Belonging to Lust

Chapter 88: Positively Livid

“ALAN, LET ME GO RIGHT NOW OR I SWEAR TO GOD I’M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOUR A-”Zaiyia was cut off when a drunk as hell Alan smashed his lips sloppily over hers and silenced her threat. Now verbally muted, she had no choice but to get physical with his assaulting behind.

Uncoordinated, her hands shot out to punch him anywhere she could make contact with. She was using all her strength, not daring to hold back even though she knew the only reason Alan was trying to take advantage of her right now was because he was under the influence of alcohol…or maybe some drug for all she knew. She spent all night avoiding him as much as she could so she had no idea what he consumed within their time period at one of Cameron’s famous mansion parties.

For a guy completely wasted and unsteady on his feet, Alan held his ground surprisingly well for a while. He took her blows like they were nothing, but then again, he was a part of the football team and worked out regularly to keep up with his team members on the field so he could probably take a hit pretty damn well. Despite that, Zaiyia knew he wouldn’t be able to hold her off for long enough. At some point he'll fall over on his unsteady feet and she’d get the upper hand, she just had to wait for her moment and make sure he didn’t get into her pants til then.

Turning her head away, Zaiyia opened her mouth to let out to scream to alert anyone that would hear her nearby whether they were one of the many people passed out in the backyard around them or the partygoers jamming inside the mansion, but Alan stopped her by grabbing a hold of her chin and turning her lips back to his with a desperate moan of his ex-girlfriend’s name and Zaiyia's worse enemy. “Alice…”

Alice!? Really? Zaiyia would have rolled her eyes at his declaration if this situation wasn’t so serious. Clearly, he was still hooked on his ex-girlfriend Alice White, the very woman who started all the bullying targeted at Zaiyia at school. If that was so why was he so intent on chasing her instead of getting his deranged girlfriend back?

But of course, these questions weren't important right now. What was was getting Alan off of her before she decided to rip his throat out with her bare teeth for increasing the roughness of his already invasive touch. He was molesting her in the backyard of a party and there was no one in sight that could save her but herself.

“Yo, Zaiyia, you out here?” Aishah called as she stepped out of the mansion to enter the backyard in search for her friend. She looked around at the various bodies passed out all over the gorgeous backyard from the patio before the sound of heavy breathing and moaning turned her eyes to the right. Barely shown in the light of one of the kitchen window was a couple looking like they were getting it on outside against the side of the house in desperation. Aishah couldn’t identify them at first but when her curious eyes narrowed in she could recognize Alan’s jacket and shoes, and Zaiyia’s bright neon skirt and delicate flats. Now this was a surprise to her! “Oh shit! Zaiyia, honey…is that you?”

If Zaiyia could she would have responded to her friend Aishah, but she couldn’t. Her mouth was painfully crushed beneath Alan and unable to escape. Her hands were all that she had to use and so she used her right to reach out towards her friend and wave it desperately for her aid.

That’s not how Aishah took her message though. Lifting both of her hands up in peace, she politely glanced away and began to step back towards the kitchen door again. “Fuck, my bad, yalls. I’m gonna just…yeah, go now. Excuse me.”

She was reaching turning the knob of the kitchen door when she heard what sounded like to her was a muffled scream that caused her to pause for a second. If she didn’t know better, that scream wasn’t one fueled by passion, but instead with panic. Aishah shot a glare at the couple before reaching into her pocket to pull out her phone and flip on the flashlight app. In seconds the couple was illuminated, and it was now obvious to see that Zaiyia wasn’t wrapped up in Alan like she had previously thought. No, she was trying to fight the drunk football player off of her. “OH HELL NO! GET THE FUCK OFF OF HER, YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING DRUNK ASS MOTHERFUCKER!”

Alan was just not in the mood for listening to anyone tonight. All he cared about was having his way with Zaiyia with or without her consent, and in his drunk mind no one was going to stop him…except Aishah’s foot launching up into his tentacles from behind. Only then, did he pulled away with a cry of pain before falling to his knees, gasping for air. “FUCK!”

