Belonging to Lust

Chapter 85: With a Face Like That...

Holy crap, that horror movie was terrifying! Zaiyia and her friends couldn’t stop talking about it from the moment they left the theater to the moment they climbed into Mr. Bennett’s car for their ride home. They were just coming to final close on their thoughts about the film when Chasity’s dad spoke up. “So, did you girls like the movie? Was it scary enough for you?”

“Was it scary enough for us!?” Assata repeated incredulously as she once again felt herself getting revved up to go on another rant about the film. “It was disturbing and creepy like you wouldn’t believe, Mr. Bennett. I highly suggest you watch it!”

“Oh my god!” Chasity complained from the passenger seat in the front, her hands pressed against her cheeks as she squeezed her eyes shut in hopes of erasing what she had just spend an hour and forty minutes watching. “Daddy, please don’t watch it! I don’t ever want to see that movie enter our house for as long as I live!”

“What I don’t understand, is how in the world those little girls could love a monster like that and call it their mama!” Monique argued to herself out loud, hoping the others would pitch in an answer. “I mean, she was one ugly creepy bitc-er, I mean woman!”

Zaiyia patted Monique’s arm for the nice save. “It’s because she’s all they knew for those 5 years isolated in the woods. She took care of them much like a mother would. They’re used to her hideous face.”

Aishah shook her head in doubt. “Still…with a face like that, you can only love a person so much…”

“What was this movie even about?” Mr. Bennett asked his passengers because all his daughter wanted to do was to forget the whole experience.

“Kids get isolated in the woods for 5 years thanks to daddy dearest losing his fortunes in a financial crisis. He tries to murder them before himself like he did to their mother, but a spirit kills him off and raises the girl until their daddy’s identical twin takes them into custody. He and his girlfriend raise them as their own and try to make them less Tarzan and more civil Jane.” Zaiyia summarized as best as she could. “Eventually that atrocious looking spirit comes back and takes the girls to the place where she tried to commit suicide with her own biological baby when she was alive. She died of course when she jumped from the cliff, but her baby was snagged by some tree branch, so they technically died separately and alone. She planned to now die with these two girls, but one manages to get away and then happy ending.”

“Wait, one?” Mr. Bennett repeatedly curiously. “What about the other one?”

“The brat wanted to die and become a stupid moth or something, we don’t know.” Monique answered, rolling her eyes.

The rest of the ride was spent trying to explain the film to Mr. Bennett who wanted to know the finer details. They managed to almost finish their tale when the McCoy sisters were dropped off first, leaving Zaiyia to finish the rest before she was escorted home. “Thanks for the ride, Mr. Bennett.”

“No problem, ma'am.” Mr. Bennett replied back with a friendly wave. “Have a safe night.”

Zaiyia gave him a nod before saying goodbye to Chasity and then heading up the front porch. There were no lights on in the main house so she figured Heath had gone to bed instead of waiting up for her. With a shrug, she locked the front door behind her before making her way through the house and then towards the guest house out back. A light was on downstairs before she entered to discover Heath digging through a tub of Oreo Ice Cream with assortments of goodies to add with it scattered on the counter. He had on his coat as if he’d just gotten back from somewhere. Zaiyia’s brows furrowed with confusion as she stepped in and closed the door behind her. “What are you doing here, Mr. Sullivan?”

Startled for a second, Heath looked up before smiling at the sight of her returning from a night out with her friends. “I went and got us some ice cream.” He gestures to only his filled bowl. “I didn’t know what you wanted so I thought I’d leave it up to you to fix up.”

Zaiyia locked the door before stepping forward to place her bag on the island counter that separated them from each other. The sight of the ice cream was making her water, but it was only second to the man currently making it. “Thanks, ice cream sounds perfect.”

“Ice cream is always perfect.” Heath assured her with a wink before heading over to her couch with his bowl. “And you’re welcome.”

Zaiyia got to fixing up her ice cream while Heath relaxed and enjoyed his. Once hers was complete and ready for consumption, she headed over into the living room area and sat beside him on the couch. Zaiyia took a spoonful of heaven and stuffed it into her mouth with a moan. “Mmm, this shit is sooo good. Why can’t it be healthy for you?”

“Because my diet would only consist of ice cream for every meal of the day.” Heath said with a chuckle before stuffing his mouth as well and talking around the cold melting sweetness. “How was the movie?”

