Belonging to Lust

Chapter 95: Mark My Words

The school day was coming to an end, and Zaiyia couldn't be more than happy. She was surprised to find herself so drained from the day's events when all she really had to deal with was someone talking crap on the bus and a blow out with Alan. Poor Alan, Zaiyia thought to herself with a sigh as she sat herself down on the bus and stared out the window. She shook her head and mumbled to herself as her eyes watched all the students filing onto their buses. “Boy got the game so fucked up he out here looking like a damn fool cause of me.”

She hadn't meant to hurt him, in fact, she only wanted use him to move on from Heath Sullivan and his fine rejecting behind. I guess when you look at it that way this was all inevitable. Alan had been nothing but nice to her from the beginning though his intentions were impure, and yet she led him on for her own selfish reasons. If he truly meant to cut her out of his life for good then it was exactly what she deserves...but still, some of his arguments were so far to the left Zaiyia wasn’t ever planning to take responsibility over ALL of it. What made him think she was responsible for him breaking up with his long-term girlfriend Alice?

Zaiyia dropped her eyes when she heard the driver start the bus and close the door. She felt the lurch of the large vehicle and then turned her eyes back to stare out at the window as the school passed them by. Her mind returned back to her previous thought. Why did Alan blame her for his split with Alice? She hadn't said a single word to the guy before then so in what way was this all her fault? Hell, all she wanted on her first day of school was to be left alone to get an education, that was it, and instead she ended up being the target for a mass school bullying campaign that this nation, no doubt, has ever seen before. Zaiyia had no idea up until now that she had the ability to turn an entire school against her without uttering a single word to any of the parties included.

“Hey. Hey, you!” A voice called to her from the seat in front of hers. “Chick with the long nappy braids!”

“No, they didn't.” Zaiyia muttered to herself before lifting her dark brown eyes to shoot a menacing glare at the person sitting up in their seat before her to stare down at her. She refused to answer her because she didn't deserve to be acknowledge by her...verbally or physically.

The girl, Eliesse Baldwin was a light blonde dance student who must have had her mother style her hair into a pigtail style reminiscence of raggedy Ann. She seemed to jerk back a little when Zaiyia shot her a brief glare, but nervously tried to appear unaffected by the girl's dark aura. “I-I heard Alan broke up with you today at lunch.”

Zaiyia didn't response, just stared at her as the others around her felt inspired to join in on the gossip as well.

Miley Finley snickered from the seat across from Zaiyia while munching down on some Hot Cheetos. “Yeah, he so did! Like OMG! I saw how it broke her whittle heart when he left her crying there outside in the rain by her lonesome self!”

Resisting the urge to respond back with the facts that it HADN'T rained today at all, and that she HADN'T shed a single tear neither, Zaiyia kept her mouth shut. She knew if she opened her mouth there would be no stopping her. No, she had to remain silent or else she'd end up getting into big trouble like she always did. It would be best to be a good girl in this situation and that's exactly what her plan was going to be; to be a good girl.

Eliesse let out a feigned gasp of surprise at what her friend, Miley, exposed. “He did! Well well well, would you look at that?”

“How does that one saying go?” Miley inquired, snapping her fingers as she sought it out within the depths of her mind. Her eyes lit up when she found it, and she shot a wicked grin at Zaiyia. “Ain't karma a bitch?”

Louise Leon popped up from where she sat in the middle of the bus on the left hand side. “Of course, it is, karma is always against people like her. I mean just look at her, her skin is too dark, mouth and nose too big...”

Woooow, Zaiyia mentally laughed to herself, they're gonna go there with it now!? Damn, she might end up smacking the hell out of everyone on this bus if she didn't get home in time. Turning her eyes to her window, she watched the bus enter her housing area and let out a sigh of relief. She'd have a to wait a few minutes longer, that was all, and then she'd be home safe from getting arrested for murder. Then again, at home was another battle to face. A battle of the heart.

“Can anyone even see you in the dark when they turn the lights out?” Miley asked her, leaning over the aisle between the seats to flash her a sinister smirk.

“You better hope you do, or I'll smack what little drops of melanin you got left in your body and leave your dry pasty ass on the floor looking like Tim Burton's Corpse Bride up in here.” Zaiyia shot at her quickly before reclamping her mouth shut with a curse. She was supposed to keep her mouth closed but accidentally allowed those few words to slip out without warning. Turning her head, she stared out her window again and away from Miley's expression of shock. Eliesse had also heard Zaiyia's words to Miley and was too in awe by her threat. Quietly, she sunk back into her seat, not wishing to antagonize her any longer in case she made true with her foreshadowing and came after her next.