“DONE TOLD YOUR ASS TO LET HER GO, DIDN'T I? NOW LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO, SORRY ASS PIECE OF SHIT!” Aishah reprimanded him irritably, not in the least bit afraid of him possibly getting up and shutting her mouth up with a fist to her face. Her brown eyes drift to Zaiyia and looked her up and down as if she wasn’t just molested by her crazy stalker. “You good?”

“Y-Yeah…” Zaiyia nodded skeptically, her body trembling in the aftershock of what had almost happened to her as her eyes remained glued on the crumbled form of Alan on his knees mourning over the wounded state of his fragile balls. “I-I’m good.”

Aishah could tell she wasn’t and knew that soon as she got her out off the property the better she’ll be. Not wanting to coddle Zaiyia like a victimized baby in case it ended up just overwhelming her and making her into a weak emotion baby, Aishah continued to act like what took place wasn’t as dire as it was. “Let’s get out of this lame ass party.”

“Cool, lets d-do that.” Zaiyia agreed with a shaky nod, her eyes still locked on Alan.

Taking her hand in hers, Aishah led Zaiyia back inside the mansion and through the throngs of people to locate her sister Assata. When she found her hitting on some nerdy looking virgin, she lightly smacked her arm to grab her attention. “Yo, we need to bounce! Stop trying to pop baby boy’s cherry and let’s get going.”

“What, why?” Assata asked her with annoyance, not denying that her goal was to fool around with the inexperience guy, so she could play a little game with him later she liked to call ‘the teacher and the student.’

“Rapist.” Aishah summed up with a single word, not wanting to go into detail around Zaiyia who’s eyes were darting around her surroundings every time anyone brushed up against her with the smallest amount of pressure.

Assata didn’t need anymore explanation and gave the cute nerd her number before leaving along with her sister and Zaiyia. The code word rapists was something the girls were familiar with, not because they had ever been raped before but because they’ve had close encounters before at other parties that could have unraveled to rape if they hadn’t had each other’s back. Anytime they heard that code word the girls would immediately depart, not wanting to chance anything.

The ride home was completely quiet. Assata wanted to know what happened but figured her sister would explain it to her later when they returned home. Still, she could at least piece together that the victim tonight had been Zaiyia because of how often Aishah glanced at her over her shoulder. She was sitting in the back so still it was pretty obvious that something happened to her tonight.

As rigid as she was, Zaiyia wasn’t on the verge of tears or close to having a nervous breakdown. She was just quiet the entire rode home until they drove up her driveway, only then did she finally speak to them. “It’s okay, you guys, I’m…I’m gonna be fine. Thank you for the drive home. I’ll...I'll see you guys later.”

After their confirmation that they’d see her later too, Zaiyia got out of their car and closed the door behind her. She was so busy fighting on keeping herself together on the outside she didn’t notice that there was another vehicle in the driveway, even as she was walking alongside it. Her mind was only focused on breathing in and out as she walked up to the dark house and entered the main house on Heath’s property.

As Zaiyia closed the door behind her, the recollection of how she got to that party safely hadn’t seeped in. Yes, Alan had invited her out to that party and she had gone him, but there was more to it than that. She slowly walked further through the dark living room, not because she didn’t want to get into trouble with Heath if he was home. Hell, she didn’t even know if the man returned back from his trip to the city! No, she was walking slow because she had almost been raped.

She knew without a doubt that someone from within Cameron's house would come out and find her being molested by Alan and would have stepped in eventually when it was happening but…still she had to go through it until that moment occurred. It wasn’t the first time she’d been molested but damn it just didn’t get any easier. She had boys and men try and touch her before in the past, but it never got to the point of full rape, just like tonight. Still, it wasn’t exactly something that happened often enough to where she was totally used to it and it didn’t faze her.

Zaiyia didn’t get halfway through the living room when all of a sudden the pitch black room was slightly illuminated by a lamp across the room with a soft click. With a gasp, she jumped back in fear, expecting to see a robber catching her in the act of sneaking back inside from attending a party which…was a ridiculous first thought. I mean, why would a robber do that?

But no, it wasn’t a robber. Sitting in a chair by a lamp was Heath still dressed in his usual tight t-shirt, dirty stained jeans, and heavy work boots. His reflective vest had been tossed onto the couch when he walked in along with his hard construction hat.

As decadent as the hardworking man always looked, tonight he looked positively livid.