Belonging to Lust

Chapter 84: Get A Grip

Simultaneously, both Heath and Zaiyia’s froze up when they were disrupted by a knock on the front door. Their eyes were still locked on each other, however, and she could easily see the desire flee from Heath’s eyes to quickly be replaced by soberness. The mutual need that had mirrored his own diminished in Zaiyia’s eyes only to be reinstated by a hurt so strong it made her heart ache in her chest. She couldn’t remain like this and watch the scene play out the way it always did. No, she had to get away from him or else she’d have to deal with another rejection from him. Placing both hands on his chest, Zaiyia used all her strength to push him back a step so she could slip past him without a word and answer the front door. Yanking it open, she was relieved to see Chasity who somehow managed to make her smile despite the heart wrenching situation she was ensnared in three seconds ago. “Oh, hey girl!”

“Hey!” Chasity greeted with a grin, excited at the prospect of going to the cinema at the mall to watch a horror film with her friends. “You ready to get scared out of your pants, or what?”

“You bet!” Zaiyia now called over her shoulder as she had just retreated into the house to grab her abandoned purse from the couch before returning back to her guest. “Let’s get out of here before we’re late or something.”

She was trying to hurry a confused Chasity off the front porch when she heard Heath firmly call her name from the front door. “Zaiyia!”

Chasity felt Zaiyia’s entire body freeze up next to her, urging her to shoot a quick glance at her face to see that she was visibly uncomfortable and bothered by the man that had addressed her. Frowning with worry, Chasity turned her head to glance over her shoulder at the man that was upsetting her friend, and let’s just say, she was not prepared for what she saw. Her eyes widen in awe at how insanely attractive the man now stepping onto the porch was. He was huge, as in both tall and filled out with muscles! And did she mention he was incredibly sexy? That was the best way to describe his features as, sexy. Was HE seriously Zaiyia’s step-dad or her hot babysitter? Whoever he was, her friend was lucky to have this dreamboat around on the property. “My god…”

“You must be Mr. Sullivan.” Chasity’s father, Mr. Bennett called from the open window of his car where he had sat waiting for his daughter and her friend. Stepping out of his vehicle, he closed the door and began to politely head up the walkway past the girls to offer his hand to shake to whom he suspected to be the owner of beautiful property before him. “It’s nice to me you finally. I’m Chasity’s dad.”

“Heath Sullivan.” Heath nodded as he stepped down the porch steps and took his hand in his to give it a strong shake. “I’ve heard about you from Zaiyia. You’re a part of the FBI, aren’t you?”

Chasity was too busy absent-mindedly checking Heath out to listen in on the men’s conversation or notice anything else going on other than the fact that he was taller and fitter than her daddy was despite only working construction. Zaiyia’s step-father didn’t look like the ‘dad’ type of guy to be watching anyone’s kids much less his own. No, he seemed more like the type to keep you thrashing on his mattress all night as he worshipped every inch of your body. The image alone made her shiver with delight. She had to know who this man was in Zaiyia’s life, and so she nudged her with her elbow and whispered. “That man. He’s your…step-father?”

“No.” Zaiyia answered shortly, trying to avoid looking at Heath in the same manner her friend obviously was. It wasn’t an easy task, but she was managing fine thus far on her own. “He’s just…dating my mother, is all. She’s out of state on a…family emergency.”

“Dating, huh?” Chasity murmured in a tone that sounded much further away than at Zaiyia’s side, her eyes still glued to Heath’s every move. “Your mom is a lucky woman.”

Heath was still locked in a short conversation with Mr. Bennett. “Well, I wanna thank you for holding those assholes security guards that hurt my Zaiyia responsible for what they did. I know how some cops feel that they need to stick together no matter what crime their fellow brother in blue commit, but I’m glad you aren’t one of them.”

“No problem.” Mr. Bennett assured him. “In my book, I don’t care who you are, if you do the crime, you do the time. It’s plain and simple as that. Wearing a badge shouldn’t matter because we’re all humans just like everybody else and should all be treated the same as them if we do something wrong.”

Smiling with appreciation, Heath’s green eyes then wandered over to Chasity, Mr. Bennett’s daughter. He began to walk over to her with his hand outstretched. “Ah, you must be the young lady who helped my Zaiyia in the locker room. It’s Chasity, am I right?”

Chasity’s cheeks turned red as a strawberry when he finally addressed her existence. Tentatively, she lifted her hand to shakes his, watching her tiny one be enveloped in his much larger and warmer hold. “Um, y-yes…I’m a C-Chasity?”

