting an adult for help. Zaiyia pressed the answer button and plopped herself in the nearest chair by her bed. “Is that my baby girl Chasity calling me?”

“Baby girl?” Chasity repeated in a puzzled tone. “Is that some kind of pet name you’re calling me behind my back now?”

Zaiyia shrugged to herself and smiled. “Nah, I was just messing around with you. So, what’s up?”

“Oh, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the cinema at the mall with me tonight?” Chasity offered. “It’s gonna be horror film.”

“Oh shit, I’m totally down for a scary movie!” Zaiyia replied excitedly. “I’d love to go!”

“That’s great!” Chasity inwardly sighed with relief that Zaiyia accepted her invitation. Other than enjoying a horror film with friends, Chasity’s main goal tonight was to try and get Zaiyia to see reason that not going to the Principal about these students bullying her was the erroneous idea. Since Zaiyia continued to rebuff listening to her, Chasity thought of another plan. “And if you want you can also invite Monique and her sisters to tag along. The more the merrier, right?”

Zaiyia nodded to herself. “I believe that is how the saying goes, and yes I couldn’t agree more. I’ll definitely give them a call and invite them to come too.”

“Perfect!” Chasity celebrated before sharing the essential information with Zaiyia she needed to know. “Okay, my dad and I will be there at around 10 to come and pick you up. And also he’ll be happy to return you home if it’s cool with your parents.”

“I’m sure they’ll be fine with it, and thanks for inviting me.” Zaiyia assured her. “Alright, I’m gonna go tell them what’s going on and I’ll see you later. Bye!”

Zaiyia was both comforted and delighted that she was going to a movie with her friends and would get to be away from the house which has collectively become just a big beautiful depressing place for her. Hopping off the bed, she took off in a run for the main house. “Heath?” She called as she came through the backdoor and into the kitchen. She didn’t see him as she made her way into the living room, but then heard the sound of metal clanking coming from the garage. Recognizing it as Heath lifting weights, Zaiyia headed towards the cracked door and stepped inside. “Heath?”

“Hmm?” Heath grunted as he lifted a huge barbell over his head that looked painfully heavy and dangerous to the point where it made for breaking arms. His shirt had been discarded and all his muscles were taut in a stunning display, accentuated with only a sheen of sweat. It was enough to turn any female of the animal kingdom on, hot and cold blooded!

“Sweet Jesus…” Zaiyia helplessly whined beneath her breath before using the last of her self-control to glace away from him to the dull concrete floor beneath her feet. She couldn’t afford to let herself feel anything, especially when this was the very room they shared their first kiss in. Heath had been working out with dumbbells at the time, and she had been much bolder then…not to mention she was free of the prison cell of love that she’s currently locked away in serving a lifetime sentence. “Um, my friend Chasity called and invited me and a few friends out to a…to a movie at the mall. Is it okay if I go? She’ll be picking me up late at 10.”

Heath thought about it as he lowered the barbell back down to hang back on the equipment behind him. He leaned forward and rested his arms on his knees and breathed in deeply. He actually like the idea of Zaiyia going out with her friends instead of being cooped up in the house to tempt him with her presence. He nodded his head in agreement to himself before glancing over his shoulder at her while she continued to avoid his eyes. “That’s sounds fine to me.” Reaching down, Heath picked up his wallet he had tossed aside by his equipment after making a quick run to the convenience store a few minutes ago and pulled out a couple of bills for her.” Here, so you can do some clothes shopping or whatever girls like to do these days while you’re there.”

Zaiyia lifted her eyes just as he walked up to her in nothing but his shoes and some long shorts that hung too damn low on his sculpted hips. Her heart’s tempo picked up into a pounding rhythm that only she could only hear. With hands vibrating with the need to intimately touch him again, Zaiyia snatched the money he offered from his hands and released a breath she hadn’t known she’d been holding when he was strolling on over like drop dead gorgeous super model. “T-Thank you.”

“So, tell me about these friends of yours.” Heath asked her as he placed his hands on his hips and tilted his head to the side. “I’ve only heard about Chasity and it was very little at the time.”

