Belonging to Lust

Chapter 96: Enraged Parent

“Why, cause I'm fucking black!?” Zaiyia shot back at her bus driver, Ms. Wilson, no longer carrying that Heath was right there listening since everyone on her bus seemed to have an issue with the color of her skin these days. She crossed her arms over her chest when she noticed Ms. Wilson was too busy googly eyeing Heath to hear her. “Hey! I'm fucking talking to you, lady!”

“Hmm?” Ms. Wilson answered in a far off tone before nearly falling as she stumbled off the last step of the bus due to the hunk of man in front of her putting her into a trance. Her mind seemed to catch up with her due to Zaiyia's aggressive tone aimed directly at her, and so she spun around to face her with a final respond. “Wait, how dare you bring up your race as an excuse to act in such a way!”

“Excuse me!? How dare I!?” Zaiyia began before Heath stepped between them with his fine muscled body, big rough hands, and equally tantalizing voice.

“Whoa, that's enough from the both of you! Just tell me what the hell is going on here?” Heath demanded to know, glancing between adult and child. When both females appeared mute for words, one because she was besotted by the sight of him and his masculine presence and the other because she was fuming like a volcano threatening to eript, Heath grew impatient and gestured to the bus sitting idly beside them. “Well? Is anyone going to explain to me what just happened on this bus or do I have to get the police involved?”

At the mention of police, Ms. Wilson perked up and jerked a thumb in Zaiyia's direction. “In this case, sir, you might have to.”

“And I'm sure you'd love to be the bitch to snitch to them, ain't you?” Zaiyia muttered under her breath as she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest.

“What did you say to me, young lady!?” Ms. Wilson snapped at her, her eyes narrowed with rage as she rudely reached out to grab ahold of Zaiyia's arm in a menacing grip that didn't faze the girl in the slightest...but it did her guardian.

“Hey!” Heath abruptly objected the moment he saw his precious Zaiyia being manhandle by another person other than him, but his tone wasn't threatening enough to interrupt the two furious women intent on having a row with each other.

“Oh great, now that I finally got your attention off eye-fucking him, I can now spell it out for you.” Zaiyia turned to her with a malicious smile, intending to rip her bus driver a new one without giving any thoughts to her disrespectful words. How could she when a bus full of racists kids just disrespected her and made a comment about Heath, describing him as her 'white daddy'!?

“Zaiyia, shut it!” Heath cut her off sternly with a warning, needing to reason with his woman touching up on her before he too decided to get physical. His eyes were locked hard on her bus driver, trying to read the expressions on her face to give him a lead as to whether she was genuine human being or another callous jerk in this town trying to hurt his Zaiyia for the way she looked. He hated that he had to be on his guard this way because of Zaiyia's race but so far this town has given him nothing but encourage to do so considering it's few discriminating citizens thus far. What happened to Zaiyia in the past will not happen again on his watch and he'd be damned if anyone try to, and that included women too.

“Zaiyia?” Ms. Wilson repeated curiously, not understanding how this man could know this rebellious child's name...unless...Her eyes widen in realization as her jaw dropped. “D-Do you...know this young lady, sir?”

Placing his hands on his hips, Heath revealed. “I'm Heath Sullivan, Zaiyia's guardian, and I'd appreciate if you take your hands of my girl.”

Ms. Wilson's hand dropped from Zaiyia's arm like she just touched a burning stove. Her wide eyes were locked on Heath as she stumbled over her words to try and offer him an apology for the animosity he's seen thus far between her and his child. “Oh! Mr. Sullivan, please forgive me for all of this. I-I didn't mean...that see, Ms. Halifax has attacked one of the students on the bus a few minutes ago and went after another before I escorted her off the bus.”

“Tell him why I fucked them racists ass bitches up!” Zaiyia interrupted, looking to the driver as she pointed to Heath. “Go on, fucking tell him why!”

“ZAIYIA, THAT'S ENOUGH!” Heath warned a second time, his shout making her jump in place and clamp her mouth shut.

Ms. Wilson continued on as if Zaiyia hadn't said a word. “I have no idea what was the cause to this brawl for I didn't notice anything out of the usual since we left the school.” She gestures with her head to Zaiyia who remained heated but obediently silent next to her. “I was going to try and calm Zaiyia down before getting her side of the story, but then you showed up in time to quiet her for me.”

Heath inhaled loudly through his nose in doing his best to appear like an enraged parent trying to remain under control. He wanted this woman to think he was on her side, and not on Zaiyia's in order to get his baby out of this situation. For all he knew, this woman could be lying to his face to save herself, or completely unaware of the truth, like she said, on how this fight truly went down, either way, he knew he'd hear the truth from Zaiyia's lips soon enough. “I see. Of course, violence should not be condoned on any level, not in any school, bus, or household.” He briefly glanced at Zaiyia who looked like she wanted to murder both him, and her bus driver before turning around to flip the large yellow vehicle behind them over with her hulk strength and light it on fire, fellow students and all. “Look, whatever actions that need to be taken to resolve this, I'm willing to support it, BUT only after I see for my own eyes what really happened. Your bus does have a camera installed, right?”

Ms. Wilson nodded in confirmation, almost forgetting that the camera would give her a visual too on what went wrong with the students behind her back while she had been driving and listening the radio. “Yes, Mr. Sullivan, it does. In fact, I think it best we informed the principal about this instead of the police to get to the bottom of what happen. Everything is under control right now, but as I told you before I still have no idea what went wrong and didn't get the chance to find out for myself.”

Heath flashed her what he hoped was a dazzling smile that would melt her insides. He wanted this woman wrapped around his fingers temporarily so he could take Zaiyia back home with him safely. He didn't wish for her to possibly be taken by the police, cause then he'd have to enact some sort of scene to be taken down to the station alongside with her. That last attack by the security guard in her school made him distrustful of anyone but him to look out for her, and that included the people in blue. “I couldn't agree more, Ms. Wilson. The principal definitely needs to hear about this as soon as possible.” Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out a card. “This has all the numbers I can be reached at any time of the day. Feel free to get in contact with me so we can make sure this incidents is resolved as soon as possible.”

“Thank you, Mr. Sullivan.” Cheeks turning rosy with a blush, Ms. Wilson had to glance away from Heath's sexy smile due to her body liquefying within. She shyly took his card, and completely forgetting the aggressive Zaiyia at her side, she took a step forward to speak with Heath more privately. “But there is something you should know, sir. I'm sorry to inform you that for the protection of my other passengers, I have no choice but to suspend Zaiyia from my bus until this whole ordeal is investigated. I can't run the risk of others getting hurt if she is indeed the suspect.”

“I don't blame you, Ms. Wilson, and am truly sorry you had to be put in this predicament in the first place whether or not my girl is responsible or not.” Heath accepted before stepping forward to grab Zaiyia's arm and turn her towards their house. “Now, I think it's about time I get her inside and ground her to her room until she's cleared of any wrongdoing. Have a good day, Ms. Wilson, I'll look forward to speaking with you soon.”

“Me too.” Ms. Wilson answered back breathlessly as she watched Heath drag a defeated Zaiyia towards their house. His muscular back appeared so tensed with controlled anger through his white t-shirt, she was certain he was going to whip Zaiyia within an inch of her life the moment their front door closes. According to the cheers of support coming from the bus, the other students believed that to be so as well. “ENOUGH! ALL OF YOU SIT DOWN AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT FOR THE REST OF THE RIDE! NOT ONE PEEP OUT OF THE LOT OF YOU!” Cutting them off from all their yelling, Ms. Wilson sat down in the driver seat to continue with delivering the kids home.