Belonging to Lust

Chapter 93: Drunken Dream

When Monday morning came rolling around, Zaiyia received a text message while getting ready for school from Alan informing her that he couldn’t pick her and take her to school today because he had a dentist appointment. She was now forced to take the bus which, much like school had become, was an opportunity of bullying the entire ride through. In the past it was usually the same group of girls and boys that sat in the middle on the left side that would taunt her all the time, but Zaiyia kept her headphones plugged in soon after. Today was no different however, the subject had changed from bullying her to what had transpired between her and Alan at the party at Cameron's house on Saturday.

“Hey!” Some blonde hair blue eyed boy by the name of Joseph Wykeham called to her from where he sat up in his seat two seats ahead of her. His gaze was locked on her with an evil intent that didn’t match his harmless smile. “Hey you, chick with the braids.”

Chick with the braids, Zaiyia repeated to herself questioningly. Since when they did NOT know her damn name? They’ve been bullying her close to a year already. Zaiyia idly lifted her eyes to glare at him, the music in her ears slightly drowning his voice out but not enough to silence him completely.

“Aren't you that chick at the party that was making out with Alan?” Joseph asked her, catching almost everyone’s attention and drawing it to her. A grin came to his face as he pointed a finger at her in accusation. “Oh shit, you gotta be her! You look just like her, man!”

Zaiyia merely stared at him, her face devoid of any emotion other than what looked to be boredom.

“What!? Is that really her?” Patricia Rooney shot up from her seat in the front on the left side of the bus to glance back at the girl Joseph was speaking to. When she spotted her, her eyes widen in response as she let out a gasp of surprise. “Wait, aren’t you Zaiyia Halifax?”

“No way! THE Zaiyia Halifax?” Joseph asked Patricia before glancing back at Zaiyia. “You’re the whore of the school, aren't you?”

Now this time Zaiyia responded with a low threat that she only wanted Joseph and the people sitting between them to hear. “Say that again, and I’ll castrate your ass with the 30 minutes we still have left on this goddamn bus ride.”

“Yeah, that’s her!” Alexandra Mallard called from near the front before letting out an amused laugh. “What did you say she did this time?”

“Made out with Alan at Cameron’s party on Saturday night.” A guy by the name of Nicholas Coster inform her from where he slouched down in his seat right in front of Zaiyia as if it would protect him from opening his mouth in the first place.

“Made out with Alan? As in Alice’s Alan?” Lottie Davis called from the back of the bus next to Zaiyia’s seat. “Wow…wait until the girls hear about this hot piece of gossip!”

Zaiyia already had her music turned up, blocking the rest of them out long after Joseph took her threat seriously and meekly sunk back down in his seat. She didn’t hear the rest of their threats or the crap they were talking about her. It would only end up making her angry to the point of hurting them, and that’s not what she felt like doing right now. She had more important things to worry about, as in what she’d say to Alan when she saw him next. Today was the day she was finally going to confess the truth to him…that she didn’t like him like he thought and that they weren’t ever gonna be together.

Unfortunately, in school, the rumors were already flying and literally everyone was talking about it in loud whispers all around Zaiyia. She kept it moving, however, and ignored as best she could without her music drowning them out. The bus rides were always easy just so long as you got music to listen to.

Still, Zaiyia couldn’t help but wonder why the damn teenagers had literally nothing better to do with their lives than talk about her all damn day! I mean, don’t they got hobby’s, after school sports, or video games to play? Why be so obsessed with her and what she got going on all the time?

After her third class, Alan located her by her locker and raced up to her, ignorant of all the rumors and whispers that were spreading about her because he too had his own thing to worry about. His palms were sweaty, and his stomach all tied up in nervous knots since Sunday morning. “Zaiyia, there you are!”

