Belonging to Lust

Chapter 87: Drunk Alan

Zaiyia was beyond grateful when she walked into Cameron’s party at his parent’s mansion by Alan’s side and spotted Assata and Aishah waiting for her in the grand foyer. Her rescue team had arrived to retrieve her from her ‘date’s side’! Yes, it was true that she accepted Alan’s invitation to accompany him to Cameron’s mansion party earlier this evening, but her reasons for going didn’t have anything to do with him. She wanted to vanish from her lonely home, what with Heath working late in the city and have a good time elsewhere. Parties turned out to be a whole lot of fun which was something she had almost forgotten she enjoyed in the past whenever her life went awry. Now that she’s back to reveling in them, Zaiyia was set on taking up as many offers as she can do go to any one of them just so long they took her mind off of Heath Sullivan and his forbidden but deliciously alluring physique.

Though she’s only been to Cameron’s parties since moving here, his parties were truly the most impressive she’s ever been to in her life. There was nothing that didn’t go down under his roof. There were free drugs sprinkled all over the bathroom counters and coffee tables that anyone was allowed to indulge in at their own leisure. Booze of every kind littered every flat surface area of the mansion, and in the room upstairs people was having sex. Downstairs in the basement where the wine cellar was located was where they supposedly held the group orgies which was something Zaiyia hadn’t ever felt the need to go downstairs and confirm herself. How could she when the majority of their time she had Alan clinging onto her heels like an ill-treated puppy...except not as adorable. Even right now he was quickly getting on her nerves despite her best efforts to push him from her mind and enjoy the company of Monique’s older sisters because she had gotten herself grounded.

“Goddamn, this guy won’t give you a break tonight, huh?” Aishah called to her above the loud music as Alan was beginning to close in on them huddled by the kitchen sink enjoying some drinks.

Zaiyia rolled her eyes and gave her a frustrated look. “Oh my god, you have no fucking idea! He’s smothering the hell out of me just by always having his chest pressed up against my damn back.”

“Well, you better get to stepping, because homeboy is looking for you as we speak.” Assata warned before taking a sip from her red cup.

“Sonofabitch!” Zaiyia hissed beneath her breath as she caught side of him searching around the vast crowded kitchen from near the entrance. She swiftly placed her own cup down and made a move to exit the mansion through the back door. “Screw this, I’m heading out the back door. I need to take in as much fresh air as I can before that clingy little bitch finds me again.”

Without another word, Zaiyia slipped through the backdoor and stepped out onto the back patio cloaked with both the darkness of the night and the lights spilling forth from the windows of the kitchen. Breathing a sigh of relieved, she looked around and noticed that this was the place where everyone was choosing to pass out at. On the hammocks, the gran patio furniture sets, stone benches and loungers set by the pool were occupied by bodies either asleep or worst-case scenario, overdosed. Whether it was drugs or alcohol that knocked these kids out didn’t matter to her, they were clearly out for the night.

Zaiyia hadn’t dabbled in any drugs of choice on tonight’s menu but she did have a drink or two, not enough to the point of inebriated though. From past experiences, she always made sure to drink enough to have a good time at a party but not enough to prevent reaction when something went down.

“There yo-you are.” Alan’s voice called out to her from the kitchen doorway. His voice was thick with alcohol and as he made his way to her his steps appeared unsteady. “I-I’ve been looking eeeeeeeverywhere for you.”

Zaiya looked up from where she was leaning against the side of the mansion, ignoring the different level of snores. Her eyes narrowed in irritation when she saw him heading over to her and couldn’t help but mumble beneath her breath. “Yeah, I’m sure your drunk ass has.”

Instead of taking up a spot to either side of her like a good little boy, Alan was feeling particularly dominant tonight. Once he was facing her, he placed both palms on the brick beside her head and leaned himself forward so that he could speak privately her now that they were both in a more secluded area. His breath fanned over her face smelling of alcohol. “Mmm, what you doing out here all alone, riding hood? Aren’t you scared of th-the big baaaaad wolf finding you?”