“Well, I like them.” Zaiyia started out quote lamely, finding herself too nervous to look him in the face. “Monique McCoy is my age and is one of the only few people in school that think I’m pretty cool. She’s sweet and funny but she can pretty naïve when it comes to certain things but that’s only because she’s still young. Her sisters Assata and Aisha are a junior and a sophomore, but they don’t let that give them a reason to pick on me or talk down to me for being a freshman. They’re honestly like chill intelligent older sisters to us, really. And then there is Chasity Bennett, who was the one that saved me in the locker room by standing up for me when no one else would. She tries to look out for me like a mother hen sometimes and…” Zaiyia couldn’t help but smile at her next remark because she knew he’d enjoy it. “And she also thinks Alan is a piece of shit too.”

“I like her already.” Heath chuckled with a grin. “I can tell she’s a good judge of character.”

“Of course, YOU’D think that.” Zaiyia replied while rolling her eyes playfully. “Anyway, did you want me to make you dinner tonight before I go?”

“Sure.” Heath nodded, the thought of her cooking making his stomach grumble aloud with joy. They both laughed softly at that interruption, and he lifted a hand to pat his rock-hard abs to tell his stomach calm down. “And to make it interesting, I’ll even offer my help.”

Zaiyia burst out laughing at the idea of him cooking, because culinary wasn’t at all a skill he possessed. Her mouth clamped shut when she noticed that he wasn’t laughing with her and that he had actually been serious. “Oh…you’re serious.”

“Yup.” Heath answered with a wink before walking past her and back into the house to take a shower, leaving her to get the ingredients out and get started.

Zaiyia began to cook dinner, and when Heath was out of the shower, he joined her. She was certain it would be too awkward because of what’s happened between them twice and because of chemistry between them was still crackling in the air. Shockingly, to her surprise, cooking dinner with him went much better than she had expected. The simple process of coating the chicken wings and legs in the seasoning flour became the two of them with flour all over them from flicking it at each other. The air was filled with laughter, squeals on her part, and ridiculous harmless joked aimed at each other. Once they had finally completed making a full meal together, they sat down at the kitchen table and sampled their helpings. The meal turned out to be delicious, but they both agreed it was because Zaiyia took the lead.

Afterwards Zaiyia head back upstairs to change her flour powdered clothes and into something fresh and clean. While up there she quickly sent a text to Monique inviting her and her sister out to the cinema in the mall with her and Chasity. Monique quickly replied with the green light that they were all allowed to go and would be dropped off by their mom at her place. That immediately got to Zaiyia thinking and as soon after she gave them address, she got to texting Chasity telling her that they’re all riding with her and her dad. Chasity informed her that her father was fine with that and offers to also drive them all back from the theatre if Mrs. McCoy didn’t mind. Zaiyia assured her that was fine.

Back in the main house, Zaiyia got started on cleaning up the dishes from dinner before it was time for her to go. She was too lost in her own thoughts to notice Heath stepping in to subtly offer his help. “You know, washing the dishes is something I definitely have better experience at then cooking…just thought I’d share that.”

Zaiyia playfully rolled her eyes, knowing exactly why he was bothering her again. “Alright, you! Get up in here and help me then.”

Once again, their time together was spent laughing and telling jokes. If she hadn’t gotten so caught up in it she would have notice that he was standing behind her to scrub the dishes before handing them to her. With his arms outstretched in to the sink, she was trapped. Once the task of washing dishes was done, it finally dawned on her when she tried to step aside but found she couldn’t because his arm was holding onto the counter and preventing her from passing. Zaiyia heard her heart pounding in her ear again as she swallows past the lump in her throat before looking up over her shoulder at him. There was no other excuse that she could make for the obvious lust in his green eyes as he gazed down at her.

Zaiyia desperately wanted to act on her own rising desire for him and with him being so damn close to her, practically pressed up against her back in fact, she was becoming too weak to resist him much longer. Raising herself on her tiptoes while twisting around to face him, Zaiyia tilted her lips up to receive the kiss he was planning to give her.

Heath began to lean down to bestow that very same kiss upon her when…

Knock Knock Knock