Belonging to Lust

Chapter 92: Tom & Jerry

The rest of the Sunday on the Sullivan’s property was spent with Zaiyia and Heath apart. Neither of them went out of their way to be around each other, hell, they damn near check around every corner just to make sure they wouldn’t cross paths in the hallways, or kitchen. Zaiyia spent most of her time in the guest house and planned on staying there until Monday came around when she’d be charted off to school again. However, she was compelled out of her room when she spotted Heath walking along the cul-de-sac’s sidewalk with Ms. Wellington up against his side. Her brown eyes narrowed with jealousy as she watched the older woman flip her hair around and try to sway her bag of bones that she called her derriere with the intention to attract his attention. Zaiyia couldn’t tell if it was working as she flew off her window seat and abandoned her textbooks to fall on the floor while she raced out of the guest house, and across the backyard until she reached the living room window in the main house.

Peering out, she saw Ms. Wellington escort Heath back into her open garage door probably on the idea that more ‘manual labor’ needing to be completed there. Zaiyia let out a growl in anger as her fingers curled around the top edge of the couch. She was two seconds from coming up with a game plan to get into Ms. Wellington's garage when her phone dinged in her pocket, alerting her that she had received a text message. Expecting it to be one of her girls, Zaiyia paused on configuring out her plan to rescue Heath from the clutches of a cougar to flipped her phone open and see…Alan’s name?!

Hey, can I come over and talk to you? I really want to talk about what happened at Saturday night’s party.

“Fuck that.” Zaiyia mumbled objectively to his request. There was no way she was gonna allow him to come over and see for her two simple reasons. One, Heath would literally murder him if not at first sight, then after he hears what happened at the party when Alan was drunk and tries to assault her. And last but not least, Zaiyia was gonna kill him herself for what he did to her at the party if he came over. Either way, popping onto this property was not a good idea for Alan because what was awaiting him was a death sentence that was definitely gonna be carried out by both of one of the two people living in this house that want him dead. As you can see, it was seriously not a good idea.

Today’s not a good time. We can talk Monday. Gotta go.

Tossing her phone aside with a sigh of disgust, Zaiyia crossed her arms over her shoulders and sulked on the couch. Did Alan remember what he did that night at Cameron’s party, is that what he wanted to talk about? If so, what was she gonna tell him? She imagined he’s feeling remorseful for his actions towards her and she can at least be grateful, if that was the case of course, that he had a good enough heart to apologize and take responsibility for his actions. And yet, that doesn’t excuse what he did. He tried to take advantage of her, something he hadn’t ever done when before he was sober. He took it too far and it wasn’t something Zaiyia believed she could easily forget and brush under the rug for now, maybe in the future, but not now. The next time she saw Alan, she was gonna be straight and honest with him about everything! He at least deserved that much after all she’s put them both through.

Suddenly, the front door was shoved open with such a loud and abrupt slam it caused Zaiyia to let out a scream and launch off the couch in fear. Her wide eyes caught the sight of Heath stumbled in for his dear life before spinning around to slam the door shut behind him without so much of a word of explanation. He kept his palms on the door as he fought to catch his breath, his broad shoulders rising and falling beneath his tight t-shirt. He was a bit sweaty as he leaned forward to rest his forehead against the door, a soft murmur slipping past his lips. “Jesus fucking Christ…”

“What the hell happened to you?” Zaiyia blurted out instead of sneaking back out of the main house through the kitchen in order to not be spotted by him. She was too concerned on what had him running into the safety of his home as if the devil himself was at his heels to continue on with avoiding him for the rest of the weekend.

Heath’s head snapped up to lock eyes with hers in surprise. He hadn’t believed he’d heard her voice at first, but here she was in the flesh. Why did it feel like he hadn’t seen her in five whole years? “Zaiyia, wh-”

“What’s going on out there? Did she…” Zaiyia’s voice was cut off the moment Heath turned around to face her with a lipstick print on his right cheek and along the column of his powerful neck. Her heart dropped in her stomach as she stumbled back a step, her eyes locked on that damning evidence that something had indeed happen between him and Ms. Wellington. Lifting a shaking finger, she pointed it towards her own cheek to signal that there was something on his. “W-What is that?”