Soon riding up the driveway just in time was the McCoy sisters and their mother. Monique hopped out first when the car was parked with an excited grin for tonight’s upcoming event. “Eyyy Zaiyia! How you do- Oh damn…” Her jaw dropped at the sight of the tall sex God shaking hands with Chasity. Behind her, her older sisters and her mother all stepped out only to react the same exact surprised way.

Zaiyia rolled her eyes at the rude behavior of the McCoy family before leaning over to Chasity at her side and whispered beneath her breath. “Can you believe those girls?!” When she received no answer, her eyes shift to Chasity to see she was still staring at Heath the same exact way as he walked away to greet the McCoy ladies. “Jesus Christ get a grip, Chasity, will ya?”

“You must be the McCoys.” Heath guessed as he stepped up to the McCoy family and offered out his hand to the mother first. “Hi, I’m Heath Sullivan.” He received a warm smile a nod before addressing Aishah next. “Thank you for befriending my Zaiyia. She’s been having a tough time at school and really needed some nice people around her to watch her back and keep her company.”

Not only was Zaiyia noticing all the women drooling all over Heath Sullivan, but so did Mr. Bennett who decided to escort his little virgin daughter Chasity towards his car, so she’d stop ogling the grown man behind his back. Zaiyia took his example and quickly ushered the McCoy sisters into his vehicle too just as Mrs. McCoy slid in the driver seat of her car and backed out of the two-car driveway to go and join her girlfriends at a bar for a night of fun. Before closing the door behind her, Zaiyia gave Heath a simple silent nod goodbye. She could see he didn’t like her farewell being so distant than their usual goodbyes, but he wasn’t going to make a verbal scene in front of everyone else there over it either.

But, he did do it silently by being the one to close the door behind her for her. Since her window was the only one rolled all the way down, he leaned in to look down at her. “You better be good out there while you’re hanging with your friends, Zaiyia. No trouble, okay?”

With the pressure of her friends watching her closely, and her desire to resist looking at him, Zaiyia merely gave him a solid nod of understanding.

Heath smiled to himself at her obedient nature around other people, and because he couldn’t help teasing her some more, he stuck his head further into the car to plant a kiss on her cheek that only appeared as a loving gesture from a parent. “See you later, honey. Have fun.”

Zaiyia tensed up the moment his lips made contact with her skin, her insides liquifying. She watched his shadow on her lap slip out of view as he retreated a few steps back to allow the Bennett’s car to back out of the driveway. As soon as she rolled up her window, her friends all burst out laughing at her.

“Oh my god, girl! I’m so jealous of you right now!” Assata hissed with jealousy at her.

Mr. Bennett dropped them all out in front of the mall’s entrance, explained to them that he’d pick them up there later on after they were done, and then said his farewells before driving off into the night. All five of the girls stepped into the huge mall filled with people and headed straight towards the cinema area.

“Holy shit, Zaiyia, why didn’t you tell us your step-daddy was a total fucking hottie!?” Monique demanded to know, seriously feeling betrayed by that hidden information.

“I know!” Chasity seconded in support, surprising everyone beside her because she’s always been Ms. Proper. “It almost feels wrong that you never told us before. Then again, I think I had seen him before, but…I can’t be certain. I’d never forget a man like that though, who can?!”

“Or a body like that!” Aishah added, her mind recalling that incredible physique of his coming her way to introduce himself. She couldn’t help but wonder what he looked like naked.

“It’s straight fucked up of you to do us like this, Zaiya!” Assata scolded her with a glare. “That man is sexy as hell and as your friends we had every right to know that the second we met you! The things I’d do to that man if he was my age…”

“Or if I was his.” Aishah sighed dreamily, not noticing Zaiyia covering her ears to block them all out.

“Or if he was pedophile…” Chasity whined desperately beneath her breath without thinking.

Zaiyia gasped and smacked her in the arm playfully, finding her response totally out of her character. “You heifer!” She then addressed them all. “Y’all need to shut the fuck already, okay? He ain’t no pedophile, so keep dreaming on. So how about we all forget about him, and you guys help me spend some of these dollar bills he gave me for shopping?”

“Fuck yes, bitch! As long as I can get me some shit too to repair my devastation of not having him as my step-daddy!” Monique cheered once she caught sight of the wad of cash Zaiyia had on her persons. “Let’s go shop til we motherfucking drop!”