“Fucking scary as motherfucking hell is what it was!” Zaiyia exclaimed in fear before shivering. “Holy shit if I EVER hear the word Mama again Imma flip the fuck out on someone cause that is now just as terrifying as Candyman’s name.”

“I’ll refrain from saying it then.” Heath assured her in support, not wanting to have her attack him over a silly word. “Do the McCoy sisters know you’re being bullied at school?”

Zaiyia paused at the random question for a minute. “Um…yeah, why?”

Heath shrugged to himself. “Just asking.” He licked the ice cream from his lips before lifting his green eyes to hers for the first time since they sat down together. “So, how is the bullying going?”

“It’s actually not so bad as it used to be.” Zaiyia lied, memories of the fight in the gymnasium not too long ago flashing through her mind. “It’s like it died down since then.”

“Oh, has it now?” Heath asked with an arched brow, obviously doubting her words. “Lucky you then.”

The two stared at each other. Heath clearly not believing her lies and Zaiyia not sure what else to say that would help change his mind. The longer they sat their gazing at each other, the more worried she became. She didn’t want Heath budging in about this whole bullying thing, whether physically or verbally. She just wanted him to focus more on finding a way to accept that sliding back between her legs again was necessary for his survival. Not wishing to hear any more about her haters, school, or how wrong they were for each other, Zaiyia’s eyes dropped to the only subject changer she could spot in the room. Heath’s ice cream. “Can I taste some of yours?”

Heath exhaled loudly once he accepted defeat for the moment. “Sure.” Scooping up a small amount, he offered the spoon out to her, not knowing the danger he just put himself into.

Leaning over closer to him, Zaiyia parted her lips to invite the spoon in before closing her lips around it with the most softest moans of pleasure. She hadn’t meant to make that sound, but when she did, her eyes widened in preparation of being chastised by him and lifted to connect with his. Heath’s eyes were a smoldering green, which Zaiyia recognized as him being heavily aroused. Was it her moan that turned him on or was it the sight of her mouth wrapped around his spoon? The answer didn’t really matter to her as her lids drooped a bit from her own rising desire now taking effect over her body. It seemed Heath couldn’t deny his own either because his chest was rising and falling, and his eyes were heavy. Wanting to tease him more and throwing caution to the wind, Zaiyia leaned back until the spoon left her mouth completely. The disappointment in his eyes was only there for a split second before she leaned forward again, but this time sensually licking and sucking on the curve of his spoon.

Heath swallowed hard from the sight of her pleasuring his spoon the way she once pleasured him. The strong sexual chemistry between them was crackling like lightning in the air and making him feel like he was lost in a thick fog of lust that he could barely make out the voices of reason calling out to him. He just wanted to give in, and for once he felt like he almost had an opportunity to do so. Nothing could stop him now that the voices couldn’t be heard. Eager to join their bodies again, Heath banished the spoon away from her lips and tossed it into his bowl before leaning forward with every intention of kissing her again. “Zaiyia…”

Zaiyia didn’t have to be called to him, she was already there, leaning forward to submit herself to him…


The couple jumped back in fear at the someone banging on the front door of the guest house. With a growl, Heath lurched up to answer it, not once glancing at Zaiyia to see if she was alright. But she didn’t need him to. Because of the horror movie she watched earlier, Zaiyia was paranoid now and called out to Heath in fear when he went to answer the front door. “No, Heath, don’t go!”

But Heath didn’t listen. He yanked open the front door to demand the visitor to leave only to have his drunk little brother Maverick falls to the floor, barely conscious. Heath was furious and proceeded to scold him while helping him up to his feet, but all he got were groans in responses. “Goddamnit, Maverick! Do you have any idea what time is it? Why the fuck is your drunk ass at my damn house again?” He couldn’t leave his brother here in the guest house alone with Zaiyia. Maverick might get too touchy with her once forgetting she’s only 16. For that reason alone, Heath would have to kill him with his bare hands. Sighing in defeat, he knew he had to end their time together tonight. Glancing over at her, he could tell by her beautiful face that she was aware of that too. “Goodnight, Zaiyia.”

“Yeah. Goodnight Heath.” Zaiyia whispered as she watched the large man carry his much smaller brother out of the guest house. With a curse she walked over to close and lock the door behind them. If she could, she’d beat Maverick within an inch of his life for this.