Zaiyia gave him a weird look as he tilted his head back and let out an uneven wolf howl into the night air. She didn’t know was poison he chose to drown himself in tonight because she had been trying to get away from him all evening, but it was clear now that he had climbed into that bottle when she wasn’t looking and was still swimming in the bottom of what was left inside. The guy was completely drunk, and his closeness was making her heart race with what she stubbornly believed was anticipation. Anticipation for what exactly? Well, for him…for them to…you know, do something, I guess. “Uh…I was staring up at the moon.”

“The moon, huh? Th-That big old mozzarella ball in the sky, you mean?” Alan asked her before his eyes lazily dropped to her full red lips. “God, those lips…I-I’m gonna kiss those lips. Been wanting to for ages…”

“Um…o-okay.” Not knowing what else to say to him, Zaiyia allowed him to fall forward and smash his lips against hers. The kiss was messy and unorganized at first, but she knew it was because Alan was drunk.

Soon, he picked up on a rhythm, and it was only then did she part her lips to kiss back. Closing her eyes in order to make an effort, Zaiyia couldn’t seem to figure out why she felt nothing within their kiss. With Heath it was an instant explosive of pleasure, but this…this right here was nothing in comparison. She might as well have been making out with her hand!

Perhaps if she pretended he was Heath! Maybe then it’ll make this easier by then slowly transitioning him from Heath Sullivan back to Alan. Deciding to take a chance on that plan, Zaiyia put her imagination to work. In minutes she was convinced it was working. Of course, she had to tweak a few things, such as the height different between Heath and Alan. Her guardian towered over her while Alan was a few inches taller perhaps. In order to make this fantasy more believable, Zaiyia pretended she was standing on something tall that gave her more height.

To make up for the lack of muscles and hard stubble, Zaiyia pretended that Heath had shaven and that his coat was 1,000 layers thick to mask his massive muscles underneath. Every physical obstacle that made Heath more like Alan had an imaginary reason behind it for Zaiyia. She had to believe he was Heath so she wouldn’t push this boy off her before he had a chance to prove himself.

Everything was going well! Their mouths were fused together, and his hands were roaming up and down her back while hers explores his shoulders and chest through his ‘heavy’ jacket. If anyone came out and saw them they’d see a couple happily making out.

Now, the first action that caused her to falter in her imagination was when Heath’s arms wrapped around her waist to pull her frame closer to his. The feeling of his erection against her softness alarmed her greatly, not because it was an erected penis, but because Heath’s cock felt…much larger. Much much larger…

Still, despite her visibly cringing against him, Zaiyia continued imagining that the man kissing her was Heath Sullivan. Even when his hands slid down to grope her ass through her pants, she still struggled to believe that it was the man she loved touching her.

Their kissing had grown heavier by the time the last straw was taken. Somehow, Zaiyia had no idea how, Heath’s cold hands slid beneath her top and began to grope over her bra too roughly for her liking.

Those hands were becoming more and more pushy, demanding her to relent to his desires, but all it was doing was annoying her to the point where she couldn’t pretend this was Heath touching her anymore. No, it was that bastard Alan! It was the very man she didn’t love, the very man she didn’t need to breath for.

Zaiyia broke the kiss with a quick turn of her head and complained irkly. “Would you slow down? Jesus Christ, this isn’t a fucking race, man.”

Alan answered with a groan but didn’t abide by her command. He continued to touch her wherever he wanted to at his fast pace coupled with heavy petting that just felt too close to violating to her. Alan wasn’t the kind of guy to do this with a female, Zaiyia knew this in her heart. The kid meant well even now, but he was still swimming in alcohol at the bottom of bottle he couldn’t see what he was doing. Everything hes ever wanted to do to her all this time, he was ACTUALLY going forward with and doing it despite how it obviously made her feel. Sober Alan would never, but Drunk Alan would.

“Okay, that’s enough! Stop fucking touching me right now!” Zaiyia demanded the moment she felt his hands trying to tug her bra down by it's straps. There was no way she was gonna go any further with him by playing this stupid pretend game anymore. It was becoming too dangerous! “Alan! Alan, I SAID STOP IT! GET OFF ME!”

But Alan still refused to listen, and despite the fact that they were surrounded by several people, they were ALL unconscious people. Zaiyia might as well been outside all alone at the mercy of this drunken guy who intended to sample what he’s been waiting to sample for too damn long.