“What is what?” Heath asked her with sincerity before recalling Ms. Wellington landing a kissing blow on his cheek when she managed to corner him in her kitchen. He had gone over to her place out of the kindness of his heart to continue to help in the construction of Mr. Wellington’s garage only for his wife to lure him into the kitchen for a glass of water and attack him in her lingerie. He’d ran all around that kitchen and tried his best not to put his hands on her or else she’d use that against him to accuse him of wouldn't be the first time that happened to him. Plus, she looked like the type to do something like that to a man that would dare to deny her. Heath reached up to rub the lip print off of his cheek with disgust and scowled at the memory of him making his escape out of his neighbor’s house. “That was an attack from our lovely neighbor, Ms. Wellington.”

Zaiyia frowned at his choice of word. He said attack, not ‘a loving kiss from his beautiful old crypt-keeper mistress’. Why was that? “Wait, did you just say she attacked you?”

Heath nodded, continuing to wipe the last of the lipstick off his cheek. “Exactly that. She asked me over to finish the job we started on Mr. Wellington’s garage. When I got thirsty and went inside the house to get a glass of offered water…” He couldn’t but visibly shudder at the memory of the older woman in a light pink lingerie set with a matching see-through robe. “The fight for my life commenced.”

“So, you didn’t…fuck her?” Zaiyia couldn’t resist from inquiring, the need to know the truth far outweighing her desire to not know.

“FUCK HER!? Gross, no! What happened back at that house was a like a scene from Tom & Jerry! I was running for my life, LITERALLY!” Heath expressed passionately, dread reading from his green eyes.

Zaiyia opened her mouth to demand details on what transpired in the Wellington’s home, but her phone cut her off again this time with a call. Glancing down, she opened her phone and checked to see it was Chasity’s name before answering. “Yeah, what’s up?”

“Open the front door.” Chasity ordered her immediately, not bestowing a warm greeting.

Frowning at her phone, Zaiyia turned around to head for the door, completely ignoring Heath rubbing the lipstick marks off his neck as she swung the front door open to reveal Chasity and the McCoy sisters. Her eyes widen in shock.” Oh my god!”

“SURPRISE!” Chasity squealed with excitement as if it was Zaiyia’s birthday. “We came over to ask if you wanna go shopping with us.”

“Of course, she does.” Heath called from behind her as he fished through his wallet for some money.

Zaiyia held up a finger to her friends for them to wait while she walked over to Heath. “Wait, are you sure you wanna be left alone after what happened with Ms. Wellington? I mean, what if she comes back for you?”

Heath rolled his eyes and handed her the wad of cash. “I’ll be fine, trust me. Now, go have fun with yours friends and be back before dinner.” Tucking his wallet back in his pants, he headed for his bedroom which meant he had to walk by the front door where the eager hormonal teenagers were waiting on glimpsing a sight of him in all his glory. He lifted a hand in passing greeting. “Morning ladies.”

“M-Morning, Mr. Sullivan!” Chasity stammered, her cheeks flushing red at his acknowledgment.

“A fine morning it is, sir!” Assata nodded in greeting to him before mumbling beneath her breath. “A definitely fine ass one at that.”

“Hello, Mr. Sullivan!” Monique raved, waiving excitedly at him. “It’s so nice to see you again!”

Aishah simply gave him a wave as she mumbled to her youngest sister. “Be even better if there weren’t no damn clothes in the way obscuring all the goods, if you know what I'm saying?”

“Oh, you fucking bet!” Monique whined the moment he was out of sight.

Zaiyia rolled her eyes at them as she strolled up to them. “Alright, you thirsty ass hoes, calm the fuck down now. The viewing is over.”

“I will when your step-father stops seducing me with his existence!” Assata promised.

“Zaiyia, have you ever seen Fifth Harmony’s music video for their song ‘Work From Home’ before?” Monique asked her good friend.

“No, why?” Zaiyia asked, not following what this music video had to do with their current conversation.

Chasity’s eyes lit up as she lightly smacked Monique on her arm. “Oh my god, you’re so right. Mr. Sullivan looks just like those hot muscular construction guys in the music video!”

Zaiyia raised an eyebrow before rolling her eyes and waving off their ridiculous celebration. “Whatever you guys. Let’s go hit the mall and stare at cute boys. I’m out hunting for one for myself.”