Zaiyia immediately tensed up, her nerves tight with alarm before slowly relaxing. He surprised her, that's all. She wasn’t exactly afraid of him at least to an extent after what he almost did her. She was a tough girl, but it wasn't like she was completely unaffected by what had happened. Closing her locker and spinning around, she faced with a blank face. “Wassup, Alan. How was your dentist appointment?”

“What? Oh, right, it was fine.” Alan hurriedly replied before getting to the root of his concern. “But look, I really need to talk to you right now. It’s about…what happened Saturday night.”

Knowing this was not the place or time to speak about such serious matters, Zaiyia raised up a hand that silenced him immediately. “Not here, Alan. We can talk about this later at lunch, okay?”

Alan exhaled loudly through his nose with annoyance. This was an issue he needed answers to now rather than later, but he knew that if he chose to fight her on this, she’d end up winning in the end. She was a stubborn one. Irritably he ran a hand through his brown hair and nodded in agreement. “Alright, we’ll talk then.”

“See ya.” Zaiyia assured him, not wanting him to think she wouldn’t be there cause she would. Fear couldn’t make her pass this opportunity up because it had to happen. This conversation finally had to happen! Yes, it was long overdue but still it was better than never.

“Yeah, see you then.” Alan nodded before walking away to his own locker. He normally would wait around on her and carry her things to her class for her, but today…it just didn’t feel right to do that. Not with everything in his mind all jumbled up. He didn’t have a clear idea what happened Saturday night…well, he had a few memories of what could have happened, but he wasn’t certain he knew which were true and which were apart of some drunken dream. Zaiyia would know what happened, and so she held all the cards. He would have to wait until lunch time to get all his answers.

It felt like an entire day had passed before lunch finally came, and Alan was running down the hall to the cafeteria in search for Zaiyia. When he didn’t find her, he headed outside to check the few benches where students were allowed to eat. He spotted her sitting at one of them and headed right over to sit across from her. “There you are. I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

Enjoying the solitude outside, Zaiyia glanced up to see his hand reaching out towards hers on the table but she maneuvers her hand out the way by feigning a cough. “Yeah, sorry about that. I should have told you I wouldn’t be in cafeteria.”

“That’s fine.” Alan assured her kindly, before a heavy silence fell between them. “So um…do you…remember what happened at the party at Cameron’s Saturday night?”

Zaiyia frowned at the word ‘remember’. Did he not recall what happened? “Wait, you don’t remember anything about that night?”

Alan shook his head before shrugging. “Kinda, I guess. I mean I remember arriving but then…the alcohol got to me. I remember small fragments like searching for you in the party, finding you outside, kissing you and…then a blinding pain in my balls.”

Zaiyia wanted to smile at that last part but reined it back because of the severity of the situation. “You want the truth? And the I mean the cold hard truth.”

“Y-Yeah…but, why do you sound so ominous about it?” Alan inquired after her hard expression before it dawned on him that something bad could have went down that night. “Oh shit, did something bad happen?”

“Yeah it almost did. Your drunk ass tried to rape me outside in the backyard.” Zaiyia confessed easily, not at all trembling in fear. She did, however, almost feel bad for Alan only because he was a sweet guy who had no recollection of how dangerous his drunken side had become.

“WHAT!?” Alan shouted in shock, his eyes bulging out of his skull.

Zaiyia gave him a silent nod before biting her lower lip.

Alan’s eyes darted everywhere as if he could find the evidence himself that he hadn’t committed what Zaiyai was accusing him off by their surroundings alone. When that didn’t work, he fought to calm his own emotions down so he’d be able to speak without taking it too far. “I seriously…I tried to rape you?”

Zaiyia nodded, lowering her eyes to the table top. “Yeah, but a friend of mine saved me before you could take it too far.”

“But I…no, I-I couldn’t have done something like that!” Alan argued passionately, his hands curling into fists at the thought of him forcing himself on any woman.

“Well, I hate to break it to you, but you tried it with me. Luckily you didn’t complete the task or else I’d have gut you like a fucking fish for everyone at the party to see.” Zaiyia muttered.