Louise didn't hear threat and so she kept running her mouth as they came up to Zaiyia's stop. With a sigh of relief, Zaiyia grabbed her things and marched towards the exit of the bus with the intention of avoiding everyone in her path until she entered the security of her home. Seemingly not liking the fact that she hadn't been able to get under Zaiyia's skin, Louise fought hard to find something vital to use. It was only when Zaiyia pass did she notice a large man in the driveway of Zaiyia's home. He was hoisting a large tool box into the back of his truck, his muscles bulging beneath his white shirt. Seeing him as her only option, Louise burst out with a grin. “Tell your white daddy I said hi!”

“Let my hands give you his answer.” Zaiyia self-control was thrown out the window, and in a blinding rage she saw herself spinning around and smacking that stupid grin off of Louise's face. Her enemy's screams of shock didn't appease the flames of fury and so instead of smacking her once, she repeatedly began to hit her over and over again.

“HEY, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?” The bus driver, Ms. Wilson shouted from the front of the bus before maneuvering her heavy set body out of her small seat to stop the fighting that suddenly erupted from behind her. She pulled her earbuds out of her ears and maneuvered her wide hips down the aisle towards the attacker in order to stop her. “WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU! STOP THAT RIGHT THIS MINUTE, YOUNG LADY!”

Zaiyia obeyed but only to take off down the aisle to launch a quick pommel at Eliesse who sank down to the floor of the bus with her backpack above her head to protect herself. “What's wrong you punk ass bitch, huh? You fucking scared!?”

Ditching her as she hears Ms. Wilson close in on her, she made her last stop to Miley, who she was disappointed to see that she too was protecting herself with her backpack. “You too, hoe!?After all that dumb shit you were spitting a moment ago!?”

Before she could reach her, Ms. Wilson wrapped her beefy arms around her middle and dragged her towards the front of the bus. Zaiyia only managed to kick out a Miley's backpack, dislodging it and earning a scream of fright in return before she was dragged away. She struggled against Ms. Wilson's hold, but didn't attempt to elbow her to the face like she could have. She was an adult, and Zaiyia was already gonna be in enough trouble as it is for attacking three other students, she didn't need to add an adult to the mix too. “Yo, let me the fuck go! I'm fucking calm, alright! I'm calm! I ain't gonna shit!”

Ms. Wilson refused to listen until they got to the front of the bus, then she let her go. With a shove to her shoulder, she ordered the young girl to keep walking, knowing full well that this was her stop and that she would have a word with her parents about their violent child. “Now, move out of this bus, young lady! You bet your parents are gonna hear all about this from me, mark my words!”

“Whatever, man.” Zaiyia grumbled as she walked down the steps and stood right before the closed door where suddenly Heath was standing in front of with his arms crossed. Her eyes widened in surprise at the sight of him there before dread filled her stomach. Oh damn, she was gonna be so much trouble!

Heath had been carrying the toolbox he was gonna lend a co-worker at work to to his truck when he heard Zaiyia's bus coming from down the street. He didn't acknowledge it then nor did he plan to when he heard the large vehicle pull up to the curb. However, he was compelled to when he heard through the few open windows several students screaming. His heart jumped in alarm but his mind knew better that it most definitely involved Zaiyia being the attacker. “Goddamnit.”

With a deep sigh, he abandoned his truck to walk down the sidewalk to where the bus was parked and shaking from side to side from the turmoil erupting inside. He couldn't tell from the dark tinted windows what was going on but he had an idea. Knowing in his heart that it was Zaiyia fighting with the other kids, Heath took his time until he turned to face the shut glass door of the bus. He crossed his arms over his chest, and soon enough Zaiyia marched down the steps to stand before him. All that separated them was a glass door, but that look on her face when she glanced up at him told him that she knew she was in trouble with him. Heath didn't want her thinking what with the violence in her past pertaining to these students, and so kept his face devoid of any emotion that neither revealed disapproval and anger.

It was only until the sliding of the door being pushed aside did he step back and allowed Zaiyia and the bus driver to step off the bus. Ms. Wilson seemed out of breath and red in the face as she followed behind Zaiyia, scolding her the entire time. “What would possess to act in such a manner! I mean are you a wild animal!? Are you savage or somethi-” Her voice cut off when she noticed a magnificently built hunk standing outside the bus. Her words seemed to evaporate in the air as she ogled him with feminine interest. “Oh my...”